I Told You So 603


This video tells you that the EU and US are waging a really heavy economic war against Niger to force them back into imperial compliance to France and the EU. They never quit.

What this will do is force Niger to make best buds with BRICS, especially Russia and China, who will gladly help.


I have been waiting for the move they are making in this video by going directly after Iran for her military attacks against Israel by Iran's proxy terrorist armies.

To let someone hide behind their proxy armies waging war against you is like them fighting only defensively by blocking the blows with their hands and not going after their face and guts to stop them. They will just keep attacking as long as you don't stop them so Israel must start making the moves to stop Iran.

That is what that video is saying Israel is now doing, warning Iran that she will be held accountable for damages done by her proxies.

I keep telling you that I can't stand the media and other lefties. They keep making it sound like Israel is the only one shooting in this war but this video shows that is a deception and lie. He tells you that Hamas, Hezbollah, and Syria are firing rockets at them regularly and they have fired thousands of them.

So, what would happen, if Israel stopped attacking Hamas and the others?

The war would continue but it would be a one sided war against Israel. Israel cannot quit fighting because they would destroy her. She must destroy them before they can destroy her.

Gee, I wonder why all of the Jew haters want a "humanitarian pause" by Israel but you don't hear them talking about a cease fire from the terrorists?

Do you get the picture yet?

They are not helping Israel but are trying to help destroy Israel, while only pretending to help Israel, and none of those liars and criminals care one bit about any civilians. They just want to destroy all of Israel, you know, murder all of her civilians. They are lying to you.

In this video in the first minute, she said, "the rocket fire was interrupted" by an Israeli military action. That means the rocket fire out of Gaza is pretty continuous.

The statistics she gives you provide a pretty good idea how massive this Hamas force was and still is.

This video shows that the "tension" in the north between Hezbollah and Israel is a real war with explosions and dying and not just a widdle bit of tension. Plus attacks have started coming into Israel from Syria now.

This is a good video because he tells it like it is.

Remember that I have been telling you that Israel knows where most of Hezbollah's munitions depots are hidden underground and can quickly take them out?

This video shows that Israel just took out one of them at about 2 minutes into the video. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

I am trying to figure out why Israel has not just taken out most of those underground munitions storage facilities? Is it to keep from escalating this war before Israel has finished with Hamas?

Remember that I have been telling you that the Muslims are lying and using deceptions to turn the stupid lefties against Israel?

This video shows that Hamas is now dressing its soldiers like civilians so that, when they get killed, they will be counted as civilian deaths. It is called psychological warfare.

French President Moron has had to backtrack his statements about Israel killing people, especially babies, in Gaza and demanding a cease fire or "humanitarian pause" bull crap.

That guy is an embarrassment to his people and is obviously just a puppet.

I also found out that all 57 Muslim nations were present at the OIC meeting instead of just the 22 normal members and they all agreed to condemn Israel and support Hamas.

Hamas is a little ticked at them because they are just talking-the-talk and not walking-the-walk by invading Israel. The Muslim nations are trying to bluff Israel into surrendering to Hamas.

Remember that I warned you that, because Afghan Joe's top people are all former Obama top people so that Obama controls the "deep state"?

This video shows that Obama's deep state is sending instructions for Afghan Joe to turn on Israel and DEMAND a cease fire in Gaza to protect Hamas from destruction. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Let's see, if the US betrays Israel, Israel will turn away from the US towards BRICS and Russia, and Obama's deep state can claim that Israel betrayed the US "after the US helped Israel", which is why they are faking helping Israel, while trying to destroy Israel.

That way, Obama and his deep state will be able to blame Israel for nuking Chicago.

Every day we get one day closer.


Remember that I warned you that China is working with the Mexican cartels and made a deal that, if the cartels help China take over the US, China is going to give the cartels control over the two states of New Mexico and Texas?

This video confirms that China is working with the Mexican cartels and then he states that it is looking like China is using what we call "chemical warfare" to poison Americans to weaken the US, you know, like they are using fentanyl to kill a lot of people.

He also points out the young, military age men China is infiltrating into the US that I have warned you about and asks, "What the Hell do people think China is doing?"

You think China is not staging an internal overthrow of the US, with the help of Afghan Joe and his fellow traitors?

They know they cannot defeat the US Militarily so they are using our traitors to help destroy the US from within.

You just might want to pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure you red zones, and lock and load because the people at the top of your government are not going to protect your butt. They are helping China destroy and take over the US.

Do you believe me yet?

They tell you that China has infiltrated 24,000 young military age men just this year and, when you include other years and the ones they have legally infiltrated, they probably have a force of more than one million Chinese sleeper cell soldiers in the US.

This can only be an invasion and Afghan Joe and his accomplices have sold their rotten souls to Satan for money to help China destroy the US. I have been telling you they are committing treason.

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash Royals and all of their puppets are stealing everything they can from the government before they finish destroying the government?

This video shows that very well. Most of them are so greedy stupid that they don't realize that, when this nation goes under and gets sacked by invaders, they will lose everything they have with many losing their lives or becoming slaves. But, hey, at least they are going to die rich.

Remember that I told you that God showed me in a dream that, after this rapidly approaching war with other American nations, We will annex nations from Western Canada to the southern tip of Chili, including some in the Caribbean?

This video explains more about that threat. Iran and her allies, you know, Obama's Nation of Islam, are right now ramping up for that war.

Too many people who don't understand modern warfare are still believing the US is safe from hostilities by other nations because of our Atlantic and Pacific "moats" but, have you noticed that there is no moat between us and Mexico and the rest of Latin America? Gee, I wonder why our enemies are staging in Latin America to fight us?

Rome II

Remember that I have been warning you for years that Europe is going to blow itself apart and it won't just be the different nations turning on or away from each other, it will be groups within those nations tearing those nations apart?

Right now Spain is having such problems with Catalan in the northeast of their nation trying to secede from Spain and become their own nation.

If three different factions in Spain, Catalan in the northeast, Basques in the northwest, and the Muslims in the south, rise up together, they will quickly and easily turn Spain into at least 4 different nations. That is true for almost all of the European nations including the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, and Italy, who will all be split into two or more nations.

Those tensions are increasing right now, with rioting in their streets, and will probably bring those nations down, when their economies, energy needs, and other problems get worse. It could easily happen this winter.

All of these illegal aliens, especially the Muslim, African, Latin American, and Chinese illegal aliens, have made this situation much worse and will fragment our nations worse than I told you years ago.

It won't just be the US that will be torn apart into at least two pieces like God told me years ago, it is going to be almost all of the Western nations and it is happening right now. Rome II isn't falling, she is plunging because of the greed and lust for power of the upper class trash Royals and their puppets just like they have destroyed all nations in history, including all democracies and republics. We are just next.

The ONLY government that can survive their insanity is a true Christian theocracy because God will protect that from Satan's spawn. Imagine them trying to destroy our nation, if it were a crime for them to lie, steal, or murder. If everyone just knew the truth, no one would support their evil and, in a Christian theocracy, lying is a crime for everyone and no one is above the law.

Russia may be waiting for that to happen so it will stop the Royal insanity against Russia without Russia having to invade more than the US and UK.

Also, when that happens and weakens those nations, don't be surprised to see African nations invade at least some of the European nations, especially France. Those Royals could easily end up dead or someone's slaves for a change. Latin American nations are already invading the US.

Here is a video of it already happening in the UK. Here is another video of it happening in Spain.

I have seen videos of it happening in France, Germany, the US, Canada, and other nations.

We are right now in the biggest global upheaval in history and it won't be pretty.


Remember that I have been telling you that there is probably going to be a military coup soon in Ukraine with Z Boy ending up dead? Remember that I have been telling you that the Ukrainian troops will stop fighting and soon cut and run?

At the start of this video it talks about talk concerning a military coup that could happen by the beginning of December and then about troops making videos of how they are refusing to fight.

It is very likely that some military officers will soon say, "Enough", and stage a coup with Z Boy having a funeral.

Then I saw that Z Boy is purging more officers telling me that he knows they are getting ready to stage a coup against him.

Lefty Media

Remember that I have been telling you that you can't believe ANYTHING the lefty media tell you because they are all owned by the upper class trash Royals and they either say what they are told to say or "get a job working at McDonald's"?

This video shows you many examples of how you cannot believe ANYTHING the lefty media tell you, not one thing. They are just lefty propaganda tools and have very little to do with the news except they abuse it by lying to you to brainwash you.

BTW, the lefty media are all owned by upper class trash white Royals teaching you to hate white people to help them get rid of white peasants because they believe that it is only white peasants who are smart enough to see through their lies and they can too easily control peasants "of color", insulting the intelligence of non whites.

If the whites are all bad, then you cannot believe ANYTHING the lefty media tell you because they are all owned by upper class trash whites, who you cannot believe.

Someone needs to point out to these lefty morons that almost all of their lefty upper class trash are white, almost all of the lefty political and bureaucratic whores are white, almost all of their lefty academe whores are white, almost all of their lefty journalists are white, Karl Marx was white so their beloved communism/socialism are white, and they just blindly believe what those whites tell them? Really?

Hey, you know what, they are right that whites are causing almost all of our problems but it is their lefty whites that are causing all of our problems and not the conservative whites.

Now that should show you just how simple minded and stupid lefties are. They are permitting lefty whites to micromanage their lives, tell them what to believe, tell them what to do, while believing those same lefty whites that whites are the problem AND it is those lefty whites that are the problem.


Remember that I have been telling you that Putin has a "kill list" and knows who he has to kill to stop this insanity?

This video tells you that he just added the judge who put out a warrant for Putin to his "most wanted list" or kill list. This notice is a warning to that judge and others that, when Putin wins this war and invades the West, kill teams are going to be sent hunting those people on Putin's "most wanted list".

I told you, didn't I?

That kill list is managed by Russia's FSB (used to be the KGB) and they will hunt those criminals down and kill them. The FSB know everything about everyone on that kill list including where they live, where they work, where they shop, where they play, and where they will run to hide.


Remember that I told you that the Houthis had attacked Saudi Arabia for years and Saudi Arabia should have shot down the missiles the Houthis fired at Israel and had to fly over Saudi soil, meaning that Saudi Arabia had to know in advance the Houthis were firing those missiles at Israel and not at Saudi Arabia, who "was making buds with Israel" and didn't shoot those missiles down?

Tension between the Houthis and Saudi Arabia are now increasing.

You have to understand that the Sunni Muslims in the Arabian Peninsula have been waging war against the Shiite Muslims in Iran for 1,400 years, since right after Muhammad died. Iran provided weapons and funding for a Shiite Muslim rebel group, the Houthis, in Yemen to overthrow the Sunni lead government, which they have not completely done, so Sunni Muslim Saudi Arabia tried to come to the military aid of that government and did a really lousy job, proving they couldn't even begin to defeat Israel just like I have been telling you, which proves why they are all talk and no walk in condemning Israel.

BTW, the great big powerful Turkey, who some idiot x-ee-spirt said could defeat Israel, has been fighting the Kurds in Eastern Turkey for decades, the Kurds don't even have much of a standing army and Turkey still has not defeated them.

Oh yeah, Turkey will just clobber the crap out of Israel. /sarc

Iran (Persia) has been using proxies to wage war against Israel for decades and always gets her butt handed to her because Israel keeps crushing Iran's proxies.

Egypt lost wars against Israel in 1948, 1967, and 1973 and always with the help of at least one other Muslim nation like Syria and Jordan.

Those are the top 4 Muslim powers that have been working to destroy Israel since 1948, WITH the help of other Muslim nations.

People, those big, bad Muslim nations can't even beat terror groups that are weaker than Hamas and Hezbollah and they are going to defeat Israel, one of the 3 most powerful militaries in the world, especially with her being backed by one of the other 2?

Do you get the picture yet?

That is why they are trying to unite all 57 Muslim nations against Israel to destroy Israel and get the US out of their way. They think they MIGHT be able to destroy Israel with their combined power and the US not in their way.

Do you understand why Obama will have to seize control of the US and take a "US army" (read Antifa and BLM) to invade Israel to get all of those other Muslims nations to help him invade Israel?

It is not that Obama may do it, he HAS to do it to get those other Muslim nations to invade Israel but the Bible told us thousands of years ago that won't work either because God will save Israel. It increasingly looks like it won't just be the US but will also include the UK, France, and other Western powers like Canada but I am certain it ain't going to include Russia.

Good News

I love it when I get to share some good news.

According to this video the lefty lie about climate change just died and is about to be buried. Another great sounding stupid lefty idea just failed.

This is God saving our planet because the lefties were destroying our planet and I have told you some about it. The windmill generators are killing birds and whales. The solar collectors are generating massive heat, heat waves, seismic activity, droughts, and other problems.

We need to thank God for shutting this all down.

Did you notice that God let this go far enough for it to cause massive problems to prove how stupid our lefties really are?

God opened a lot of eyes, while destroying their great sounding stupid crusade so that every lefty crusade has now failed. You just can't believe a thing the lefties say.

I am now waiting for this to hit the sailboat industry and people to start switching from electric motors back to gas engines.


Remember that I have been warning you about Chinese people infiltrating into the US across our southern border?

I just found out that more than 300,000 Chinese crossed into the US via our southern border in 2022.

Do you get the picture yet?

That is almost as many soldiers as Israel is using to destroy Hamas in Gaza.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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