I Told You So 579


Remember that I have been telling you that the lefty upper class trash royals and their insane puppets will never quit so Putin will be forced to invade Europe and stage a preemptive nuke strike against the UK and US?

This video tells you in the first half that their "Greatest Offensive" is over and they are ramping up for the spring offensive by drafting and training up another 500,000 troops to murder off and, to do that, they are going to try to get other nations to send people from Ukraine back to Ukraine to die fighting in a senseless war to make the upper class trash more wealthy and destroy Russia so the lunatics can set up their global dictatorship because the lefty royals just can't quit.

Ukraine has also started drafting sick and injured people telling us how desperate Ukraine is for people to die in their lost war. You know that next they will start drafting women and children because that will be all that will be left. Hey, the globalists tell us they plan to kill them all off anyway.

Do you believe me yet that they are all inbred crazy and stupid? Do you believe me yet that Putin will be forced to invade Europe and attack the UK and US AND he has to kill off at least the worst of the upper class trash royals and their puppets to stop their insanity?

That is the only way he can stop this insanity because the royals have made it clear that the only thing that can stop their insanity is their deaths. It is do or die time because either they get killed off or they will kill you off.

This video shows that someone is finally speaking out against the left's war in Ukraine and tells that the left is losing that war. The sane people need to stand up and fight back.

She says that the left is not only strengthening Russia but all of BRICS as a whole. BRICS is becoming the new world order thanks to the lefty upper class trash royals and their puppets. They are causing the fall of Rome II.

This video about diamonds tells us that the royals and their puppets are not going to stop trying to find more ways to destroy Russia so they can set up their insane global dictatorship until they are dead. You should know this new tactic to destroy Russia by the West is just going to push Putin even closer to invading and destroy the West, especially killing off everyone involved in trying to destroy Russia. You can bet Putin has a kill list of everyone he needs to kill to stop their insanity. They can never stop because they are mad.

You can bet that everyone at that table, except maybe Meloni, and all of their masters are on that kill list.

French President Moron keeps trying to find a way to negotiate with Putin to stop the war but Putin cannot trust any of them because the West already betrayed Putin and Russia with the Minsk Accords, which were clearly a con so the next negotiation could also be a con. Once you betray someone like that, they can and should never trust you again because they should know that you can just betray them again. No one can believe a liar and the Western leaders are all liars.

This video shows that, as of now, Ukraine has lost 66,000 soldiers since the "Great Offensive" started and that must just include dead because wounded and crippled would have to make it at least 100,000 more.

That means Ukraine is down to fewer troops than when they sent in the Western trained offensive forces of 60,000 yet Ukraine continues to attack to get a break through anywhere, proving that Z Boy won't quit and the only thing that will stop him is his death. Basically, Putin has to kill Z Boy and replace him with someone else to stop him.

This video shows some very important intel that I am not seeing elsewhere, which explains a lot.

Interestingly, he tells you the truth about North Korea that most people don't know about, such as it being an ally of the Soviet Union and not China, though China will defend North Korea from attack.

He also tells you what I have been telling you for years that a president cannot clean up Washington DC by himself, which is why I tell you it will take an act of God followed by a revolution.

He also tells you that Putin knows that negotiations with the US is hopeless. That is why Putin MUST invade and destroy the US enough, especially from the top down, to stop the insanity of the upper class trash and their puppets. Putin has to nuke the US and UK to save Russia. The upper class trash are not leaving Putin a choice.

He also tells you about China's economics and that they are in no position to fight a war just like I have been telling you but they are being pushed into a corner just like Russia and will also have to soon fight a war against us.

Nuclear Warfare

Remember that I have been teaching you about the reality of nuclear warfare and that it is nothing like they are telling you?

I just saw someone say that one nuke missile could take out all of France telling me they know nothing about nuclear warfare or nuclear physics.

There isn't one nuke missile on this planet that can take out even a quarter of France.

I hate seeing ignorant journalists talking about stuff they obviously know nothing about. They need to shut up.

Look, the largest nuke ever detonated was a 50 to 60 meg nuke and, with that detonation, the Soviet Union found out what we already knew from our tests that the largest effective nuclear warhead is 25 megatons, which only has a complete destruction diameter on flat ground of 20 miles. That is the largest nuke anyone has ever had in inventory and it was the US that had nukes that big but, decades ago, we downgraded to only having 15 meg nukes in inventory.

Better than 80% of the nukes on both sides are tactical nukes of 100 kilotons or less going down to about 1 kiloton. There are very few nukes in the megaton range and even most strategic nukes are of 100 kilotons or more, with very few of them being over a megaton.

If you were to detonate all of the nukes from Russia and the US inside the US or Russia, you couldn't take out all of the US and not even half of Russia.

They are lying to you about nuke warfare destroying the galaxy and all life in it to terrorize you.

Will a nuke war be fun?

Oh heck no, but it will not be the end of the world and not even the end of the US and Russia.

Do the math, if all 6,000 nukes (both sides actually have less than 6,000 nukes) in either of our arsenals were 25 megs and you detonated them side by side, you would only destroy an area 20 miles wide by 120,000 miles long or about 2.4 million square miles with the continental US having about 6 million square miles or about 2 to 3 times the size of what those nukes could destroy.

But none of our nukes are that big anymore and less than 5% are even in the megaton range so they MIGHT be able to actually destroy half a million square miles IF all 6,000 nukes hit target and some were not destroyed in route AND they were all surface detonations but many will be detonated under ground against hardened targets, especially of the largest ones.

Therefore, it is only military common sense that every nuke on both sides has a specific target with some really important targets having up to 4 nukes aimed at it just to be sure. When I was in SAC, we knew that Russia had four missiles or warheads aimed at each of our top 10 targets.

In a real all-out nuke war, they might take out 10% to 20% of the US, maybe, but probably not.

Nuke warfare is far more complex than any journalist is able to understand and it isn't that we are going to launch everything and blow up the whole galaxy. It won't be nice but it won't be anything they are scaring you with. Not even close.

On the real day after, most of you are going to wake up and start wondering why you are still alive but I will know why most of you will still be alive. It ain't going to happen the way they are telling you to scare you.

This video is about the latest in Russian ECM or electronic countermeasures. From what she says, it will jam the signal from the drone to the controller so the controller won't be able to see where the drone is going or to find a target.

It may also jam the signal coming from the controller to the drone so the controller won't be able to cause the drone to do anything.

We did the same thing for remote controlled SAM-3 missiles during Nam. A few seconds after launch, the operator began to fly the missile towards its target just like they do today's drones and we jammed that signal. The missiles were so big and flew so fast they were hard to maneuver so, most of the time, the pilot of smaller aircraft could out maneuver the missile.

Burning Man

You should know that Blackrock is hosting this pagan burning man thing, which is them waging pagan war against Christianity and they grew it into a really big pagan movement.

After watching just the first few minutes of this video, I am convinced that God said, "Enough" and shut it down with a monsoon that flooded the area. This time of year it is normally bone dry and with this heat wave and drought crap, there should be no rain, much less the deluge they are having.

They started a war against God and He responded in kind.

When you see how massive that pagan festival had become, do you better understand why God is judging and punished our nation?

The hardest hit in this judgment and punishment will be the pagans and their war against God.

I could only watch about the first third of it.

I later found out that thousands are fleeing the Nevada burning man because of the situation caused by the weather without the effigy being burned to their pagan god. God won that round.

Then I got this e-mail from Mark about Burning Man:

"They are basically sacrificing a human being in effigy. God knows what they are doing. In their hearts they are joining in human sacrifice even if they do not sacrifice a live human. This is shaking their fists at God in His face. I am glad they all got stuck in the mud this year. God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap (Gal 6:7)."

All paganism is man shaking his fist in God's face.

I had not thought about it before Mark said this but this falls in line with what Jesus said about, "if you look on a woman to lust after her, you have committed adultery with her in your heart." Basically, with the Burning Man, they are committing a human sacrifice or murder in their hearts because they are pretending to murder a human as a sacrifice to their pagan god.


Remember that I have been showing you why it is scientifically impossible for evolution to happen by accident and coincidence and even better than 90% of scientists, who believe in evolution, also believe there must be a "superior intelligence" that caused evolution to happen?

They keep preaching and lying about evolution being a scientific fact in spite of the evidence that it is scientifically impossible. Since I began studying biology in the spring of 1968 in college, I have not seen one example of positive genetic changes required for evolution to even be possible.

A few decades ago, I was visiting the genetics research lab for the University of New Mexico and asked how may beneficial or positive mutations they had found in decades of research and they all answered, "Not one." All of the mutations in human DNA they had found and studied had been detrimental providing significant evidence that evolution is scientifically impossible.

In order for evolution to be possible, at least most of the genetic mutations they find have to be positive in nature. If they are all detrimental, that tells you that we humans are devolving to lower levels and not evolving to a higher level, which fits perfectly with the second law of thermo dynamics, which says everything is constantly breaking down to a lower level of structure. That alone means that nothing CAN evolve to a higher level of structure.

If you study history, archaeology, and the Bible, you learn some interesting things. At the time that Moses was given the Law by God 3,500 years ago, every group of humans on this planet were inbreeding very heavily because of normal human behavior. This was especially true within the smaller towns and villages and I showed you before that, in a small village, it only takes about 3 to 4 generations or about 100 to 200 years for everyone in the village to be family and be inbreeding heavily because everyone will at least be cousins and we humans did that in small villages for thousands of years and are still doing it in many places today.

In studying human behavior, I learned decades ago that we humans still tend to inbreed within big cities because most people tend to marry from within a relatively small neighborhood, quickly turning that entire neighborhood into an inbreeding family community. This was very true before the automobile but, even now, most people still marry within a small neighborhood because of human nature because they tend to socialize within that small neighborhood.

In order for evolution to be possible, this could not be detrimental because such inbreeding would be required for a species to grow from a couple of beings to a global population. Yet we know that such inbreeding is very detrimental, causing things like a decreasing intelligence, increasing insanity, a variety of medical problems like hemophilia, physical deformities, and eventually infertility and extinction.

In God's Law that He gave to Moses 3,500 years ago, God tells us to not have sex with close family members, even first cousins, and you have to understand that, up to that time, everyone on the planet was marrying and reproducing with very close family members, they had been doing so since before the Flood 4,400 years ago, and it was considered normal. No one saw anything wrong with it.

That should tell you that it was impossible for humans to have written those laws 3,500 years ago so they had to be written by someone more intelligent than us humans. It should also tell you that God was warning us that our initially required inbreeding since creation had caused enough genetic damage that we had to diminish that inbreeding to prevent very significant inbreeding genetic damage and extinction.

It was only about 100 to 200 years later that the Egyptian Pharaohs began having serious birth defects from massively inbreeding because it was Egyptian law that Pharaohs had to marry their sister, you know, that "we are superior natural elites" thingy. All of the royals were inbreeding very heavily at that time and, if you study the history of the European Royals, you will find that they literally inbred themselves infertile dozens of times so that a king or queen couldn't have children so another member of the family had to take over from them, the most famous of which were the Habsburg family that inbred one entire side of their family infertile so they became extinct.

I decided to teach about this because I found this video which shows the terrible effects of inbreeding and this is just a tiny sample of such things I have seen over the last 50 years. I remember meeting a person suffering from the "gigantism" they mentioned in that video who stood 8 foot 3 inches tall with long lanky arms and legs that he had trouble moving and just the massiveness of his size made me want to run. He moved similar to a giant long legged spider.

Plus I told you before that I am seeing rapidly increasing rates of infertility and other medical problems which are caused by inbreeding telling me our gene pool is dying.

If you throw out the millions and billions of years fairy tales by the evolutionists and use the 4,400 years since the Flood and God changing our DNA I told you about, you realize that man could not have survived for more than about 5,000 years with that new DNA because we will easily all become infertile within the next 100 to 200 years unless God heals our DNA in the near future. Therefore, evolution is absolutely scientifically impossible because we humans would not be able to live and reproduce long enough to survive more than 5,000 years, forget about millions and billions of years or even just tens of thousands of years.

The more evidence I see of our DNA being compromised and making us humans go extinct, the more I am convinced this absolutely must be true, especially with our scientists not finding even one positive genetic mutation in decades of research. According to evolution, they should be finding many more positive genetic mutations than negative genetic mutations and that isn't happening.

They have disproved their own evolutionary lies and fairy tales. It just didn't happen and could not have happened.


Remember that I warned you that China has infiltrated tens of thousands of Chinese soldiers into the US as employees of their government owned businesses? Remember that I have told you that they are infiltrating tens of thousands more across our southern border as illegal aliens?

This video tells us that they are also using Chinese tourists to the US to gather intel for their coming invasion and war against the US. They would not be using those tourists to gather intel on our military, if they were not planning to go to war against us.

I need to point out that all of the people I have seen who keep pointing out the failings of the West seem to either not notice or are ignoring the evil intentions of many of our enemies. They are not all good guys because they want to take down our evil leaders and stop their evil intentions because many of them have the same evil intentions.

It should also be noticed that China, North Korea, Iran, and possibly even India have bad intentions with them wanting to set up their own global dictatorship. Russia has had to climb in bed with bad people to survive and defeat the West.

You better keep an eye on that because, as soon as they have all helped defeat the West, they will turn on each other and I think Putin knows that.

The enemy of your enemy is not always your friend. It is much more complex than that.


Remember that I told you that God is opening eyes and people are paying attention? Remember that I told you that, when enough people get angry enough, they will rebel?

I am seeing it happen right now. If you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.

I told you that the militias have been active since before the fakedemic, you know, with the riots. I have told you that people have awakened and are paying attention, especially by the left censoring the truth. That got everyone's attention. I am now seeing open rebellion with increasing numbers of people saying things like "Say no to masks", "Say no to lockdowns", "Say no to the vaccines", because they know they don't work and were being used to control us. The people are furious and fighting back. They have had enough and are saying "Enough!"

But you know the upper class trash won't listen and won't stop because they are insanely obsessed with their global dictatorship, they believe they are smarter than they are, and they believe you are dumber than you are. They are delusional nuts.

The arrogant, idiot upper class trash royals and their evil puppets have already started the rebellion and it is quickly building, especially with the upper class trash and their lying media trying to stage Fakedemic II against the people. We are right now in a rapidly developing Bastille II and the inbred stupid upper class trash royals, their puppets, and lying lefty media are too stupid to realize they are setting themselves up as the targets for Bastille II.

Pay attention because you are seeing history repeat itself because the greedy, power mad, inbred upper class trash royals never learn from history and ALWAYS keep repeating what didn't work for their ancestors, arrogantly believing they are smarter than their ancestors and "will make it work."

It isn't just the rest of the world that is rebelling against the upper class trash royals and their puppets but also the intelligent people living in the West are also rebelling against their inbred stupid, greedy, and power mad leaders.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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