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Ukraine finally gained maybe a few kilometers in one little spot because Russian troops didn't stand and fight, they pulled back and Her Zelensky comes out and announces the Greatest Ukrainian Offensive has begun. Tah, dah!

What a joke.

Did Russia pull off a sucker punch on Zelensky because Putin's spies told him that Zelensky was waiting until his troops gained some ground somewhere and "were winning" to announce his offensive has begun to get Zelensky to announce his offensive has begun just before Russia crushes his butt to make Zelensky look like a fool?

I would not put that past Putin because he has been using tactical retreats to destroy Ukrainian/NATO troops for most of this war. Get the Z boy to put both feet in his mouth before making him look like a fool.

So, what is Putin's game plan? Let Z boy continue gaining ground by pulling Russian troops back without a fight so Z boy will strut around bragging about beating Russia and pull most of Ukraine's troops into that one location "to finish off Putin" to get Z boy's feet in his mouth up to his butt and Then just devastate the Ukrainian troops in one massive blast?

The day after I wrote that I found this video where the narrator also wondered if Putin was using it to set up another cauldron to slaughter NATO troops and, surprise, surprise, Ukraine is quickly pulling troops to that area (they no longer pose a threat to other areas) to support that break through or, basically, to be slaughtered by Russia. Hey, the more troops they have per 100 square yards, the more troops you will kill with each artillery shell.

I told you the moron upper class trash royals and their idiot puppets would do just that and they are doing it and doing it very quickly. God has taught me well.

Now I expect Russia to wait until Ukraine pulls enough troops into ye ole cauldron and then just blow the crap out of them. This is going to be another grinder wiping out tens of thousands of NATO troops, weapons, and munitions, quickly disarming the West even more and you watch the heavily inbred upper class trash royals and their idiot puppets fall for the same trap again. They never learn and they never stop. They just keep repeating the same insanity over and over.

It is really looking like, thanks to ye ole intellectually superior upper class trash royals and their puppets, Putin is going to win WWIII inside Ukraine.

Hey, why quit what is working if the morons are going to keep sending you their troops to be slaughtered in a way that you are protecting your troops?

I am wondering if Putin has changed from wanting to kill Z boy to get rid of him to wanting to keep Z boy alive so he will keep bringing Western weapons, munitions, and troops into Ukraine for Russia to destroy before Russia has to attack the US and UK to end the insanity because our people won't stop them?

I am keeping an eye on that because Z boy is turning out to be one heck of a Russian military asset.

Maybe Putin should start paying Z boy?

This video shows part of what I have been warning you about us sending weapons into Ukraine knowing she cannot defeat Russia. This video gives you a glimpse into Russia capturing US and UK weapons to study to produce countermeasures for those weapons and to use to improve Russian weapons.

I just saw where Russia has captured drones we sent over and is using some US technology taken from the drones to improve her drones and develop countermeasures for stopping our drones.

You have to understand that one thing Russia is doing is to retreat from attacking Ukrainian forces without even fighting, you know, like they are being defeated or they are scared and running, while destroying those advancing forces with artillery and drones, then retake that area to capture those weapons for study.

They just send in trucks behind the advancing Russia forces to pickup and carry off the US, UK, German, French, and other nations' damaged weapons and they can get enough undamaged parts from a number of weapons to rebuild one or more of those weapons to study or use against us and they are capturing enough of some weapons they don't need to study them all so they are using some of those rebuilt weapons against Ukraine.

That means we end up arming Russia with some of the weapons we send to Ukraine, which is really stupid.

Then I found this interesting video about the largest ever "deployment" air exercise for NATO. Note that all of those planes are military cargo planes and I am wondering, "Are they using this exercise as a cover to secretly bring in more troops, weapons and munitions for Ukraine because of her heavy losses or to ramp up their own NATO defenses in the Germany/Poland area because they are afraid of or know about plans for Russia to invade Europe?"

If Ukraine suddenly has more weapons and munitions on the battle field, then it was to rearm Ukraine. If she suddenly has more troops, then you can bet those are NATO troops. If none of the above happen, then it was probably NATO ramping up European defenses against a potential invasion by Russia.

Notice how hard they tried to convince you it had nothing to do with defending Europe against an invasion by Russia. That probably means it was about defending Europe from an invasion by Russia. Hey, like usual, they lied to try to fool Russia because they think they are smarter than they are and that Putin is dumber than he is.

Keep an eye on this because this is just too coincidental with the timing and what this exercise is about.

Then I found out that they are staging the exact same game in Japan at the same time so Russia responded by sending its navy to stage war games around Japan. They didn't fool Putin again. Watch this video.

Gee, you don't think the upper class trash are ramping up to start WWIII, do you?

Food For Thought

According to what Jesus said about it being easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to get into Heaven, when any rich and famous person dies, most likely they are burning in Hell because Jesus said so.


For decades, it was considered a scientific fact that man came from Africa but now it turns out that those "facts" were wrong and it is now a new fact that man came from Asia.

Don't you just love how evolution facts just keep changing and changing and changing?

I have been watching the evolution facts changing quite frequently for more than half a century but you dare not question their ever changing facts or you are a nut.

No, they are proving they are religious fanatics with no scientific facts proving their evolution is a religion because true facts never change. They can make up any fairy tale they want and it is a fact...until the next fairy tale fact.

No matter how their facts change, how often their facts change, how ridiculous their facts are, or anything else, they all just keep blindly believing the "new facts" that replace the old facts that were not true, proving they are a fanatical religious cult. All you have to do is just watch evolutionists believing their changing facts for even just a few decades and it becomes very obvious they are not a science but a fanatical religious cult worshipping the "Un-god, who accidentally created everything".

They do not have one proven fact, not one. Everything is guessing, speculation, and great sounding fairy tales. There is nothing factual at all about evolution.

I love it when one of them disproves a fact to promote their new fairy tale to make more money and they arrogantly act like that makes them a smarty pants. No, it just proves that those facts were not true facts and were just a fairy tale just like what they replaced that fairy tale with is also a fairy tale.

By constantly changing their religious fairy tales, they keep proving they are nothing but fairy tales and they don't have any facts.

War Math

I keep seeing postings of how Russia is wiping out from 500 to 1,500 Ukrainian troops in just one day with very few losses for Russia. Most people would want to say that, at 500 troops a day, Russia would wipe out the 35,000 "offensive" forces of Ukraine in 70 days but the truth is that in just 3 to 4 weeks there won't be enough troops left to defend against a Russian offensive, much less continue a Ukrainian offensive. At that rate of troop loss, the fight will be over in just 4 to 6 weeks.

At just destroying 10 tanks a day, in 30 days they will have destroyed 300 tanks or most of what Ukraine has left.

Yes, Ukraine/NATO really is losing the war, which is why they keep risking nuclear war with Russia more and more to keep escalating the war because dey gots tuh get rid of Putin to get der global dictatorship. They really are nuts.

People, if you get all of your troops killed off, you don't have an army and the NATO leaders are too stupid to understand that.

Please note that those super duper game changing weapons NATO sent to Ukraine are doing so well at changing the game by being blown up by Russia (her aim is getting better with all of that target practice) that Z boy has lost enough tanks that he is now begging for more tanks to provide Putin with even more target practice.

Also, PM Moron of France is saying that the Ukrainian offensive will last for months to justify him sending Ukraine more weapons for Putin to blow up. They are extremely desperate right now.

The next day after I wrote that, I found out that they are so desperate that the US is sending depleted uranium shells to Ukraine, you know, pushing us closer to a nuke war. But, hey, Putin is just bluffing and won't nuke the upper class trash in the US and UK.

"Why, Putin wouldn't dare nuke us wonderful, magnificent, fabulous, and superior upper class trash royals."

You know this will backlash because the Russians are going to capture some of those shells, study them, and start making their own to use against us in the war with us and the countermeasures to defend against us using those shells on Russia. I have to agree with Mark that our leaders have been given over to reprobate minds and are just plain inbred stupid and crazy. Everything they do gets screwed up, fails, and backlashes on them so you know they will screw this up too.

Remember that in March, the UK became the first nation to send depleted uranium shells to Ukraine.

Gee, I wonder why Putin is going to nuke both the US and UK?

But, hey, Putin is just bluffing.

Watch this video about it.

People, I remember US M1A1 tanks being destroyed in Iraq. They are not indestructible. Any weapon, including nukes, can be destroyed.

The upper class trash just keep making everything worse with their great sounding stupid ideas.


I have not seen anyone yet that has figured out the real reason for Britain leaving the EU, called Brexit.

If she had stayed in the EU, she would have had to abide by the same laws as the rest of the EU nations and wouldn't have been able to establish dominance over the other EU nations like she has so the British Royal Family can be in charge of their global dictatorship. Britain had to leave the EU for them to rule the world, including the rest of the European Royals.

Also, if she had not left, the US Royals would have developed a dominance over all of the European Royals, including the British Royal Family. The British Royal Family was not about to submit to the rule of their American cousins. That is also why the British Royal Family sent Harry and Meghan over to the US for Meghan to get elected as president and provide the family with control over the US people but that has not worked out, showing there is tension and strife between the two groups for power and control.

The "people wanting it" was a con that is still working.

Rome II

Remember that I keep telling you that our Republic is dead and just not finished kicking yet?

I know that patriots don't want to hear it but you better listen.

EVERYTHING the left has been doing to Trump since before he got into office has been a violation of the US Constitution and a bunch of federal felonies, they are still doing it, and they are getting away with it, which is pure insurrection and tyranny. If you don't enforce the Constitution, you don't have a constitution.

You better deal with this because, if they succeed, you are next.

Rome II just has not hit bottom yet but doesn't have far left to fall.


I am pretty sure I told you at least one or two decades ago that I was watching certain problems, such as cancer, increase as our exposure to chemicals increased. This video shows you a tiny bit about that. I have been studying and watching this for more than half a century and it is clearly contributing to our increasing medical and health problems, including declining fertility.

But, hey, the upper class trash who own those chemical companies are making trillions of dollars selling those toxic chemicals, which is why I try to do as much as possible without using those chemicals.

Jesus is going to have to heal this planet in many ways because of the greed of the upper class trash royals before He starts His millennial reign following the Battle of Armageddon.


Remember that I have been telling you that China cannot use all of its troops to invade Taiwan because many of those troops are tied down in positions around China's borders because of her enemies like India?

This video not only shows that India is tying down Chinese land and air forces along India's borders with China but China is now having to tie down naval forces to protect her very important shipping lines.

India setting up a nearby naval base that close to the Strait of Malacca, which is the most important choke point for China's shipping, to give her absolute control over that strait pretty much undoes what China has spent years and billions of dollars in building bases in the South China Sea to accomplish. It is a brilliant strategic military move by India.

Man plans, God laughs.

To protect that strait, China will have to tie down a significant part of her navy she would have to use to invade Taiwan decreasing China's chances of success even more. It just keeps getting worse and worse for China. Keep an eye on this because it gives India absolute control over most of China's shipping and India only has to build one naval/air base and not a dozen like China did.

Then I found this video about India improving and increasing her nuclear arsenal and realized that maybe Taiwan doesn't need tactical nukes or she may soon get them from India?

This is getting interesting very quickly and making things even worse for China.


This is hilarious. This video shows a Chinese experimental "flying saucer" using about 1940s technology but you just know all of the stupid people and lefty media will see this as proof of UFOs and spacy aliens.

"Wow, China has a flying saucer!", you know, that can't even fly very long, much less in space. It can't even fly at a very high altitude.

People, Nazi Germany experimented with a flying saucer like that one during WWII and the US did the same thing just following WWII, more than 70 years ago. China is just a wee bit behind the curve.

Keep an eye on this for great laughs.

This video shows Honduras, from Central America, making buds with China like I have been telling you about. I expect them and others to soon join BRICS and the Eastern Alliance against the US and UK.


Remember that I have been teaching you about the royals?

When you figure out that most of the people in control are royals, it explains everything most people don't understand.

You have to understand a number of things before watching the following video. First, this video is just about the illegitimate children of just one king but it exposes a lot.

Second, the pomp, arrogance, and corruption of the royals shown in this video are only a tiny part of how evil they were and, when you see it in today's upper class trash royals, with what they are doing, you should realize they are very evil.

Third, this is before Bastille when the French people got tired of being abused by the royals, rose up and took off a few of the French Royal heads, causing most French Royals to flee France to save their heads.

Fourth, and most importantly, after Bastille, the rest of the royals realized it was not a good idea to let the people know there were so many of them, who most of them were, and that they were controlling everything causing your lives to be worse, so they began to hide who most of them were, just like in any insurrection, and what they were doing to you, which is what God has me trying to expose to you.

So, after Bastille, the royals regrouped, reorganized, and started over again because they have proved that the only thing that can stop them is death.

The good royals like JFK, Bobbie Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan, and Trump like(d) living in a republic and don't want to return to living in an abusive and repressive global monarchy under the control of these evil upper class trash royals today, which is why the upper class trash royals did what they did to them to get them out of the way of the royals, but the bad royals want their oppressive global monarchy/dictatorship with its absolute power so they can do as they will to you the way their ancestors did to your ancestors, they want their slaves back but want to murder off 7.5 billion of you so the survivors will be easier to control, and they don't want to lose their evil heads for the things they want to do to you, which is why they are trying to disarm you with their "gun safety" (yeah, safer for them) before they take control AND they are working on getting rid of our law enforcement and military so the law enforcement and military cannot aid the people in stopping their evil and replace the law enforcement and military with their private forces like Antifa, BLM, "woke worriers" and others before they kill off the good cops and military.

In a nutshell, that is what is going on so watch the video and catch a glimpse of how horrible the upper class trash royals are and want to be able to openly behave without losing their heads. Remember, "You vill own nothing!" It is called poverty.

Those rich globalists?

They are all royals, puppets, or stooges.

Remember that, if you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.

This video reveals quite a bit of unintended intel about just one family, this channel is very good at doing that.

Note that everyone in that Parliament was a royal and when a true Christian gained rule, he shut down things like all of the whore houses but the other royals made sure he didn't last too long. Most of the royals were not true Christians but were pagans just like today.

You have to understand that most royals liked to think they were or are above the law, including God's Law, which they will find out is wrong on Judgment Day. That is why they are so arrogant and hate God, the Bible, God's Law, and Christians because no one can be above God's Law and it "oppresses them".

First, they were very adulterous, just like today, so they were not true Christians and were only poser Christians. They had a lot of illegitimate children, you never hear about, who are all members of the Euro-American Royal Family, which is just one of a number of reasons why there are so many royals today. Their pagan behavior has given true Christians a bad name.

Second, they easily murdered family for power and control, as shown several times in that video, which also proves they were not true Christians, who would not murder family for power.

Third, all of the royals lived lives of luxury while taxing the serfs and peasants into poverty because they did not care crap about anyone but themselves.

She also showed you that some royals became nuns and, therefore, also monks, priests, bishops, and other religious leaders. All of their religious leaders were royals so they had many more royals than most people realize. All military officers, who did not receive a field commission, which was very rare, were royals, just like George Washington was a royal. Anyone and everyone who had a job requiring the ability to read, write, or do math or any amount of education was a royal because only the royals could get a formal education.

All of the US Founding Fathers except Benjamin Franklin, who educated himself, were also royals, along with all of the rich Torys, who fought for the King, and the southern plantation owners, who owned slaves. Throughout history ALL slaves were owned by royals on all continents and only royals could afford to own slaves.

In most ancient cultures up to and including Rome, everyone except the royals was a slave and slaves were not allowed to vote, therefore, their democracies and republics were not what you think of as being a democracy or republic because only the royals could vote.

Did you notice that Charlotte had 18 children?

Until pretty recently, most women had 10 to 20 children and she pointed out another royal who had 12 children. Most royals seem to have kept it below 10 children during that time and since but, before that, they had tribes instead of families.

Did you see how ALL of those royals were rich?

Also, only the royals were rich because all of those rich business owners and bankers were royals.

Before Bastille, the French Royals started the Stock Market to control everyone's farm in France and it has developed today to where the royals have used the Stock Market to gain control of ALL publically owned businesses since all they have to do is own 15% of the shares instead of the entire company to control the company. That way, with the same amount of money, they can control many more businesses.

Do you get the picture yet?

Did you notice all of the wars where royals fought royals for power?

All of the wars for thousands of years were caused by the royals fighting each other for power, you know, just like they are causing Ukraine so they can set up their global dictatorship for absolute power. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

If you pay attention to the mortality rates and ages, it becomes easy to understand why the average age in the US in 1900 was just 45 years of age. Even most rich or royals didn't live very long compared to today and the peasant class tended not to live as long because their lives were very hard and they couldn't eat as well. Poverty doesn't buy many steaks.

See how much there was to learn from that one video?

Today, there are at least tens of millions of European Royals spread around the world but mostly in Europe, all of the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand. Most of the rich today in every country are royals and very few of the royals are not rich. They still run everything, some are good, many are bad just like most of their ancestors, and, after they die, most of them will burn in Hell with most of their ancestors and I think you can see why now. That camel ain't getting through the eye of that needle.

I am seeing that more and more people are more and more angry at the upper class trash royals and their puppets, without knowing they are royals. We are getting close to that war to stop their global dictatorship I have been warning you about. A lot of people are soon going to die because the upper class trash royals just can't leave other people alone. They are arrogant, greedy, power mad, raving lunatics and God is showing you that right now.

There is a military saying, "Know your enemy" because you have to know who your enemy is to be able to defeat your enemy. You cannot defeat your enemy if you do not know who they are and what they are doing. That is why we have espionage.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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