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The intel in this video is huge. An entire company was sent to attack the Russians, saw the bodies of the previous units sent to attack, and decided to just surrender in mass without engaging the Russians. They have had enough dying to make Z boy and his upper class trash masters more wealthy.

Then later he tells you that one unit refused orders to attack the Russians and then that the Ukrainians are now starting to punish people and units that are refusing to attack the Russians.

Also notice that they pointed out several times that Ukraine is running low on troops just like I have been telling you.

This war could end sooner than everyone thinks. If no one will fight, then there won't be a war.

Then Macgregor explains in this video a number of things about Ukraine including the damage done to them in just the first 10 days of this "Greatest Offensive". More than 15,000 dead, unknown numbers of wounded, hundreds of tanks, armor, and artillery destroyed and that the upper class trash are waging war against Russia and against you.

Then he told you what I told you more than a decade ago, that China is "heavily engaged in Mexico". I told you that China has troops and military bases just south of the US border ready to invade the US along with Mexico and others. He tells you that the presence of China in Mexico is far more dangerous than in Cuba.

He also told you that Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, and other Latin American countries have been hostile towards the US since the Spanish Civil War.

Remember I told you that, during WWII, the US caught Mexico making a deal with Nazi Germany for them both to invade the US from Mexico and we backed Mexico down?

Mexico has been hostile towards the US since they lost the Mexican-American War of 1846 to 1848. They tell each other that the US stole the Western half of the US from them in that war but the US purchased it from them in 1849 for 2.5 to 5 times market value so Mexico could rebuild their decimated army because the US didn't want some imperialist power to grab Mexico and use it as a staging area to invade the US.

Do you get the picture yet?

Mexico will work with any nation hostile to the US who might let them have the Western half of the US. That is why I keep telling you that, after this war, we are going to have to annex Mexico and clean out their corrupt government or they will just do it again.

In this video Ritter gives you some very important intel, some of which he already gave you but, towards the end, he explains that the Ukrainian/NATO army staging this offensive is the third army the West has built and Russia is now destroying and why there will not be a fourth army because there is nothing in weapons left for the West to give that army.

Do you now understand why the West is so desperate concerning this war?

The West has lost this war 3 times and there won't be a fourth time.

BTW, the German people are rising up and protesting the current military operations in Germany and Poland. They are saying to not start a war with Russia and to be friends with Russia and China.

On the other hand, in this video it tells that Putin is paying his soldiers up to 300,000 rubles for destroying Ukrainian and Western weapons, you know, like tanks, armored vehicles, and planes. His soldiers are getting rich and you KNOW they are hunting that stuff.

"Here kitty, kitty, kitty!"

Nothing like a little motivation. Hey, send some money home to mama.

I just saw an idiot lefty expert on Putin saying he is doing what he is doing because he is afraid of losing. She and the left have convinced themselves this fairy tale is true and that is why they continue to push Putin closer to being forced to stage a nuclear war against the West. Idiots like her are a threat to our national security.

"Oh, but he won't nuke us because we are so wonderful, magnificent, and superior that Putin is afraid of us." Talk about supreme arrogance. These idiots need to quit smoking what they are smoking, climb down out of their arrogant elitist bubble, and get in touch with reality.

I have been warning you about those idiots, haven't I?

Then I found this video that makes it very clear that Russia's main strategy is to hold ground to protect their troops, fall back to allow and encourage Ukrainian troops to go into an area, and then use artillery, air power, and drones to destroy those troops as they move into those areas and the Russians are destroying very large numbers of troops.

What makes that so obvious, is that the Ukrainians can't make any ground throughout most of the front line, only gain some ground in some places, and then stop gaining ground in those places once the trap is set.

The Ukrainian troops have figured this out so that, when they assemble in one of those areas to stage an attack to gain more ground, they abandon their vehicles and hide away from their vehicles, sometimes several hundred yards, until it is time to make the attack so they don't get blown up with their vehicles. This has become a pretty standard Ukrainian tactic to stay alive because they are terrified.

It has become common for the Ukrainians to lose from 500 to over 1,000 troops in just one battle in just one day. In one of the first battles he talked about, the Ukrainians lost almost two brigades of troops. They cannot sustain these losses much longer so it is a relatively easy and safe way for Russia to win this war. Just back up to drawn the Ukrainians into a trap and blow them up without losing many Russian troops.

The Ukrainian leaders don't seem to understand the concept that, if they lose all of their troops, who will hold any ground they have gained?

It doesn't matter if they gain a lot of ground, if they all die and the Russians understand that. The idiot Ukrainian leaders are causing their troops to commit suicide by attacking into the Russian traps and are causing themselves to lose the war.

I noticed in a few places that the Ukrainians lost enough troops that the Russians should have easily pushed them back but they didn't even seem to try; telling me that they are doing that to keep the trap open and encourage other Ukrainian forces to go into the trap to "reinforce" the first forces and it is working.

It looks like the Russians see a force building up to attack, put their artillery, air power, and drones in place, and then retreat to create the trap and draw the Ukrainian forces into the slaughter and then keep the trap open to draw more Ukrainian forces in because "Hey, we gained ground so we have to hold it".

I keep seeing people say that Putin should stop the war in Ukraine.

Did you know that, for the last 6+ months, Russia has been fighting mostly on the defensive with Ukraine attacking Russia?

There have been a few places like Bakhmut where Russia was on the offensive but, for the most part, Putin has been using purely defensive cauldrons to slaughter hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian/NATO troops that are attacking Russia. I have been showing you that.

As a matter of fact, the reason Putin went into Ukraine was stop Ukraine from shelling and killing Russia people living in Eastern Ukraine since 2014. In 8 years, they killed more than 14,000 Russians in Eastern Ukraine before Putin sent troops in to stop the killing of Russians.

So, why are the same people not telling Z boy and the West that they should stop the Ukrainian War?

I hope you realize that, with all of the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian troops Russia has killed, there are not many Ukrainians left to operate the new weapons being sent into Ukraine by the West. You can't just keep sending in JUST weapons with the troops operating those weapons being killed. Ukraine doesn't just need replacement weapons but also needs replacement troops and the only possibility at this time is that they have to be NATO troops.

That should tell you that every time the West sends in more Western weapons, they have to also be sending in more Western troops to use those weapons.

Then I found this video telling you that Putin took out the headquarters for Ukrainian Battle Strategy Room along with their intel gathering headquarters. In the military we call that taking out command, control, and communications.

Note that Z boy was not killed in that attack telling me he isn't involved in their battle strategies. He is just an expensive front man and clown.

Then Z boy said that they are right now rebuilding the Battle Strategy Room and intel gathering room making it sound like they were just cheap wooden sheds but they require replacing a lot of expensive equipment and a data base they can't completely replace along with hiring new officers and personnel. That is going to take a little time.

This video provides some good intel. First, it shows again and again that the Ukrainian troops cannot penetrate the Russia forces unless the Russian forces step back or retreat.

In just one battle, Russia bombarded the crap out of the Ukrainian forces and almost wiped them out but let them keep the land they had taken so the nitwit Ukrainian leaders would send in reinforcements to die too.

Then he tells you that the Ukrainians are disabling their own vehicles so they cannot attack the Russians because it is just a suicide mission. Then he shows you a number of times Ukrainians surrendered to the Russians.

Murder Vaccine

Remember that I have been telling you that I believe they intentionally designed the COVID vaccine to make money while murdering off a lot of the people on the planet to "depopulate" the upper class trash planet?

This video starts with her talking about "new revelations" that the vaccine causes medical problems and he quickly and forcefully interrupted her saying that they knew before they released the vaccine that it caused those medical problems.

So they already knew the vaccine would not protect anyone from the virus and it would kill you so it is more of a threat than the virus and Fauci and company still released the vaccine on everyone to make tens of billions of dollars, while lying to everyone about how the vaccine would protect you.

Everyone involved in this horrid crime should be tried in a military court for their crimes against humanity and, if found guilty, executed for their crimes.

Do you believe me yet?

So, to all of the idiot lefties who ran out and got the murder vaccine to virtue signal to your idiot lefty friends, you are probably going to die soon so virtue signal that to your lefty friends. Your virtue signaling got you killed.

Do you believe me yet that God will be completely justified in sending these horrid things into eternal damnation in the Lake of Fire to protect you from them forever?

I don't know who is more evil, these demented humans or Satan and his demons.

This video provides even more proof that they knew the vaccine was worse than the disease it was supposed to prevent but doesn't and they KNEW it. They murdered people for money.

This video shows that the upper class trash royals and their evil puppets knew they were lying to you about everything concerning COVID.

People, ANYTIME you ask someone a question and they do not directly answer it by beating around the bush, they are lying and they think they are just being so smarty pants that none of you less intelligent people will know it. When they refuse to answer a question by spouting drivel, they are lying and you see that all of the time in government and they always get away with it because our system rewards them for such "crafty lies" by letting them get away with it. They should all go to jail.


Remember that I have been telling you that you can't believe a word of what the lefty media tell you?

This video provides you with even more proof why you cannot believe a thing they say. They are owned by the people they are supposed to be telling you the truth about. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

I have been telling you that the lefty media are owned by the upper class trash and they do and say whatever they are told or get a job at MacDonald's.

I really hate researching and writing about all of this evil but it is the job God has me doing for now. I have to take breaks from it more now.

Rome II

Remember that I have telling you about the fall of Rome II or the West?

This video tells you that more countries are dumping the US dollar for other currencies and Africa is now organizing to dump the dollar. He also tells you that South America has already done the same.

People are fed up with the insane abuse of the Western upper class trash royals and are fighting back.

The upper class trash royals have screwed up everything because of their insane greed and lust for power and now everyone in the West is going to pay for it.

This video shows you that the US Government, which is supposed to be protecting the people from crimes, is now complicit in crimes by the upper class trash and their puppets against the same people. They are now the criminals preying on the people.

Do you understand why I am so tired of the upper class trash royals and their corrupt puppets?

I have been watching and learning about their evil crap since before the 1960s and it just keeps getting worse. It has gotten so terrible that these psychopaths are destroying our nations so they can set up a dictatorship so they can commit any crimes they want and steal everything you have.

They are so sick, twisted, and demented that they do not want to think about what will happen when they have stolen EVERYTHING you have and they will not stop stealing because the only thing that will stop these lunatics is death. History and common sense tell us they will turn on each other to steal what they have, which will turn into them using that stolen wealth to hire you to die fighting in their armies to kill each other for their stolen wealth just like history teaches they have done for thousands of years, which is why the royals caused all of those wars.

They don't even want to think about that because ALL any of them want to think about is, "How can I steal more and more and more until I have it all?" And then the raving lunatics will just look for more to steal, "Why, there has to be something else I can steal!"

That is what is destroying the West, has destroyed all other nations over thousands of years, and, eventually, all of them. They refuse to learn from history so they keep forcing us to repeat history so they can steal more and more and more until they have it all but no one has ever stolen it all before they were stopped or got themselves killed.

Do you believe me yet that they are inbred stupid and crazy?

You have to understand that what the pagan lefties are trying to do is to destroy Judeo-Christianity and use their paganism to turn the entire planet into one big Sodom and Gomorrah; a big stinking sin hole so they can do whatever they want to whomever they want any time they want, not realizing that, if you can do anything you want to anyone you want then anyone can do anything they want to you and that never ends well (think of you being forced to be a human sacrifice).

I keep waiting for the Commierats to do to RFK Jr what they did to his father for the same reasons. Keep an eye on that.

Nord Stream II

This is funny. This video shows that NATO is concerned that, since they blew up the Nord Stream pipelines, Putin might blow up their underwater cables and pipelines partly because they found out that Russia has been mapping out all of the Western underwater cables and pipelines.

What? The idiots didn't think that Putin would dare do to them what they did to Putin? Really?

And God said, "Do unto others what you want others to do unto you."

One more great sounding stupid idea of the left backfiring on them at your expense.

Do you believe me yet that the Western lefty upper class trash royals and their puppets are simple minded, arrogant fools? Have the inbred idiots done ANYTHING that has worked?

Then I found this video telling me ye ole intellectually superior geniuses are running scared because their brilliant plan is backfiring on them. They are calling it a "possible act of aggression by Russia", you know, Russia responding to their act of aggression in kind on a potentially much bigger scale.

The morons thought Russia was vulnerable on Nord Stream but they are many times more vulnerable with their many underwater cables and pipelines, you know, like all of those dozens of gas pipelines running from Africa to Europe the Europeans depend on quite heavily. Wow, that was a smart move.

Do you believe me yet that they are NOT more intelligent than you and they are just over paid babbling idiots who stole more money than you can earn? Do you believe me yet that their arrogant stupidity makes my brain hurt?

EVERYTHING they have done has failed and backfired on them.

You should read the comments for those videos because the people are cheering Putin/Russia on against the Western upper class trash royals and their brain dead puppets. There is a rebellion going on with the people of this planet rebelling against the upper class trash royals. It is starting to look like Bastille II. There is a massive uprising against the upper class trash royal globalists taking place right now all over the world and the idiots don't get it.

I keep watching and waiting for people all over the world to start storming the homes and businesses of the upper class trash royals and their puppets, dragging them out in the streets, and killing them. Because the upper class trash royals will not stop and the only thing that will stop them is death, it isn't if but when. Keep an eye on that because the people are increasingly ticked.

This brief video is more proof of a growing global rebellion against the evil upper class trash royals and their disgusting puppets. People are fed up with their corruption and saying, "ENOUGH!" There is growing hope but now we need for law enforcement and the military to take the side of the people and not the evil overlords.

These evil criminals need to be prosecuted, held accountable for their crimes, and permanently removed from power with their wealth being given back to their victims for damages.

You have to understand that, right now, the lefties are abusing and misusing the law to punish people who fight back against them so do not be surprised that, when they are on the verge of losing their beloved power, they create an excuse to declare an emergency so they can declare martial law so then can just stop the process that will cause them to lose power and arrest everyone who stands against them. That is when we will find out who the brave people are and who the good cops and good military are.

This video shows how Germany is punishing descent right now so the leaders can continue with their evil.

BTW, there goes the Internet and you can thank your greedy, power mad, inbred upper class trash royals and their idiot puppets for that.

Upper Class Trash Royals

I have never brought this up before but I have been watching it for years. I strongly suspected that the Euro-American Royals were racist but couldn't explain Obama being one of them except he makes a really good front man to hide their racism behind. After all, the reason why the royals are turning the blacks against the whites is to cause the blacks to turn on and wage war against the whites to make the whites so angry at the blacks that the whites will accept the royals murdering off all of the blacks.

This video shows you they are racist because they would have never stopped any white world leader's body guards because they didn't have weapons permits. They didn't hesitate to stop black body guards from Africa.

And the arrogant royals wonder why so many other countries are turning on them and joining Russia and China in BRICS. The royals have been inbreeding too long to realize that the way they treat other people is what is turning other people against them. They arrogantly want to believe they are superior to other people and treat everyone who isn't a royal and even lower ranked royals like second and third class citizens.

There was a reason for Bastille and that reason was the royals believing they are just naturally superior because of the arrogant and, often, criminal family they were born into and then treating other people the way they do. They cannot realize that, of course, other people would eventually get tired of being treated that way, rise up, and take off some royal heads and the royals are about to cause that to happen again. It isn't the blacks the people are getting mad at, it is the royals.

You better bet that the other African nations will be turned even more against the royals because of what they did to those body guards because they are black. That one little event will cause a huge amount of anger in the country those black body guards are from and then in all other African nations.

Then I saw in there at 1:24 that it said, "The incident has turned into a full-fledged diplomatic row between South Africa and Poland." Surprise, surprise. You can also bet that the rest of Africa took noticed and didn't like it either.

The royals never learn until people start taking heads off and then they forget surprisingly fast.

I am wondering and watching just how long will it be before some more Euro-American royals start losing their heads again? Also, who will be the first to take their heads, their own people or people from other nations?

After stuff like that by the Western upper class trash royals, I see no problem in China and Russia getting the African nations to invade, conquer, and sack Europe with Russia.

The over educated idiots insist on causing everyone to hate them because they really do believe and act like they are better than everyone. Keep an eye on that.


If you want to see just how blessed we are in the West, just follow this YouTube channel where she travels all over the world on a motorcycle. In this series, she is traveling through Africa, where people don't live half a well as we do.

Then you need thank and praise God for the many blessings He is giving you because you could have been born there.

Remember that God said, "To whom much is given, much is required and to whom little is given, little is required." A lot more will be required of us than these people.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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