I Told You So 581

US Prophecy

Remember that I have been trying to teach you about Bible prophecy?

I keep seeing preachers with the message of, "What the Bible says about the US during the Tribulation."

Do you know what the most important thing is that the Bible says about the US during the Tribulation and I figured this out decades ago?

NOTHING, the Bible says NOTHING about the US during the Tribulation!

What should that tell you?

That the US won't exist by the time the Tribulation begins or the Bible would say something about the US, the greatest nation in history; hint, hint. Deal with it.

Guess what?

It also does NOT say anything about modern Europe even though the Royals have convinced you it is all about them.

Gee, what a magic coincidence that the Bible doesn't say anything about the US and modern Europe in relation to the Tribulation with us being so close to the Tribulation and all of those nations quickly imploding; hint, hint. Bible prophecy is right now coming true based on what the Bible does not say.

Do you believe me yet that you better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones and lock and load? Do you understand why I have been warning you that you will soon have to fight a war against the left to save what you can for your families and that you will have to build new nations?

Listen, based on my studies over the last half century in relation to what the Bible says, almost NONE of these Western nations will exist as they current exist today by the time the Tribulation begins.

Just the Isle of Britain will be at least 3 nations (you know, England, Scotland, and Wales), Belgium will be two nations, France will be at least 3 or 4 nations, Spain will be at least 4 nations, Italy will be at least 2 to 3 nations, and only God knows how many nations Germany will break down into because it was originally almost a dozen different nations and cultures. God showed me that the US will break down into at least 2 nations and so will Canada.

Do you get the picture yet?

And it is happening right now!

That is why the Bible doesn't talk about the US during the Tribulation. There won't be a US during the Tribulation. Deal with it, prepare for it, and get ready to take care of it for your families' sakes. That is the immediate future of the West and God showed me that it will get much worse during the Tribulation. I saw the dead in my dreams!

All Hell is breaking loose on this planet now but all Heaven will break loose on this planet during the Tribulation.

I am warning you to prepare you to deal with this and the most important thing you must deal with to be ready for it is to turn from this world and your sins to choose Jesus as your savior because your eternity ain't far away. By the end of the Battle of Armageddon at the end of the 7 year Tribulation, almost everyone who is on this planet right now will be dead and you can thank the upper class trash royals and their puppets for that. You better take care of that right now!

Hey, we turned our backs on God for the things of this world so now we must all pay the price because the things of this world will destroy us.

I can't stand those ignorant preachers who think, "Why duh Bible gots tuh say sumpin' about our nation during duh Tribulation."

Why? Because, just like everyone else for thousands of years, you think your nation will last forever?

They cannot accept that their nation will not last forever. That is why the Romans thought that the one world government and one world church just had to be them, why, at that time, they were the greatest nation in history and just had to last forever, and, after Rome fell, the European royals believed the same thing about them and their nations because they just knew their nations would last forever, almost all of them have fallen over the last 1,700 years, and the last of them are dying right now.

Not one nation in the history of this planet will last forever. The only nation that will last forever is the nation God will set up on the new Earth right after Judgment Day. Even the Millennial Reign of Jesus will only last a little over 1,000 years before it will cease to exist for Judgment Day. That is reality.

Look, the Bible tells us that the nation of Israel, who God used to write the Bible, had fallen two times before Jesus was born, then it fell a third time in 70 AD, it will fall again during the Tribulation, and it will fall again at the end of the Millennial Reign of Jesus for Judgment Day. Think about that.

So what, if your nation is the greatest nation in history, that is history and not the future. Just ask the Romans and, before them, the Greeks and, before them, the Assyrians and, before them, the Egyptians and before them, the Persians and, before them, the Babylonians. At one time, they were ALL the greatest nation in history and they ALL fell too and they ALL believed their nation would last forever too.

THAT is reality; deal with it and prepare to repeat history because our inbred royals keep forcing us to repeat history. I am just warning you that you are about to repeat history because of those idiot, insane royals.

BTW, I have been watching the near Earth asteroids increasing. Those are finally falling from orbit at the outer edge of our solar system towards the sun.

Remember that I told you those are the debris from the planet that blew up just outside of the Mars orbit and I told you how they got there?

I believe those will be most of the "stars" falling to Earth during the Tribulation. Gee, what a magic coincidence that they are rapidly increasing just before the Tribulation begins.

You just might want to keep an eye on them.


Remember that I have been telling you that the West is considering using violence to regain imperial control of Niger? Remember that MI6 of Britain already organized a team inside Niger to sabotage things?

This video tells you that Russia just made known that the US is considering assassinating the leaders of the Niger coup because, just like I have been telling you for years, the upper class trash royals just cannot quit and leave others alone. They MUST rule the world and the only thing that can stop them is their deaths and we should know by now that Putin knows this.

Most likely the way it will happen is that the CIA and MI6 will organize a kill team inside Niger that will try to assassinate the leaders.

They don't do this just to regain control over those who stand up to them and break free but to also discourage anyone else from trying to resist their absolute rule of the world.

Do you believe me yet that the royals NEVER quit and the only thing that can stop them is their deaths? Do you believe me yet that, to stop them, they have to be killed from the top down because, if you kill off their stooges beneath them, they will just recruit and hire more stooges to keep causing harm to you?

"Why, how dare you lowly peasants stand up to us wonderful, magnificent, natural elite royals?"

Do you believe me yet that God MUST send them into eternal damnation to protect you from them forever? Do you believe me yet that Hell and the Lake of Fire are good for the good people because they will forever protect the good people from the bad people by incarcerating the bad people in them, where the bad people can never harm the good people again forever?

When you find out every evil thing these monsters did in their lives on Judgment Day, if you are a good person, you will thank and praise God for incarcerating these devouring brute beasts forever to protect you forever. Most of you will be shocked when you find out how utterly evil these things really are.

Note that it tells you that "Washington considers a 'wetwork' solution by a proxy is preferable to military action by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)", telling you what I just told you. They plan to set up a kill team or "proxy" to murder the leaders who dared to resist the West's absolute rule.

That also tells you what I already told you about how military intervention would just cause more African nations to join forces against the West but they think that, if they just quietly murder them and make it an "inside job", those African nations won't rise up against the West.

It tells you they are already working to put those kill teams together. That is why Putin released this information. He is hoping it might stop the West but I seriously doubt it will.

BTW, I believe that, most likely, Putin has provided the names of the kill teams to the leaders of the coup so they can take care of it. He knows who they are because he knows they are members of the inner circle for those leaders.

You have to understand that the Western upper class trash royals and their puppets have so terribly weakened our militaries to fill their greedy pockets so they cannot afford to try fighting most of Africa and Latin America while trying to start wars with both Russia and China so they are planning to stop the rebellions in African and Latin America by murdering leaders who turn against the West.

Now, something to keep an eye on is that, if these CIA and MI6 kill teams kill some or all of the leaders in Niger and it gets found out, it will infuriate the people of Africa, who will turn even more against the West and they will want to invade Europe and the US for pay back. You better bet that, if these kill teams do kill some or all of the leaders, Putin will let the people know about it, which is why he is giving them public warning in advance so he can say, "I told you so."

I just found out today that Africa is also infiltrating soldiers into the US across our southern border.

Know that the CIA and MI6 are not the only agents working in those nations because you should know by now that Putin has his FSB (formerly KGB) also working in those nations with those leaders to help them succeed with their endeavors for freedom. This is much more complex than most people can even begin to imagine.

The foreign agent game is many times more complex than anything you have seen in movies or on TV and Putin has proven that his FSB are very good at it. Since Russia got out from under the oppression of communism, their military, intelligence, and everything else have improved by leaps and bounds, while, for the most part, the West has not improved much.

Lefty Polls

Remember that I warned you decades ago that you cannot trust lefty polls because they are always rigged against conservatives to discourage conservatives from even trying to vote the left out of office?

For years, the rule of thumb for lefty polls is that they always poll at least two Commierats for every conservative so the true numbers are always worse for the left than their numbers show.

Note that Afghan Joe is behind almost everyone running for president on the right but it is much worse than their numbers show. A big part of those numbers is that they are showing you how much the left plans to rig the votes in the next election because there is no way that percentage of voters will vote for Afghan Joe. With 75% of Commierat voters hating Afghan Joe and not wanting him to run again, you can bet that most of THEM are either planning to not vote or to vote against him. Therefore, of course, as always, the left is lying to you to cover for them rigging the election.

Note that, after they showed those poll numbers, the rest of it was just election propaganda. That was when I quit watching that video.


There has been a raging debate for more than a decade by the upper level officers in the Air Force and our corrupt, greedy politicians concerning retiring the A-10 as shown in this video.

Forget about all of the technical mumbojumbo, that is just a distraction. The REAL reason they want to retire the A-10 is because the military industry and the ones wanting to retire the A-10 will make much more money retiring the A-10 and the Air Force buying the much, much more expensive F-35 than continuing to provide parts, repairs, and upgrades for the A-10.

It is like I have been warning you, the upper class trash and their owned puppets only care about themselves and their bank accounts. The A-10 is paid for and the only thing the military industry can make money from is parts, upgrades, and repairs but the military industry and their bribed puppets will make billions more from the much less effective and more costly F-35.

The greedy morons do not care that they will weaken the US Air Force even more in a war against Russia and China so this country can be more easily invaded, conquered, and their stupid butts get sacked; all they care about is how can they steal more money from you right now by sacking our already weakened US Military more right now.

It should be blatantly obvious that everyone trying to dump the A-10 is doing so because they stand to make money from the military industry selling the Air Force the much more expensive F-35 by either owning shares in the military industry or taking bribes from the military industry. They are selling out our troops and our troops deserve better than them.

Always follow the money, baby.

If the Air Force doesn't want the A-10, give it to the Army so they can protect our troops. Then the Air Force could not justify buying the F-35 to "protect our troops" and they and the military industry would lose out on that sale. If the Air Force doesn't want to do their job, then give their job to the Army. The Army will gladly do it.

Power Struggle

Remember that I have been warning you that the US and UK British Royals are trying to weaken and destroy militaries around the world to eliminate competition for global power? Remember that I have also been telling you that the royals would turn on each other, especially between the different branches of the Euro-American Royal Family but even within those branches like within the British Royal Family?

The former French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, has finally figured out that the US (he still has not figured out the UK is also involved in it) is using the Ukraine War to weaken Europe even more than their own upper class trash royals have weakened Europe by sacking their own nations' militaries. He has realized that they are all being weakened to force those branches of the Euro-American Royal Family to submit to the rule of the US and UK British Royal Family.

Gee, after more than 1,000 years of those royals fighting and murdering each other for power and money, who would have guessed they would just keep doing it?

Remember that I told you not long ago that King Chuck looks like he is purging all but relatively few of the British Royal Family within the UK to consolidate power?

"Hey, we gotta eliminate potential threats to our power."

That power struggle is already going on so don't be surprised when royals start disappearing and dying, you know, by accident or health problems, you know, the way the Queen suddenly got sick and died because King Chuck wanted the throne.

Heck, the royals will kill their own mother for wealth and power. They have been doing it for thousands of years. I think of the royals as cannibalistic parasites, who live off of you and eat their own. Prove me wrong.


Modi of India is doing a great job of playing the West and Putin sees it but Putin better keep an eye or two on Modi because, if the West can't trust him, neither should Putin and BRICS.

Also, it is getting more obvious by the day that I am right about Sunak and Vivek being Indian agents to help India gain control of the two most powerful Western nations in the world. It amazes me that the royals are so stupid they can't see it. It is like God has closed their eyes to what they don't want to see.

Then I found out that they made the "African Union" part of the G20. This is so slick. The West and India just made the African Union a proxy and the head of it a puppet to control the African nations from within Africa so the people won't figure out that it is really still the West controlling NOW ALL of the African nations and not just some of them. They just enslaved ALL of the African nations in one slick move.

Seismic Activity

I told you that I studied geology more than half a century ago and have been closely watching it since. The seismic activity on this planet has been increasing at an increasing rate, both in intensity and frequency. You better keep an eye on that.


I decided that I am going to start telling you about more of what I am watching, though probably not all of it right now. That way you can watch it too. The reason for this is because too many things are getting critical.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is reading the writing on the wall, sees the fall of Rome II happening, and is moving to make pals with BRICS. He recently stopped the use of his Star Link by Ukraine to cause significant damage to Russia.

The upper class that don't read that writing on that wall will soon lose their butts when Rome II blows itself to pieces.

I keep seeing signs that I am not the only one that sees this stuff but I began seeing it before they did. They are finally figuring it out right now instead of years ago.


Remember that I told you to watch Russia breaking through in the north and driving west to encircle all of Ukraine's forces in the south cutting them off from reinforcement, resupply, and retreat to either quickly finish them off or force them to surrender?

In a couple of his more recent videos, I noted that the Vlogger for the Military Summary has also pointed out that is what Putin is doing but he has not figured out something I figured out this morning.

What Putin is doing is gradually giving ground in the south to encourage Ukraine to move more and more and more of their troops, especially their best troops to those areas right into Russian cauldrons or traps, where Putin is destroying them, and away from the northern front to make it easier for Russian troops to break through to encircle all of the southern Ukrainian troops BUT he already has it to where he can do that right now.

Why is he not already doing it?

Because he wants to get as many of Ukraine's troops as he can into the southern front and his cauldrons before he makes his moves. He has even had his troops step back from one of his first lines of defense, which is causing Ukraine to go nuts and stampede troops into the cauldron even though Russia is destroying those troops massively. The Ukrainian/NATO leaders don't care that they are losing massive amounts of troops because dey is gainin' ground and winnin' duh war!

They are inbred idiots. The West actually believe, "Russia is in trouble now cause we finally reached der first line of defense out of 3 lines of defense and we gots dem on duh run, baby!" It has them in a fever pitch to get as many troops to that area as they can as fast as they can to die as quickly as they can. They are so desperate to prove they were right and are winning the war at any cost to their troops.

Putin's strategy is working fantastically and he and his generals are military geniuses with the NATO leaders being military morons.

Incredibly, the morons are stampeding to get more and more of their troops into Russia's trap as quickly as possible so dey can win duh war by losing all ub der troops taking a few more kilometers of land. They make my brain hurt. I wouldn't let them coach a kindergarten soccer team.

People, I taught you how to do an encirclement to trap and destroy the enemy. The first thing you do is FAKE defeat and retreat for some of your forces so that, when they fall back, they create a "pocket" to draw the enemy into it in order to destroy them because, most of the time, the enemy will gladly chase your troops into that pocket to finish off your troops. Then you close the pocket or put a lid on the cauldron to cut those troops off from reinforcements, resupply, and retreat, you know, just like the Russians keep doing to Ukraine.

What did these NATO officers do, flunk encirclement 101?

What Putin is doing is he is having his troops hold their positions to destroy the attacking Ukrainian troops and then the Russian troops step back to a new defensive line. People, you don't have your troops retreat from troops they just destroyed unless it is a trap, hint, hint.

When Putin gets what HE considers enough of the Ukrainian/NATO troops in his traps, watch him break loose in the north and encircle all of them. He is going to take all of Ukraine and maybe launch directly into Poland to invade Europe and take them by surprise, unless the EU backs down before.

One thing I have noticed is that Ukraine stalled out their "Greatest Offensive" (it failed) to rebuild for a spring offensive but Putin had his troops give up quite a bit of ground in a couple of areas, you know, he let Ukraine break through a first line of defense, and Ukraine went bananas to quickly take advantage of them suddenly and magically gaining ground, even though they had stopped their offensive, restarting their offensive so Russia could continue to destroy the Ukrainian/NATO troops faster.

Putin is going to go down in history as the greatest military sucker puncher ever.

No sooner had I written that and I found this video that shows a Russian officer in the first few minutes who is stunned by the stupidity of the Ukraine officers.

I am not the only one stunned by the stupidity of the West. The Russians are too. Then I realized that it is possible that the Russians are holding back because they think the stupidity of the West is a con and sucker punch to draw Russia into a trap. I mean, no one can be THAT stupid.

Later that video shows you that, in spite of the US funding those soldiers, the officers are requiring those soldiers to pay for their own weapons, munitions, and parts because those officers are making money selling their own soldiers the weapons the US provided.

That has to be the worst corruption I have seen in any military. Those officers should be hung for treason.

Then they also told you that the head of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, admitted what I have been telling you about them having given so many weapons and munitions to Ukraine that NATO has been "demilitarized", in other words, they couldn't fight their way out of a kindergarten sandbox.

And the morons keep trying to back down Russia by bluffing that will eventually result in Russia attacking "demilitarized" NATO? Is there one functioning brain cell left among the Western upper class trash and their puppets; just one?

Putin's strategy is succeeding because he is disarming the West to back them down and, if they don't back down, he attacks a weakened enemy or easy prey. The longer Putin keeps using his traps to destroy the West, the weaker the West gets.

Do you believe me yet that my farts are smarter than the upper class trash and their puppets?

No intelligence is better than their intelligence.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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