I Told You So 600


Remember that I told you that Israel is using technology to find the tunnels?

At the end of this video, he tells you they are using listening devices to pickup underground sounds and ground penetrating radar to name a few.

This video shows you that all 7 nations in the G7 just took the side of Hamas to tie the hands of Israel with their magic pauses that will work as well as everything else they have failed at, all while pretending to support Israel, well, at least with their lies that they are supporting her.

Those countries who just joined the side with Hamas to stop Israel from destroying their beloved terrorist organization, so it can keep murdering Israelis, are Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK, and the US. They will never quit until they are dead and burning in Hell.

The idiots just keep making everything worse and failing at everything they try because dey is smarty pants. Dey knoze what is best for ebbry one, dey do, dey do, dey do.

Hey, we have not had a nuke war for about 70 years, isn't it time for another one?

With God letting these evil spawn of Satan run our nations, you just know we had to sin really, really, really bad. REPENT, people, REPENT!

I just saw that Hezbollah has started firing SAMs (surface to air missiles) at Israeli planes with no reports of any planes being hit. Remember that I told you that Israel has some of the best ECM in the world so don't be surprised if Hezbollah doesn't hit many planes and Israel takes out a lot more Hezbollah SAMs.

Then I found this very interesting video that shows why, by international law, Israel is not only not occupying other people's land but is not even occupying all of the land they legally own. Their leaders have been too nice to bad people and their people are paying for it.

Maybe Israel needs more intelligent leaders with a spine?

Keep an eye on that.


For decades I have taught you about a number of the proofs the evolutionists themselves don't have or hide because they disprove that evolution by accident and coincidence could have happened at all. I have also pointed out that better than 90% of avowed evolutionists openly believe that a "superior intelligence had to exist that caused evolution to happen."

You know, they knew in their guts that they had proved that a god being had to exist to cause evolution to happen, which would make evolution another form of creation by a superior being but they wouldn't admit that with the lame excuse that "they didn't want to bring religion into it", ignoring that, if such a god being did exist, then it wouldn't be a religion, it would be reality and they are supposed to investigate reality. They are refusing to do their jobs.

This video tells you about another one of many of their problems in believing in evolution.

What he doesn't tell you in this video is that the Punctuational Equilibria he talked about was dismissed and considered a "joke" by most scientists in the early to mid 20th Century, which is what I was taught, when I studied archaeology in the spring of 1968, but, by 1984, the scientists felt it was too obvious that they had conclusively disproved Darwin's theory of gradual evolution that they had to come up with another theory so better than 90% of evolutionists voted to accept Punctuational Equilibria, you know, the joke, as the accepted theory in 1984 because they couldn't dream up another fairy tale that was better, with 10% refusing to accept something so preposterous and preferred staying with Darwinian Evolution even though it had obviously been disproved.

Punctuational Equilibria remained the "official theory" until 1996, when they finally had to dump it for something even more ridiculous that only lasted until about 1998, when they changed over to the Catastrophism Theory, which stated that, instead of one global flood that laid down the layers quickly (obviously still trying to disprove the Bible), there had been numerous "local floods that laid down one layer after another." Yeah, that was the ticket, in spite of the fact that many of those layers covered two or more continents, which would have required a global flood. Yes, they actually ignored the obvious to believe that crap.

Wow, that took integrity. /sarc

Years later, after the Mt Saint Helens eruption that laid down 29 distinct layers in just one eruption, they dumped that stupid theory for the Multiverse nonsense that said that there are infinite numbers of universes so that it would be possible for anything to be true so they could make up and believe anything they wanted regardless of the mathematic probabilities, in spite of the fact that their idiot theory said they all "bubbled out of the same universe", which would have meant they would have all had the same physical laws so that, whatever would be impossible in any universe would be impossible in all of them.

Wow, aren't you just overwhelmed by their integrity? /sarc

Their new theories have been getting less and less scientifically feasible and more ridiculous and more of a bad joke. (what are they smoking?)

The last I heard, they had not been able to dream up a new theory that was even dumber than the multiverse thingy.

Since I first studied archaeology in the spring of 1968, I have had to watch all of that insanity and just really stupid excuses for science happen, which is one very important reason I am a confirmed Biblical Creationist. That is the only thing that is even remotely scientifically sound.

When they dumped Darwinian Evolution for Punctuational Equilibria, I knew they had lost it and I became an avowed Creationist. Since then, the evolutionists have just kept getting dumber.

But, hey, they have proved that they will believe ANYTHING so they don't have to admit that God exists and the Bible is true. They just have to keep living in the Lala fairy tale land pretending God is not real so they don't have to live by God's Laws and can do as they will. That is exactly what evolution is really all about. It is just another fanatical pagan religion.

Boy, are they going to look super stupid on Judgment Day just before they get ushered off into the Lake of Fire forever because their obvious lies and fairy tales won't save their stupid butts.


This video tells us that 10,000 US Army troops just arrived in Saudi Arabia.

They are probably at least partly there so Iran's proxies won't attack them but why are they there at all and not in Israel? Why is Afghan Joe building up forces in the Middle East away from Israel? Is he sending troops to the Middle East so they can't be used to stop Obama's coup? Is that to later invade Israel?

The video doesn't say anything and just shows them unloading thousands of troops. I didn't watch the entire video because I have seen plenty of troops unloading but thought you might want to see it.

The video even asks in the title, "What is the US preparing"?

It doesn't make sense to them either.

I am definitely going to keep an eye on this.

They had elections in some states yesterday and this video talks about it. What they are talking about is that this country is so lost that you will have to sell your soul to Satan to win elections by selling out unborn babies.

I already told you that, in Biology, we knew more than two thirds of a century ago that, upon conception, that little zygote is a living organism and is genetically a human so it is a living human and aborting it at ANY TIME is murdering a human. Once that thing is conceived, it is a living human.

But the lying lefties have convinced people dat it ain't no hooooman until 15 weeks or whatever so dey seeze nuffin wrong with murdering it. It is just a "lump of flesh", you know, human flesh.

God gave you that baby, no matter who the father is, and you dare to destroy it because you are not responsible enough to raise it?

There are going to be a lot of lefties burning in Hell, after they get to meet the human on Judgment Day that they murdered. Now that will be interesting.

None of our sanctions against Russia have worked so they are going to apply another sanction to fail by sanctioning nuke fuel from Russia. Hey, if they don't quit sanctioning Russia, then sanctioning Russia didn't fail, according to their logic.

Do you believe me that the morons will never quit? Do you believe me that they are inbred stupid? Do you believe me that they never learn? Do you believe me that the lefties are having an international stupid contest and it is really close?

People, that is what a reprobate mind looks like and you have a bunch of them running our nations and world.

How long do you think it will take the West to use Russia to finish destroying the West? And you think they are smarter than you? Really?

They have not learned one thing in years and keep doing the same stupid things, failing every time becuz dey is are be smarty pants.

Concerning elections, I am not putting ANY faith in the elections helping us with our problems because you know they are going to be rigged worse than ever. I will still vote because that is responsible but it is going to take God and a war to fix this mess.

An easy prediction is that a bunch of conservatives are going to be very furious with the results.

Look, the Commierats have been rigging elections for decades, they are not going to stop until they die, and they always get worse and worse to make sure they steal the election.


Remember that I have been telling you that everything is going down the toilet for China and, when dictators and many other leaders get in trouble to where everything is failing, they almost always go to war to save their butts?

This video shows you that China is ramping up for war to rebuild its economy and save his rule and the CCP. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Who would have guessed?

It looks like Xi is ramping up for war against India and Taiwan with maybe also the US.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you that Mexico will be fighting in the coming war against the US?

This video gives you just a glimpse of the mess at the US southern border. He tells you that we have Hamas and Hezbollah cells working with the Mexican cartels right now.

I have known about and watched ISIS and Al Quaeda cells working with the cartels just across the border in Mexico for almost two decades now, the Mexican government knows about them and does nothing about it.

Remember that I told you that the cartels and streets gangs give kickbacks to the upper class trash, who tie the hands of US agents to keep them from stopping the cartels. This has been going on for decades and now there are more terror cells operating with the cartels.

Remember that I have told you we are going to have a war with Mexico and, after we win, we will have to annex them to prevent this from happening again?

You BETTER pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load because this is going to get very bad and soon.


This video tells you that the EU, you know, with Queen Ursula, is getting ready to admit Ukraine into the EU, which would force other EU nations to actively and directly come to the military aid of Ukraine in the war against Russia.

This shows the arrogant stupidity of the Western leaders. They have proved that they really do believe that Putin would never attack wonderful and magnificent them. Because of this, they are arrogantly bluffing Putin to back him off and force him to let them put troops and missiles on Russia's borders not very far from Moscow for an easy win.

Hey, everything else they have tried has failed and their predictions concerning Putin's actions have all been wrong so let's just take it all of the way because Putin wouldn't dare invade or nuke them. The inbred morons are certain of it.

Now, where did I put my lead lined, asbestos underwear?

Do you believe me yet that these raving lunatics NEVER QUIT?

They make psychopaths look sane and rational.

Well, at least we know that the first people Putin will kill will be the upper class trash Royals and their insane puppets. Hey, them burning in Hell will make the world a much better place.

You know what I just realized?

Is this the US and UK using the EU as their front or proxy in a war against Russia the way they have been using Ukraine because they can't use Ukraine as their front or proxy anymore and the arrogant fools running the EU are too stupid to figure it out?

So, how long do you think it will take Russia to reach Paris, the EU headquarters in Belgium, and sink the UK? A few days, a few hours? How long will it take Russia to do to the poorly armed EU what she has done to much more heavily armed Ukraine? Hey, maybe Ukraine will give the EU some tanks and stuff?

When Russia invaded Ukraine, Ukraine's army was more powerful, larger, and better armed than all of the EU is today. We know the UK only has enough munitions to last less than a day in a war with Russia and the rest of the EU is much worse off. I cannot describe how bad the arrogant fools make my brain hurt. I had to quit writing and go to bed after that video because I just couldn't take any more of the upper class trash insanity.

Well, I am back the next day to deal with more of their insanity.

Remember that I told you that, when things got bad enough, the Ukrainian soldiers would cut and run?

This video shows them doing that but not under orders because they said they didn't know where to go. If they had been given orders to pull back, the orders would have included where to pull back to and they would have known where to go. This is a route like I have been telling you would happen.

It also tells you that Z Boy is in trouble and will be overthrown by the General he tried to kill and his entourage.

Hold it, I thought the West was dumping Ukraine and moving on to other wars to murder other people for money?

This video shows they lied to us about that and have no intentions of dumping Ukraine but to keep Ukraine fighting to weaken Russia so the West can take over to finish Russia off and set up their global dictatorship. This means the West lied to us...again or still.

They just made a commitment to keep dumping money and weapons into Ukraine to destroy Russia.

Hey, it is like I have been telling you; the left never quits or admits they have failed and, if they don't quit, then it didn't fail, according to their logic. The only way these evil monsters will ever quit their evil will be when they die.


Remember that I warned you that, with all of this increasing international turmoil being caused by the insanity of the upper class trash Royals and their puppets things would get really bad for people traveling outside the US?

I just saw a video where a couple, who built a home on a small farm in Panama and recently started a trailer tour through 40 states in the US to increase viewership and make some money and they are being told by friends in Panama to not go home because of rioting. I am seeing more and more unrest around the world because of the upper class trash Royals and their insanity.

Be very careful when traveling abroad.


God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

Think not?

This video shows just how well terrorism pays the upper class trash while the rest die in tunnels.

Why, they are really sacrificing for Islam, aren't they?

Just like always, for the upper class trash Royals for any nation, it is all about the money. They only care about themselves and their bank accounts.

Karl Marx

Remember that I told you that Karl Marx, the father of communism, was very rich and a Royal because only the rich Royals went to college back then?

This video tells you the same thing. They were spoiled rich royal brats trying to develop a new form of government that would give the Royals their monarchy powers back without the people realizing the Royals got their monarchies and absolute power over the people back. Hey, if we change the name, then it ain't no monarchy.

That is why the primary lie for all forms of Marxism, regardless of the name, are based on the idea that the "government", you know, the front for the Royals, knows what is best for you so you should submit to the absolute rule of the government so it can take care of you.

It was just a slight modification of the lie the Royals had been telling for thousands of years, you know, "We natural elite Royals are superior to you peasants so we know what is best for you so you should submit to our absolute rule so we can take care of you" but the people finally realized that the Royals never took care of anyone but themselves at the expense of the peasants so the new lie is that the government, run by the Royals, knows what is best for you so you should submit to the government's absolute rule over you.

People, it is no coincidence that the Royals dreamed up Marxism/communism/socialism right after a bunch of them lost their heads during Basstile and the rest decided that they might not want the people to know it was the Royals still running everything and causing the problems for the peasants to keep from also losing their heads too.


I am pretty sure I told you that the left letting in all of these illegal aliens would come back to haunt them in a number of ways.

The end of this video shows you that many immigrants are voting against the Commierats and why.

What? Another great sounding stupid idea by the left has failed? Who would have guessed?


For years I was wondering what is going to happen to cause Sunni Islam to drop Mecca as their most holy city and accept Babylon as their most holy city.

Would it be Mecca and Medina being destroyed by Shiite terrorists like the Houthis or in a war like the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39?

I just saw a couple of videos of massive flooding in Mecca and the surrounding areas that could easily destroy the cities that I have never heard of in that area before and is doing a massive amount of damage to the area. God could easily use something like that to destroy both cities and force the Sunnis to accept Babylon as their most holy city. Keep an eye on that.

Lefty Journalists

Remember that I have been telling you for years that the lefty journalists are complicit in the crimes of the left and cover for them?

It is called "aiding and abetting" criminals, it makes you complicit and an accomplice in those crimes.

This video shows "free lance" journalists, you know, fronts for the terrorists, used by a number of media Israel is now interrogating for the magic coincidence of having free lance journalists at the scenes of the Hamas crimes on the October 7 massacre. But, hey, it was just a magic coincidence that those "journalists" just happened to be there and able to follow those terrorists around taking pictures of their crimes in action. They were all probably just taking a pee at the border fence when the terrorists broke through; yeah, that is the ticket. It was just a magic coincidence. Oh, and that one picture of the journalist being hugged by a Hamas leader years before means nothing. /sarc

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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