I Told You So 572

Archaeological Ruins

I often wonder how much of the ruins they find today were pre-flood and, if they dated everything right, how much more would we learn about those people? How much knowledge are the pagans denying us in information because of their hatred of God, the Bible, and the truth, you know, their fanatical religion called pagan or secular archaeology?

I have realized that, when they can't figure out who the people were, they probably got drowned.

Decades ago (I just realized that I have not told anyone this and I had this dream as a child in 1957) I had a dream in which God showed me a pre-flood event and city and where it is, waiting for me to go uncover it.

In the dream, I was a child with my father, mother, and older sister heading north in our family car that became an animal drawn wagon traveling from our farm to a city to the north of us along a road, it was raining really hard, there was a volcano erupting to our northeast, and we were being followed by a big T-Rex. It wasn't after us, it was just running in panic behind us in the same direction because of everything that was going on at the start of Noah's Flood. The reason we fled our farm is because it got covered by lava from that volcano.

The city was on the west side of a hill with the main gate at the bottom, west side of the city, and it was round with a wall all around it. In the center was a round plaza surrounded by government buildings. We fled into the city and then to the south side of the city about half way up the hill or city. We parked our vehicle on the west side of a laundry building, with the street on its south end, and went inside. Inside were other people at the north end of that building, with their vehicles also parked where we had parked, and I ran down inside the west wall towards the road that went by the building, with my father coming a little ways behind me and my mother and sister a little ways behind him and close together.

I turned to look back at my family and at that point the roof caved in on us killing us because the top of the hill had slid down over the rest of the city in a mud slide covering up more than half of it to preserve it. That mud slide caused a big T-Rex to fall on the building caving in the roof and then us all being covered up by the mud to preserve the remains until today.

Now imagine what will happen when they find that T-Rex on top of that building with humans inside it. Everything they are saying in archaeology today about millions and billions of years will be proved false and the Bible and flood will be proved to be true.

God knew they would lie about millions and billions of years and He set a trap for them that will soon be found. Just think about it. More than half the city was covered by the same mud slide and you know how people are. In their yards and homes, they all had plants and animals that today's fake archaeologists say became extinct millions and billions of years before humans that are all buried under the same mud slide with humans and their buildings. Oops!

That one archaeological site will become the most significant archaeological site in history and will definitively disprove everything the pagan archaeologist have been saying about millions and billions of years and prove the Bible, the Flood, and that earth is only 6,000 years old to be right.

I know where it is. When the time comes, God will cause me to find it.

And God said, "The truth will be made known." Always remember that man plans, God laughs.

I saw that family die.

When the little boy fell, he fell on his face towards his father with his arms stretched out.

I figure that, most likely, with that very saturated soil, an explosion by the volcano blew the top off of that hill causing the mud slide.

Spacy Aliens

I am seeing poser Christians, including preachers, making videos about the spacy aliens being here or coming.

Hey, it increases views, which increases profits.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

These same poser Christian preachers are telling about "Planet X" that is going to destroy Earth.

Not if you read and believe the Bible.

Maybe they don't believe the Bible? Maybe they are not true Christians?


Remember that I told you about Space War I and how both the Russians and Chinese have launched fleets of killer satellites a few months ago to take out our spy satellites to deny us intel?

In this video Macgregor tells you about how our satellites have become so sophisticated today that they provide instant intel and targeting. He tells you that, if we went to war with Russia right now, our planes would be useless because most of them would be quickly shot down.

That is why I have been telling you that there will soon be a Space War II to get rid of those spy satellites on both sides and the Ruskies have gotten very good with their weapons technology since the Soviet Union fell. This will not be the war we fought in Nam. This is going to be a much different war that will be fought from the bottom of the oceans up to the satellites and maybe even beyond.

He also tells you that at least 400,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed and you know there have been at least that many seriously wounded. That is about 800,000 troops destroyed or wounded in the last year. We only had 59,000 US troops killed in Nam in 17 years. This is a much different war than the US has ever fought.

I only watched the first 10 minutes of that because, when he does interviews with these people, after a while he starts repeating things he has said before.


Remember that I told you that the people of Niger are angry at the French because the French upper class trash royals have been sacking Niger and oppressing the people for hundreds of years?

This video shows you that and they are not the only African nations that feels that way. They are finally able to fight to get back out from under the oppression of the European royals.

And you think they won't go into Europe with Russia?

The French President Moron has set a dead line for this Sunday for the people of Niger to return the French puppet government back into power over the people and submit to the continued rule of the French royals or France will be invading Niger. That will be a huge mistake, especially with Russia and China supporting the people in their bid for freedom from the royals.

Niger is calling France their enemy and Russia and China their ally.

But you know the arrogant royals cannot just give up their control and oppression of those people. Why, that would be unheard of.

How dare those lowly Africans stand up to the mighty royals for their freedoms and rights? Do you believe me yet that the Euro-American royals don't get it? So, is France about to start another war in Africa too?

If they do, don't be surprised to see all of Africa march on France, especially with many already infiltrated into France and the rest of Europe and with Russia, India, and China supporting the Africans.

It is now looking like France realizes this and is having her remaining puppet states in West Africa consider waging war against Niger to put France's other puppet government back into power for her.

Why would they do that?

1) to discourage their own militaries from staging coups against them to free their nations from European tyranny and 2) because France is probably bribing the leaders. If those puppets states don't go to war against Niger, their militaries will be more likely to stage coups against them.


I am seeing that things are just getting worse and worse in Chicago and it is driving more and more people away from the city. This is clearly God getting the people He wants to save out of Chicago.

Then I found this video telling how all of the Commierat run cities are in pure chaos and dying.

Remember that I told you years ago that we would have to fight the left to get our nation back and, because their strongholds are in the big cities, most of that fighting will be in those cities so God is using the pagan lefties getting what they want to destroy those cities and chase the good people out before that war starts.

Those cities have already become war zones and it will only get worse.

You have to understand that they will eventually start raiding out of their cities because so many of the people and their money are leaving so you will have to go into their cities to stop that raiding. This is only going to get worse.

How do you like that paganism now?

Keep an eye on this.


They are talking about a couple of US Navy personnel that have been arrested for treason but I want you to watch this brief video and pay close attention to something very important.

They are NOT traitors but are spies infiltrated into the US Navy by China, you know, that infiltration thingy I have been warning you about. They are both clearly Chinese who got paid thousands of dollars in rewards for spying on our Navy.

China has not just infiltrated their soldiers into our nation but also into our military.

There is a big difference between a traitor, who is one of your people selling your nation out, and a spy, who is one of their people infiltrated into your nation or military to spy on your nation.

I told you this infiltration thingy by the Chinese was a serious problem, didn't I? Do you believe me yet?

Then I found this video which recognizes them as Chinese spies and he even tells you that one of the spies got information on the defense radar for Guam as requested by China. That means they are planning to attack Guam too.

Note that they are in denial about the possibility that China is planning to invade the US.

"Why, they wouldn't dare think of invading us!"

People, it should be obvious that China is planning to invade the US with her spending decades smuggling troops into the US, basing them near US Military bases whenever possible, and China building military bases on islands closer and closer to the US.

Gee, you don't think that is all to invade Taiwan, do you? /sarc

Maybe China is using invading Taiwan as a distraction from China planning to invade the US?

Then he tells you that he believes the US and China will go to war.

Remember that I told you that Xi might be purging officers in his rocket force for not wanting to use nukes in a war?

He tells you that Xi has been purging officers who are opposed to war with the US.

Wow, I guessed that one right, didn't I? Do you believe me yet?


Remember that I have been telling you that Russia is ramping up their forces for a much bigger war than just Ukraine?

They are now recruiting new troops from Kazakhstan, another nation, and paying them well for signing up, more than $5,000 US dollars. They are using TV ads and such to get new recruits for the Russian Army.

I am wonder whether they will be used by Russia in the West to invade Europe or in the East to invade the US and Canada? Do you believe me yet?

Keep an eye on this. Things are moving really fast right now. You could wake up any morning to the sounds and sights of war thanks to our idiot upper class trash royals and their moron puppets. The Russians have had enough and I have not seen a number for how many troops Russia is ramping up this way. You can bet it is at least hundreds of thousands.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and get right with God.

Middle East

Remember that I have been telling you to watch the Middle East and that China has been planning for decades to spread out the US forces to make them easier to defeat?

This video shows that Afghan Joe is ramping up forces in the Persian Gulf by sending in thousands of US Marines and US Navy ships with planes.

Afghan Joe and his morons in the Pentagon are playing right into the BRICS hands. They are spreading our troops out around the world so they will be easier to defeat and we won't even be able to defend our own nation with our nation having been and still being infiltrated by enemy forces.

The idiots are so arrogant and stupid that they think we can fight the rest of the world and still defend our own nation with the one front military they devastated by sacking it for their own profits. It is my opinion that EVERYONE who was involved in sacking our military to increase their wealth should be tried for treason and hung. This is getting really bad.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load because the fecal matter is hitting ye ole fan right now.

BTW, in that video, they talked about getting Saudi Arabia to make buds with Israel and fight on our side because they have not realized that China getting Saudi Arabia to be buds with Iran was them turning Saudi Arabia against the West and being allies in BRICS.

These people are so simple minded and distracted they can't even see that there is writing on the wall. They don't get it.

It just keeps getting worse.

But, hey, the Western upper class trash royals and their idiot puppets just gots tuh habs der global dictatorship. Dey is duh elites and dey should own and rule ebbry ting. They are nuts.

On the good side, at least we know many of them will be burning in Hell soon and that will be a good thing.

Reading the news is now like watching a TV show by Mad Magazine and it is extremely frustrating.

I am convinced that the worst thing to ever happen to this planet is pagan reprobate minds. They arrogantly destroy everything good.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash and their idiot puppets are inbred stupid and crazy?

Rome II

Remember that I have been telling you that Rome II or the West is dead and just not finished kicking yet?

In this brief video he tells you the same thing. He points out that nations like German are turning against the US, NATO is dead, and Afghan Joe is building an "off ramp" for dumping Ukraine and Z Boy so they don't have to admit they screwed up and are nuts.

It is just going to be the very weak UK and the US facing the rest of the world as the EU blows itself apart too. I have been warning you that this would happen for decades.

For more than half a century I have heard Christians trying to figure out where it talks about the US in Biblical End Time prophecy. It doesn't because the US won't exist during those prophecies. They are ASSUMING that the US will last forever just like every nation in history that fell ASSUMED.

Space War II

Remember that I have been telling you about Space War and what to expect with Space War II?

This video shows you about navigational satellite technologies like GPS. Note that the US, EU, Russia, and China all have their own.

One of China's and Russia's strategies for Space War II we have known about for some time is for them to use their killer satellites to destroy the US and EU navigational systems so our militaries cannot navigate our ships, planes, tanks, and missiles to the battle and targets and them still be able to use their own navigational systems. That would effectively cripple our militaries because our missiles are so accurate because of those satellite navigational systems but it is only one of a number of space targets.

They also plan to use those killer satellites they launched months ago to take out our spy satellites so we can't see their weapons and troop movements to target them and for strategic and tactical purposes such as seeing them launch nukes at us and being able to track and destroy their nukes.

They also plan to use those killer satellites to destroy our communication satellites so we can't communicate with ourselves and each other during a war with them.

They also plan to use those killer satellites to destroy our killer satellites to protect their satellites from our killer satellites.

In a nutshell, that will be the basis for Space War II. The first and most important part of WWIII will be the space war taking out satellites. Whoever wins that war will probably win WWIII because the other side will be blinded, you know, ICBMs won't hit their targets without those navigational satellites.

If you sit outside watching stars at night during this war, you will see stuff get blown up in space. It makes a big orange fireball that appears to be about a quarter to half inch in diameter that is easily observable from the ground.


I was just reading my "Reality" essay and remembered something to add concerning my lesson with the velodrome lesson.

For years I have watched sailboat cruisers go from sailing a piece of fixed up junk to buying super yachts for millions of dollars, partly from donations from people who cared. Naturally I figured that a lot of people care a lot and thought they would give a little money to help kids but I guess they don't care as much about helping kids as people living the fun life.

That is one thing that really surprised me. I guess people don't care as much as I thought.

That velodrome thing was a real lesson for me; a veritable eye opener. I have quite a few of the people I helped a lot and put in at least 80 hours a week to help plus other friends from the cycling community I thought respected me. I am glad to see they all had better lives because of what I taught them and I expected some of them to help me, after all, I helped hundreds of people learn they could be as good as anyone else.

Out of all of those people on my friends list I busted my butt helping, only one of them appreciated what I did for them enough to donate even $50. Boy, did that hit home. I helped hundreds of people for 5 years and only one of them appreciated it enough to donate just $50. Hey, at least I have one friend. Now that is reality.

Speaking of reality, I have taught you that the upper class trash royals and their puppets are out of touch with reality. That is why they never admit they are wrong or failed. If they did that, their delusions would implode like a super nova and their reality would cease to exist. Their lefty world would implode and they would be excommunicated from their intellectual religion of lefty-ism. They are TERRIFIED of failing or being wrong.

That is why they ALWAYS blame someone or something else when they fail or are proved wrong. That is why they ALWAYS keep doing what isn't working because they cannot admit they are wrong or failing and change to doing something else.

That is why I knew that, with them losing and failing in Ukraine, I knew they would murder Z Boy, blame him for their failures and them being wrong, and stuff his dead butt under their bus.

"Why, they were not wrong, they did not fail! It was Z Boy!"

You NEVER want to be a puppet for the lefty upper class trash royals because, as soon as their great sounding stupid ideas fail and they have to admit they were wrong, your probably already dead butt will go slamming at hypersonic speed under their bus with you being blamed for their failure.

That is also why they can never learn from their mistakes because, in their delusional minds, they can never make a mistake. They cannot accept that they are human and all humans make mistakes. No, they are not human, they are the elites. They are perfect.

The reason they kill you is so you can't argue back and prove they were wrong and failed.

That is also why, when they start failing and people start revolting, if they can, they always resort to brute force like riots and military actions to force you to continue doing what isn't working.

They CANNOT be wrong, and they CANNOT fail because their delusional world would implode at light speed.

If you have not failed, you have not tried, and, therefore, you could not have learned so you are just as ignorant as you were years ago. That is why they prefer to hire people with experience because they learned more and will do better.

I remember research from about 30+ years ago that showed that most people make better than 90% of their mistakes by the time they are 35. We all make mistakes because we are all human; deal with it. The right idea is to learn to not make as many or bad mistakes and fix the ones you do make.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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