I Told You So 6

The price for gas in the US is now above $3 per gallon and racing rapidly towards $4 per gallon. This increase is being driven by the increasing global demand for gas. Unless the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 happens in the near future, the price of gas will get higher in the near future. It is time for many if not all of you to figure out at what price you will have to completely quit driving your cars and plan to use other forms of transportation. It has already reached a point to where most of you are being forced to decrease your driving. If you don't think so, do the math.

If your monthly budget allows for you to spend $300 for gasoline, at $2/gallon, you will get 150 gallons, at $3/gallon, you will get 100 gallons, and, at $4/gallon, you will get 75 gallons. If your car gets 20 miles per gallon, at $2/gallon, you will get to drive 3,000 miles per month, at $3/gallon, you will get to drive 2,000 miles, and, at $4/gallon, you will get to drive 1,500 miles. You won't have a choice; your budget will choose for you.

For those of you who wish to be able to choose between different forms of transportation such as cycling, you will need to start riding those bikes for shorter distance in order to get yourself in shape for the longer rides you will eventually be required to make. Many of you have already started either moving closer to work or finding work closer to home. Some have already found that taking a pay cut by getting a job closer to home can still mean you will have more money after the gas monster gets its share.

I think that more and more of you are starting to realize the hard way what I have said all along, it isn't if but when will you have to start using other forms of transportation? Think ahead and save on pain.

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