I Told You So 573


This brief video is very interesting and a warning to many. This woman got thirsty and drank a lot of water in a brief period of time and they said she already didn't have enough sodium in her system. She died from brain swelling.

When you drink a lot of water, it quickly diffuses from your digestive tract into your blood increasing the water volume in her cardiovascular system. This very quickly decreases the amount of salt per milli unit of blood, which causes salt in the sodium pumps in your nerve and brain cells to quickly start diffusing into your blood stream to bring your sodium blood level back to normal. If the sodium content in your nerve and brain cells drops too low, you go into a Hyponatremia coma and better than 90% of the people who go into that coma die, hence the brain swelling.

From the sounds of it, she already had a low salt blood level and drinking too much water too quickly drove her sodium blood level down to the terminal point, killing her.

That is why I warn people to not eat low and no salt foods like the chemical companies tell you to do so they can make more money. Hey, they don't care if they kill people as long as they make more money. I get so tired of the chemical companies causing harm to and killing people for money.

Do you believe me yet that there will be a lot of formerly rich people burning in Hell without a penny to their name just like Jesus said?

If you are not replacing the salt as fast as your body is losing it, you get into a "salt debt" or become Hyponatremic, then all you have to do is suddenly lose too much more salt by something like sweating on a hot day or a hike or suddenly drink too much water too quickly and it will kill you.

I warned you about this and I have seen this stuff quite a bit over the last 50+ years.


With Obama intervening and making moves to "help" Afghan Joe get reelected, I am watching this very careful. Obama recently had dinner with Afghan Joe and "gave him suggestions", you know, told him what to do.

Does this mean Obama is going to start having fund raisers for Afghan Joe, you know, like a formal ball for the rich in the top of the Sears Tower in Chicago on a Monday that is a normal workday and not a holiday during work hours?

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you that China's economy is really bad and she could not finance a prolonged war?

This video gives you a pretty good idea of how bad it is and it is getting worse.

This video tells you that car factories are leaving China, destroying her economy even more. Her car exports have dropped by 65%.

I realized that China has a number of problems that increase the potential for her to go to war. First, she has a lot of unemployed young men who will riot if they can't find work and to draft into her military and, with so many being unemployed, to prevent protests and riots, she will be motivated to distract the people by going to war.

Second, she is probably going to realize soon that she is a dying giant and this is the closest she will get to being able to conquer nations like the US and Europe, which will cause her to be desperate and encourage her to strike before it is too late because she now has almost nothing to lose by going to war and will be aided by Russia.

Her failing economy means her dream of conquering the world economically is dead so that only leaves conquering the world militarily.

When things get really bad like this, desperate idiot totalitarian leaders usually go to war to solve their problems. Hey, if she seizes control of the US and sacks us, she won't have as many economic problems plus it is our oligarchs pulling out of China that is causing many of the economic problems and that is the way they think. Do not be surprised if she has her troops she infiltrated into the US assassinate those oligarchs.

This economic death spiral is increasing her desperation and potential for war plus you have to understand that it is largely the US and Europe that have caused this death spiral.


Remember that I have been warning you that Russia has been preparing to attack into Ukraine from Belarus, especially on the west side?

This video shows you that is starting right now. Russia is starting with missile strikes into Ukraine from Belarus and will once again return to attacking into Ukraine from Belarus with ground forces.

Note that Ukraine/NATO are escalating the fighting in the Black Sea and that will cause Russia to escalate their attacks in Ukraine, which they are already doing.

Here is something I have not been able to figure out.

Why has Putin not leveled every national level government building in Kiev?

In the military you are trained that your primary targets in a war are Command, Control, and Communications, which is all of those government buildings in Kiev. If I had been Putin, I would have quickly and very early in this war leveled ALL of those government buildings and watched the chaos quickly spread.

Why has he not leveled all of those government buildings, if for no other reason than psychological warfare?

That would bring this war to an end much faster. Besides, it would prove that Z Boy is not meeting anyone in Kiev, Ukraine and their meetings are taking place in Kiev, England.

I am watching what seems to be a gradually increasing offensive by Russia.

Ukrainian forces have gone mostly quiet with mostly small probing attacks in most places to keep the Russian forces from moving to other areas with more fighting and there being only a few other areas with more fighting. There obviously are not many Ukrainian/NATO forces left.

Because of this, Russia has been gradually stepping up the intensity of its attacks all along the front line.

Maybe testing the waters?

It looks like the West finally ran out of troops to send in and NATO is not sending in any troops to be slaughtered to reinforce small meaningless gains so Russia is trying to draw those troops into her traps by taking ground to draw those troops into the traps to stop Russia's advances. Hey, they won't send their troops in for one reason, you give them another reason.

Then I found this video proving those observations with Ukraine taking no significant ground for more than a week and everything getting quieter. Ukraine just does not have the troops or equipment to continue to stage offensive moves any more. Russia's strategy is working.

He points out that the Western liars are so desperate for anything that could be called a victory that the West used a insignificant gain by Ukraine for propaganda telling us how desperate they are to keep their lies alive. You can't believe ANYTHING the Western media tell you.

Also, Putin has really intensified artillery and missile attacks all over Ukraine taking out very key targets, mostly in Western Ukraine. This looks like a preparation for an all out offensive.

Keep an eye on this.

Remember that I have been telling you that Z Boy has not been in Kiev, Ukraine since the first few days of this war?

If you want proof for that, just use common sense. The only way into Kiev right now is by a 9 hour train trip so it would take more than 18 hours for the round trip. When you keep seeing him all over the world at meetings, you should realize that, for him to spend any of the time they say he is spending in Ukraine, would require days of travel time just to get into and out of Kiev, Ukraine JUST to and from Poland and not including the flying time to those other nations.

There is no way that he is spending the time in Ukraine they keep making it look like he is spending in Ukraine because the logistics would be impossible, especially with them showing him "visiting his troops on the front line", which would alone require days of travel by cars to and from those front lines. It is all show and a con.

Just watch because one day he is nobly on the front lines with his troops and hours to just a day or two later, he is half way around the world. Unless he can teleport, that ain't happening.

The West just got a massive slap in the face at the Saudi Peace Summit because they didn't convince anyone outside of the West to convert to supporting the West over Russia. The West just found out that no one outside of Europe and North America is even their ally any more.

New numbers came out for Ukraine today. 400,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed and more than 2 million others have been wounded.

See, as usual, my estimates were conservative because 5 times more have been wounded than killed. Ukraine has gone through 2,400,000 troops in a little over a year when, in Nam, we had 59,000 killed and 500,000 wounded in 17 years. It's a blood bath with 79 times higher casualty rate than Nam. Ukraine has averaged losing 133,333 killed and wounded per month.

Yeah, they can't last much longer.


There are major gas and oil pipelines running from Africa into Europe, providing massive amounts of gas and oil for Europe. If the African nations turn those pipes off, Europe will shrivel up and die. The European imperialism will be over and the idiot European leaders have not figured that out yet.

If Africa cuts off the flow of African resources into Europe, Europe is dead.

Also, Wagner is moving troops into Niger right now with most of the people of Niger supporting the coup, Russia, and Wagner but the imperialistic royals are ignoring that.

France keeps trying to make themselves look like the good guys by saying they were in Niger to fight terrorism instead of there to get cheap resources from Niger.

Note that Niger doesn't have much of a military but neither does France any more. If this turns into a war between France and most of Africa plus Russia and China, France will lose. That is why France is hiding behind about a dozen poorly armed remaining French puppet states to fight the war for France. Hey, it is better for France if Africans die fighting France's imperialistic war to bring Niger back under France's rule than French men.

BTW, this is the seventh military coup in West and Central Africa in 3 years. That is a very big reason why the remaining European puppet states are threatening to go to war to return Niger to its imperial puppet government. They can see the writing on their walls and they are terrified.

Do not be surprised to see other puppet state militaries overthrow their puppet governments to gain independence from the European royals, especially if their puppet governments start to go to war to return Niger back under European Imperialism.

Mean while, the people of Niger are celebrating their freedom and independence from the European royals that the American royals are working to return us back under. The royals just refuse to give up on their imperialism, you know, their global dictatorship.

The dead line has come and gone with the puppet nations for Europe placing sanctions against Niger because it worked so well for Europe against Russia. Yes, they really are that stupid. The lefties refuse to admit their sanctions are not working so they keep doing what is not working because of their arrogance.

What is going to happen?

Uh, let me see, Niger will get increased business from Russia, China, India, and the rest of BRICS, which will cause their economy to boom?

It sounds about right to me.

What I am wondering about is, "When is the US Military going to step up and stop this crap for us? How much worse does it have to get?"


People keep talking about NATO as if it were a union of very powerful nations because it started out that way but, because of the upper class trash sacking, weakening, and destroying our militaries to fill their greedy pockets with more wealth, it has become a paper tiger.

There is only one nation in NATO taking a stand against Russia with a significant military and that is the US but even that military has been diminished by the greed of the upper class trash to less than a one front military and has been heavily disarmed by our idiot government giving our weapons and munitions to Ukraine to launder even more money into the upper class trash pockets.

That is why the US and UK are trying to expand NATO to include other strong nations that are well armed like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and others. They know they are weak and need more muscle to hide behind.

Right now, if NATO goes to war against any significant military power, it will just be the US with a very small token force from the UK and a bunch of cheerleaders. What is really scary is that the greedy and power mad idiots running all of those nations have not figured it out yet and want to go to war with Russia, China, Iran, India, and the rest of the world. The idiots are driving towards a concrete wall at light spend and they think they are going to survive it because dey is special.

Think not?

This video shows it quite well because they are trying to get Turkey to get Russia to do what the upper class trash tried scaring Russia into doing but Russia didn't fall for their bluffing so the West is trying to trick Russia by using Turkey to get Russia to do what they want.

How pathetic can you get, begging Turkey to beg Russia for you?

You KNOW that, when Russia and Turkey got together, they had a really big laugh about that.

We are so screwed.

It breaks my heart what the upper class trash have done to our nations because of their insane greed and lust for power.

Hey, how is that lefty Marxism going? Have you conquered the world yet to set up your commie global dictatorship?

Do you believe me yet that man plans, God laughs and laughs and laughs?

I just pray that God will turn up the heat for these monsters in Hell.


Remember that I have told you that, over the last 50+ years, I have heard a number of law enforcement say that, whenever they start an investigation into child sex trafficking, the investigations are always shut down by the elites?

This video shows you some about the pedophilia or child sex trafficking problem in the US and around the world and that, globally, it is a $150 billion dollar industry but they keep not telling you that it is controlled by the upper class trash, many of who are also pedophiles.

Listen, you are not going to have a global industry of more than $100 billion that is not owned and run by the upper class trash royals. No one is going to make that kind of money without those corrupt royals and their puppets being involved it. They manage ALL of the major crimes on this planet like human trafficking (a nice way to say slavery), drugs, and other such major criminal activities all over the world.

If it is a crime and it is making millions of dollars or more every year, they are involved in it. That is a big part of how they got so rich and keep getting more and more wealthy at other people's expenses. On Judgment Day, you will be amazed at who was involved in what criminal activities. It is absolutely disgusting what many of these elites are really doing behind closed doors and it is all for the love of money.

I have heard that from numerous law enforcement for more than half a century. Welcome to reality.


Remember that I told you that one reason why Putin sent Wagner into Belarus was to intimidate Poland into not sending troops into Western Ukraine to grab land?

This video makes it very obvious that Poland is very scared and desperate about Wagner being in Belarus. You can bet they are afraid of sending troops into Ukraine to grab land because they realize that, if they do, Wagner will go into Poland.

Wagner has tied down Polish troops in Poland to keep them from going into Ukraine.

It is working.

Lefty Paganism

Remember that I told you that the lefty paganism is destroying everything? Remember that all of this great sounding stupid lefty crap was dreamed up by lefty college professors smoking their dope in their white palaces out of touch with reality?

Yep, they are the smarty pants, aren't they?

This video shows you how bad it is for just Portland, Oregon. The greedy idiots lost themselves more than $1 billion dollars in tax revenues they are not going to get to launder into their greedy pockets.

But der lefty college professors told dem so.

So, how is that lefty paganism working out? Is there one lefty run government where the people have the promised paradise? No?

Gee, it must be Trump's fault. Why, that rascal.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

And, people, this is just the beginning because their sins will find them out for eternity in the Lake of Fire.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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