I Told You So 602


We finally got some intelligence in Congress. Someone must have left a door open and it wondered in. It probably got lost and accidentally ended up there.

Remember that I told you it was stupid to impeach Afghan Joe because the House just impeaches him and the Senate, which is controlled by the Commierats, has to remove him, therefore, the Senate won't remove him?

The new speaker of the House said they won't waste time putting on a show to virtue signal to voters by impeaching afghan Joe because Afghan Joe running for reelection will help Trump.

But don't worry, there are still plenty of worthless stupid people in the GOP complaining because the Speaker won't give them their show time so they can show the people how they can spend weeks doing nothing but putting on a show to impress stupid people. "Why, look at me on TeeBee wasting my time doing nothing that will help you." You need to fire all of those clowns because it is not supposed to be a clown show but it is supposed to be Congress.

Give that man a box full of brownie buttons. That has to be one of the smartest things I have seen happen in Congress in decades.

Remember that I have been telling you about how extremely corrupt the US Government is at the top?

Watch this video about how corrupt the FBI is.

What does this tell me?

That the people at the top of the FBI are owned by the upper class trash Royals who want Trump out and Afghan Joe in as president. These people are committing numerous crimes and are aiding and abetting the upper class trash Royals and their puppets in committing treason and is an insurrection by the upper class trash Royals and their puppets.

These criminals should be under investigation by the good members of the FBI for a number of crimes including treason but the DOJ is also owned by the upper class trash Royals so they won't prosecute the top members of the FBI for their crimes, you know, the same crimes the upper levels of the DOJ are committing.

Do you see how bad this is?

Remember that I told you a number of times that I am surprised that the left has not already murdered Trump and that the good guys in the US Military need to move Trump and his family to a safe secret location?

It seems that others are realizing the potential for the left to murder Trump too so keep an eye on this.

Remember that I told you that the US set up Pearl Harbor to anger the American people to get them to accept the US going to war against the Axis (including Germany) before it was too late because there was a big pacifist movement in the US to keep the US from going to war against Germany?

At the very beginning of this video he tells you about that movement and it wasn't just a lefty pacifist movement but was also a pro Nazi movement being promoted by our universities, including Harvard. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Gee, I wonder why the socialist lefties keep telling you that Nazi Germany wasn't socialist, you know, like them?

Remember that all of these lefty run universities are and have been Marxist/socialist/communist since WWI? Remember that I told you and the lefties deny that Nazi Germany was socialist but she was?

He just confirmed that because that Nazi peace movement was being run by the socialists/communists in our lefty run universities because Nazi Germany was a socialist government.

Remember that I told you that the lefties converted to Islam in 2012, when Shiite Muslim Obama was president?

Well, by the strangest magical coincidence, those same lefty run universities are now siding with Muslim terrorists like Hamas the same way they sided with the socialist Nazi Germans before WWII and they still hate Hebrews.

Do you get the picture yet?

Remember that I told you that one of our biggest problems is the lefty college professors who keep dreaming up their great sounding stupid ideas out of touch with reality in their white palaces, while stoned out of their minds? Remember that I have told you that, if you want your nation back, you have to get rid of them?

He also tells you that the college kids being against Israel and pro Hamas is clearly because of the faculty just like I have been telling you. He also tells you that the protestors are not pro Palestine but anti Israel, just like Nazi Germany and just like I have been telling you.

If we are wrong, why are these college students not protesting Hamas oppressing the Palestinians? Why are they not protesting Hamas and other Muslim terrorists murdering civilians?

They do not care about the Arab civilians they are calling Palestinians. To the left, those people are just disposable cannon fodder.

He gives you a lot of really good intel, much of which I have already told you about.


One thing I am watching is that the media try to make it look like Russia will send troops to invade Israel but that is extremely unlikely because the US, UK, Canada, and France are looking more and more like they will send troops to help the Muslim nations invade Israel, which will definitely keep Russia from sending troops. Russia is not going to fight with the West it is currently fighting for its own survival.

Another thing I have been watching is for significant volcanic activity on volcanic islands like is taking place on or near islands like Ice Land and Hawaii. Some of these volcanic islands could blow themselves apart like Krakatoa did more than half a century ago, especially with seismic activity increasing around the world.


Something to watch is that Israel might clean Hamas out of the northern Gaza area they are now working in, then permit civilians to flee to that safe area to start rebuilding, while Israel attacks south and probably also splits that part of Gaza in two and then finishes by attacking south into the third and most southern part of Gaza to finish the job. Keep an eye on that.

In this video, it looks like that is what they are planning to do.

Remember that I have told you that certain Muslim nations like Turkey and Iran have been calling for all Muslim nations to unite to invade and destroy Israel?

This video shows that Iran is increasingly doing that, you know, just before the OIC meeting in Saudi Arabia.

Iran is "calling for actions and not words," you know, "Let's go murder more Hebrew men, women, and children."

Here is an interesting magic coincidence. Did you know that Iran and Syria had both been kicked of the OIC but were recently allowed back in just before this Hamas terrorist attack? No, you don't think this war was planned out by more than just Iran and maybe most of the rest of the Muslim nations knew about it too, do you, you know, like the OIC?

Remember that I told you that the "humanitarian pause" would not be good enough and the US and other nations would take it to the next step to stop Israel from destroying their Hamas terrorist group?

Both the US and France are now demanding that Israel have a cease fire. "Why, yuze gots tuh stop killing our terrorists so they can keep killing your civilians."

Every day we get a lot closer to the nations hostile to Israel joining forces to invade, conquer, and destroy Israel and it doesn't matter what Israel does because this was planned and started to end with the destruction of Israel. It won't be long before they openly decide to unite to invade and destroy Israel, maybe a few weeks at most and it could be tomorrow.

Now the West is using the lame excuse that Israel is staging "disproportionate attacks", you know, they are not allowed to wipe out Hamas to protect their people, they can only kill so many members of Hamas based on how many of their people Hamas murdered so Hamas can murder more of their civilians.

Have you noticed that the nations hostile to Israel are trying to stop Israel's military actions but have not said a word about stopping Hamas military actions, while Hamas continues to launch rockets into Israel?

Why Hamas murdering civilians is justified because Israel is occupying land they have been living on for 3,500 years.

Do you believe me yet that this was planned to wipe out Israel and not just by Iran but the West plus the Muslim nations? Do you believe me yet that this is the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and it cannot be prevented or stopped because Bible prophecy MUST be fulfilled?

I love how the criminals use the lame excuse that Israel must stop killing civilians for humanitarian causes but Hamas and other Muslim terrorists murdering Israeli citizens has nothing to do with being humanitarian. Hamas and other Muslim terrorists can murder all of the civilians they want and not be held accountable because the liars and frauds don't really care about any civilians.

Or how about Elon Musk's stupidity about "Israel killing kids in Gaza" will cause Hamas to get stronger and attack Israel so don't destroy Hamas to protect your people or Hamas will attack again, even if you have destroyed Hamas.

When is he going to move to Mars?

Let me get this right, if Israel destroys Hamas, there will be more members of Hamas to attack and kill people? Really? Do you believe me yet that having more money does not mean you have more intelligence; it just means you have more money? Maybe they should give Elon a BB gun and a couple of water balloons and send him in there to clean out Hamas without killing kids that Hamas is using as human shields?

I just saw another idiot propaganda video making it look like Hezbollah just attacked Israel with drones and missiles BECAUSE Israel is bombing Gaza. "Why, it was Israel's fault." That is in spite of the fact that Hezbollah has been attacking Israel with missiles and drones for years, murdering men, women, and children.

I guess a fortune teller told them years ago that Israel would bomb Gaza?

Here is a video of French President Moron saying that the US and UK should join with France in demanding Israel stop defending and protecting her people by destroying Hamas, you know, while they are murdering men, women, and children in Ukraine.

Nah, they wouldn't be in bed with the Muslims after converting to Islam in 2012 under Obama, would they? You do remember the 400 million people who converted to Islam between April 2012 and September 2012, don't you? Can you figure out who they were? Getting a little obvious, is it?

They were not conservatives. The lefties will worship any god but Yahweh/Jesus, especially if it gives the Royals control over the people.

Here is another video of the US attacking Israel for protecting her people from Hamas. Wow, that sure is a lot different from they insisting on a "humanitarian pause". "Why, Israel MUST stop killing our Hamas terrorists!"

I guess he doesn't think that Hamas "killed far too many Israeli citizens"?

They never intended to be satisfied with their lame "humanitarian pause", that was just to get them closer to a complete cease fire to save Hamas, while making it look like they were supporting Israel.

Notice how they always try to justify getting tough on Israel to stop the destruction of Hamas by just saying they condemn what Hamas did? If they really condemn it, why don't they help Israel prevent it from happening again by helping to destroy Hamas?

Heck, the traitors are not even properly protecting US troops from attack in Iraq and Syria.

Another cop out they are using is that Israel destroying Hamas is "a continued escalation", when it is actually a de-escalation by decreasing the ability for Hamas to fight. The only escalation is coming from the nations using this war as an excuse to invade and destroy Israel.

Really? Wouldn't the continued escalation be the Muslim nations attacking and threatening Israel for protecting her people?

They are using so much propaganda and psychological warfare right now to destroy Israel. Just remember that man plans, God laughs. They are NOT going to destroy Israel because the Bible says so.

I sure hope all of these evil people go to Damascus just before the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 starts. They will make good targets for the wrath of God.

This is a good video because he flat tells you that the Muslims have two goals right now. 1) Destroy Israel and 2) get the US out of the Middle East so we can't stop them from destroying Israel, you know, just like I have been telling you. They want to get the US out of their way so they can unite to destroy Israel but, if the US would help them, that would be even better.

BTW, Oman was there at the OIC meeting and they unanimously supported those decisions so that means that all of the Arabian Peninsula or Sheba is now committed to destroying Israel. All of the nations prophesied in the Bible have committed to stand against Israel FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY! Gee, what a magic coincidence.

I just got news about the OIC and they are "calling" for Israel to stop attacking Gaza and "be held accountable for war crimes", which you know will be made up by the Israel haters. You know, "You are murdering our poor widdel Muslim terrorists!"

They plan to "pressure" the US and Israel to stop Israel from protecting her citizens from murder by Hamas. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

They just all threw their hats into the ring against Israel and are united for the destruction of Israel like I told you but won't try to invade Israel and destroy her as long as the US is in the way. That is the ONLY thing that is keeping them all from staging troops in Syria and Lebanon to invade and destroy Israel, murdering every man, woman, and child, just like I have been telling you would happen.

All they need now is to either get the US out of their way or to join them and that will take something like Obama nuking Chicago and blaming Israel, just like God told me and I told you, so keep an eye on that.

It is all coming together just like the Bible said. All of the prophesied players are committed for the first time in history.

Do you believe me yet that this is the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and you are living the fulfillment of Bible prophecy?

God is about to prove that He is real, He lives, He exists, and the Bible is true.

This YouTube channel gives very good and detailed intel concerning the war in Gaza and shows why the Muslim nations and their Western allies want to stop Israel from destroying Hamas right now. Israel is very effectively destroying Hamas and they give you updated statistics.

Note that she tells you that Israel has moved more than 800,000 Gaza civilians to the safer south, you know, something Hamas refused to do and even killed civilians who tried to go south.

Why are none of these "pro Palestinian" protesters protesting that? Don't they care about the civilians?

Obviously not.

This video shows you the parallel between "Jew hatred" and Nazism along with the vicious anti-Semitism of the Muslim ruler of Turkey.

I posted the following comment to provide him with even more intel for a possible follow up story:

"Did you know that, before Muhammad secured Mecca as his capital city, he was exiled out of Mecca and fled to Medina, where the Hebrews (the majority of the population were Hebrews) helped him. After he secured Mecca and had a good size army, he returned to Medina to thank the Hebrews for helping him by either murdering or enslaving all of them? That is a historic fact. The Muslim anti-Semitism goes back 1,400 years to Muhammad. Don't believe me? Check it out."

That persecution by both Nazi Germany and the Mufti were why the Hebrews realized they had to reestablish their own nation of Israel following WWII to be able to protect themselves from being butchered by others. That is why they got the UN to give them back their Land of Israel in 1948 and it all also explains why the Muslims have been trying to wipe out Israel since then.

It has nothing to do with the Hebrews occupying Palestinian land. It is all about the Muslims and other anti-Semites trying to wipe out all Hebrews and the Hebrews trying to survive.


Remember that I have been warning you that, when Russia finished with Ukraine, they would look west to the NATO nations that caused this mess?

This video tells me that the upper class trash Royal morons finally figured that out. They are finally admitting that Ukraine has lost, they are finally admitting that Russia will attack them next because the Royals ain't as wonderful as they think they are, and they are desperately trying to keep Russia busy fighting Ukraine so Russia won't attack the NATO nations, you know, the US, UK, Canada, and the EU.

Wow, that worked well. You can tell by his expression that the upper class trash Royals are desperate and running scared because their great sounding stupid idea worked so well.

Maybe the Royals and their puppets are not as smart as they like to think they are and Putin is not as dumb as they like to think he is? Maybe?

Man plans, God laughs.

Another great sounding stupid idea by the upper class trash Royals and their puppets has failed but, hey, if they don't quit, it will not have failed or so they think. So keep pumping those weapons and munitions into Ukraine to keep Russia busy...until Putin nukes your Royal butts.

Do you think they are finally wishing that Z Boy didn't sell so many of the weapons they already sent him for pocket money?

My question is, "How long will it be with their prolonging their great sounding stupid idea that has obviously failed before Putin says, 'Enough!' and kills them anyway?"

The arrogant morons better keep wearing their lead lined asbestos underwear to protect their brains.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash are terminally stupid and insane?


Remember that I told you that no nation should be able to hide behind the damage caused by a proxy force funded by that nation and all such nations should be held accountable for such actions by any and all proxy forces they support?

At the beginning of this video that military commander tells you the same thing. He tells you that Iran herself should be held accountable for the attacks against US forces by Iran's proxies.

He also tells you that proportional does not work. I told you that LBJ is the one who started this proportional crap so he could restrain his officers from just destroying North Vietnam to keep the war going because LBJ was making a fortune selling more and more trucks and jeeps to the US Military to use in that war. The longer the war lasted, the more money LBJ made so it was the first war that our corrupt government did not try to win and that is what proportional attacks are really all about, making the military industry more wealth by getting US soldiers killed instead of winning the war to save lives.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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