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Nation of Islam

When I woke up again this morning, I realized that I had forgotten to talk about what the Nation of Islam personally had.

Remember that I told you she was using her US Government and Military trained people to build their own government and military since at least the 1960s?

You should also realize that they knew they needed a lot of money, saw people and corporations making tens to hundreds of billions of dollars a year, and said, "We can do that too" and sent some of their smartest to universities to learn how to do that too.

So, the big questions are, how much money is the Nation of Islam making, how much of your tax dollars are being laundered through shell corporations into her bank accounts, especially by people like Obama and Afghan Joe, how much is she making via investments, how much is she making via other incomes? How many trillions of dollars is she worth, what corporations like Boeing and Lockheed is she holding shares in, how big is her personal army, how many tanks, planes, ships, subs, nukes, and other weapons has she purchased, how high tech is she, and does she have the biggest and most powerful military in the world?

I don't know, I am going to keep an eye on it, and you should too.

That is probably the most important part of the Nation of Islam Military that Obama, Farrakhan, and the Nation of Islam will use to seize control of the US and take to invade Israel and you can bet they are smart enough to keep it secret.

When you put everything I wrote about in the last essay and this one together, it is easy to see how the Nation of Islam will seize control of the US Government and keep anyone from stopping them for at least a while.

You can bet the good guys in the US Military know and that is probably why they started training up militias more than a quarter of a century ago. They knew this was coming.

You BETTER pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load. This is not going to be pretty and you will think twice before breaking God's Laws or turning your back on God again.

I need to go find me some intel because you need to know what you need to get ready for.

There is something EVERYONE needs to deal with. This is a massive power struggle for control of your nations, the planet, and your survival.

Hours later I had quickly found a few things about Farrakhan's wealth and holdings but I need a lot more research. Below are a few of the things I found.

At "News & Record" I found the following intel:

"From the charity of some of the United States' poorest citizens, Farrakhan has built an empire of nonprofit religious corporations and profit-making firms that stretches from Beverly Hills, Calif., to Bronwood, Ga., and centers on Chicago's South Side."

The nonprofit companies are "shell companies" they use to launder or move money around without paying taxes on it, make it more difficult to follow the money trail, and all of the upper class trash and their puppets use shell companies. I told you he sent some of his smartest to get M.B.A.s to mismanage his and the Nation's finances. He isn't doing this just by himself. His organization or government he built is doing most of it.


"Millions of dollars flow into the Nation and its associated firms each year from donations, rent, purchases, speaking fees and government grants, although no one outside Farrakhan's inner circle can say exactly how much cash the Nation takes in each year, or precisely where the money goes.

In contrast to churches that publish annual audited financial reports, the Nation's fiscal dealings are shrouded in secrecy."

Why am I not surprised about that?

You can bet that, with his M.B.A.s, you will only find out about a small fraction of it.

I would not be surprised to find out that Obama and now Afghan Joe are giving lots of big government grants to the Nation of Islam and Farrakhan.


"Overall, the Nation controls at least five separate financial accounts and shares directors and has other ties with a half-dozen private security firms, three companies that sell soap and cosmetics, a publishing company and two clothing firms.

Related companies include a coterie of bean pie shops that blast Farrakhan tapes into city streets from loudspeakers and a clinic that sells an unlicensed drug, which it calls an AIDS cure.

And despite anti-government rhetoric, two of the most lucrative Nation-affiliated ventures - the security companies and the AIDS clinic - have since 1991 won federal contracts worth more than $15 million."

Note that it said, "at least five separate financial accounts and shares directors", meaning, they don't know how many he really has.

Gee, why so many security firms? MORE than 15 million in federal contracts? How much more?

I also know from past news articles over the last 50+ years that he and Al Capone Sharpton own a number of farms and get government subsidies for those and there is no telling how many off shore bank accounts he has. It seems Farrakhan keeps things in such an administrative mess that even the feds can't tell how much Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam are making and the Nation of Islam is a religious nonprofit tax shelter.

That means the feds can't tell whether the Nation of Islam is buying things like tanks, planes, and munitions, which they would keep secret. All I know is the FBI said in 1993 that they have warehouses full of weapons and 10 years worth of weapons for sustained combat is a lot of warehouses. It is a massive and complex money laundering racket.

Concerning the farm land they own, it is designated farm land and they get government subsidies to not grow certain crops on their farms to help keep prices for those products high enough farmers can make an earning growing those crops but they don't grow ANYTHING on those farms and just get paid the subsidies to not grow anything on those farms. It is a racket.

And they didn't even tell us about some of the things I already knew about like the Nation of Islam getting payments from all of the black street gangs from LA to New York for things like the dope they sell, prostitution of women, human trafficking, you know, slave trade, and other crimes.

They ain't poor and it seems they are very corrupt and above the law. They make Al Capone look like Mother Theresa.


I see that Israel agreed to a 4 day cease fire for the release of 50 hostages. This video shows the conditions for the deal.

People, especially the media, are saying this is bad because it gives Hamas 4 days to regroup and prepare for resumed fighting. They are so simple minded and ignorant.

It also gives Israel 4 days to prepare for resumed fighting and you can bet that Netanyahu only did this because his best officers agreed to it. As a matter of fact, his top officers proposed this deal. Think about that one.

My question is, "What do they have planned for Hamas?"

The media are so simple minded and ignorant they could never think of something like that. Israel is NOT going to agree to a cease fire unless they feel it will give them a significant advantage.

If I were Hamas, I would be asking, "Hold it, are we being played?" and "What does Israel have up her sleeve?" I definitely would not be celebrating because Israel's troops get 4 days of rest, recovery, to think, to do tactical and strategic analyses, rotate troops, resupply, and other important things.

What? You think those troops are going to sit on their butts watching cartoons for 4 days?

Mean while, Hamas is quarantined so they can't get reinforcements, resupply, and can only retreat so far, and think about surrendering because Hamas is encircled or trapped with 4 days to think about surrendering. Imagine being caught in a trap for 4 days waiting for that trap to be sprung with plenty of time to think about, "What is Israel going to do on day 5?" It isn't like Israel is going to go home for 4 days and just leave the door open.

This also frees up Israel to take care of the West Bank and Hezbollah for 4 days. Oops! I told you this is going to backfire on the left and Muslims.

Hezbollah has intensified its attacks against Israel, they are not encircled so they can get reinforcement and resupply plus they can retreat so Israel needs to deal with them before continuing with Hamas in Gaza. The same thing is true for Hamas in the West Bank.

Let me see if I can figure out who is going to benefit the most from that 4 day "humanitarian pause" of Afghan Joe's.

One thing everyone has to deal with is that most of those hostages are going to die. Hamas is not going to give them all up to survive a few more days. As soon as those hostages are gone, Hamas will have no bargaining leverage and Israel will kill Hamas. Hamas can only use those hostages as human shields as long as they have them. But, most people are too simple minded to understand that and have let themselves become convinced by the left that the most important thing is to get all of the hostages back instead of preventing Hamas from murdering thousands more people again and again AND it encourages other terrorists to also take hostages to hide behind.

If those simple minded idiots get what they want and Hamas survives, the blood of the next terrorist attack will be on the hands of our idiots.

BTW, Jordan put its military on alert to "protect their border", you know, positioning them on the border for containment of Israelis to keep any from avoiding being slaughtered the way they are containing the civilians in Gaza. You know, just like I told you they would do.

Now watch Egypt do it too. Every day we get one day closer.

Remember that I told you that the Muslim nations are looking for someone with a spine to lead them to invade Israel?

This video shows Iran trying to get Russia to lead them to invade Israel because they know Putin has a spine.

They also point out that Saudi Arabia went to China looking for a spine but found none, though China did say it would "quell fighting in Gaza."

This is interesting. This video shows that Israel is demanding Jordan evacuate a field hospital they just put up in South Gaza and Jordan is refusing.

Is Jordan trying to pick a fight and is hoping the rest of the Muslim nations will join in or are they bluffing to back Israel down?

Hezbollah is now escalating the fighting in the north hoping Muslim nations will join in to invade and destroy Israel. Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, Turkey, and others are fishing for suckers.

Mean while, Israel is trying to get the UN to help stop these escalations.

I guess they forgot that the UN hates Israel too?

Keep an eye on this.

This video provides some good intel. Note that she said that thousands of Gaza civilians are making calls to the IDF with intel.

Keep in mind that only 51% of the voters voted to put Hamas in power, meaning that almost half of those voters are against Hamas, which could easily be hundreds of thousands of adults. They ain't going to help Hamas do anything but die.

Afghan Joe

Instead of Afghan Joe pardoning turkeys, maybe the turkeys should have pardoned afghan Joe?

BTW, Afghan Joe finally got his "Humanitarian pause" and it won't do Hamas any good because they are trapped. It will just make Joe look like a fool to his Muslim pals because, after Israel gives the criminals their humanitarian pause, they will have satisfied the lefty humanitarian bull crap and can just slaughter Hamas all they want. This will backfire on the left just like everything else they have tried and failed at.

Hey, what do you expect from reprobate minds, intelligence?

Then Afghan Joe found out that the M-16 rifles Israel purchased from a US weapons supplier were being given to Israeli citizens to protect themselves from terrorist attacks, Afghan Joe became furious and suspended the rest of the shipment of weapons.

I told you he is protecting the Muslim terrorists and sabotaging Israel's efforts to protect their people. He just made himself the enemy of Israel and the ally of the Muslim terrorists. Afghan Joe just showed his true colors.

Do you still believe those criminals are smarter than you because they stole more than you or they can earn?

Also, I realized that, if the GOP impeaches Afghan Joe just before the next election and they gain control of the Senate, they can remove Afghan Joe from office. The timing is critical.


This is something I may have told you a few decades ago but you really need to know this at this time. When you try to really understand what it means for Iran to have nukes, you have to understand what they believe.

Remember that I have been telling you that it is really, really, really important to understand what other people believe because we don't all believe the same things?

It was a few decades ago that I heard an Iranian official say thatIran believes that, if they start a nuclear war that wipes out all life on the planet, it will be a good thing because they will have died killing all non Muslims, which they believe means they will get guaranteed salvation, their god, Allah, will come, make the planet habitable again, turn it into paradise, raise them from the dead, make them immortal, and they will live in paradise forever. How wonderful.

That should tell you that, if they get enough nukes to start such a war, they will use them to get guaranteed salvation. They will intentionally destroy all life on the planet. There is no maybe about it.

That should also tell you that they are going to hide that they are making nukes until they get enough nukes to destroy all life on the planet so they can earn guaranteed salvation by destroying all non Muslims.

I am wondering if ANY of the Western leaders or experts even know about this.

Satan has some real losers running his shows and he loves it.

BTW, the UN has found signs that Iran "may" have nukes and they can't get any answers from Iran, you know, like Iran is going to tell the UN they have hundreds to thousands of nukes hidden under ground.

Remember that I showed you that the Bible says there will be some kind of contaminants on the battlefield following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and it could easily be that Iran had nukes and detonated one or more of them against the other forces gathered to invade Israel. It could also be residue from chemical or biological weapons. Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you that the Chinese Military is overrated for a number of reasons?

This video tells you that it is actually only about one third of its rated capabilities, ONE THIRD! See, my estimates really are conservative.

That should tell you that Taiwan would kick her butt just like I have been telling you and he even tells you that they know they cannot defeat Taiwan and their threats to take it are just talk.

As a matter of fact, I believe their emphasis on taking Taiwan is to distract everyone from the huge number of Chinese troops infiltrated into the US. I believe that China's real strategy is to take the US from within by just bypassing our defenses against an invasion via infiltration, you know, bribing Afghan Joe and King Newsom to help, and overwhelming our internal defenses with numbers, believing that, if they take the US, everyone else will submit to their rule.

Why waste the resources taking little Taiwan?

He tells you a lot but leaves out a lot I have told you about why she is not even a top five military.

Do you believe me yet that I would love to be Taiwan's commanding officer in the advent China attacked Taiwan? Let's see, where would I put my mansion in Beijing?

He didn't tell you that China's stealth planes and subs are about as stealthy as a mad bull in a China shop, their missile guidance systems are terrible, and most of their tanks and stuff don't work most of the time.

What he tells you is bad, really bad. China may not even have a top 10 military globally. They may have a lot of stuff but it is garbage and even worse than even I thought.

If I were a member of the Chinese military, I would keep a secret white flag hidden somewhere in case of combat.


Something I forgot to point out concerning the sustained terrible weather and flooding in Mecca and Medina is that, an over saturation of soil by water above fault lines is often follow by movement of those fault lines causing earthquakes.

Also, all mountainous areas are on fault lines.

Both Mecca and Medina are in the mountains, therefore, they are on fault lines, and this severe flooding in both areas, especially prolonged, is very likely to cause severe earthquakes that could destroy most to all of both communities, very similar to the massive damage caused by earthquakes in Syria and Turkey not too long ago.

Therefore, I am keeping an eye out for this because God could be using this phenomenon to destroy the two most holy cities in Sunni Islam to force the Sunni Muslims to accept Babylon as their most holy city.

Also, a super saturation of the soil can cause foundations to shift or collapse and bring buildings down.

In this video at a little past 3 minutes, he tells you that the religious buildings in Mecca are at risk of being destroyed because of the extensive flooding. I think we need to keep an eye on this.

God is really moving in a lot of ways lately.

Decades ago, I explained some of the weather predicted for the end of the Tribulation for similar reason to what is causing this.

The upper class trash greed is causing them to use the lie of climate change to steal government money to build these massive solar energy farms with hundreds of square miles of black solar collectors and skim quite a bit of that money off the top for their greedy pockets. Only 15% of the sun light hitting those solar collectors is turned into electricity and 85% is absorbed by the black surfaces, generating heat (we knew about this more than 50 years ago when I studied solar engineering - on a normal spring day, the temperatures above the solar collectors can be 130+ degrees F, which will warm the area up just a wee bit, you know, for hundreds of square miles), which is causing heat waves, which is causing increased evaporation of water, which is putting much more water vapor in the air to block sun light, which cools the planet down enough to cause condensation and causes these massive storms. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Basically, their fake attempts to "save you from climate change" to fill their greedy pockets are causing climate change and increasingly worse weather. Our weather will keep getting worse like this until they destroy the solar energy farms.


This video teaches you some things that you need to keep in mind when dealing with Muslims, especially those from the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

I have also read in Muslim writings that it is a good work earning salvation to lie for any number of reasons, especially for Islam.

Remember that I told you that the Muslim morals, values, and ethics are exactly the opposite of Judeo-Christian morals, values, and ethics?

In Christianity, you are taught that you WILL NOT lie but in Islam it is a good work earning salvation, especially when lying to non Muslims.

In Christianity, you are taught that you WILL NOT steal but in Islam it is a good work to steal from non Muslims.

In Christianity, you are taught that you WILL NOT murder but in Islam it is a good work earning salvation to murder non Muslims.

Gee, what a magic coincidence, Islam has the exact same morals, values, and ethics of the satanic occult.

You can't believe anything a Muslim tells you because, if they are lying, it is a good work earning salvation.

Never forget that.

Bull Crap

Remember that I keep warning you that there is just so much bull crap out there?

I have been seeing "news" that Wagner, you know, Russia, is arming Hezbollah with SAM missiles, committing an act of war against Israel. Tah dah!!!

No, it is not Wagner giving those Russian SAMs to Hezbollah, it is Iran. Surprise, surprise, surprise!!!

They just want you to believe that Russia is about to invade Israel because of the Euro-centric end time prophecy bull crap AND the Muslims like Iran want the rest of the Muslims to believe that Russia is going to lead the invasion so the other Muslims will commit to send troops to invade Israel. Plus the US is telling that lie to turn people against Russia so those people will continue to support their money making war in Ukraine.

They can't find any spine so they are making up spine to get everyone to unite to invade and destroy Israel. They really believe that, if enough of them unite and invade Israel, they can defeat Israel, you know, like they could do in warfare hundreds of years ago before nukes.


The upper class trash Royals and their puppets have created a military crisis that is described in this video.

This began when the US Military gave hundreds of thousands of people dishonorable discharges for not getting the vaccine that does not work and kills people. Very few of those people are now accepting the apologies of the military and returning to duty with increasing numbers of young people just not going in at all because they saw how the military treated its people for political and financial reasons. Increasing numbers of people are not trusting our corrupted military because it betrayed its own people and is not taking a stand for the nation to keep the left from destroying our nation.

He tells you that the problem is getting worse fast.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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