I Told You So 599


Remember that I warned you about vaping?

"Oh no, it is safe because it don't use no tobacco. The upper class trash making lots of money selling them said so."

It turns out they have a medical condition caused by vaping called "popcorn lung" that is terminal. It will kill you.

People, I warned you before and I will warn you again, if you just suck hot air into your lungs enough for long enough, it will damage your lungs because your lungs are fragile. I don't care what the upper class trash and their lying whores tell you. If you don't believe me, go study biology in college.

So all of you who believed the marketing lies of the upper class trash and their puppets and are being "cool" by vaping, you just might want to get a chest X-ray to see how much damage you have done and how long you have to live.

If you suck anything hot, especially with any chemicals in it, into your lungs, you are going to cause lung damage. It also helps to know that the hot air with those chemicals increases the rate of the chemical reactions. Any time you add heat to chemicals, it increases the rate of chemical reactions, which is why they use heat in chemistry labs all of the time.

Those rich people who sell harmful stuff like that and their marketing people should go to prison for life. They are the worst kind of criminals and the worst serial kills because they murder millions of people for money.

Trillion Year Old Man

Remember that I told you I am waiting for them to find the trillion year old man because today's archaeologists keep finding older and older human remains so they can make more money, you know, millions of dollars, selling more books about the oldest person or thing found?

I just saw that they found a 700,000 year old man and you know that archaeologist just made a fortune, you know, millions in book sales, especially with the very high price for college text books. They are quickly getting closer.

So, how long do you think it will take them to find my trillion year old man?

It looks like they will find the million year old man really soon and then they will find that humans lived before dinosaurs. Oooooo! Why, we lived before there was life.


Nah, that does make them as much money.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

You can't even believe scientists or college academe today because of greed. They are what we used to call academic whores because they prostitute their college degrees for money. They have zero credibility.

When I was studying science, archaeology, and other things in college in the late 60s and 70s, we were taught that our credibility is our greatest asset and anyone who lies for money with a college degree was an academic whore prostituting their college degrees.

I went back to college about 20 years ago seriously thinking about getting Ph.D.s in both Biology and Nuclear Physics because I love both, I love learning, and I felt it would be fun. I have taken some of the toughest courses on any college campus and never had a course I thought was tough.

I was surprised when I returned to school because the students had a saying that, "You either tell the lies you are told to tell or you get a job working for McDonald's". My first professor realized I was old school, pulled me aside and told me how things are now. I was stunned and disgusted to find out that credibility now means nothing in science; all that matters is money. That turned me off from getting a Ph.D.

That was when I found out about archaeologists lying about and extending the age of what they find to make more money. It is not my paranoia; it was my education. If you are an archaeologists and want to make a quick few million dollars in book sales and speeches, you lie like hell about how old something was you found and make it the oldest one found.

There are still some good scientists who are not academic whores but they better keep their mouths shut or they will lose their jobs.

When I went back, I was disgusted to see college professors teaching their students how to lie better and make it more believable.

What I am doing with my little essays is exposing the truth to my friends, some of whom don't want to know the truth.

BTW, one thing I have been watching for more than half a century is the soft science college professors who go on what we call "crusades to save something".

I have not seen them save one thing except their bank accounts because they always make millions selling books and giving speeches with some getting better paying jobs at more prestigious universities. These have mostly been lefty college professors with degrees in the soft sciences but they only use the Ph.D. following their names because any Ph.D. will do for their lefty followers. Forget that they don't know crap about what they are crusading against or for.

I was trained to write my full credentials for any science reports or books I write and not just that I got a degree. All scientists do that but not people who got degrees in the soft sciences and are making money on crusades so you won't know that they don't know what they are talking about.

Hollywood History

Remember that I have told you that you can't believe anything you see from the lefty media or Hollywood?

Here is some more romantic Hollywood American Indian bull crap history.

Hollywood always makes it look like the American Indians were so in tune with nature that they were perfect saints. Why, they were guardians of the wild.

Did you know that, before Chris Columbus was born, they hunted the giant bison, wooly mammoth, mastodon, at least two species of wolves, the saber tooth tiger, and at least half a dozen, probably dozens, of other species into extinction?

They even hunted other tribes into extinction.

Guess what, they were human just like everyone else, no better, no worse, just human.

Do you know who the most savage people were in history?

The upper class trash royals who raised up entire armies to destroy cities and nations to steal their wealth and enslave the people. They were brutal, cruel savages and many still are. They were the true monsters in history. Godzilla ain't got nuttin' on them.

Do you believe me yet that the Royals and their puppets are the problem?


Remember that I keep telling you that the war in Israel is the prophesied Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39?

Now the UAE and China are calling for an "urgent cease fire", you know, "you gots tuh stop protecting your people from our terrorists."

The UAE just tossed their hat in with Hamas so that only leaves little Oman on the Arabian Peninsula or Sheba that has not committed to support Hamas against Israel. Every day it comes together more and more. They are not even waiting for the OIC conference to commit.

I have also realized that Ethiopia has internal fighting between Muslims and Christians. If those Muslims send a unit to fight in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, then Ethiopia will be represented the same as the US, France, and China will be represented.

That means that, if Sudan and Somalia send troops, then Cush will be represented as the Bible said.

Then I found this interesting video that tells us that Sudan, you know, Cush, is smuggling weapons to Gaza. Their hat is already in that ring along with their boots. Yeah, this war was kind of sort of planned out in advance.

This means that ALL of the nations in that prophecy are represented in this war right now. You are watching this prophecy be fulfilled right now.

Man plans, God laughs.

BTW, here is a little irony. The Muslims claim Israel is occupying their land, when there have been Israelis there for 3,500 years, Islam was founded by Muhammad 1,400 years ago in the Arabian Peninsula, and the Muslims conquered and are occupying at least 50 other nations. Do the math on that one.

How about the Muslims return the land they conquered and are occupying?

This video tells me that Afghan Joe is trying to bribe and con Israel into a cease fire with $320 million in bombs to save Hamas. They are not helping Israel, they are trying to bribe and con Israel into self destruction. I am afraid that we are about to find out how stupid Netanyahu is.

Remember that the OIC meeting is this Sunday, November 12. I am waiting to see what will come out of it.

More warnings and threats or war against Israel?

Remember that I told you that Israel should be able to use technology to find the tunnel openings and also that Israel has some of the best EW in the world?

This video tells you how Israel used technology to find tunnel openings, see a trap set by Hamas, and use that trap against Hamas AND they tell you that Israel has some of the best EW in the world.

Gee, who would have figured?

Some of Israel's EW is the best in the world for certain purposes, even better than the US and Russia. When Israel gets planes from the US, they often take off our EW and put on their own better EW.

I recently saw a "military expert" say that Turkey would defeat Israel but she couldn't even come close and Turkey knows it.

If Turkey could easily defeat Israel, then why has Turkey spent more than a decade trying to get other Muslim nations to unite with her to help Turkey defeat and destroy Israel? Yeah, kind of obvious, huh?

There are 4 major Muslim powers in that area, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, and Iran. They are ALL trying to get as many other Muslim nations to unite with them to destroy Israel as they can.

The Irony

The irony in man's futile efforts to destroy God and disprove the Bible so their fake pagan gods will be the real gods so they can do as they will is that God always uses what pagan man plans to defeat pagan man and his fake gods to prove that God is real, He lives, He exists, and the Bible is true.

That is what is going on with this war in Israel. The Muslims are determined to wipe out Israel, all Hebrews, and all Christians to prove God and the Bible are fake and their fake pagan god is real but God predicted this war in detail thousands of years ago so that, when the pagans cause it to happen and God steps in and supernaturally defeats the pagans exactly the way the Bible says, the pagans will actually be proving that God is real, He lives, He exists, and the Bible is true and that their fake pagan god is fake.

The pagans have not figured out yet that you cannot beat a true god being with a fake god being you just made up. That is like stopping bullets with your head to protect yourself.

God is about to prove that He is real, He lives, He exists, the Bible is true, and their fake pagan god is a fake and God is using the pagan plans to defeat the pagans and the pagans don't even realize it so they just keep planning and God keeps laughing.

You watch, when the pagan Muslims bring their troops onto the Northern Hills of Israel in Lebanon and Syria, it will end just like God told us it will end thousands of years ago and everyone will be stunned.

"Why, it happened just like the Bible said!" Surprise, surprise, surprise, we knew it would.

The pagans never learn, not even in thousands of years.


Remember that I have been warning you about the pagans using spacy aliens to try to disprove the Bible, you know, just like everything else they do?

The UFO propaganda just keeps getting worse and worse.

My question is, "If the spacy aliens are superior to us, which they would have to be, why have they not killed off our corrupt upper class trash Royals and their evil puppets to either free us or enslave us?"

If they are good, they would want to free us but, if they are bad, they would want to enslave us.

If they are real, why are our upper class trash Royals and their evil puppets still alive?


Remember that I told you that Z Boy would probably end up dead soon?

Things just got very interesting in Ukraine as this video explains. The general, who is running against Z Boy, his assistant was having a birthday party and a grenade that was supposed to be a dud in a present went off and killed the assistant and then Z Boy has decided there won't be an election next year. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

You don't think Z Boy tried to murder the general but he wasn't at the party or close enough to the grenade and Z Boy just seized power to set up a dictatorship, do you? Do you think the CIA and/or MI6 were involved in this?

But he didn't kill the general so I expect either the general or Z Boy will end up dead soon. Maybe we will all get lucky and Putin will park a missile inside a meeting room with Z Boy and his fellow criminals.

I hope the general wins this one. I figure that he has to be a good or better person or the CIA/MI6 would not be trying to kill him.

We should have a pool on long it will take for the Ukrainian Military to snuff Z Boy's butt and replace him with a military coup.

Global Dictatorship

Remember that I told you that this war in Ukraine was always about destroying or getting rid of Putin so the lefty upper class trash Royals could set up their global dictatorship over you?

The last of this video tells you that same thing. It tells you like I did that them losing the war meant their globalist fantasy is over. but that won't stop them because the only thing that sops them is death.

That is why they are working to support the Muslims in getting rid of Israel. They are hoping that the Muslims will help them set up a global dictatorship in exchange for weapons and munitions, of which the West can't have too much left.

But, hey, don't worry about it, the Muslims will gladly play the greedy, power mad idiots for the fools they are until they have their global dictatorship set up and then the Muslims will kill them.


Remember that I told you that it only takes an average IQ to get a Ph.D.?

It seems that there is a video on the Internet going viral where a young woman had a Ph.D., thought she was smarter than she was and anyone else in the room, and they found out she was the dumbest person in the group of 6 with an IQ of 112. Remember that the range for average IQs is 85 to 115.

It is just like I told you, because someone has a college degree, even a Ph.D., has more money than you, has a better paying job than you, does NOT mean they are more intelligent than you.

There are all sorts of ways that you can get college degrees, more money, or high level positions in government or with corporations without being more than average intelligence. Corruption is the most common way.

The biggest downfall for the upper class trash Royals and their puppets is their arrogance causes them to think they are smarter than they are and you are dumber than you are because they have stolen more money, lied their way into a better paying job, got any government job, or got a right college degree from the right university because their family gave big donations to that university and they end up outsmarting themselves.

For more than half a century, I have sat and watched and heard stupid rich people do and say really stupid stuff on TV and they all thought they were super duper geniuses in spite of the fact that they kept proving themselves wrong.

They manage to fool some people into believing they are as smart as they want to believe they are by using lots of big words, especially from other languages like Greek and Latin.

People, a two year old child can learn another language. You don't have to have more than an average intelligence to learn a dozen languages. People do that all of the time in smaller countries with a lot of different neighbors speaking a lot of different languages. When I was studying science in college, I knew a janitor from Eastern Europe at the university who didn't have have a college degree and was fluent in a dozen languages.

Just because someone can use big words does not mean they are more intelligent than you. All they did was learn another language. Research has shown that, for all of your soft science degrees, better than 80% of what you learn is another language specific to that field of study and all you need is an average IQ to do that.

Plus there are different types of intelligence. To get a college degree, you need rote memorization and not a lick of common sense, which is the best requirement for being a lefty. I have told you that, if you have any common sense, you can't be a lefty very long. I don't know how many prestigious lefty college professors I have know who didn't have a lick of common sense.

I have known people who had to drop out of high school to get a job to take care of their family, who were easily more intelligent that most Ph.D.s.

Remember that I told you that Tesla was one of the most brilliant people in US history and he died poor because life happens the same way that I am living in poverty because of my prolonged illness.

The Bible says, "God sets up whom He sets up and brings down whom He brings down."

All of that academic crap about "You have control of your life" is arrogant bull crap. Get a deadly virus or cancer and tell me about it.

By the time I went back to college to get my M.B.A. I already knew I was a genius because you can't pass the science and math courses I passed and not be a genius.

Because I had not been to UNM for a while, I had to take a new comers' briefing to familiarize us with UNM and its policies. During that briefing, she said something about dyslexia and I said, "I have dyslexia." She turned on me and very seriously and sternly said, "With your entrance exam scores, if you test positive for dyslexia, you will qualify for Mensa."

I almost fell out of my chair because she knew my entrance exam scores out of all of those other students there. I was stunned. I didn't know what to say.

The fact that she said I was among the top two percent of the people in the world concerning intelligence or what they call a "two per center"?

That plus $5 will buy me a large soda at Sonic because I have not heard of them giving free sodas to super duper geniuses. If you are so sick you can't do anything, I don't care how smart you are, you still can't do anything. Ask Tesla. You people have no idea the things I achieved in life before I got sick but you will all find out on Judgment Day as I will also find out everything you did.

Those kids who used to tease me in grade school were right, I really am a smarty pants and I have known plenty of other very intelligent people who were middle and lower class for various reasons, you know, like "God sets up whom He sets up and brings down whom He brings down," and I have seen a lot of really stupid rich people, many of them because they have been inbreeding too long.

Don't believe me?

Just look at the really stupid rich people running the West and how everything they have tried has failed. Intelligent people with that much money, good health, and opportunity are going to succeed at something. My farts are smarter than our lefty leaders.

The Bible says, "God sets up whom He sets up and brings down whom He brings down."

Believe me that is true. I busted my butt, used all of my knowledge, used my intelligence to try to save my butt until I got so sick that all I could do was sleep 15 to 20 hours a day, fix one or two TV diners for meals, and sit in a chair, staring at four walls for the rest of the day for at least 1.5 to 2 years (I was almost dead and most people would have been in a hospital on an IV, waiting to die). Guess what that does to your bank account?

It was at that time that they started running test on me and started telling me that I should have died years before that and that was about 15 years ago.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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