I Told You So 574

Cantrell Drone

Remember that I told you that I designed a Hunter Killer drone during the invasion of Iraq about 20 years ago based on the weapons technology I already knew?

With this new drone warfare, they need to reconsider my killer drone because it would make a perfect drone defense to hunt and kill incoming enemy drones. It would be an enemy drone operators' worst nightmare.

All they would have to do is put something similar to an obsolete old Wild Weasel APR-46 on it for detecting and locating signals from drones and my little Hunter Killer drone could hunt those drones down and kill them as long as the fuel lasts, return for more fuel, and then return to hunting.

That drone would be able to locate other drones as far away as 50 miles or more, giving them plenty of time to intercept and destroy those drones and even go after the persons on the ground controlling those drones because my ECM would see them too. That would make it possible to take out the controller to capture their drones to use against them.

If you based 5 to 10 such drones within a killing zone, you could easily and inexpensively hunt and kill all incoming drones to protect your forces 24/7.

The stealth technology I designed into it already existed at that time and would make it very difficult for their drones to find my killer drones. There is more that can be designed into it but that would be classified.

Age Discrimination

Remember that I warned you that the lefty upper class trash will turn on each other to seize power from each other like they have been doing for thousands of years?

All of this crap about politicians being "too old" instead of about their individual health, is the younger politicians trying to get the older, well established politicians out of their way so they can have that power, control, and increased wealth. It is a subtle coup of the older politicians.

"Get out of our way, we will learn you old farts how to do it right!"

They are already turning on each other with the younger ones wanting the power and wealth of the older ones so they are using age discrimination to do it and are getting away with it.

Why are the lefty media not reporting about the age discrimination?

After all, it wasn't that long ago and that was a "no, no".

Why is it suddenly acceptable now?

Because they are all owned by the same upper class trash who are using the age discrimination to replace the older failing traitors with new, younger corrupt lefty politicians that have clean records and "will make what the older ones are failing at work" so the people will accept the younger ones continuing to do the same stuff to finish destroying our nations.

"Why, they are smarter. They will make it work because dey is younger!" It is psychological warfare and the stupid people will fall for it. It is a con job and the people are being played for fools and suckers.

Besides, the Commierats are right now losing the younger generations to the GOP and, if they replace the old people with people from those generations, they will be able to con some of those younger people into returning to the Commierat party. It is all a con to stop losing voters.


Remember that I have been telling you that Russia is just sitting there holding their position to draw the Ukrainian/NATO forces into their traps to destroy them with little cost in troops to the Russians?

You don't believe me?

Just watch the beginning of this video and he proves to you that is what Russia is doing. He tells you that Russia did not begin destroying the first attack when they could have but let them get in much closer so they could destroy as many as possible. It is ALL a trap and the idiot Western leaders just keep sending more and more troops in to die.

Then he tells you that the Ukrainians "have finished regrouping" for a fresh suicide attack against the Russian defenses. From what he tells us about the Ukrainians/NATO having put together a group of more than 3,000, probably close to 1,000 or more will probably needlessly die.

Hey, it won't be needlessly, they will be trying to help the royals setup their imperialistic global dictatorship to rule over all of you, that there is no way they can set up now but they can't stop because then they would have to admit they were wrong and failed; therefore, they have to die for them to stop.

I do hope that, by now, you realize that their globalism is really nothing more than royal global imperialism to get their planet and slaves back. I also hope that you realize it is failing but you know that isn't going to stop them because they are nuts.

Have you noticed that the greedy, power mad upper class trash are so competent at starting war after war after war?

They don't care who they kill as long as it benefits them in some way. The only things they are good at are lying, murdering, stealing, and destroying.

Do you believe Jesus yet when He said it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for the rich to get into Heaven?

BTW, Russia's air defenses just destroyed 9 of those super duper, invincible, game changer Storm Shadow cruisy missile thingies. Wow, I am so impressed by their game changer weapons. /sarc

EVERY WEAPON has a countermeasure and can be defeated, even nukes. Quit believing the bull crap hype of the military industry. All of their "game charger" weapons combined did not save Ukraine's butt.

Remember that I have been telling you that Ukraine is fighting a manpower shortage and decreasing their attacks to fewer areas?

This video shows that is true, confirming my observations.

Can you believe they are stupid enough to plan another offensive with a shortage of troops? What? They have not lost enough troops and want to lose more? Do they want Russia to just storm over their remaining troops?

This is a very important video that confirms a lot of what I have been teaching you. He tells you that they are going to snuff Z Boy like I have been telling you. He even tells you about other examples of the US doing that in the past with puppets like Z Boy. He is a dead man walking.

Later they tell you what I have been telling you about the West, probably the CIA or MI6, will murder Z Boy and blame Russia.

When you have seen it in the past like I have at 74 years of age, you recognize it in the present.

He even tells you how they are already blaming Z Boy for THEIR failures so they don't have to admit they failed just like I have been telling you.

THEN he tells you that Ukraine has "been a de facto member of NATO since 2014 and in that capacity, Ukraine represented the second largest military force in NATO." He just told you that Ukraine was a larger military force than any other member of NATO including the UK or Germany, second only to the US, and Russia is pretty easily crushing them.

Now keep in mind that the upper class trash and their evil puppets just did a major job of disarming the US Military with Ukraine so they could launder more money into their greedy pockets and THAT should tell you that Russia alone, forget about with her allies, you know, like China, Africa, Latin American, and others, could defeat the US in WWIII.

And some of you thought I was wrong, didn't you?

You can thank the upper class trash and their evil puppets.

You have to understand that, with them being out of touch with reality, thinking that the weakened US Military could easily defeat Russia, they believed that the second largest force in NATO would easily destroy Russia so NATO could easily finish Russia off.

They were wrong, they failed, have weakened the US Military much more, and have strengthened the Russian Military much more. Do the math on that bit of stupidity.

And now, it is Z Boy's fault.

Now for a more complete strategic analysis, you put a much more powerful Russia together with allies like Belarus and Kazakhstan, China, Iran, North Korea, most of Africa (being armed and trained by Russia), and most of Central and South America (being armed and trained by Russia) and just who do you think will win WWIII? A significantly weakened US with completely worthless European allies, who have all devastated their militaries to stuff the greedy pockets of their upper class trash and puppets?

Right now, the only hope we have is with allies like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, and others in Asia, which is why they are trying to expand NATO to Asia and the Pacific (an act of desperation) but failing.

He tells you that NATO is just bluffing like I have been telling you. They are all talk, no walk and Putin knows better.

Do you finally see what is really going on? Do you believe me yet that the US needs to stage a strategic withdrawal from Europe and everywhere except the Pacific back to the US to defend the US or lose it? If we lose the US, who are we going to be able to defend?

No one.

Note that 4 star general tells you about Russia's nuke sub activities and, when I was in, we knew they always had subs just off of our coasts in the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and Pacific and they are close enough that their missiles could reach almost any target in the US in 5 minutes in 1972 and those missiles are faster today with better guidance systems than in 1972.

SAC trained us to know this crap during the Cold War because we might have to fight it and it is much worse today. Plus we have no idea how many troops our enemies have infiltrated into the US with the help of our lefty traitors. Yes, I am just a wee bit ticked!

Pay attention to when he gives more details concerning the Russian nuke sub force. It ain't good!

Note that even he remains focused on Ukraine and not that Russia will have to fight the West to stop our evil upper class trash and their puppets unless our militaries step in and stop their insanity.

To me, he just made it very obvious that Russia is ramping up and preparing herself and her allies for war with the West. You better believe that Putin's two main targets will be the US and UK just like I have been telling you.

Something you have to understand is that, when I am trying to figure out what is most probable for what Russia will do, is to ask myself, with me clearly understanding Putin very well, "what would I do, if I were Putin?"

Pay very close attention to what he tells you about Africa because this is very good intel.

Remember that there are very big oil and gas pipelines running from Africa to Europe that, with the current situation in Europe, if Africa turns off those pipelines, Europe is dead and you better bet they will turn off those pipelines before they and Russia invade Europe to stop the European insanity.


Remember that I told you that in this escalating global war, Russia and China are planning to invade Alaska to cut off our gas and oil coming into the US via pipelines?

In this video I just found out that Russia and China just staged war games off the coast of Alaska with 14 of their navy ships. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Note that he also says that he believes that Z Boy will be dead soon and it won't be at the hand of Putin, though you can bet he will be blamed for it.

All of the upper class trash royal puppets out there better pay attention because just as soon as you are no longer useful, you will end up dead too. These royals have been murdering and butchering people for thousands of years and they are not going to stop now. They are above the law and will murder anyone, even family, for power and wealth. They are so evil that most people cannot begin to imagine how evil these monsters are.

Do you believe me yet that the ONLY thing they care about is themselves and their bank accounts?

They are brutal murdering savages only pretending to be civilized.

Then he told you about the joke of a show in Saudi Arabia "to come up with ideas for peace in Ukraine" that was anything but. He said, like I mentioned, that the West was just trying to "rally the world around Zelensky" and failed. It was just another great sounding stupid idea by the lefty upper class trash that failed.

He tells you like I tell you that the upper class trash royals are out of touch with reality living in an imaginary world, where their great sounding stupid ideas actually work, especially when they are stoned. They are delusional and refuse to quit.

Then he tells you how dire the situation is for the US Military, you know, not having any bullets. I hope you realize that, without bullets, you are not going to stop a Chinese and Russian invasion of the US and they know it. By the time they start shooting, you may have the only bullets in the US so you just might want to pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, AND lock and load, especially with them and other nations already having their troops inside the US to fight us from within.

You also might want to pray that we still have our Black Closet and it still works but, over the last few years, I have seen them find billions of dollars in "lost money" in the Military, and then seized that money to launder it into their greedy pockets. That "lost money" was to fund the Black Closet, which tells me that the upper class trash royal traitors have sacked the Black Closet at least 2 or 3 times so there is no telling what is left in there.

Then he tells you how stupid our upper class trash royals and their puppets are concerning the economy. Brain dead will suffice and is the short answer.

Listen, the lefty upper class trash and their puppets get all of their great sounding stupid ideas from their dope smoking lefty academe, who are so out of touch with reality, it is like they are living in another galaxy.


Here is something to keep an eye on. There are large Christian populations in Africa and Central and South America but the West is being run by God, Bible, and Christian hating lefty pagans.

Is God right now in the process of freeing up the Christians being oppressed by their Euro-American pagan royals?

God is obviously bringing down the evil, pagan royals but is He also freeing up His Christians in nations oppressed by those royals?

Keep an eye on this.

Hey, the pagan royals seized control of the most powerful nations and began destroying them to set up their global pagan dictatorship and the other nations are rising up, fighting for freedom. That is no coincidence; it is an opportunity.

Remember that I told you to pray for your Christian brothers and sisters around the world? Is God answering those prayers now?

I Told You So

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper level people in the military and intelligence communities tell the upper class trash and their puppets what they want to hear so the military and intelligence people can get promotions to the top positions and make a lot more money?

In this video he tells you that. He also tells you that those people keep the truth tellers at "arms length away" from the upper class trash and their puppets. That is a big part but not the only reason why the upper class trash and their puppets are out of touch with reality.

You have to understand that these liars know what the upper class trash and their puppets have been taught to believe by their lefty college professors and, therefore, what the upper class trash and their puppets WANT to believe so they tell them what they WANT to believe to get those promotions. They are selling out their country for promotions.

He also tells you that the upper class trash are going to shove Ukraine under their commie bus just like I have been telling you. Hey, there is room for all of you under their commie bus.

Notice that they still refuse to deal with even just the idea that Russia and China MIGHT attack or invade the US, you know, like I was trained to deal with all possible options. They are so focused on it just being about Ukraine that they refuse to even consider that Russia will have to go to war with the West to stop their insanity. Putin no longer has a choice and his ACTIONS tell me he knows it and is preparing for it. It is inevitable but Putin wants them to keep thinking that way so it will be easier for him to stage a surprise preemptive nuke strike against us.


I told you that, when I grew up as a kid in the 1950s, I was surrounded by war veterans from WWII, I wanted to know what it was like for them in that war, and none of them would talk about it so I started studying it as soon as I could read by about 7 or 8 years of age.

By the time I was just 12 years of age, I had already learned quite a bit and had read about brainwashing and how it works so it peaked my interest so I read about it every time I found information on it. I wanted to know how and why things work.

By the time I got into college and studied psychology, I already knew quite a bit about it and then they taught us about it in college psychology.

When I got into the military during Nam, they taught us more about psychological warfare and brainwashing.

But, before I ever got into college, I had a lot of Latino friends who were Catholics and they told me about their lives as Catholics so I had already recognized and learned that the Catholic Church had an excellent brainwashing program called the Catholic school system. Until I went to Thailand, I was convinced that the Catholic school system was the best brainwashing and control system I knew about.

They were getting children at their "most impressionable age" or when they are most likely to believe whatever you teach them, and educating them on a daily basis, which is an excellent opportunity to brainwash and control the kids and this system was developed over the last few thousand years and definitely by 1,000 years ago, you know, like our lefty public school teachers are doing today.

But, from a brainwashing perspective, there were several weaknesses to their program. First, they could question what they were taught and then they got to go home every afternoon and be in touch with other people and reality, though most of those people had already been brainwashed.

When I went to Thailand in 1973 and took advantage of the opportunity to study Buddhism and how it is lived in Asia, I quickly learned they had a much, much better brainwashing and control system.

They wait until the children were more mentally mature but still very impressionable, took them into a completely controlled environment called a Buddhist monastery at 12 years of age, made them take a vow of silence so no one was allowed to question anything, they couldn't even talk about stuff they had been told when left alone together, they kept them in the controlled environment until they had completed the brainwashing program at 14 years of age, with 2 years of very intense brainwashing and programming.

You have to understand the psychology of the "vow of silence" that our ancestors clearly knew about very well thousands of years ago. If a person is sitting in a room full of other people and none of them question anything they are taught, it is normal human psychology or behavior for almost everyone to believe that what they are being taught is true or someone would question it so they are much more likely to also believe it.

You also have to understand the psychological effects of the chanting they do in Buddhism. When chanting, it mesmerizes or hypnotizes you so that you will be much, much more susceptible to believing anything you are taught. It is a very valuable and powerful brainwashing and control system tool developed by our ancestors thousands of years ago.

They already understood psychology and have been effectively using it for thousands of years. The royals have been using this against the people for at least 3,500 to 4,000 years.

Now, by the time the Butddhists graduate from their two years of intense training, they are all professionally trained and brainwashed Buddhist monks or religious leaders. Some of them stay in the monastery for the rest of their lives. That means that every male over 14 years of age in a Buddhist family is a professionally trained Buddhist monk and their home is a family Buddhist monastery run by those monks.

If you are born into a devout Buddhist family, you are born into a devout Buddhist monastery and raised by a family of Buddhist monks so that 1) you will almost certainly be a devout Buddhist for life and 2) by the time you go into a formal monastery for your training at 12 years of age, you will have already been trained to know what they will brainwash you to believe so you WILL believe it. If you control the mind, you control the people.

This was first class brainwashing, control, and psychological warfare that was developed by our ancestors thousands of years ago. That alone taught me that our ancestors were much more intelligent than you are being taught.

So what if they didn't discover and use such things as electricity and gasoline combustion engines, you should study from a science and engineering perspective what they did with much less and that is very impressive. They are still trying to figure out quite a few things our ancestors did.

Archaeologists can't figure out what "Greek fire" was but it sounds a lot like natural gas under pressure with an ignition system, you know, similar to the flame throwers we used in WWII.

Therefore, until I studied Islam following 9/11 in the US, I believed that the best brainwashing and control system I knew of was Buddhism and then 9/11 happened so I began studying Islam. If you want to understand a people, you study their religion, including the very fanatical pagan religion of atheism, where they do a lot of brainwashing.

When I began studying the Koran, I got about one third of the way through it and it began to pull at my mind like I was being brainwashed. So I stepped back, did a little research, and began to learn I was studying the best brainwashing system I know of in the world and I was also trained in how to deal with it.

In the military you are taught that a very powerful brainwashing tool is what they call "rephrase, repeat." What you do is say something, rephrase it to a different way, and then repeat it and they will be most likely to believe it. Today's lefty media do that quite a bit.

People who use that system tend to normally develop a pattern so we were taught to look for the pattern to tell when we are being brainwashed.

I also learned that Muhammad had being born into a warrior clan called the Quraysh (Kor-rahsh) clan or family under the religion of Sabianism, where Allah was their war god so Muhammad was raised up under a warrior belief system and he was taught more advanced brainwashing and control system than anything I have seen today and he used it very well when he started or founded Islam.

What I learned is that better than 90% of the Koran is just brainwashing using "rephrase repeat" BUT he did not use a pattern, making it very difficult to tell you are being brainwashed. He used a completely random form of brainwashing by jumping around all over the place with his topics but still managing to rephrase and repeat everything again and again that he wanted you to believe and that is only the start of his system. His warrior clan had already developed very sophisticated psychological warfare and he knew how to use it.

Just reading the Koran straight through on a daily basis will brainwash most people into being a devout Muslim but I used my training in psychology and brainwashing to avoid that by only reading for brief periods of time and taking rest periods to refresh my mind. But it gets much better.

Muhammad, his warrior family, and his Muslim pals developed the Madrasa school system to finish the job.

They take people from the time they are very small and very impressionable children until they are teenagers, 5 to 7 days a week, have them read the Koran out loud together, WHILE chanting as they read for hours at a time until they have read through the Koran a number of times so that, while they are mesmerize or hypnotized by the chanting, they see, speak, and hear all of the words of the Koran for hours every day.

Then, while they are still mesmerized, the teachers teach them Islamic law and end time Muslim prophecies.

Then, when they get home to a brainwashed and trained Muslim religious leader for a father so that their home is a Muslim mosque, they get more of that same training AND have to pray 5 times a day, while chanting.

If you go through that system, by the time you are 15 to 20 years of age, you will almost certainly be a devout Muslim for the rest of your life unless God, Himself, deprograms you and calls you to Him.

BTW, lefty college professors not permitting you to question what they teach is a subtle form of brainwashing. It is a very subtle form of a vow of silence, you know, psychological warfare.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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