I Told You So 559

Chemical Companies

Remember that I have been teaching you about the chemical companies?

They hire fake scientists we call academic whores to do bogus research to prove sugar, salt, and fat cause you harm to scare you into buying their replacement chemicals that do cause you harm and often kill you.

Don't believe me?

Read this article and then tell me about it. You only have to read the first paragraph. I have been reading stuff like this for more than half a century.

This is just the most recent reason I will NOT use any sugar, salt, or fat substitutes and only use the real stuff. The chemical companies have been making a fortune killing people with this kind of crap for decades, when the real stuff is actually needed by your body. If you don't believe me, you should try low sugar blood level called hypoglycemia or low salt blood level called hyponatremia that will kill you. In sports medicine, we are trained to treat both. Plus your body needs fat to burn to help cells recover from the work they do.

Listen, they test this stuff before they put it on the market so they know it is causing you harm but it makes them trillions of dollars so guess which they care about?

They don't care about you and I have proved to you that sugar does not cause your body any harm and why.

The chemical industry has to be the most corrupt industry in the world, causing harm to the most people, and most people don't know because they don't study biology and chemistry in college and the chemical companies can easily bribe our corrupt politicians and bureaucrats to let them make a fortune selling their poisons to you, with the media not reporting on most of it because they don't want to lose all of that advertising money from those chemical companies.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

In my opinion, those politicians and bureaucrats should be hung for treason and the upper level management, board members, controlling share holders, and everyone aiding and abetting them, including the media, should be hung for their crimes against humanity. They make me furious.

I am absolutely convinced these evil, satanic monsters will burn in Hell and they should.

BTW, I am seeing more and more MDs and PhDs who are concerned by the increasing COVID vaccine deaths. Some are calling it a "coming vaccine tsunami".

I told you that these are murder vaccines designed to depopulate the planet by murdering people off. The people who are being murdered off first are the lefty supporters and voters who just couldn't wait to get the vaccine to virtue signal to their friends.

Note that the conservatives who didn't get the vaccine are not dying from the vaccine.

I warned you that tyrants always purge the people who help them get into power and the upper class trash are doing that right now with their murder vaccine.

Showing You

Remember that I have been teaching you that one reason God is permitting these evil vermin to get away with what they are doing is to show you how evil they really are so you can make an informed decision as to whose side to be on?

This video shows that is exactly what is going on because he and others are saying this is waking people up, people are seeing the ugly truth about Satan's lefties, and increasing numbers are turning against the left.

Be sure to pay very close attention to who the RINOs and fake conservatives are. You will need that information later.

Note that the more God permits these evil things to get away with, they more evil they commit so that people are seeing more and more that they are even more evil then previously thought. Their evil is back lashing against them by turning more and more people against the left but that doesn't keep Satan's lefty spawn from stampeding out of their lefty closet.

When everyone has had more than adequate opportunity to see, understand, and decide, then God will act against these evil people. By the time God has finished, there will be no doubt in anyone's mind just how evil these lefties are.

This video shows that eyes are opening and people are moving to the right and away from Satan's spawn and great sounding stupid ideas.

People are waking up and not liking what they see. I just wish their eyes would open faster so we can get this mess over with.

Then I found this video that shows increasing number of Europeans are turning against the upper class trash royals and their puppets.

He tells you that the people are losing enough of their luxuries that they are now concerned about surviving this coming winter and that is when people revolt, you know, when they have nothing left to lose by revolting, you know, when you own nothing.

That is one big thing preventing a revolution in the US, too many people still have too much to lose by revolting. But, hey, the lefty upper class trash royals will take care of that.

Ukraine War

Remember that I have been telling you that, with their "great penetration of Russia lines", Ukraine would redeploy more troops to the area to take advantage of finally making a little ground?

He starts this video by telling you about more troops that have been redeployed to "finish off the Russians". They are really building up troops in and around that area but, they keep being repelled and can't make any more ground because the Russian troops would not "run away" or pull back this time, even against greater numbers of troops.

Gee, that doesn't make sense, does it? Don't you think that scared troops would be pulling back faster against larger forces? You don't think that is a Russian trap, do you?

I found out a day after I wrote that information that in the first 10 days of fighting in that area, the Ukrainians lost about 7,500 troops or about two brigades or about 750 troops per day. I don't call that kind of loses with their limited troops winning. You would have to be an idiot or upper class trash to think that is winning.

Then, to show you who is really winning this war, he shows you a video of how, when Ukrainians reach a point they are supposed to go to, they park their vehicle, get out, and pretend to be dead, and, when a drone goes away, they get up and run away from their vehicle in fear of their lives.

Gee, you don't think that is because Russia is killing large numbers of them, do you? Gee, kind of makes you wonder who is really afraid of who, doesn't it?

The Ukrainians are doing this tactic so much that the Russians are now calling the tactic "possum".

I am not sure but I think the Ukrainian soldiers are terrified of the Russians and that tells me they ain't winning.

BTW, that tactic means the Russians just got a free functioning armored vehicle from some country like the UK or US. Wow, that worked well.

Do you believe me yet that the Western leaders have invented infinite stupidity because their stupidity is never ending? Has anything the West has done worked?

Then he tells you that this "great victory" against the Russians has emboldened the Ukrainians so they are now moving reserves forward in other areas along the front line to go to a full commitment for their greatest ever offensive, you know, just like Putin wanted so he could finish destroying the Ukrainian forces.

Note in that video how heavily concentrated the Ukrainian forces are now along the front line and that Russia has redeployed its attack choppers, probably closer to the front line so they can fly more missions and make more attacks in less time.

Then I found this video telling us that now that Z boy has announced his super duper greatest offensive has begun, military experts are saying it is a failure and that didn't take long.

It looks like Putin's ploy to get Z boy to say his offensive has started has already made a fool out of Z boy.

Z boy just stepped right into that one, didn't he?

Then I found this video, which tells you that, in the last 24 hours, the Ukrainians have not made any gains, not even where they are "winning", which by now should obviously be a trap.

This video covers a few different things that I feel everyone needs to know to better understand what is really going on in Ukraine because there is so much crap being put out there and he seems pretty dependable.

In this brief video Macgregor gives you an update on the first 10 days of the Ukrainian super duper offensive. To my amazement, 15,000 of their soldiers have been killed, hundreds of tanks have been destroyed, probably more than 1,000 other armored vehicles have been destroyed and we know Ukraine has lost a number of their few remaining combat planes.

In this brief video Scott tells you just how horrible the Ukrainian troops are being trained and then sent into battle. He tells you that Afghan Milley is a criminal, which should be obvious.

Air Defender

This video is very interesting intel concerning the air exercises they just began in Germany/Poland and Japan. There is some very important intel in that video.

First, they brought in F-35s, which are high maintenance air craft so they will require a lot of parts and maintenance to keep them flying in a war.

Second, he asks a lot of very important question you should pay attention to and then flat states that Air Defender is showing we are not ready for an air war with Russia and why.

Third, he shows that NATO is imploding like I have been telling you and it is getting worse and worse. He is telling you that NATO is increasingly dysfunctional and not dependable so everyone better make other plans.

Something critical that he told us about and I did not know about because it was kept secret is that the Patriot missile system does not work and why. That explains a number of things I have seen over the last 20 years.

In my opinion, the people who knew the Patriot system does not work, kept it secret, and kept us depending on it for national security against nuclear missile attacks, should be hung for treason because they sold out our national security for irrational reasons like money.

The Patriot missile system is a significant part of our nation's security against missiles and planes and, if it doesn't work, we are very vulnerable to a nuclear missile attack by Russia and China.

Does Russia know this?

If they didn't, they do now because of our idiot upper class trash royals and their moron puppets sending it to Ukraine.

What those people should have done 20 years ago, when they found out that it doesn't work, is to go to Raytheon and told them to fix it or we go somewhere else.

This really ticks me off and tells me that the US Military started going downhill right after the Soviet Union fell because, after all, we didn't have to worry about a nuke war with Russia any more, did we?

Now we are vulnerable because of the greed of our upper class trash criminals and the idiots are trying to start a nuke war with Russia. People are going to die because of those horrid things.

Then he told you how the military industry turned our military into a money laundering racket to put massive amounts of money in their pockets selling our military junk that doesn't work, weakening our military they need to protect them and their wealth.

Remember that I told you that something similar caused the fall and sacking of Rome because, if your military cannot protect you from an enemy, then that enemy will conquer you and they ALWAYS sack the rich side of town, you know, the criminals who sacked and weakened our military.

From what I learned in that one video, we can't win a war against Russia and that is what Scott has meant when he has being saying, "We are not ready to fight a war against Russia."

This also tells me that Russia will almost certainly be able to jam our Aegis system that all of our weapons, ships, and planes depend on to function and fight. If they can jam that, we are super screwed.

Then I found this video tells you that the M-777 "game changer" isn't changing anyone's game except the US's game. Our military had it too easy for the last 30 years and the upper class trash took advantage of that to increase their wealth with overpriced junk sold to the military.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, and lock and load. Rome II is about to hit bottom.

People, that automatically makes Russia the number one military in the world and we might be second or third because of the insane greed up our upper class trash and their puppets. Then I later heard Macgregor say that Russia is probably the best military in the world right now and you can bet they know it. Everyone involved in that should be hung for treason.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

Just remember that, in a nuke war, the first and most important to be nuked will be 1) command, control, and communications, which includes the upper class trash, both the civilian and military leaders, and all forms of communication, including the lying lefty media; and 2) the ability to retaliate.

Hold it, just yesterday were they not saying that the Air Defense drills had nothing to do with an attack by Russia?

Today, I found this video that flat admits it is a drill to practice responding to a Russian attack.

Why, did they finally figure out that Putin isn't bluffing?

People, you are being lied to for several reasons. First, it takes months to plan such a drill telling me that, while they were telling us Putin was bluffing and would not attack Europe, they were planning a drill for dealing with Russia attacking Europe at least 6 months ago.

Second, they are moving a lot of equipment into Germany and Poland with those cargo planes for fighting Russia.

Why Germany and Poland?

Because it is like I told you more than a year ago that Russia would invade into and through Poland and then Germany to reach France, taking out two of the largest and richest economies in Europe, while staging a direct attack on the UK to take out the third European power house. By staging this training operation in Germany and Poland, with Russia also basing 18 nuke bombers in position to hit UK, they are telling you I was right and they know it.

Third, this training mission is moving a large number of weapons into Germany and Poland for fighting Russia and I doubt they will pull them out before the fighting starts.

This is called ramping up and positioning for war, you know, WWIII.

Then she just flat tells you the training program is NATO ramping up for war with Russia. This is happening at the same time that Russia is crushing Ukraine, has said they will take this war all of the way to the border with Poland, and is positioning about 20 to 30 kiloton tactical nukes in Belarus for use against Europe.

It looks like the upper class trash royals are determined to go to war with Russia to get Russia out of their way to set up their global dictatorship and they actually and arrogantly think they can win it.

They are already losing one war against Russia and they want to start a second war against Russia? Really?

Just as soon as that war starts, China, North Korea, Africa, Iran, and Latin America will join battle against the West. Hey, I didn't plan to live forever anyway.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash royals and their idiot puppets are inbred stupid and crazy?

Note that only the first 5 minutes of that video has to do with the Air Defense training mission.

Then I found this video the next day and it makes it very clear that I was right about the upper class trash royals using this "special training mission" to ramp up for going to war with Russia.

He tells you that what they are suddenly doing is bringing Ukraine into NATO so NATO will "be required to come to the defense of a fellow NATO nation" so they can justify to their people them sending their people to die fighting Russia.

He tells you that they are doing this so they don't have to admit they were lying about the Ukrainian War, were wrong about Ukraine winning the war, and other lies and deceits concerning the war because the royals and their moron puppets know that, if they don't cover it up, the people in their nations will rebel and bring down their governments by voting them out of office or by rebellion. Basically, the royals don't want to lose their evil heads in Bastille II.

They are so power mad crazy that, to prevent losing the power they have, they are taking us all to war and going to cause the deaths of tens of millions of their own citizens.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash royals and their evil puppets are inbred stupid, crazy, greedy, and power mad?

They will murder you to get their global dictatorship and that is what they are working to do right now.

Then I found this vague video that you have to use common sense to realize it is just more of the US and UK ramping up for war against Russia. I couldn't figure out where they were sending the F-22s (a squadron - probably about 24 planes) and why until 2:26 into the short video it listed 3 reasons "for sending the planes to the Middle East" (where in the Middle East?) that were just a con job.

They are sending F-22s to somewhere in the Middle East because of Russian nuke bombers near Alaska? Really? Shouldn't they be sending them to Alaska?

You have to understand that the F-22 is the best US stealth aircraft and may not be detectable by Russian radar yet so it would probably be used to get missiles closer to their targets before firing them to increase their potential for hitting their targets.

They may be getting ready to use them to take out Iran's nukes but the timing is at least suspicious concerning starting a war with Russia.

Then they listed two bull crap reasons that happened in Syria. These are all lame excuses for the US starting a direct war with Russia. And they set up their trigger event by saying "the escalation in tensions could result in a miscalculation" and you can bet they have already planned out that miscalculation.

They are not sending F-22s to the Middle East for those reasons. They are sending the F-22s to the Middle East to attack into Russia from the south. They are trying to surround Russia with most of their forces to Russia's West, a small force including F-22s to the south (probably in Israel), and Alaska and Canada attacking Russia from her east.

I have been telling you that the insane upper class trash are going to start a nuke war with Russia and here it is unfolding right now.

Then suddenly they come up with the sweet deal in this video to buy off India from joining forces with Russia and contract her to being "on our side" to isolate Russia so the US and UK can more easily defeat Russia. They tell you that it is "a sign of close military cooperation between Washington and New Delhi". Gee, what a magic coincidence.

They have already been destroying China's economy in hopes of keeping her out of the fight and, if they buy out India by giving her better weapons to use against China, that will make it even more likely that China will stay out of the fight.

Do you get the picture yet?

I have seen crap like this in history to justify the US going to war like the Spanish-American War, WWI, and WWII. We went to war with Spain in the late 1800s because a US ship "mysteriously blew up in a Cuban harbor"; justified joining WWI because a US passenger ship carrying military supplies to Britain got blown up 1.5 years before we decided to go to war against Germany; and went into WWII because we sucker punched Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor and our bases in the Philippines.

So, what "miscalculation" do you think they have planned as an excuse to start this war?

Hey, they know the stupid people will fall for it and it will give Afghan Joe reason to declare a national emergency and then martial law so he can disarm you plus they will be able to draft all of the conservative veterans back into the military to die fighting so they cannot stop the left's dictatorship and I even heard them talking about calling experienced veterans back into the military to fight Russia. That will get rid of the US militias. You know that one is coming.

Will Modi fall for this con?

Now the UK is sending new advanced drones to Ukraine to keep Ukraine from losing and making the UK government look bad. The US and UK are quickly escalating this war to save their butts at your expense and they have to start the war with Russia before Ukraine implodes.

Look, the lefty upper class trash royals are extremely desperate for a number of reasons because they are on the verge of complete failure for all of their evil plans so it is a last ditch effort to save everything because it is now or nothing. Everything is failing for them and they realize they have to make their grab for power within the next one or two years and, when everything else fails for evil people, they get violent, you know, like Antifa and BLM.

That means that, with Ukraine losing this war, they have to get Russia out of their way of setting up their global dictatorship RIGHT NOW! That is why they are just throwing in the towel and going to war against Russia in hopes (arrogantly and ignorantly believing) that they will win the war because, if they do, then they will be able to set up their global dictatorship and sack all of the other nations.

Ukraine is losing the war and they know that, when Russia starts her offensive, she will crush Ukraine. Afghan Joe is not going to win the election in 2024 so they will lose the control they need of the US to bully everyone into accepting their evil dictatorship. The EU and NATO are blowing themselves apart, the European nations' economies are plunging towards recession because of their sanctions against Russia, the NATO nations just disarmed themselves for the Ukraine war, the world is uniting in mass against the West, and Russia is getting stronger and ramping up for a nuclear war with the US and UK. Wow, that worked well.

How in the hell do the upper class trash royals and their idiot puppets think they are going to win this war after disarming themselves and failing at everything else?

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often that God will stop the evil upper class trash royals from taking us into a nuclear war with Russia.


I don't remember whether I said anything about at least some of these illegals turning on the left who is bringing them into the US or not but I have been watching it. I watch a lot of stuff I have not told you about yet.

It turns out that the Muslims they have been bringing in are heavily against homosexuality and, therefore, their are against the left, and in Islam, homosexuality is a capital crime. Now, illegal Muslims are turning on the homosexual community and their agenda of forcing their homosexuality on us and our children.

Are they going to lead us in the rebellion against our leaders to get our nation back?

This is just one more thing that is back lashing against the left. Before you bring any group into your country, you better understand that group because, if they are against what you like, then they are against you.

This could very easily end up making the lefties second class citizens to the Muslims just like God showed me in my dream the lefties would be to Obama's black Muslims. The Muslims definitely are not going to permit the lefties to have rule over them.

Keep an eye on it.


Remember that I have been telling you that the EU and NATO are breaking up and, if either France or Germany leaves, the organizations will fall apart?

I just found this interesting video telling us that France is trying to join BRICS, which would require her leaving the EU and NATO. Gee, what a magic coincidence. It is just like I told you.

You don't think it is because French PM Moron (I spelled it right) is finally reading ye ole writing on ye ole wall, do you?

Keep an eye on this. Putin may not have to invade the EU; just the UK and US.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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