I Told You So 580


Remember that, in my last essay, I told you about how God fought back against the Celtic Burning Man to shut down their pagan ritual to their pagan god?

When I first began college in the late 1960s, I had a few friends who were hippies and they would invite me over to discussions at their homes to discuss how to solve the problems in life. After confirming there would be no dope, I would go over, quietly listen to learn and not debate, and think about what they said and how they thought.

All of those hippies were God hating pagans and they were proud of it. They openly hated God because "His Laws oppressed them" (their words), keeping them from doing the things they wanted to do, you know, you shall not lie, steal, or murder.

Over almost two thirds of a century I studied paganism from all over the world and throughout time via archaeology and history and it didn't oppress the wicked people; it actually encouraged the wicked people to do evil, you know, do as they will to whomever they will whenever they will.

The pagans like to keep it quiet until they have you seduced into their cult and they feel you are adequately ready for doing human sacrifices and then they include you in their human sacrifices knowing you won't tell anyone because, now, you are an accomplice to murder.

The cowards like two "safe" forms of human sacrifices where they either murder children to their pagan gods (hey, if I am an adult, I don't have to worry about being the sacrifice) or they in some way kidnap someone from outside of their cult and murder them as an offering to their pagan god.

Until relatively recently, the pagans all had really large families with about 10 to 20 children so they could afford to spare a few every now and then, especially since murdering a child or two to some pagan god saved them money they could spend on themselves. Besides, with even just a few kids, you are always going to have at least one or two who cause trouble and you get rid of the trouble makers.

Sacrificing your kids to your gods can solve all sorts of problems. /sarc

If you dig deep enough, you find that all pagan cults were into human sacrifices before Christianity came along and "oppressed them" but you have to dig pretty deep for some cults like the North American Indian religions.

One reason the pagans really hate God is because He protects and defends His people starting with His Laws but quickly followed by His actions.

The pagans get all offended that God would judge and punished them for their crimes against God and His people but you take a band of pirates murdering, stealing, oppressing, enslaving, and raping any people and, if their leaders are any good, those leaders will fight back to protect their people. God is a better leader than any leader on this planet so that, when those pagans murder the innocent children to their pagan gods that God gave them to care for, He is going to punish them for murdering those children.

The pagan archaeologists (most archaeologists are pagans and not Christians) have been bringing alters and other objects of ancient pagan gods back to the West from where they dug those things out of the ground to revive those horrid pagan cults.

If you go study where they dug those artifacts out of the ground, it was in the rubble of the civilization that was destroyed because they worshiped those pagan cults so you should realize that, if you start worshiping those pagan cults, your civilization will be the next civilization to be destroyed for worshiping those pagan gods. All of those great empires that worshiped those pagan gods got destroyed. The civilizations that worshiped God didn't get destroyed until they quit worshiping God and returned to paganism.

That is what is wrong with the West today, even the US, our leaders have converted our nations to paganism making our nations pagan just like all other empires before us who worshiped those same pagan gods got destroyed. But, hey, the pagans never learn.

You have to understand that, when Christianity spread around the world, most of the people who "converted to Christianity" only pretended to convert to Christianity so they were poser Christians and closet pagans. Their paganism just went underground but is still there.

When I studied about the Spanish colonizing the American continents, I learned that the biggest problems the priests had was the pagans who only pretended to convert to Christianity and continued their pagan practices in secret.

Today, those pagans have infiltrated enough of their pagans to being in control and used our secondary educational system to convert many more people into their paganism that they are increasingly feeling free to come out of their pagan closets and openly be pagan again.

That is why they relatively recently started showing statues and other religious symbols for Satan, Molech, Baal, Celtic gods (Burning Man and Zozobra) and other pagan gods.

The pagans are back in control and they are destroying everything good.

Maybe you should not have set quietly in your pews being tolerant, afraid to offend anyone by teaching about Jesus/God?

I told you before that abortion was, in a big part, about trying to legalize child sacrifice again. They started by preaching that it was a mother's right to murder her unborn baby and, after they got that legalized, they began trying to legalize "aborting" children after they were born in "post birth abortions" so they could say that, when they sacrificed a child to their pagan gods, they were just doing a "post birth abortion" in their pagan ceremony.

Here is something I realized that I have not heard one preacher teach on. Either just before or right after the Tribulation begins, the pagans are going to regain complete control of the planet and the tribulations during the time called the Tribulation will be God judging and punishing those pagans for their crimes against His Law, Him, and the people remaining on this planet.

Those tribulations will cause some but not most of those pagans to turn from their crimes against God's Laws and convert to Christianity with many of them being murdered or martyred during the Tribulation because of their conversion.

If you study religion and archaeology, you realize that the royals created these pagan religions by having themselves deified as pagan gods. The best examples are both Julius and Augustus Caesars, all Pharaohs were considered gods, the Norse gods were clearly a family of Norse royalty who had themselves deified and worshipped as gods, the Bible tells us that Nebuchadnezzar had himself deified as a god, built a golden image of himself and required everyone to worship it, and all other pagan gods. If you really study human behavior, you should realize that, with the family squabbles of the Greek gods, they were just deified royals because their gods are so human in nature.

You have to understand that it wasn't that long ago that the definition for the term god was very different from what we think of it today. At the time of Moses and much later, if you owned land or had any power and control over others, you know, like ALL royals, you were considered to be a god or ruler. It was very common for the royals to deify themselves as gods and the royals are clearly the ones who started all pagan cults with the people worshipping the royals or Satan in some form. Believe me, the peasants didn't lead the royals into paganism.

That is why, to this day, you are REQUIRED to bow before royals or gods in submission to their power, worshiping them as gods by bowing before them.

That is why the Bible says, "You will not bend the knee before man", you know, before the royals because you are showing you worship them as your gods.

One of the things I have learned about this spacy alien cult is that the pagans are trying to humanize God of the Bible to bring Him down to our level so we don't have to obey God. "Hey, He is just a spacy alien. He ain't nuttin' special. So what if He created ebbry ting."


Remember that I have been telling you that BRICS is economically isolating the West, especially the US and UK, to wage economic warfare on them and bring them down to stop their insane grab for global power?

This video shows that Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the rest of OPEC just agreed to cut back on oil production until December and that will devastate the US and Europe economically.

The West just doesn't get it that they are no longer the global economic and military power so they refuse to quit their insanity.

Do you believe me yet that you are living the fall of Rome II?

The West started waging war against the rest of the world to get the West's global dictatorship, the rest of the world is waging war back and winning, and the West won't quit escalating the war, causing the West to lose more and faster. The Western upper class trash royals and their insane puppets are arrogant, stupid, and delusional.


Get this; Afghan Jill has COVID but Afghan Joe, her husband, doesn't? Really? Wow, that means that COVID mustn't be a contagious as they are telling us? Then, why the masks, social distancing, and lock downs?

I think there is something going on there and I am watching to see what they are pulling on us.

Right after I wrote that, I found this video that gives me the intel to know what is going to happen. It says that, because he is so old and a high risk, though not already infected by his wife (I guess he has not been near her since she got infected?), that he is going to wear a mask and practice social distancing, you know, hide in his basement during this next election so you cannot see how bad he is doing health wise.

They didn't say that in the video but you know that is what is going to happen. "Hey, Afghan Joe has to protect his health by hiding in his basement."

Mean while, the left is going to use this to scare you into buying more masks and vaccines from them to make them more wealthy and to use this fear mongering to control you and the election.

OK, I got it, just like the last election but it is to protect Afghan Joe from COVID; wink, wink.

I bet that fewer and fewer of you are regretting that these evil monsters will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire so they can never cause harm to any of you again, right?

They just can't quit with their insanity and leave others alone. They are raving lunatics. We now have a new synonym for lunatic, it is called "lefty". If you are a lefty, you are a lunatic.

Nuke War

Remember that I have been telling you that Putin knows he is going to have to fight a nuke war with the West?

This video tells you that the Russian generals all know it.

People, Putin and his generals all know that the raving lunatics running the West in this escalating war, people are finally calling WWIII, are crazy enough to use nuke weapons to win it and get their insane global dictatorship so the Russians also know they will have to stage a preemptive nuclear strike to win that war and suffer the least possible damage. The West is leaving them no choice.

It is just like I have been warning you. Words cannot describe how insane and evil the upper class trash royals and their puppets are. If they can't have their global dictatorship, they will destroy the planet. The ONLY thing that can stop them is death and Putin knows it.

He also tells you that Romania is bailing on the EU and NATO, refusing to go to war with Russia. That is one more EU nation saying, "Enough," and refusing to be a proxy to fight Russia for the West.


Remember that I told you there was something funny about Sunak being the British PM and Vivek running for US president?

This video kind of shows I was right because, suddenly Sunak is praising the crap out of India's Modi. Why, he is so great and wonderful.

Just a wee bit too obvious, huh?


Remember that I told you that because Ukraine was drafting the sick and injured to fight in their lost war, they would soon be drafting women and children?

I just saw that Ukraine is now drafting women to die fighting in their lost war and you know they will soon start kidnapping children. Hey, you send they running ahead across the minefields to clear the minefields. Keep an eye on that.

The upper class trash royalty and their puppets' insanity is just too predictable.


Xi is under increasing pressure by the CCP because of their quickly worsening economy and that could cause him to start a war with the US to save his butt.

You have to understand that the entire CCP is at risk because, if the economy gets bad enough, the people will revolt, and the CCP would all lose their heads. Therefore, to save their heads, they are putting pressure on Xi, making Xi more desperate and more likely to start a war to distract people from the economy.

Hey, you can do like FDR did and draft all of the unemployed so they can't revolt.

Now, what should this tell you?

Xi only thinks he has absolute power and the CCP can and will remove his butt, if he puts their butts at risk. No one ever has absolute power because there is always a guy with a knife named Brutus.

Keep an eye on that.


The US is condemning India for buying Russia's oil.

Can't you just here the Western upper class trash thinking, "Don't you dare buy Russian oil, we need it!"?


Decades ago I found out that the archaeologists found out that the Sphinx had a lot of salt crystals in its walls, telling us that it had been under salt water for a while. I just figured that proved 1) the Flood and 2) that it was a pre-Flood structure.

Now I saw an article where they are saying it AND the pyramids were under the oceans and it was put together by a pre Egyptian civilization.

Gee, who would have guessed?

A lot of what they are finding today were pre-Flood civilizations. If they would cut their evolution bull crap and billions of years, we could learn a lot about what the pre-Flood world was like. From what I have seen, they were pretty advanced and the Bible gives us some hints that they were when it says that, at the beginning, God taught certain ones certain crafts or skills such as working with certain metals.

Founding Fathers

I just saw where the conservatives are learning to do to the lefties what the lefties are abusing the power of government to do to others, which is something you should all learn to do, you know, fight fire with fire.

That reminded me of something I wrote in the "docketing" statement for my trial case that EVERYONE who has anything to do with government should learn. This is it below.

"Let me share something absolutely brilliant I became aware of while working on this case.

The Founding Fathers were much more intelligent and wise than anyone gives them credit for having been. They were our first government and wrote the US Constitution to protect 'we, the people', from that government, you know, from the Founding Fathers.


Because they were intelligent and wise enough to know two important things.

First, whatever you can do to others, others can do to you. If you abuse the power of government to do things to other people, then you set a precedence and open the door for others to abuse that same power of government to do the same things to you.

Therefore, a wise man will not abuse the power of government to do things to others that the wise man does not want others to do to them.

The Bible says, "Do unto others what you want others to do unto you," telling me that our ancestors understood that principle 3,500 years ago but too many of our people in our government today are not wise enough to understand it 3,500 years later.

Second, the Founding Fathers knew they would not always be the government so they wrote the Constitution to protect others from them so they would be protected from their future government, when they were no longer the government. It was absolutely brilliant and every person who is involved in government should learn that lesson.

A corrupt person sees power and authority as opportunity but a good person sees power and authority as responsibility."

As long as you are not committing a crime, do to them what they do to you to show them how it feels.


Remember that I told you that Niger and Gabon coups are going to cause more nations to break away from European, especially French, imperialism?

Now the nation of Chad is trying to break away from France in Africa. The people are rebelling without the military staging a coup so far.

I told you that France trying to use military force to get Niger back under France's control was a bad move. Africa has had enough European imperialism but the royals just won't quit.

The European royals have turned Africa into a tender box that can go off with any event.

Global Warming

Remember that I have been telling you that this global warming crap is just fear mongering and lying to control you?

This video shows you that is true. I keep seeing on the TeeBee weather reports that they keep trying to scare you by saying things like "near record heat temperatures", which is trying to make you believe it is more severe than it is but, what they are really telling you is that it has been hotter.

When a weather person uses that con, you better be careful about believing anything they say.

Guess what, the galaxy ain't going to melt.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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