I Told You So 558


This video tells me why God is punishing our nation even worse. The lefties are in majority control of the national government and a number of state and city governments and their sins are getting worse and worse. North America and Europe are the modern Sodom and Gomorrah and our destruction is a must or God will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah and He is not going to do that.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, and get right with God. If you want God to be your ally, you can't be Satan's ally.


I just realized that one reason why the upper class trash may be trying to expand NATO into Asia and the Pacific is that they are clearly wanting to go to war with Russia to get Russia out of their way so the upper class trash can set up their global dictatorship but the US and Europe cannot fight and win against Russia, especially after giving so many of their weapons and munitions to Ukraine, but if the top Asian and Pacific nations are members of NATO, they will be required to help fight Russia with the US, UK, Canada, and Europe as per NATO rules.

I think they are hoping that will be enough to give the West victory over Russia. If this is true, it is an act of extreme desperation and a con by the Western upper class trash. Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I told you about a very critical video I saw that explained everything about bioengineering of COVID beginning in 1965 but I could not find a link to it?

I just found it on YouTube here and you should ALL watch this because he tells you almost everything, including that they began engineering it in the US in 1965.

What a magic coincidence that he pointed out that in 1966 "we had the first transatlantic Coronavirus data sharing experiment between the United States and the United Kingdom".

Now, isn't that an interesting coincidence? You mean the COVID fakedemic was put together by the US and UK?

Then by another magic coincidence, he tells you that Pfizer filed their first patent for the vaccine for COVID in 1990 AND they KNEW since 1990 that the vaccines DO NOT work.

What? I thought they didn't have time to experiment with it and find out if it worked or caused harm to anyone? You mean Fauci has been lying to us all along and belongs in prison? Hold it, if they have known that the vaccine does not work on Coronavirus for more than 30 years, why did they push everyone to get a vaccine they knew did not work? Maybe it was to make Pfizer and other chemical/drug companies tens of billions of dollars along with Fauci and his accomplices and to depopulate the upper class trash's planet at the same time? You mean, I was right...again?

Do you believe me yet that their vaccines are murder vaccines because they knew what they would do by 2020?

Then he tells you that in 2002 at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, where I told you they engineered COVID before transferring it to the Wuhan Labs in China to be released, they developed COVID as a weapon, you know, for biological warfare. He also tells you that the 2002 patent was based on work funded by NIAID and Anthony Fauci from 1999 to 2002. Gee, what another magic coincidence.

You mean that Fauci knew about COVID and funded research on it here in the US at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill 20 years before ye ole fakedemic?

Do you believe me yet that the lefty upper class trash and their evil little satanic puppets are waging biological warfare against you? And you don't think this biological warfare attack on YOU was planned by Her Fauci, Pfizer, and the upper class trash royals?

People, them "very quickly coming up with the vaccines" wasn't a miracle, it was fraud because they had that vaccine decades before they release the virus on you and they knew it wouldn't work and would cause harm to you. But, hey, they made a fortune from it, didn't they?

Then he tells you that we engineered the SARS virus that was released in China in 2003 causing a really big fakedemic there then. He also tells you that SARS was a weaponized Coronavirus designed to attack human beings. Wow, what another magic coincidence. It should be clear that release in China was a test run for the COVID release in China.

Then he tells you how the CDC, Center for Disease Control, committed a crime patenting SARS in 2003.

Note that in 2014, while Obama was president, Chapel Hill received a letter from Fauci's NIAID permitting the continued weapons research on COVID.

Her Fauci was involved in this crime from the beginning, knew everything about it, funded it, and was involved in its intentional release, knowing it would kill millions of people in a global terrorist attack on mankind. That, is a capital crime punishable by death and he made at least millions off of it and I want to see his offshore bank account. He helped hundreds of others murder millions of people with a biological warfare attack for money.

He also tells you that the drug company Moderna was involved in it. People, when major corporations are involved in such crimes, everyone involved in the management decision making should be prosecuted starting with controlling share holders, members of the board, CEO, and mid to upper level management along with anyone else who provided funding. They are all complicit in that crime.

He then shows you the corruption involved in using this fakedemic to make massive amounts of money, which is why they pushed as hard as they could to get everyone to take the vaccine.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil" and these savage animals are evil.

He tells you that it was premeditated domestic terrorism and murder of millions of people and it was using a biological weapon to stage a biological warfare attack against YOU! Also, you MUST keep in mind that these human demons and monsters are still committing this horrid crime against all of mankind right now. They MUST be stopped as soon as possible.

Do you understand why EVERYONE on the planet should see this video? Share it with EVERYONE! These things are the worst criminals in history.

It is time for Nuremburg II against EVERYONE involved this, the most savage, inhumane, and brutal crime against humanity.

I hate being right about evil stuff like this but God keeps showing me the truth about the lefty upper class trash royals and their evil puppets and I have to warn you. God just proved that what He told me and I have been telling you is true.

Then I found this video showing that doctors are organizing globally and fighting back against the medical corruption. This is great because they are fighting for you against our corrupt lefty medical whores, who only care about making more money at your expense.

God has His people fighting back against the left's crimes against us.


I am wondering if the fake spacy aliens are going to be actors, Satan's demons, or modern robots to fool the people?

Keep an eye on this.

They are really escalating the UFO and spacy alien crap. It is probably going to happen soon so don't be fooled.

You have to keep in mind that the idea of life accidentally and coincidentally happening on other planets was caused by a combination of the fanatical religious belief in evolution, which I have already proven that the accidental beginning of life is more improbably than what science considers to be impossible because it is too complex, and the long obsolete idea that there only had to be about 20 conditions for a planet to be habitable, which I also explained a long time ago.

Today it is KNOWN that there are more than 200 conditions required for there to be life on any planet that we learned from science over the last century or more. That alone means that, mathematically, it is not possible for there to be another habitable planet within our galaxy and probably not in the next half dozen to dozens of galaxies.

When you get rid of the bad old science and the beliefs it caused, then you know that it is extremely unlikely for there to be space aliens within reach of our planet or even within our cosmos because, if God really did create life on our planet the way He said, then God, the angels, the demons, and we are it.

So, will the pagan left's fake spacy aliens human actors, demons, or robots?

Those are the only 3 and most probably possibilities.

Keep in mind that what I just taught you is known by very few humans because most people are brainwashed to believe in magical evolution, other religions, and nothing to do with the Bible and real science.

Sailboat Cruising

Remember I told you and warned you about the physics of catamaran boats and how the wave and wind action stresses them in ways the boats are not designed and built to handle?

This video is by a cruising couple who is getting rid of their cat and building a new one because those stresses have weakened and destroyed their existing boat.

Now, cats are causing increasing numbers of rich people to start sailboat cruising because they don't heal and are more comfortable. An easy prediction here is that these people will soon start developing structural damage in mass and, from what I am hearing, they may have already started to develop that damage in mass.

It turns out that the better, stronger, and safer boats are the mono hulls and not the cats because the mono hulls are not subject to that extreme kind of stressing.

Keep an eye on it.


Remember that I have told you that China cannot commit all of her 2.5 million troops to invade Taiwan because many of them are dispersed around the planet or cannot be moved from strategic locations on China's massive border, especially with India?

This video shows you why China cannot draw troops away from its border with India and is actually increasing troops on that border. He tells you about one war that was fought between China and India on their common borders but I have read about at least 2 or 3 such wars.

It should be obvious that, if China removes troops from there to invade Taiwan, India will not hesitate to take Tibet and he tells you why China would rather do without Taiwan than lose Tibet and its water resources.

Do you get the picture yet? Do you believe me?

China is either bluffing about invading Taiwan or is dumber than rocks.

Did you notice that, over the last 6 to 9 months, Taiwan was traveling around Asia and the Pacific signing mutual defense treaties with her allies and China's enemies that basically say, "If China attacks one of us, the other attacks China"?

At 74, I have learned a lot about a lot over the last two thirds of a century, haven't I?


This video provides some very interesting and telling intel.

First, at around about 7 or 8 minutes into the video he tells you that the brigades that are being repelled and suffering severe damage are the recently Western trained troops and the few places where Ukraine did gain or capture ground was because Ukraine gave up on the newly Western trained troops and brought in their older, more combat experienced brigades and, for some reason, Russia knew those troops were the combat experienced troops and withdrew the Russian troops facing those combat experienced Ukrainian troops without a fight, permitting the combat experienced troops to take possession of a few small areas.

That has me wondering what Russia is up to. It is definitely a strategic move and it will be interesting to see what Russia does next. You know they have something up their sleeves.

Keep an eye on how the Russians use tactical retreats to protect their troops and destroy Ukrainian troops. They are excellent at it so that their casualty rate is much lower than the Ukrainian casualty rate. The Russians understand that, when you run out of troops, you run out of war.

There is also a strong probability that the Russians pulled their troops back to bring in reinforcements to create a better tactical situation for Russia than for Ukraine or they were reshuffling the deck to be in Russia's favor before they commit to the fight. That seems to be a common practice with Russia.

Hey, why lose troops fighting a losing battle when you can save troops by fighting a winning battle?

Also notice how the Russians are keeping the Ukrainians away from the Russian front lines with minimal troops, which is pretty amazing.

I have been thinking about it and Russia is stopping Ukraine dead everywhere except one place and, at that one place, Russia is not even engaging Ukraine but is pulling back ahead of the Ukrainian forces. Now that Ukraine has gained significant ground (without a fight) in that area, she is pulling forces from the rest of the line to expand that one area to make it look like she is winning.

I am wondering if Russia is permitting Ukraine to have that area so the idiots will think they are winning (Russia is probably running again because she is afraid of their mighty army) and will pull more troops into the area so Russia can just take them all out at once with one really big bombardment to conserve munitions?

People, it is only natural human behavior that, as soon as they gain ground in one area, with them getting their butts kicked everywhere else, they will start saying, "We are winning; bring in more troops and finish it off", and Putin knows that. They will naturally shift all of their focus and attention to the one place where "they are winning".

I can't think of any other reason why Russian forces are crushing Ukrainian forces everywhere else and were also crushing them there and, suddenly, Ukraine starts crushing Russian forces without a fight. Knowing Putin, it has to be a trap.

What? Russia's missiles, drones, artillery, and bombs are not working as well in that one spot? They are not blowing up the troops, tanks, armored vehicles, and artillery in that area? Really?

OK, so what if the Russian troops turn coward and run; their artillery, missiles, bombs, and drones still work.

Something is obviously up.

If I were a NATO general, I would be thinking, "What am I sending my troops into?"

Keep an eye on that.

The NATO generals seem to have not yet figured out that you cannot win a war with dead troops.

Can't you just hear the lying lefty media screaming, "We're winning, we're winning! See, we gained a little ground without firing because cowardly Russia is running from our mighty troops!" You know, encouraging the NATO troops into the trap. You can bet on it.

Me? I would be asking, "Why is he not fighting us? Is this a trap?"

But the lefty royals are too inbred to be smart enough to think that well.

Latin America

Remember that I told you that BRICS is working with many nations in Latin America to invade and destroy the US and Mexico just joined BRICS so that all BRICS nations can base troops in Mexico just across our border?

This video shows that China is building a base in Cuba, just south of our southern border.

He tells us about the West losing influence with other nations who are aligning with BRICS. He also told you how politicians who are pro US are losing elections in Europe, which is dividing and destroying the EU and NATO. The people around the world have had enough of the US and UK dominance, abuse of other nations, and corruption.

Rome II is plunging globally. The royals will not only not get their global dictatorship but are increasingly at the mercy of the rest of the planet. Their corrupt plans are backfiring massively because they are not as smart as they like to think they are and the rest of the world is not as stupid as the royals like to think they are.

How about a suggested name for our new nation of the United States of Christian America to help prevent the pagans from destroying our new nation as quickly?

You know, provide better protection for our great, great, great grandkids.


One reason God is permitting Satan's spawn to commit these crimes against Trump is to expose those criminals to you so you will know how evil and corrupt they are and who you will have to get rid of in order to regain control of your land so pay attention and don't forget who is doing what.

One thing God is making clear is that the more control the left has of our nation's government, universities, media, and other things, the less our Constitution matters and the more dead our Republic is. Rome II only has a few kicks left and these lefty savages are proving that with their unconstitutional crimes.

Ye Ole Royal Bus

I would not be surprised to find out that Soros stepping down and giving his "empire" to his son, Alexander, is because Georgy Boy's owners and puppet masters told him to step down to give control to his more aggressive son, especially with everything they are doing is failing.

Remember that I told you that, with everything they are doing failing, it would only be natural for the younger jerks to start replacing the older jerks to "learn them how to do it right"?

Has Alexander being talking to their puppet masters and got them to get his father out of the way so he could take over and learn pop how to do it right?

With everything they are doing failing, don't be surprised to see more and more of the people currently in control being replaced with younger and more aggressive jerks because of their desperation.

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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