I Told You So 608


Remember that I have been telling you that the Nation of Islam and Iran are using this war they planned to get other nations, especially Muslim nations, to unite with them to invade and destroy Israel?

This video tells you that Iran and Saudi Arabia have united against Israel.

Keep in mind that Turkey has already united with Iran against Israel a few days ago. That is 3 of the four most powerful Muslim nations with only Egypt remaining but Egypt has already taken a stand against Israel; they just have not formally united with the others.

Also remember that Saudi Arabia and Turkey have US weapons so they pose a bigger threat to Israel.

Every day, we get one day closer.

Then I found out that Oman is doing naval exercises with Iran in the Straits of Hormuz, telling me she has also united with Iran against Israel. People, that makes up ALL of today's nations that make up the land controlled by Sheba when that prophecy was made.

This means that all of Sheba, Cush, Persian, and Turkey (Gog, Magog, Gomer, Meshech, and Tubal) are now committed to war against Israel, fulfilling the prophecy and all they need now is to get the US out of their way.

Do you believe me yet that this is the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39?

This is the first time in history that all of those nations have united against Israel. It is all coming together just like God told us. He didn't lie.

Here is an interesting video providing a lot of very good intel. Knowing that the Nation of Islam founded other violent organizations like BLM and him telling us that Hamas was founded in the US in 1988, what do you want to bet that the Nation of Islam founded Hamas in the US for Iran so Hamas could raise more funds?

If nothing else, you can bet Hamas was formed with the help of the Nation of Islam. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Gee, you don't think that the Nation of Islam, Obama, Farrakhan, Hamas US, and Iran planned and are managing this war in Israel with Afghan Joe being the front man and puppet, do you? Getting obvious, is it? Do you believe me yet?

We just keep coming up with more and more evidence that what I am telling you is true and very conservative. It is worse than I tell you.

But remember, man plans, God laughs.

You want to know how bad the US interference is in trying to stop Israel from destroying Hamas to protect her citizens?

Blinken gave Israel 2 weeks to finish the job, which is impossible. That is a threat implying that, if Israel does not finish destroying Hamas in 2 weeks, Israel MUST stop protecting her people or the US will intervene. They know Israel can't finish destroying Hamas in just two weeks so that is called sabotage and betrayal.

People, this war has been going on for 7 weeks, it isn't half done, and Israel MUST finish it in only two weeks or else?

Do you still believe that Afghan Joe and company are really on the side of Israel and not the side of Hamas?

If you do, then someone could make a lot of money selling you more bridges.

Plus all of the lefty media have accelerated their propaganda war against Israel to turn more people against Israel and to support the invasion and destruction of Israel.

Then I found this video, which tells you that Afghan Joe is "preparing to abandon Israel, if she does not destroy Hamas very quickly with very few civilian casualties" and then says it is impossible just like I told you.

Hey, with allies like that, who needs enemies?

It should be obvious that the Afghan Joe administration NEVER intended to support Israel in destroying Hamas and was really working to stop it, they just made it look like they were supporting Israel to fool the people as a cover for their efforts to destroy Israel.

Do you realize this is creating the perfect situation for Obama to nuke Chicago to get rid of Afghan Joe and Kruela, blame Israel, and claim that, "after we supported Israel, they betrayed us by nuking us" so he can take control of the US and lead an army to invade and destroy Israel to make them pay?

I have been wondering how many of the "Palestinians" killed in Gaza were actually civilians and how many were Hamas terrorists and their supporters.

This video tells us the true civilians are just a "fraction" of the people killed by Israel. The vast majority of the "Palestinians" being reported as being killed are Hamas terrorists and their supporters.

The media are telling us about the number of people being killed in Gaza WITHOUT differentiating between citizens and terrorists, while usually only talking about Israeli troops being killed by Hamas with either downplaying or just not talking about the Israeli citizens being killed by Hamas.

Gee, you don't think there is an Israel hating bias there, do you?

People, Israel has destroyed more than 1,000 Hamas targets and if they only killed an average of 10 terrorists per target, which would be a very conservative estimate, they would have killed more than 10,000 terrorists, not including civilian supporters. Hamas claims that Israel has killed 15,000 "Palestinians". When you consider that Hamas had more than 40,000 terrorists and 51% of the 2 million civilians in Gaza support Hamas, 15,000 isn't that many killed.

Why is the media deceiving us about that?

To make Israel look bad to turn more people against Israel to get more people to support invading Israel to destroy her. It is a hate crime by the media.

Remember that I told you that Hamas would never give up all of the hostages because they need them for leverage to try and stay alive and that they probably wouldn't even give up most of them?

Hamas gave up 100 hostages and kept 140 hostages before they stopped the cease fire by firing rockets into Israel just like I told you. They are not going to give up the rest of those hostages. They did not kidnap those hostages to give them all up and die.

Every day, we get one day closer and the Muslims, including in the US, are determined to invade and destroy Israel, which will cause the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. It is going to happen, no matter what anyone does because that prophecy MUST be fulfilled just like all Biblical prophecies MUST be fulfilled, whether you like it or not.

I am just hoping that almost all of the bad leaders show up, get wiped out, and sent to Hell by God, where they can never again cause harm to anyone. That will make the planet a better place for a little while.

At about 5:30 into this video he tells you that one of the Hamas hostages was held in the home of a UN employee.

What? You mean the UN is aiding and abetting Hamas in their terrorist attack and war against Israel like I told you? Who would have guessed?

The people who denied the Israeli people their right to bear arms should be tried for treason because they betrayed the people and made them vulnerable to attack.

Why has no one mentioned that Gaza was a "two state solution", where Gaza got its own government and it failed terribly?

Gaza was a two state solution freely given to the Muslims by Israel, they had their own government, they had their own economy, and they betrayed Israel because they do not want peace, they want to destroy Israel. That should end the simple minded arguments for a two state solution. It has already been tried and failed.

Is anyone going to learn from these lefty simple minded ideals that caused this mess?

Remember that I told you years ago that, in order to fulfill Nebuchadnezzar's prophecy of the one world government being separated into 2 parts by it being represented by two feet, Israel would have to seize control of everything from the Euphrates River (also prophesied in Ezekiel) south to the River Nile and the Indian Ocean to split the Muslim Caliphate into 2 parts, east and west?

I was just watching a video and realized what will cause them to do that. The last of the 3 goals for Israel in winning this war is "to make sure that Gaza will never be a threat to Israel again", you know, the way, all of that land will be a threat to Israel with all of those Muslim armies gathered to invade and destroy Israel.

She will take control of all of that land to push the Muslims back and make sure that land will never be a threat to Israel again.

This is a very good video telling you what I have been telling you for years. He points out that the only reasonable thing Israel can do is to eliminate Hamas to prevent future massacres of Israeli citizens. He tells you that Afghan Joe and his evil administration are working to protect Hamas and destroy Israel.

This video tells you most of what I have been telling you. He tells you that the Muslims got in control of Iran because of the US CIA, you know, the same CIA who formed Al Quaeda under Billy Boy Clinton and ISIS under Obama and started most of this Muslim terrorism crap. He tells you that Obama is behind all of what is going on today with his people infiltrated to the top and running things and how Obama's and the Nation of Islam's Muslims have infiltrated and taken over the deep state, you know, like Austin has taken over the Pentagon.

He tells you that they are trying to force Israel to lose the war against Hamas to destroy Israel.

About three fourths of the way through this video she tells you about Israel attacking Iranian forces in Syria, which has SAM 300 and 400 protection by Russia for Syria against the US and Russia has not yet fired one SAM missile at the Israeli warplanes.

I keep seeing reports about Russia taking a stand against Israel that turn out to be false and are just being used to encourage other Muslim nations to unite to invade Israel and destroy her.

Then I found this video that provided interesting intel. It tells about the hundreds of Hamas targets neutralized, Israel has finally started attacking the Houthis in Yemen with airplanes destroying weapons factories and storage depots, and she has started taking out Hezbollah weapons depots in Lebanon like I told you she would.

Israel is now fighting on at least 5 fronts and winning on all of them; in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen.

I love the way the lying lefty/Muslim media tell you that a couple of Israeli soldiers got killed so Israel is being crushed and conveniently forget to tell you about the hundreds of terrorists that were killed at the same time, you know, the way the same liars told you about a Russian armored vehicle got destroyed so Ukraine was crushing Russia, while ignoring that Russia destroyed dozens of Ukrainian armored vehicles at the same time.

What? You expect the truth from professional liars? Really?

In a war, both sides will lose forces and suffer damage and you have to pay attention to who is suffering the most damage and it is not Russia or Israel. As soon as those professional liars get caught in their lies, they will distract you to other lies and the stupid people won't learn.

One thing that really kills me about the war in Israel is all of the righteous Western leaders, you know, the ones who screwed up and lost the war in Ukraine and did such a great job in Afghanistan, telling Israel how to fight their war. "Why, dey is super duper smarty pants who knoze what is best and ebry one should do what dey saze."

Maybe they should shut up and learn from Israel how to fight a war?

That would make sense but they don't have any sense because they have reprobate minds. This is what happens when you let idiots run your nations and the world. They always screw it up.

Then I found this video in which the PM for Iraq told the US to not stage any attacks against Iran inside Iraq, which is controlled by Iran, but it is OK for Iranian forces in Iraq to attack US forces in Iraq.

This is very clearly being done to drive the US out of both Iraq and Syria to get rid of the US in that area by allowing Iranian terrorists to attack the US troops but not allowing the US to protect her troops by attacking Iranian terrorists, which they are hoping will cause the US to leave to protect her troops from attack.

Watch other Muslim nations in the Middle East do the same or similar to drive the US out of the Middle East, you know, get rid of her.

I was watching this video and got less than a minute into it when it said that Erdogan said that Israel cannot win the war and I realized that he really believes that because he knows about the planned invasion and destruction of Israel by the Muslim nations and their allies.

That is why these leaders and even military experts believe Israel cannot win this war in spite of the fact that Israel is right now winning on 5 fronts because they know it was planned in advance to get the Muslim nations united to invade and destroy Israel.

Then I found this video about the French President Moron saying that the war in Israel, if continued, will last 10 years.

Hold it, isn't he one of the Western military x-ee-spirts who said that the Ukrainian War would last 20 years? Is this clown obsessed with making a fool of himself? Is he telling us that the Western idiots plan to prop up the Hamas terrorists to make the war last 10 years?

Even with the West, including France, propping up Ukraine, the war is not going to last 20 years and most of them have said that they have run out of weapons and munitions to give to Ukraine but they think they have enough weapons and munitions to give to terrorists to keep that war in Israel going 10 years?

These idiots are so stupid they keep picking the wrong side in the fight and keep losing. They have already lost the war in Afghanistan, lost the war in Ukraine, have lost in Africa, and are now taking the side of Hamas, who is also quickly losing.

I know, their plan is to wear down Russia, Africa, and Israel so they can set up their global dictatorship. Yeah, that is the ticket. /sarc

Do you believe me yet that they are all inbred nuts?

What they don't know is that man plans, God laughs.

I have become convinced that Netanyahu may have the best spine of this planet. He is standing firm against the world to defeat Hamas. God is with this man so the world better watch out.


Remember that I told you that, when Russia has destroyed enough of Ukraine's troops, Ukraine will be forced to stop offensive actions and do only defensive actions?

This video tells you in the first few seconds of the video that is happening right now just like I told you. They are going on "deep defense", you know, they are screwed.

Z Boy is building hardened defensive structures, you know, like on the Maginot Line that didn't work at the beginning of WWII and the Nazi shore defenses that didn't work on D Day.

The idiots running that failed show have not learned that the best defense is to have the best offense and they are terrible at offense.

Hey, what do you expect from military officers who got promoted for being the best butt kissers, which is why you should never promote officers for butt kissing because you will always get your butt kicked.

At about 1:30 into that video, he showed you another video of Z Boy having a meeting with his top military officers who just got their butts kicked by Putin to come up with another way for Putin to kick their butts again.

Hey, what do you expect from reprobate minds, intelligence?

The best thing that could happen to Ukraine right now is for all of the Ukrainian and Western upper class trash and their puppets to go to Hell, literally. Those poor people.

Then I found this video and, in the first minute, he tells you that Russia is ramping up his military to deal with NATO. They are finally figuring out what I have been telling you for more than a year.

What? You mean that Putin will attack the great, magnificent, intellectually superior upper class trash Royals to stop their insanity?

The primary reasons Putin is giving for this decision are Ukraine and the ongoing NATO expansion, telling us he is ramping up to deal with NATO.

Let's see, get Iran to stage a war against Israel to tie down US troops in the Middle East, China and North Korea tie down US troops between Japan and the South China Sea, they infiltrate troops into the US to attack from within, especially from China and Latin America, they ramp up and organize Africa to help Russia invade the EU, and Russia stages a surprise preemptive nuke attack on the US and UK. That should about do it; Rome II will have fallen, been sacked, and the lefty upper class trash will have been killed or made slaves to stop their insanity.

I found out that NATO is telling NATO nations that they must increase munitions manufacturing in order to continue the war in Ukraine longer. They never quit just like I have been telling you. Putin has to kill them.

The Mayor of Kiev has joined forces with the military leaders against Z Boy and they are negotiating peace with Russia. I am waiting to see how they get rid of Z Boy, the Azov Nazis, CIA, MI6, and Z Boy's few political supporters.

Will it be with the help of Russia's FSB?

This is getting interesting.


Remember that North Korea recently launched its first spy satellite so she can see how bad she will be crushed in a war?

North Korea is warning us that messing with her spy satellite will be an act of war.

I just found out that South Korea just launched its first spy satellite too?

It is very probable that these first Korean spy satellites are just a distraction.

If I were president, I would give at least South Korea and Japan and maybe Taiwan half a dozen to a dozen tactical nukes along with conventional cruise missiles on one nuke sub each to stabilize that area. Then China and North Korea would think twice about staging any military actions.


Remember that I told you that, in the dream God gave me about Obama taking his troops to invade Israel, the black troops got up first to follow Obama to invade Israel and the white troops got up next and had been intimidated into acting inferior to the black troops?

I just found out that Chicago, which is run by lefty blacks and is just north of the home town for the Nation of Islam in South Chicago, is separating their white students from the black students in their public schools and that is with the left treating whites as inferior to blacks. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

But, hey, the left has been brainwashing our white children to believe they are inferior to blacks and brainwashing black children to believe they are superior to whites for more than a decade now so all of the lefties will behave that way.

This video tells you that Afghan Joe is "wavering" on his support for Israel in this war.

Note that he tells you that the lefty academe and lefty media are the problem just like I have been telling you. He said the universities were taken over by the left in the 1960s and have been slowly brainwashing the kids since, you know, by a magic coincidence when Farrakhan was building the Nation of Islam as a fifth column Muslim party inside the US.

Gee, you don't think they were working together to destroy the US back then, do you?

Then he tells you about the "deep state" being against Israel and supporting the Hamas terrorists, you know, the ones infiltrated into the US Government by the Nation of Islam and promoted to the top by Obama. He tells you that "the radical left has infiltrated every institution of this country". Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Do you believe me yet? Do you believe me yet that the radical left converted in mass to being closet Muslims in 2012 under Obama and they are now coming out of their Muslim closet?

Hey, they are now doing their best to openly prove me right as they have gotten confident enough to come stampeding out of their closet.

Do you want to know what kind of government they will give you, if they manage to gain complete control?

Just look at the tyranny they are already imposing on you, Trump, and anyone else who stands against them and multiply that by at least 20. Because of modern technology, it will be the worst tyranny in history because they will have better control of you.

This video tells me there is no way the left can win a fair election so, either the left plans on rigging this next election so bad no sane person can win or they are planning to finish their dictatorship so there will be no election.

You better quit putting your faith in the election that probably won't happen or will be super duper rigged against you and put your faith in God to save our butts. You better plan for the worst and pray for the best.

Do you believe me yet that Rome II is dead and just has not finished kicking?

Remember that I told you more than a decade ago that God showed me in a dream to where the good guys in the US Military would hold out and secure the red zones against Obama's insurrection? Remember that I told you that they have known about the left's insurrection and have been preparing for more than 20 years by training up militias all over the nation to stop or counter the insurrection?

Then I found this video and this is huge, absolutely massive. According to that video it is known within the military that a number of top officers in the US military want to overthrow the Biden Administration to stop that insurrection.

What I have been telling you is going to happen is getting ready to happen right now and the good guys in the military are saying the lefty insurrection must be stopped right now.

Yep, things are getting more interesting every day.

Do you believe me yet?

I pay attention and do my homework.

Now, of course, they are making these patriots look like the bad guys but they are not the bad guys and they want to stop the real bad guys. These are the people who will not support Obama taking US troops to invade and destroy our best ally, Israel. They will cause the Mexican standoff I told you would happen to protect you from the evil plans of the left.

Don't be surprised if Obama lies and says these people helped Israel nuke Chicago to turn the people against them and get the people to support Obama's insurrection. They lie about everything.

Do you believe me yet that you BETTER pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load?

Everything is coming together just like I have been telling you for years and decades. It is happening right now. Those prophecies and warnings are all being fulfilled right now.


Remember that I have been telling you that they are overestimating China's military abilities?

Everyone simple mindedly thinks that because China has more people than anyone else, she will win all of her wars. Waaaaa, the sky is falling!

Did you know that, right after the US left Vietnam, China invaded Vietnam and quickly got her butt handed to her?

We had a saying, when I was a kid fighting on the streets in East LA; "The bigger they are, the harder they fall."

With today's weapons, you can kill a lot of people really fast.


Remember that I have been telling you that increasing numbers of Muslims are converting to Christianity because of dreams and this will continue during the Tribulation?

I just saw that Muslims are converting to Christianity at increasing rates, now with more than 100,000 conversions a year, with about a quarter of them converting because of dreams, where Jesus calls them to Himself like He did with me.

I told you that everyone will be tested and God will give everyone more than adequate opportunity to accept Him and good over Satan and evil. Even during the Tribulation, when the only allowed religion will be Islam so there can't be many human witnesses except the two witnesses and the 144,000 virgin Hebrew males, there will be large numbers of conversions, many of whom will be martyred, almost all of whom will be caused by dreams.

The ones who don't get a chance in this life, like aborted babies and other murdered babies, will have to return with Jesus, live with Him for 1,000 years, and then be tested with the rest who were either not tested in this life or were born during the Millennial Reign of Jesus. It is like God said, "Everyone must be tested", which requires them hearing the Gospel about Jesus in some way. Even the Muslim one world government and one world church cannot stop the hand of God.

Remember that I have been telling you for almost a quarter of a century that the Muslim Mahdi will be the Christian Antichrist?

Then I found this video of Pastor John MacArthur, who is very good and it was made 5 years ago.

He does a very good job of telling you that the Muslim Mahdi will be the Christian Antichrist and about some of the Muslim end time prophecies but left out some of the better ones that prove Islam will be the one world government and church.

Do you believe me yet?


Remember that I have been telling you that the EU (part of Rome II) is dying and won't last much longer?

This video tells us that Germany, Europe's largest economy, is not only in decline but is unindustrializing or moving their industries out of Germany because of higher energy prices caused by the upper class trash geniuses sanctioning Russia to get rid of Russia so they could set up their global dictatorship and own everything, which is driving down profits. Wow, that worked well.

She tells you that will also negatively affect the economies of the rest of the European nations.

But their smarty pants plans are making things even worse because the same geniuses are moving their businesses to other countries with lower energy prices and wages to increase their profits, which will decrease disposable income in Germany and the rest of Europe, which is one of their most important markets, especially with China also declining, which means Europeans will have less money to buy their products, so these businesses will have to decrease prices so more people in Europe and other nations will be able to buy those products, decreasing their profits again because they are too greedy stupid to think that far down the road.

As more and more of their customers have less money because of the idiot upper class trash taking those people's jobs somewhere else, more of their markets will dry up and many of them will go broke with all of them eventually decreasing in profits and wealth because of their insane and irrational greed making them simple minded and stupid.

It is only common sense that, as your customers have less and less money, fewer of them will be able to purchase your products and you will have to charge less for your products so some can continue to buy your products, causing you to lose profits and have a declining wealth.

When they started teaching the great sounding insane idea of "profit maximization" in the mid 1980s, they quit teaching business people to take care of their economies and markets so they are now destroying their markets because of their insane greed and their college professors are too stupid to learn better.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

If you watch the entire video, she shows you most of how complex of a mess the upper class trash intellectually superior idiots have made of our economies. I am convinced they are too stupid to fix their own mess, especially after watching them screw up and fail at everything else they have done.

Do you believe me yet?

The countries the upper class trash Royals take their businesses to will begin to grow and prosper, eventually passing imploding Europe and North America so that we will become second class nations and eventually third class nations.

Common Wealth

Remember that I have been telling you that the British Royal Family in both the UK and US will make a grab for power over all of the other members of the Euro-American Royal Family?

What most people do not know about the British Common Wealth nations like Canada, Britain, and others is that they are kind of sort of almost independent from Britain.

You have to understand that they ALL are bound to the British Royal Family in that, all the king or queen has to do is order those nations to unite back under the British Empire and they return to being under the command and control of that king or queen, especially if an emergency is declared by that king or queen. They also like to think of the US, you know, "their colonies", as being part of their Common Wealth.

I have been quietly watching King Chuck traveling around the world visiting all of his Common Wealth nations making sure everything is in order and literally inspecting their troops looking very much like he is getting ready to restart ye ole British Empire, especially since the members of the British Royal Family in the US, who are running the US, are loyal to him so he has control of ye ole colonies again.

This is something I warned you about years ago with the Euro-American Royals getting ready to setup their global dictatorship under ye ole globalism, one world order, and great reset thingy. I knew that the British Royal Family could use the Common Wealth nations to reorganize the British Empire, giving them superior power and control of the rest of the royals and force them into being subservient to the British Royals, especially if they had control of the US.

They are all very willing to help each other seize power and control of the world but none of them will be willing to share that power and control with the others once it has been seized and that is normal human behavior for power mad whackos. There are many factions within that extended family and everyone has its own final plans for them to rule the others.

Do you believe me yet that they are all nuts?

You just might want to keep an eye on that.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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