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This is another big move against Israel. South Africa, which is very hostile towards Israel, their leader is Muslim, and pro Hamas, has called an "Extraordinary" meeting for BRICS, including its new Muslim nations of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Ethiopia, and UAE. Apparently, India is the only one supporting Israel having the right to protect her people.

This video tells you about their meeting and tells you where each member nation stands concerning the war.

South Africa knows where everyone stands on Israel and knows that India is the only member nation not being hostile towards Israel, except, maybe, Russia, therefore, it is safe to assume that South Africa is hoping to unite the BRICS members into an alliance to stop Israel from protecting her people from Hamas and to prevent her from destroying Hamas in Gaza by invading Israel.

The God haters just won't quit and keep pushing everyone closer to committing to an invasion army. It should be obvious that their goal is to destroy Israel.

Listen, people, they have already had meetings with ICO, UN, APEC, China and a number of Muslim nations, and now BRICS looking for enough vertebrae to make up a spine to invade and destroy Israel and the cowards have failed every time.

God showed me in a few dreams that they will continue to fail until Obama and the Nation of Islam nuke Chicago to seize control of the US and send their Nation of Islam Army to invade Israel and then the rest of the God haters will follow so none of their meetings will find enough vertebrae to create a spine until that happens. It is going to take super arrogant Obama, Farrakhan, and the Nation of Islam to have enough vertebrae to try.

Personally, I don't care if every nation on the planet sends all of their armies to invade Israel because man plans, God laughs. God already told us what He will do just before he laughs at them. Hey, it will get rid of a bunch of the worst monsters on the planet and make the planet a better place.

God's will be done.

Nation of Islam

In writing the above statement about the "Nation of Islam Army", which is what they will take to the Northern Hills of Israel, I remembered some things from decades ago and have been thinking about them. I am pretty sure I wrote about most of this stuff a few decades ago, not all of them, and I need to review them. I think you will believe me a little bit more now, than some of you did then.

In 1993, following the LA riots of 1992, the FBI released some very telling intel about the Nation of Islam.

First, they said that ALL black gangs from LA to New York are Muslim, belong to the Nation of Islam, and are under the control of the Nation of Islam and Farrakhan. ALL of their gang bangers are a potential fighting force for the Nation of Islam, millions of them. ALL members of the Nation of Islam belong to the Democratic Party, you know, those black voters. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Second, remember that the Nation of Islam had been infiltrating their members into the US Government and Military for training and experience since the 1960s or earlier or about 25 to 30+ years by that time. Some of those agents would stay in the US Government and Military for such things as intel, to gain at least some control of those government agencies, and other reasons but quite a few of them got out, after gaining significant experience, returned to the Nation of Islam and had been creating, building, and managing the same government agencies for the Nation of Islam, including a military for more than 25 years.

When I was in LA, with my military experience, I saw some pretty incredible things done by the black gangs in the area a third of a century ago that you never see on TV. I saw that they have their own Secret Service protecting their gang leaders as professionally as the US Secret Service protects the president. They were very good 30 years ago. Then I saw logistical caravans doing training maneuvers on LA streets in very busy rush hour traffic, holding formations as they wove through and past that traffic like pros. They were very good 30 years ago.

Third, the Nation of Islam had many other members who were civilians and I am now realizing that, at least since 2012, when hundreds of millions of people converted to Islam globally, many of them were non blacks, including many whites, which helps explain all of these whites hating Israel, supporting Hamas, and in control of our government.

Fourth, in 1993, the FBI informed us that the Nation of Islam had enough weapons and munitions smuggled into the US and stored in warehouses in just the greater LA area to wage a sustained war against the US for at least 10 years and you can bet their military knows how to use those weapons. They did not tell us what kinds of weapons and munitions and I just kind of assumed they were probably just rifles and bullets but now realize that those former military personnel would not have been satisfied with just rifles and bullets so there is no telling what kinds of weapons they really had and just rifles and bullets would not have been sufficient to fight a sustained war against the US Military for 10 years.

Remember that, with them now in control of the Pentagon, they also have at least partial control of our weapons too, including nukes.

Fifth, Farrakhan has made many trips, maybe several hundred, to the Middle East to see Muslim leaders, especially in Iran over the last 60+ years and you can bet his professionally trained and experienced government and military have also been making regular trips to work with those nations for at least half a century.

3 months after the LA riots ended, the leaders of those gangs from across the US all met with Farrakhan and the other leaders of the Nation of Islam, many of whom had been trained and gained experience in the US Military, in St. Louis, Missouri to discuss what they had learned about the strengths and weaknesses of the US military and the different law enforcement agencies, you know, to see if their army was ready to stage a violent insurrection of the US Government.

Keep in mind that the Nation of Islam has continued to build its weapons arsenal for the last 30+ years so they have been building their arsenal of weapons and munitions plus their military for about three fourths of a century or about 75 years.

Remember that I told you that, shortly after the riots and that meeting, Farrakhan met with Billy Boy Clinton in the US White House about whether or not Billy Boy would OK the Nation of Islam staging an armed insurrection of the US Government?

I think that, by now, they are probably ready to stage an armed insurrection of the US Government, especially with their deep state already having significant control of the US Government and military AND if they stage a really bad terrorist attack to scare most people into submission, you know, like nuking Chicago, you know, so they can use their insurrection "to protect you from Israel". That would probably do it for the lefties.

Gee, I wonder why the Commierat lefties want to defund the police, disarm you, and have been tearing down the US Military, you know, because they have their own military?

Remember that does not include millions of soldiers they have infiltrated into the US from other nations like China, Russia, Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, and others. They kind of stacked the deck against us just a wee bit.

THAT is easily the greatest threat to the United States of America!!! If God doesn't save us, we are screwed.

Do you better understand why you better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure you red zones, and lock and load? Do you better understand why, after the Nation of Islam and Obama seize control of the US Government, there will be a Mexican standoff in the US?

There are still some things that I am hoping and praying the good guys in our military have taken care of that I just can't tell you about because the bad guys probably also read my blog. I have been praying an awful lot the last quarter of a century; many times a day, every day.

I am not worried about Israel. I am concerned about our nation, especially you turning back fully to God because we are going to need Him to save our butts.

After I wrote the above, I went to bed, it is now 4 am, I woke up at 2 am with God showing me things, reminding me of things and me connecting dots. At just before 4 am I realized I had to get up and write the following.

I am about to expose the greatest shadow or fifth column government in the history of this planet that was trained up by the US Government and Military and you better plan to deal with this because of the rule that "you plan for the worst and pray for the best" because I am about to show you the worst you better plan to deal with.

For years I have been wondering how much, if any, of the US Military Obama will have control of and take to invade Israel and this answers that question.

When Obama seizes control of the US, it ain't going to be with an army of Girl Scouts selling cookies. This is far worse than anything I have told you about.

Remember that I told you that Farrakhan was infiltrating his Nation of Islam people into the US Government and Military for training and experience and his military has had combat experience in every US Military operation since Vietnam. He has kept some of his people in the US Government and Military for a number of reasons and to have at least partial control of those government agencies and the Nation of Islam has had 8 years under Obama, followed by 4 years under Trump (I don't know whether he knew about it, maybe he tried to undo it but clearly didn't get the job done), and almost 3 years under Afghan Joe to do the following. That is a lot of time to do the following, when you have control of the top of those government and military agencies, especially as the president.

Remember that I told you more than a decade ago that God told me in a dream that 20% of the US Government and Military were bad guys and 80% were good guys?

The 20% or deep state is the Nation of Islam and they control the top, including the Pentagon, FBI, DOJ, NSA, and others. The Afghanistan debacle was intentionally designed to give back control of Afghanistan to the Nation of Islam pals, the Taliban, along with billions of dollars in the best US Military equipment. That was no screw up; it was planned to happen that way.

Do not be surprised to find out that the Nation of Islam has entire US Military units funded by the US Government, using US Military weapons, munitions, and equipment, under control of their top people, now in control of the Pentagon, because of Obama and Afghan Joe, that are part of the Shadow Army of the Nation of Islam such as entire divisions, aircraft wings, naval units, and entire Military bases making up that 20% of the US military 1.4 million troops or about 200 to 300 thousand personnel trained up by the US Military and many with combat experience. Oops!

Remember that the Nation of Islam has millions of members trained by the US Government and Military and they have had 75 years to plan and achieve that so that is a conservative estimate.

THAT is part of the Nation of Islam Army (remember the millions of gang bangers, Antifa, BLM, and others) Obama will use to seize control of the US Government and is a big part of why there will be a Mexican standoff. THAT is part of the Nation of Islam Army Obama will leave part behind to maintain control of the US and take part of it to invade and destroy Israel, causing the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

The 80% of our current US Military and Government will be the good guys causing the Mexican standoff with the Nation of Islam and they are scattered all over the world plus the Nation of Islam was making that part to go woke to weaken it.

Do you get the picture yet? You want to know what weapons the Nation of Islam has?

The same weapons the US Military has, including nukes, because they are part of the US Military, hiding inside of the US Military and it was brilliant.

You always respect your enemy, never underestimate your enemy, and never overestimate yourself.

Talk about waking up to a nightmare this morning at 2 am. That is who you are up against and will soon be fighting to regain control of your land.

You BETTER pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load because things are getting scary.

Hey, what do you expect when you have part of the US Military plan your insurrection?


Remember that I told you that Russia lets Ukraine grab a few feet so they will send in more troops for Russia to kill? Remember that I told you that the Ukrainian troops getting a foothold on the east bank of the Dnipro River was just another such trap?

This video tells us that Russia finally sprung that trap killing most of those troops and capturing most of the rest. Ukraine suffered really heavy losses again.


Remember that I told you to keep an eye on the super bad weather in the Mecca area?

This video tells us that the super bad and unusual weather is persisting all over Saudi Arabia but especially in the Mecca and Medina areas, is causing massive amounts of damage, and is expected to continue for at least a few more days. He said the thickness of the ice sheets formed by the hail is reaching up to 60 cm or 2 ft in some areas. He said the storms began in early November and are lasting for weeks.

It is interesting that it is in both the Mecca and Medina areas, the two most holy cities for Sunni Islam, at a time when the Muslims are supposed to make their annual pilgrimage to Mecca.

I have been noticing that this kind of really bad and persisting weather is taking place in all of the Muslim nations prophesied for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 but not as bad in Israel. I have seen reports about this really bad and unusual weather in Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, and a few of the small Persian Gulf states. It is bound to hit Iran soon.

There are just too many coincidences here so keep an eye on it.

Christian Persecutions

Remember that I have been warning you about Christian persecutions around the world?

It is nice to see people working on a global basis to help persecuted Christians around the world like I have been telling you to pray about.

This video tells you about an organization doing just that. Pray for them and help them in any way you can.

He tells you that there are from 200 to 300 million Christians around the world being persecuted every year. That is almost as many people as we have in the US.

He warns you that we are heading there in the US and it will get very bad some places here soon.

You better pray for them now because you will need them to pray for you soon.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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