I Told You So 590


Remember that I told you this was all planned out in advance by a number of groups?

At about 3 minutes into this video he tells you about an online meeting in March by the head of Hezbollah with an elite group of strategists telling ALL Iran backed militias to prepare for a war with Israel that will include an on ground invasion.

Note that all Iran backed terrorist groups are Shiite Muslim just like Iran is Shiite Muslim run. Iran has also warned Israel that, if she goes into Gaza, Iran is going to join the war like I told you they would.

Every day I become more convinced that this war is escalating to become the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Russia is now warning that this war is escalating into a fully fledged war. I am wonder what their FSB knows about this.

Based on what I am seeing, it looks like Israel is first staging missions to rescue hostages with special operations teams and the US may also be involved but that would be classified.

On Day 9, the attacks by Hezbollah have increased to where they are pretty consistent. That fight has clearly already started.

I keep seeing drone footage and keep wishing I could design a special hunter/killer drone but it would cost the drone building businesses too much money by not using million dollar missiles for every shot. Instead of them making a million dollars a shot, they would only make a few dollars a shot, saving the military a huge amount that could be spent elsewhere, you know, to buy more drones.

Here is something to keep an eye on. Those US Navy fleets moving towards Israel can just as easily be used against Israel as they can be against Hamas and Hezbollah and may be getting in position for the invasion of Israel by Obama. Remember that Austin and others in the Pentagon are Obama's people and Obama is a Shiite Muslim and friends with Shiite Iran. It wouldn't be the first time the upper class trash lied to us and deceived us.

Then I found this video that tells us several very important things. First, there is already fighting on Israel's northern border with Hezbollah and Iran is threatening to enter the war, if Israel dares to defend their people by invading Gaza. Israel is trading shots in both Lebanon and Syria.

The media keep saying, "Tensions are rising in the north". People, they are shooting at and killing each other. That isn't tensions rising, it is war.

Second, the offensive has been delayed until later this week because of "weather".

Food for thought: If Israel has called up over 450,000 troops and has 100,000 gathered at Gaza for that invasion, where are the rest?

She probably has about 300,000 at the northern border to fight the war with Hezbollah and Iran and about 50,000 keeping calm in the West Bank. This is not going to be a two front war, it is going to be a 3 front war. Israel knows where this war is going to be fought.

But, hey, Hamas is about to fight a 4 front war, when Israel attacks from the north and east by land, the west by sea, and from the air.

I was just watching a video about Gaza and realized something interesting I had been watching. If you watch the videos about Ukraine, you notice that the Russian weapons hit buildings and, most of the time, most of the building is left standing but I am seeing one explosive device take down entire buildings in Gaza.


Because Israel is attacking the tunnels under those buildings, where Hamas is hiding and has their weapons, which destroys the foundation of those buildings, and causes the buildings to collapse.

When you see those Hamas buildings implode, it is because Israel just took out a tunnel, destroyed the foundations of those buildings, causing those buildings to collapse.

I also keep seeing that the media think that Israel is trying to figure out where all of the tunnels are and are surprised to find Israel knows where any of them are but I believe they already know where most of them are and you can find them using science, especially their entrances.

You use a combination of seismic, sonic, and infrared technologies, which are probably at least mostly classified. Every footstep, breath, word spoken, fart, or object moved makes a sound that travel through the solid ground and can be located by triangulation. Munitions stored are in constant chemical breakdown, which generates heat. Electric lights, computers, human bodies, breathing, and even just electric wiring generate heat. Heat from those tunnels works its way up through the ground and can be detected by infrared technology. Those can all be detected by technology we had half a century ago.

You would be surprised at what we could detect half a century ago and they have better today. They probably know where at least 80% to 90% of those tunnels are today. I just saw where Israel has already destroyed most of the upper level of those tunnels and are now working on the second and third layers, which may be the real reason Israel delayed their invasion.

What kills me is that most Christian churches still believe that the failing EU is going to be the one world government and the Catholic Church is going to be the one world church, while they are staring right at the real one world government and church of the Tribulation, Islam.

This is a pretty good video providing some interesting intel. At the end, he shows you that Afghan Joe doesn't care about the people by making you pay for emergency evacuation, while giving billions to Iran, Ukraine, and others. But they refuse to spend some of your tax money on you.

"How dare you want to have some of your tax money spent to save your butt?"

It is being reported that Israel has put off the invasion of Gaza because of weather with some people wondering what is the real reason. One possible reason would be to make Hamas think Israel won't attack until later to create an opportunity for the element of surprise. Keep an eye on that.

I just became 100% convinced that this war in Israel will escalate into the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and that Obama and the Nation of Islam MUST make their move soon to take their lefty Muslim army to invade Israel, very soon. After all, they wouldn't want to be left out of all of the fun and let someone else stand on the Temple Mount and prove they are the Mahdi.

You think I am wrong?

Watch this video about ALL of the Muslim run nations the Bible says will be involved in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 having a big meeting in Saudi Arabia concerning the war in Israel this coming Wednesday, October 18. It is a meeting of the 'Organization of Islamic Cooperation' or Muslim nations only. Gee, what a super duper magic coincidence.

Note that meeting will be without Russia but will have Muslim run Turkey, where Gog and Magog are so that Turkey or Gog and Magog will come down on Israel just like the Bible says.

Prove me wrong.

You are RIGHT NOW witnessing and living the fulfillment of Old Testament Bible prophesy from thousands of years ago taking place just before the beginning of the Tribulation just like I told you years ago. It just got super duper real! Welcome to reality!

Do you believe me yet that God is real, He lives, He exists, the Bible is true and everything else is a satanic lie? Do you believe me yet that you better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load? Do you get the picture yet?

You are about to see the hand of God at work saving Israel's butt and then the rest of the prophecies I have told you about. Man plans, God laughs.

Do you believe me yet that I am a man of God, a voice crying in the wilderness or desert trying to warn you about what is going to happen?

Oh yeah, Obama and Austin are sending those two carrier fleets there to pin Israel in from the West so she will be completely surrounded by Islam.

This video tells you about the hard left that will support the Muslim invasion of Israel by Obama with plans to murder every man, woman, and child and many will join the fight, including lefty Hebrews, to die on the "Northern Hills of Israel" or in Lebanon and Syria soon.

This just got super duper interesting. There is now no doubt about it. People, it couldn't be more obvious. I told you so!

Then I found this video showing Hamas training to take on Israel invading Gaza telling me that Hamas KNOWS the rest of the Muslim nations will come to their aid and that this was all well planned out right up to and including the invasion of Israel by Islam just like I told you.

Then I found this really great and informative video that tells you much of what I have been telling you and more. He gives you some interesting history. He tells you about the Muslim Brotherhood I had forgotten to tell you about, which is made up of Muslim organizations from all over the world including the Nation of Islam. He tells you that one of their goals is to wipe out all Hebrews on the face of the Earth and then adds "also all non Muslims, all of you."

Remember I told you that the way a person proves they are the Muslim Mahdi or Messiah is to stand on the Temple Mount and give the command that all Muslims must murder all non Muslims?

Do you believe me yet?

And God said, "The truth will be made known."

Then I found this video showing that the fighting on Israel's northern border, you know, the "Northern Hills of Israel" has gotten so bad that Israel has closed the border with Lebanon, you know, because the tensions are increasing. /sarc


Remember that I have been telling you that it is almost certain that the videos they show of Z Boy meeting with leaders from other nations in Kiev are just staged bull crap on a movie studio?

You think I am wrong?

With Kiev in the middle of a war zone in the middle of a war, it should look and sound at least some like Gaza right now, with a lot of smoke, missile and plane engines, and explosions but you don't even hear traffic sounds from the rest of the city, see ravens or pigeons that live in the real Kiev, or even see the exact same structures within one or two blocks of the plaza.

Forget about stuff like they sure get there and back really super duper fast and Z Boy sure spends a lot of time flying all over Europe and even other parts of the world and is suddenly back in Kiev for meetings.

It is blatantly obvious that someone like the CIA/MI6 used US funds to build a movie set of Kiev in England not too far from London but far enough away you don't hear the city sounds.


God woke me at about 2 am to show me some things.

I bet quite a few of you have been saying that Obama can't just seize control of our government but God showed me some very important things this morning. Not only does Obama not need to get rid of Congress, especially with our current corruption, but he can use Congress to get back into power.

First, I have seen a number of videos where Commierats in Congress either openly supported the slaughter in Israel by Muslim Hamas or refused to condemn it, meaning they do support it. Hey, they are telling you with their globalism that they plan to butcher you all off anyway and it doesn't matter whether Hamas does it or whoever as long as it gets done.

Second, with the current situation in the House, all it took to vote McCarthy out as Speaker of the House was all of the Commierats and 8 Republicans. That tells me that all it will take to make Obama speaker of the House is all of the Commierats and 8 bribed RINOs, there are easily more than 8 RINOs in the House who will take bribes, and you can bet that Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam know who all of the RINOs are in the House and how much money it will take for them to vote Obama in as Speaker of the House and then, all Obama has to do is get rid of Afghan Joe and Kruela to make Obama the president.

I have known for more than half a century that the Speaker of the House is the back door to the presidency but I didn't know it was that corruptible, especially with the GOP in control of the House.

Let's say that there is an existing Speaker of the House next spring. Either the Nation of Islam bribes that Speaker to resign or they bribe all of the Commierats and 8 RINOs to vote them out and Obama in and with its agents infiltrated into the top of all of the key government agencies (ye ole deep state - remember they are all Obama's people from when he was president), Obama becomes president.

Hey, the DOJ proves every day that they will not take court action against or prosecute any of them on the left and, with their corrupt judges on the benches, they will just throw out any court actions to stop Obama.

You can bet that, with Farrakhan having some of his members of the Nation of Islam studying law and constitutional law for more than 60 years, they have known this for decades and been keeping track of it.

You know that they know that all Obama would have to do is nuke the president, vice president, and Speaker of the House in Chicago, blame Israel, get himself elected as the Speaker of the House, become president, declare a national emergency, you know, like they did with 9/11, suspend the US Constitution, Congress, and Supreme Court, declare Sharia Law as the law of the land to set up his Muslim Caliphate (enforced by his deep state), and Obama becomes your Muslim Caliph with you being Israel II.

What seemed impossible 14 years ago, is now blatantly obvious. God knew what he was talking about.

Remember that God showed me and I showed thee that Obama already has his army trained and ready to invade Israel? Remember that the Nation of Islam has its "deep state" in control of our government right now?

Ask Trump. They are ready to go right now.

The left is continuing to have rallies and protests supporting Hamas murdering civilians in Israel. This is the left/Islam trying to increase support against Israel and for the terrorists. These are the people who will support Obama invading Israel to wipe out every man, woman, and child in Israel and cause the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. Many of them will volunteer to fight and will die in that battle.

Remember that they are rebuilding Ancient Babylon and Mystery Babylon RIGHT NOW and have already dredged the Euphrates River to handle the shipping? Remember that all of these lefties supporting the Hamas slaughter of Israelis will gladly believe the lie that Israel nuked Chicago and support Obama invading Israel?

Everything is finally coming together.

Do you believe me yet that you better, better, better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load before you become Israel II.

I bet at least one or two of you are not going to sleep too well tonight.

Remember that I told you that NO government is any better than the people running that government and, if those people are bad, then you have a bad government.

Do you believe me yet?

Spacy Aliens

They are digging up the Roswell UFO to prove their spacy alien crap so I need to explain it to you. You will find their story at this site and the guy makes a reasonable guess at what happened.

Most of it is still classified but, basically, that was a US test vehicle based on captured German technology, developed by captured German scientists, and I saw with my own widdle eyes more than a decade later that the US had done better more than half a century ago.

It was a US experimental craft and not spacy aliens. Spacy aliens are not the only ones who can invent weapons.

Then I found this idiot video that I hesitated to show but decided someone needs to fight against this bull crap.

Their gimmick or con is to say that someone saw an aircraft and they didn't know what it was and, by the strangest magic coincidence, at the same time, we suddenly got a new weapon so it had to be spacy aliens. You know the stupid people are going to fall for that.

"Why, dem spacy aliens hads tuh gibs it to us because we is are be too supid to invent it ourselbs." Maybe they are too stupid but our scientists weren't. They are insulting our scientists.

I was taught the science behind our weapons. That is how stupid we were. I know how that stuff works.

You also need to be aware that they are now using fake archaeology to prove there are spacy aliens and they ruled Earth 240,000 years ago. I am still waiting for them to find the trillion year old man and to find out that the cosmos is 500 quintillion years old. Oooooooooo! /sarc

You can't believe ANYTHING Satan's spawn tell you, after all, Satan is the father of lies and taught his kids well.

Food for thought: US scientists can't build a flying saucer but spacy aliens trillions of light years away can? Really?

Right Universities

These right universities like Harvard that have been taken over by the left/Muslims are destroying the credibility of their universities and will bring them down to at least much lower level schools and possibly to extinction.

Even they are not immune to the destruction of their woke policies. Don't be surprised to see enrolments start to drop off in the future and prices come down.

Keep an eye on that.


This is an interesting video that I think all of you should know about because the concept is a good idea for fighting back. I am not endorsing this bank but you need to watch for more banks like this to protect your money from the upper class trash.

This looks like it might be the good people in the West doing the same thing the BRICS nations did by setting up their own banking system that is not owned by the upper class trash Royals to protect themselves from the Royals.

Keep an eye on it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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