I Told You So 601


Remember that I told you that Obama, the Nation of Islam, and Iran planned this war against Israel with Afghan Joe being Obama's puppet?

This video tells you that Iran is having her terrorists launch attacks against US troops and Afghan Joe is not responding with enough force to discourage Iran's attacks.

Gee, you don't think that means that Afghan Joe is intentionally not responding properly against his owner's friend and ally, do you? You don't think that Afghan Joe is only putting on a show pretending to be responding to Iran's attacks, while not properly responding to Iran's attacks, do you? You don't think he is only putting on a show pretending to be helping Israel when he is actually holding Israel back, do you?

It kind of looks that way.

This video provides quite a bit of intel concerning the Middle East and Iran. It also tells you that Iraq just formally threw their hat into Iran's ring and against Israel in this war. That means that Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Iran, all parts of ancient Persia, are now committed to this war and destroying Israel in fulfillment of prophecy.

BTW, the head of Ethiopia is a Muslim and is militarily aggressive.

Note that God is using this war to expose to the people the corruption, evil, and hatred for God. He is making it all very obvious and forcing people to take either God's side or Satan's side by opening eyes.

Concerning the "tactical pauses" the US media are making it sound like they are all across Gaza for 4 hours, I was concerned that Netanyahu turned yellow and caved but it turns out it is nothing like the lying US Government and media are telling you.

He explains it at the end of this brief video with other intel.

This video also explains the "tactical pauses" and it may help some of you better understand it.

As usual, you are being lied to and, if any government official or member of the lefty media say anything, you can bet it is a lie. Hey, why would they stop lying now?

It makes it very clear that the US is still trying to help save Hamas from Israel and is not really helping Israel any more than Satan would help a Christian save souls.

Remember that I have been telling you that Israel has one of the largest and most powerful armies in the world?

I just found out that her army is larger than both the UK and French armies combined and her weapons technology is much better. That is why the Muslim nations are trying to talk up their courage to unite their armies and invade Israel.

Remember that almost every war Israel has fought since they regained their nation and government in 1948 has been against anywhere from 2 to 4 Muslim nations ganged up against Israel and she has always won.

Remember that I told you that Saudi Arabia is calling the OIC meeting to unite Muslim nations to invade Israel, you know, who Saudi Arabia was going to make peace with, wink, wink?

This video makes Saudi Arabia's intentions very obvious. Yeah, that really sounds like Saudi Arabia was going to make peace with Israel. /sarc

It is like I told you that this "urgent meeting" of the OIC on Sunday, November 12th is a war council to unite Muslim nations in war against Israel. That video makes that very clear.

With them so blatantly lying and ignoring the truth, there is no way Saudi Arabia ever really meant to have peace with Israel. "Why, how dare Israel protect her people from our Muslim terrorist group?" It is kind of obvious now.

The Saudis know what happened and are siding with Hamas in the murders Hamas committed against Israeli men, women, and children.

Israel played Afghan Joe and agreed to "4 hour tactical pauses" but only in limited areas to permit civilians to get out of the war.

But, you know the upper class trash Royals and their puppets won't quit there. They will try to eat away at Israel daring to protect her people by destroying Hamas until they have achieved everything they want, which should be obvious is the complete destruction and annihilation of Israel. Afghan Joe and the rest will demand a little more and then a little more and then a little more until Israel will be stopped so their Hamas terrorists can help destroy Israel. Keep an eye on it.

This video tells you what I told you and he does an excellent job of it. The only reason Afghan Joe and everyone else is trying to interfere with Israel destroying Hamas is so the others can continue to use Hamas to continue to destroy Israel and their concern for the civilians in Gaza is all fake.

I have not seen one person point out that the Muslims and their lefty bed partners are condemning Israel for having to kill some civilians, most of who support Hamas murdering civilians, in order to destroy Hamas to stop them from murdering more civilians, when ALL Muslim terrorists target and murder civilians intentionally.

Wow, those Muslims really care about civilians, don't they?

Why don't the Hebrew haters demand that the Muslim terrorists stop intentionally murdering civilians, most of whom are not Hebrews?

Remember that I told you that the magic humanitarian pause would not be the end of the West's efforts to stop Israel from destroying Hamas because bad guys will never quit?

The next day both France and the US are DEMANDING that Israel stop bombing civilians to kill Hamas and protect her own civilians.

The Nation of Islam and Iran plan was this: They had Hamas build tunnels and terrorist facilities in and under civilian areas so that Israel would have to kill civilians to destroy Hamas so they could use Israel killing those civilians to stop Israel or use it as an excuse to invade Israel.

The Muslims created a lose-lose situation for Israel in that, if she destroyed Hamas, she had to kill civilians, which the Muslims would use as an excuse to invade and destroy Israel, you know, to protect those civilians they are sacrificing to bring down Israel, and, if Israel didn't kill civilians to destroy Hamas, that would protect Hamas and embolden Islam to invade and destroy Israel. This war is a trap for Israel so the Muslims could destroy Israel.


Remember that I have been telling you that the mess the left/Muslims have made of the US Government is so complex you will probably have to just dump it and start over again?

Here is a strategy for cleaning up the lefty mess faster but it is only a start because this mess is just too complex.

The very first thing you have to do is identify and get rid of all of the corrupt upper class trash Royals and their puppets. As long as one of them is still there with all of their money to bribe more people, they will just regroup, reorganize, and start over. They will NEVER quit and they have proved that again and again and again.

EVERYONE of the upper class trash Royals and their puppets MUST be tried for treason and gotten rid of. That has to be the real starting point. You MUST clean up this mess from the top down.

Getting rid of their puppets has to include all of the corrupt politicians, DAs, judges, other top bureaucrats, lefty media, lefty educators, especially academe, and all other accomplices in this treason.

Then you defund all of the corrupt government agencies and put their people out of work to get them out of your way, while you investigate and prosecute the criminals, but it will still take very large teams of professionals you can trust to clean up the hundreds of thousands of laws that need to be gotten rid of.

One method to do that quickly is just clear all legal books and regulations to start over from scratch but that will also take time and professionals you can trust.

You have to reeducate millions of people who have been brainwashed to believe the lefty bull crap.

The lefty corruption is so massive it is mind boggling and will take teams of trustworthy professionals years to complete. Then they will have to build new safeguards in place to prevent this from happening again soon and part of that has to be the psychological deterrence of publically executing the worst of them to discourage others from trying it again. Everyone has to see the worst of the traitors die, especially the upper class trash Royals because those Royals need to know they ARE NOT above the law, even if they are rich. It is time for Bastille II or a civilized and orderly Bastille.


Remember that I told you that Mars is not habitable?

Here is a great idea. The upper class trash plans are failing so they don't get their globalism and complete rule over the entire planet but won't quit so Elon Musk takes all of the upper class trash Royals and their evil puppets, whores, and stupid people supporters to Mars with him and they will instantly get to rule an entire planet. We help them get their globalism somewhere else.

Send the WEF and Klaus Schwab to Mars where they vill rule and own everything! They can even start calling it the MWEF or Martian World Economic Forum.

Those spawn of Satan criminals get what they want, we get what we want and it is a win-win for all of us. They get their globalism and we get our sanity back.

So everyone unite and demand that all of the corrupt upper class trash Royals and their puppets and whores to go Mars with Elon and, heck, we will even pay for their trip to get rid of them.

Now that would return sanity to planet Earth really fast because it would transfer the insanity to Mars.

Then we can have real spacy aliens and, if NASA hurries, they can find real evidence of life on Mars...for a little while.

So, all of you stupid lefties out there, you get to be Earth's first real space explorers and the first humans to colonize another planet. Oooooooo! You will be so cool, especially after your bodies cool off. Let's see, an average of about minus 60 degrees F. Yep, that will be pretty cool.

You stupid lefties can even dress up like Star Trek, Star Wars, whatever you want, start calling yourselves REAL Martians, and even get REAL Mars passports before you go. Oooooooo! You will be the coolest nuts in history.

Then the spacy alien nuts can really say, "We absolutely have evidence that there used to be life on Mars."

Is that a great idea or what?

Dear Elon Musk; please help save planet Earth. Thank you. PS take Bill Gates, Fauci, and Hamas with you.


When a nation funds any military organization such as a terrorist group, it needs to be made official that organization is their military organization and they are responsible for all actions by that group so that any attack on any nation is an act of war against that nation and the funding nation should be held responsible for all crimes committed by the organization. No more proxy wars.

That isn't going to happen because the lefty upper class trash royals have used the US Government to fund and create a number of terrorist organizations for whom the Royals and their puppets do not wish to go to jail or be hung. The US Government funded and created Al Quaeda under Billy Boy Clinton and a number of other terrorist organizations under Obama such as ISIS.

I have told you before that, if you have bad leaders, you have a bad government, we have very bad leaders and need to replace them with good leaders to stop all of this terrorism. Our upper class trash Royals and their puppets have funded and caused most of this terrorism.


Remember that I warned you about coming routes by the Ukrainian Military and then showed you a video of some of them actually in route out of Avdiivka?

This video tells you at about 7:30+ into the video that all of the Ukrainian officers have left Avdiivka, leaving their troops without any officers.

This is a very common practice by Ukrainian officers, when they realize they are about to get overrun because the cowards don't have enough integrity and professionalism to take their troops out with them in a tactical retreat. Right after they leave, the troops always route and flee or surrender to save themselves.

Remember that I told to keep an eye on something, which is a super duper Russian cauldron Russia is working on developing and the idiots managing the Ukrainian Military seem to not even be aware of because they are too focused on gaining a few square meters of ground in a few places, which is that, if the Russian Army causes a big enough route by Ukrainian forces in the north to south battle line in the east, where they just caused that small route out of Avdiivka, they can quickly advance to the west fast enough to trap Ukrainian forces in the south and the northeast to prevent reinforcement, resupply, and retreat so those troops will quickly run out of munitions and be forced to surrender to Russia so that Russia could capture almost all of the remaining Ukrainian forces.

What the Russian forces will need to do is surge west to the northern end of Moldova and to Kiev to trap the rest of the forces in the south and northeast. The rest of the forces will not stop running until they reach Poland, which is why Putin has a blocking force in Western Belarus.

That small route tells me they are getting close because, once a route of that size or larger picks up speed, it causes other troops to panic and run, which will spread everywhere. Plus that small route out of Avdiivka is right in the area where they need to cause a slightly larger route to achieve their goals.

He shows that Russia is making advances almost everywhere in that area.


I fully understand that life is a test just like God told us and that most people will flunk that test just like Jesus told us. I also understand that God is giving EVERYONE more than adequate opportunity to choose good over evil so they will have no excuse on Judgment Day for not choosing good instead of evil. I also understand that God must let significant numbers of evil people get rich and rule or there would be no temptation for people to choose evil and, for this to be a fair test, there must be plenty of temptation to choose evil.

If all of the people who chose evil over good died young and poor, there would be no temptation to choose evil. There can only be an adequate temptation if at least a few of them live long and most get rich and gain power. You know, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

Even with that, it is very trying to see the evil people running almost everything and causing harm to billions of people. It breaks my heart even though I understand that many of their victims deserve what they get because they also chose evil but not everyone deserves it.

God told us that He is a very patient and long suffering God so that He does give people more than adequate opportunity to choose good, even when they keep choosing evil.

Compared to God, I am a very impatient person and can't wait to see the day that no evil people will be able to cause harm for even one good person forever.

Dig this, God loves us so much that, knowing that most humans hate Him so much that they will never accept God's love and salvation for them, God came to Earth, manifest as His own human Son to live a perfect life in accordance with His own Laws as only God can do and then suffered extreme agony and died to pay for all of the sins or crimes for all of mankind so we don't have to go into eternal damnation in the Lake of Fire to pay for those crimes unless we choose eternal damnation in the Lake of Fire because we refuse to give up our crimes against His Laws. If you reject His love, you get His wrath.

Yahweh didn't have to do that. He did that because He loves us, even those who choose to hate Him and spend eternity in the Lake of Fire. Believe me, He is more than a fair and just being and I thank and praise Him for paying for my crimes against His Laws so I don't have to spend eternity paying for those crimes myself. Thank you, Lord.

I pray for the salvation for everyone even though I know most will reject God's love and salvation He paid for them.

Man, I look forward to the day after Judgment Day. I look forward to spending eternity with God and those people who chose to join us.

Remember that I told you that Satan infiltrates his people into our churches to destroy our churches and lead others into eternal damnation?

This video shows a woman who is pretending to be a Christian and is only a fake Christian sent by Satan to lead others into eternal damnation. You can bet that, when Obama imposes Sharia Law on the US, she and her entire congregation will "see the light" and convert to Islam.


Remember that I warned you about vaping?

This brief video shows you just one of the problems with vaping. Ye ole upper class trash have tripled the nicotine in their devices in order to increase the addiction to those devices so you will need to use them more and more, increasing the wealth of the criminals selling those devices.

They do not care whether are not they murder you as long as they make more money before you die.

Note that the video does not address the other problems vaping causes like popcorn lungs.


Decades ago I explained the science behind the judgments during the Tribulation and one of the things I explained was the weather changes in the last 7 judgments.

Remember that it started with the solar activity heating the planet up enough to dry up the Euphrates River and cause sores on humans, which will put a lot of water vapor in the air, then there will be massive earthquakes and volcanoes caused by increasing seismic activity because the heat will cause the Earth's crust to heat and expand, which will increase the pressure in the crust, that will put more water vapor and dust in the air and all of that water vapor and dust will form clouds that will temporarily hold the increased heat on the planet but the clouds will also block the sun light, which will begin to cause the planet to cool as it loses that trapped heat, to what we call the dew point, which will cause increased condensation, which will cause those global hail storms with 100 pound hail stones the Bible tells us about.

See how science can explain things in the bible?

You can also see this in today's weather because the greedy upper class trash Royals and their puppets have used their fake crusade of climate change to steal tax money from you via your corrupt government to build hundreds of square miles of those solar farms that generate massive amounts of heat because only 15% of the sun light hitting those black solar collectors is turned into electricity and 85% is absorbed by the black solar collectors and turned into heat creating our massive heat waves, which is evaporating more water around the planet and causing more forest fires and putting more water vapor into the air, which is increasing cloud cover around the planet, which started containing the heat caused by the solar collectors and forest fires but is increasingly blocking sun light, which has started cooling our planet down to dew point, increasing condensation, which is increasing rain fall and flooding in many areas along with increasing hurricanes and tornadoes and will soon give us some really nasty winters and is already increasing hail storms with increasingly larger hail all so the disgusting upper class trash Royals can steal more tax money from you for their fake crusade at your expense.

Don't believe me?

Go check the temperature above those black solar collectors on a warm to hot day and you will find the temperature will be 130+ degrees F and that much heat being generated will cause a heat wave. We knew that 50 years ago when I studied solar engineering in college.

Some of you will probably have to read that through slowly a couple of times to understand it.

Yes, the upper class trash and their greed are increasing our problems as has been going on for thousands of years.


Remember that I told you that the left wants to legalize abortions to the point of legalizing post birth abortions so the lefty pagans can use murdering those children as legal human sacrifices?

This video is about a witch who is ALREADY using her own abortions in her witchcraft as human sacrifices and is bragging about it.

She also admits that the baby is alive so she first uses the live fetus as one type of ritual and then murders the baby to use it for another type of ritual.

It should only be common sense that, if these evil people can get post birth abortion legalized, they can then legally and openly use that to murder born children as human sacrifices again.

That is a big part of what abortions are about, is using legally murdering those babies as human sacrifices.

They just keep proving everything God has taught me and I have taught you to be right. It is just like I told you.

They are coming out of their pagan closets.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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