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Remember that I told you not to be surprised to see some Western lefties pretend to convert to Hinduism in order to con India into no longer being Russia's ally?

This video shows you they are already heading that way. This is just a first step of participating in a Hindu special holiday on September 14, today.

You watch how many of them will pretend to "convert to Hinduism" to fool Modi and persuade him to turn on Russia. Why, they are so smarty pants and the Indians are so stupid, they are going to easily fool all of them. Talk about Royal arrogance.

The Western lefties will do and say ANYTHING to get what they want and you can't believe anything they say. They are all show and no go.

But I continued to watch and at about 52 seconds into it, one of them, a woman, just had to show us she is fluent in Hindi. Why, that makes her wonder woman. She can speak another language. /sarc

People, these con artists believe they are smarter than they are and that you are dumber than you are so you will fall for any con they pull on you. They insult everyone's intelligence with their arrogance but, hey, the stupid people fall for it.

You watch how many of the stupid lefties will now start learning Hindi to virtue signal to everyone how woke they are. "Why dey is fake Indians. Look at me, I can learn annudder language and put my hands togedder."

At about 1:45 into that video a British envoy showed us he is so brilliant and understanding that he can put his hands together and say some words in Hindi.

That video makes me sick with all of the posers and con artists thinking they are fooling all of us with their con.

Look in the comments below that video at the Indians who are not fooled. One of them said, "We Indians are so easy to fool....even after British mocked Chandrayan 3 and they were never sorry."

The only people these lefties are fooling are themselves. The lefties really think you are ALL so stupid that you will ALL fall for their simple minded games and cons. They are so arrogant they make me want to puke.

"Why, we care so much for India that we learned some Hindi words and to put our hands together."

They insanely insult the intelligence of all Indians with their arrogance.

Maybe these con artists should really prove they care about the people of India by helping their poor?

I couldn't watch the entire video and only got about halfway through it. These fakes make me so furious. Like they actually care about anything other than themselves and their bank accounts.

Queen Lujan

The more I see about what was done by Queen Lujan concerning guns, the more convinced I am that she was testing the waters to see if anyone would arrest her for the crimes she committed to see if she and her Spanish Royal accomplices could stage an insurrection and get away with it, especially if they CLAIM a medical or health emergency, you know, like the Fakedemic.

You think not?

Let me share something with you that NO ONE ELSE got. When she stated that this unconstitutional gun ban would last for 30 days, she added, "for now", telling you that they were testing the waters to see what they could get away with and, if they got away with it, they planned to extend it indefinitely and no one else noticed.

Listen, she is a royal and knows that it is very unlikely that even the British Royals will bring charges against her because they are openly committing the same crimes she just committed and, in a court room, her defense attorney will expose the British Royals for committing the same crimes.

She is an attorney, she got a law degree, and she passed the bar so she KNEW what she was doing was blatantly unconstitutional and illegal. She KNEW she was committing both federal and state crimes and her health emergency was completely made up and fake.

"Why, I am committing these crimes for a good reason and to protect the people." That is what the royals have been saying for thousands of years.

Listen, after what she did to the people of New Mexico, because of the Fakedemic "health emergency" and got away with it all, she was seeing if she could make up her own fake health emergency to commit the same crimes required to stage an insurrection and get away with it. It was a calculated risk and she is getting away with it so watch for her and her accomplices to make another worse move soon. She only has two years to complete their insurrection before she gets voted out of office.

You have to understand that she really loved abusing her power over the people during the Fakedemic, destroyed many New Mexican's lives, and she wants more of that power. Then she and her accomplices saw an opportunity to seize control of the entire US because the left had turned on Afghan Joe.

So, if you are a British Royal and a Spanish Royal tries to seize control of a nation you are trying to seize control of, how do you stop the Spanish Royal?

You use psychological warfare to stop them the way the British Royals did. You publically and openly embarrass her using your lying lefty media so no one will vote for her.

That is why the British Royals turned their lefty media loose on her and quickly shot her down for committing the same crimes they are committing but she doesn't have control of those lefty media and can't fight back.

Look, the British Royals have been increasingly aggressive and open about unconstitutionally getting rid of your guns "to protect you", failing again and again in the courts, and they attacked her for unconstitutionally trying to get rid of your guns "to protect you"? Really?

It was also a very strong message to all non British Royals like the French Royals Newsom and Trudeau that they better not try to take over the US from the British Royals either.

You better keep an eye on her.

I have been telling you that, once the Royals believe they are close enough to getting the power they want, the Royals would all turn on each other and they just did in a really big way.

The Spanish Royals in New Mexico AND Mexico decided they didn't just want the Territory of Nuevo Mexico with the British Royals thinking the Spanish Royals were just going for control of the impoverished State of New Mexico and the Spanish Royals wanted the entire US, saw an opportunity to try, and got shot down by the British Royals.

This was a major international power play by the Spanish Royals to gain control of the US from the British Royals so they could use it to establish their control of the West's global dictatorship and the British Royals are trying to shut it down.

Do you believe me yet that Mexico plans to invade the US with Russia, China, and the rest of the Latin American nations to seize control from the British Royals just like the Royals have been doing to each other for thousands of years?

Remember that, in their minds and from "their Spanish Royal view", the Western half of the US was once part of Mexico and should still be. Just think how much more wealthy they and Mexico would be with all of those US resources.

Now do you better understand why Afghan Joe and his entire family so openly committed so many crimes?

Because they believe they are above the law and they can do as they will just like all other bad royals believe. All of the bad Royals live by Satan's law, "Do as you will", hint, hint. It is their "view" about them and law.

Why did God create and raise me up the way He did?

He created me in poverty as the descendent of lowly European surfs and peasants so that I don't have any crimes to hide for my ancestry, my family, or myself, then He educated me by having me study the right courses under the right professors in college and in the military, He exposed me to the right intel in the military, He put me in the right places to learn the right things, such as the Royal corruption, had me do the right research such as the history of the Royals so that I know most of what the Royals know about each other without being one of them, and then caused me to be ill to return me to poverty to keep me humble and force me to write for Him (I wanted to do other things) so I could teach you about them like no Royal would teach you.

God put me through His special education program to teach and guide you with the truth and has made me a "voice crying in the wilderness" (the desert - gee, what a magic coincidence). (I told Him I really did not want this job and to give it to you but He wouldn't listen.)

Remember that I told you that I realized about 6 years ago that I know more about more things than anyone else I know of and there is a reason for that. God is my educational counselor and He still teaches me more on a regular basis at 74 years of age. He has taught me a lot that I really did not want to know but we all need to know.

They Never Quit

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash royals and their puppets never quit with their insanity?

This video proves that absolutely. Talk about an arrogant con. They are the definition of arrogance.

They pull a fast one by saying the world is changing and that Russia and China are taking over and then use that to try to con and scare everyone into supporting their failing globalism. "Why, we are going to have a new world order and everyone needs to support the US in setting up their global dictatorship over the rest of the world."

They are beyond nuts and they think they are smarter than they are and that you are dumber than you are so they keep insulting our intelligence. The only people they are now fooling is themselves and the stupid people.

Once again I couldn't watch much of their insanity and had to quit watching after just a few minutes of their lies.

I have gotten to where, when I see videos like that, I read the comments and they are almost all against him and what he said. He is clearly not fooling anyone but himself and the stupid people. He is not as smart as he thinks he is and the people are not as stupid as he thinks they are. I get encouragement from those comments. God has opened their eyes and they see what is going on.

Do you believe me yet that they NEVER quit and the only thing that will stop them is death?

That is why God will put them in the Lake of Fire forever to protect everyone else from them forever.


You have to understand that a lot of what is going on right now is also being used as distractions from what the lefty upper class trash royals and their puppets don't want you to see.

They would much rather you watch things like them frying Queen Lujan, the fake Mexico spacy aliens, and Hunter getting his wrists slapped for gun charges that will not implicate Afghan Joe.

This video shows you that the Hunter case is just a distraction and cover for Afghan Joe because it is about the only crimes Hunter committed that Afghan Joe wasn't involved in.

BTW, they are saying that Afghan Joe doesn't dare pardon Hunter because then he won't get reelected, you know, while the same morons are telling you that no one wants Afghan Joe to run again.

Keep your eyes open and be alert.


Remember that I have been telling you that China's weapons are not very good and many of them don't work? Remember that I told you that, when China got her first ramp aircraft carrier, she had to buy a bunch of MIGs from Russia to cannibalize their engines because the Chinese jet engines didn't have enough power to get the planes up to flight speed by the top of the ramp and China also cannibalized their radar and EW because China's sucked?

This video shows you how bad they really are with many of her weapons not even working. Pay attention to the many things that just don't work.

Do you believe me yet that, with Taiwan having some of the best weapons in the world, she is going to kick China's butt?

Taiwan's stuff works.

Gee, I wonder why the US is trying to start a war with China, especially since they know everything else I have taught you about why China would lose a war with a nation like the US? Do you still believe the US liars who keep saying that China is the greatest threat to the US?

China is only a real threat to the US because of the hundreds of thousands of soldiers she has infiltrated into the US to attack us from within.

I have been watching stories about her weapons not working for decades.

The greatest threat to the US is our own lefty leaders and the people they have helped to infiltrate into the US. They just keep proving me right because I do my homework.


Remember that I have been telling you that Russia is holding their positions to draw in Ukrainian/NATO forces to destroy them in order to deplete the West's military supplies?

This video tells you it is working. NATO supplies are dangerously low and shrinking faster than they can be resupplied.

NATO officers are telling you this.

Now, why would Russia stop destroying NATO forces while protecting Russian forces just to gain ground sooner instead of waiting until NATO doesn't have enough left to fight with so she can take more ground faster with fewer troop losses?

That is the real reason why Russia is not advancing quickly in Ukraine and it is NOT because her forces are struggling.

Opening Eyes

Remember that I have been telling you for a long time that God has been using the insane and destructive actions of the Royals and their puppets to open people's eyes and turn the people against the left? Remember that I told you years ago that the EU is not going to be the one world government and one world church of the soon coming Tribulation?

This video shows you that the people are rising up against the elites or Royals and apposing their global dictatorship.

Remember that I told you that Klaus Schwab is a member of the German Royal Family, his father was an officer in Hitler's army and had Klaus raised by a Nazi Youth group after the war?

That is what they mean why the Royals use the term "elites", they mean the Royals because the Royals arrogantly think of themselves as being elite or better than you and they use the term elites to keep you from realizing they are Royals. The "elites" means the Royals.

Note that what Klaus is doing in that video is that he is 1) admitting their global dictatorship is failing and 2) being very concerned about it failing. "Why, the Royals just have to have their evil global dictatorship."

You should know by now that the evil Royals are not going to quit because it is failing. They will keep trying until they die.

Man plans, God laughs. You should thank God right now for causing it to fail and saving your butts.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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