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Lefty Academe

Remember that I have been warning you that the lefty academe are a very big part of our problems?

This video gives you a sample of how bad they are. It should be very clear these people are lunatics and they are only going to hire lunatic professors. The number one criteria for being hired by them is to be insane.

Do you believe me yet that they are a huge part of the problem and the world would be a much better place without them?

Remember that I told you that I saw lefty academe teaching their students how to lie better?

Remember that these are the arrogant fools living out of touch with reality in their white palaces, smoking their dope, dreaming up the great sounding stupid ideas the lefties always use and always fail, causing life to be worse for everyone but the rich. Hey, when you are a lefty puppet, you have to take care of the puppet masters and keep them rich so they can keep bribing you more to keep them rich.

These are the raging lunatics who teach your children that the best government is communism, which has failed horribly 100% of the time, murdered more than 100 million people, probably at least 250 million, starved millions more to death, while making the upper class trash and academe more wealthy.

Why are they even allowed to speak in public?

Remember that I told you that prior to WWII, the academe and media were promoting Nazism in the US and working to keep the US from going to war against Nazi Germany?

At the end of this video he confirms what I told you and showed books that tell about it but were covered up the our lying media today, you know, the same ones who promoted Nazism in the 1930s.

Gee, I wonder why they don't want you to know they promoted Nazism and now promote Nazism's first cousin, communism?

Before that he tells you about the real problem with the Muslims and how they almost all support their terrorism and confirms what I told you about them being a ruthless warrior cult that has been murdering even each other for 1,400 years.

Almost all of the Muslims believe their terrorists are great warriors earning guaranteed salvation by murdering Muslim enemies, you know, YOU!

Gee, what a bunch of magic coincidences.

That is a great video. Levin has learned what I learned and am teaching you. Look at his frustration in dealing with these lefty lunatics and know that is how I feel.

You Christians need to understand something. When you don't tell the whole truth about something, you are lying and God said, "Thou shalt not lie." You are required to tell the whole ugly truth. Just telling part of the truth to not hurt someone's feelings is paganism.


Remember that I have been telling you that Russia is ramping up for war with the West to stop their insanity and they will probably work with other nations like African nations that really hate the West, after being victimized by the West for hundreds of years?

In about the first 5 minutes of this video he tells you that he thinks something big is about to happen and he thinks Putin is getting ready to wage war with the West. Surprise, surprise, surprise!!!

"What? You mean Putin would dare attack us vastly superior upper class trash Royals?"

After seeing how terribly bad the NATO officers in Ukraine have done against Russia, I am convinced that, if NATO fights Russia, with everything else being equal, Russia will crush NATO.

Now, if war were a butt kissing contest, NATO would win.


Remember that I have been telling you that Russia knows they will have to invade the West to stop their insanity?

Then I found this video that, in the first minute, it tells you that the great lefty god, Blinken, said that, if Russia defeats Ukraine, the US will have to get involved.


Because the upper class trash are insanely obsessed with destroying Russia to set up their global dictatorship and they don't care how many of you will be killed. Russia is the only major thing standing between them and their global dictatorship. The upper class trash never quit and the only thing that can stop them is death and Putin knows that.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash Royals are the problem and are nuts? Getting kind of obvious, isn't it?

One thing they are trying to do is they are trying to scare Congress into giving Ukraine more money. One thing Afghan Joe is missing is that he cannot engage in a sustained war without the approval of and funding by Congress. He cannot just go charging off to war against Russia.

Then he tells you that the West has done nothing to even discourage Venezuela from stealing two thirds of Guyana for oil.

Just when you think the upper class trash can't get any more nuts, they do. I think they are having an international insanity contest and it is close.

Then he tells you that Z Boy is going to be leaving Ukraine and will be replaced as head nut.

What? Did they finally tell him leave or die?

Hey, time to go visit those mansions he has all over the world, paid for with your tax money, of course.

Remember that I told you that it is only a matter of time until the Ukrainian forces get tired of being used for cannon fodder to get more money, they will rebel, and turn on Z Boy?

About 8:30 into that video the 110th Brigade said that, if things don't improve they might have to go to Kiev and have a talk with Z Boy. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Hmmm, maybe that is why Z Boy decided to go into retirement? Now, where did I put my keys to my mansions?


Remember that I have been warning you about the invasion of the US across our borders?

In this brief video he tells you it is worse than what anyone has told you so far. Even my statements have been conservative, as usual. It is really, really terrible and what we call an "existential threat" or a threat to our national security.

Where is the US Military? Are they not supposed to protect our national security?

Oh yeah, they have Nation of Islam member Austin in charge of the Pentagon.

What he is telling you is that you better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load because it is getting very bad.

BTW, Afghan Joe is not concerned about poll numbers or what the voters think about him because he knows the left will rig the votes enough to get him reelected. What Afghan Joe is concerned about is what the Nation of Islam, Farrakhan, and Obama think about him because they will kill him.

One thing you need to keep an eye on is that sooner or later, the upper class trash Royals will do to Afghan Joe what they are doing to Z Boy.


Remember that I have been telling you that most of the rest of the hostages are not going to come out alive because the terrorists did not kidnap them to turn them loose?

In this video he tells you that "a lot of the hostages are not going to come out alive" and the people and media need to back off, let Israel finish the job of eradicating Hamas so they can't murder more people.

Everyone who keeps harping about getting ALL of the hostages out alive is being unrealistic or a liar or traitor and interfering with Israel doing what she has to do to prevent this kind of atrocity from happening again.

He also tells you that there should be no more cease fires or Afghan Joe "pauses" and just get the job done.

I want to know why, especially with the Houthis attacking shipping, no one has attacked the Houthis in Yemen to destroy their weapons stock piles and kill their leaders?

They are committing acts of war against the rest of the world.

The only reason I can think of is because the people who can properly respond are on the side of the Houthis against Israel and you.

Israel is now pumping sea water into the Hamas tunnels.

Remember how all of the media kept talking about how Israel was "just talking about doing it" and why?

The talk was a distraction to keep the idiot journalists busy while Israel moved those heavy pumps into position and hooked them up and it worked. For some reason, Israel didn't want Hamas attacking its people while they were putting those things in place.

They were not just thinking or talking about it, they were doing it but kept the journalists guessing while they set it up. Hey, journalists are easy to fool and you don't want the enemy to know everything you are doing before it is being done.

Then I found this video that shows you how massive the pumps are they put in place, which required quite a bit of time so the IDF distracted the idiot journalists by "just thinking and talking about it". Note they had to dig a water channel, a water pumping position or pond, build those big pumps in place, and then build the pipelines to the tunnels and it probably took more than 5 seconds.

Maybe Hamas needs to grow some gills?

Remember that I told you that Israel has a number of ways to use different kinds of technology to find tunnels and their doors?

In just 2 months, they have found more than 800 tunnels and entrances or about 13 to 14 per day. That is a lot of tunnels to find in such a short time.

In this video they tell you that Israel has identified more than 800 tunnels and destroyed about one third of them or about 300 of them (they are leaving some of them open for tactical reasons). That is excellent work for only two months and, with them now flooding the tunnels, they will find the rest really fast, especially when the water starts coming up out of them right after the terrorists start coming up out of them.

Basically, Hamas' tunnel warfare is failing really bad, really fast, and has been turned into a trap for them. Hey, their tunnel warfare was probably dreamed up by stupid lefty college professors because everything they dream up fails.

One of the best strategies I ever learned for both military and sports is to use what the opponent does against them because they cannot counter that.

This video provides you with a lot of great intel and, at about 8:30 into the video, he tells you that others are using their "diplomatic means" to keep Israel from destroying Hamas so they can murder more Israelis in the future, just like I have been telling you.

It is blatantly obvious that some "allied nations" like the US and UK are working very hard to help Hamas defeat Israel, while putting on a show of helping Israel to fool their stupid people, so Hamas can murder more Israelis and then you in the future. There is no doubt about it and he just told you.

While pretending to be the allies of Israel, Afghan Joe and his bunch are working to help the Iranian Muslim terrorists destroy Israel and most of the media are helping Hamas. Hey, most journalists will tell any lie for money.

Don't believe me?

Just look at how the lies they are telling are destroying their media and jobs and they just keep telling the blatant lies they are paid to tell.

Do you believe me yet that the Nation of Islam and Obama are working with Iran to destroy Israel to set up their Caliphate and conquer the rest of the world? How much more evidence will be required to prove it to you?

In this video she tells you that Hamas is reaching out to get help from Pakistan and then she goes off rambling about a number of reasons why that don't matter but do provide you with intel about Muslims.

She shows you how Muslims are filled with hate for Israel but it isn't just Israel, it is for all non Muslims and even Muslims of other sects. Remember that they only call Israel the little Satan and the US the big Satan, meaning that they hate the US more than Israel and want to do the same thing to the US they did to Israel on October 7.

The real reason is that Pakistan has nukes and Israel has nukes so, of course, Hamas wants nukes to counter Israel's nukes. That is just common sense.

If Hamas can get Pakistan and/or her nukes into this war, she will get more other Muslim nations to join the fight. Even if they just get one small tactical nuke and use it to threaten Israel, other Muslim nations will join the fight.

People keep talking about how Russia is on the side of Hamas.

Then why did the president of Iran have to go to Russia to beg Putin for help in Gaza? Why is Putin not already in this up to his neck with boots on the ground in Israel, you know, with Wagner?

Gee, that doesn't look like he is 100% onboard to me.

God gave us the death penalty for things like murder and our leaders, "who know better than God", have done away with the death penalty.

How did that workout?

Yahya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas they are hunting now, was put in prison for 23 years for murdering two IDF soldiers and their idiot leaders let him go for some hostage exchange years ago so he put together plans to murder more than 1,400 more Israelis. Wow, that worked really well.

Maybe God is smarter than our leaders and we should bring back the death penalty for people like him so some idiot leaders can't turn them loose to murder more people later? Maybe we would do better living by God's Laws instead of by man's laws? Maybe the upper class trash Royals are not as smart as they think they are? Are you ready for a Christian theocracy yet?

This time the soldiers better kill him so the idiot leaders can't turn him loose again to murder more Israelis and you know the idiots will. Just look at the hundreds of criminals they turned loose for 100 hostages. Those arrogant fools have not learned a thing.

How many more Israelis are those criminals going to murder?

No matter how well the troops win this war, you know their idiot leaders will screw things up again. They helped Hamas cause this mess with their brilliant actions by doing things like turning terrorists like him loose to murder more people, by giving the Muslim Arabs a two state solution to build the Hamas terrorist organization in, and to disarm the Israeli people with their "gun control" so they would be much easier prey, among other things. They should hang the leaders for treason who helped Hamas murder Israelis by doing those and other things. That blood is on their hands but they won't learn and will remain just as stupid as before because dey beliebs der lefty college professors and gods over the one true God.

One thing they need to do right now to prevent this kind of lefty stupidity from happening again is to put together a legal organization to litigate everyone who caused this to happen with their lefty virtue signalling, including the lefty college professors who dreamed it up. They need to litigate everyone responsible for not wiping out Hamas last time, including the media. They need to litigate the people who did this two state solution virtue signaling thing that was used to build the Hamas terrorist organization. They need to litigate everyone involved in the gun control that made Israelis helpless and easy prey. It is time to start holding those lefty brain dead know-it-all's responsible for their actions. They have already killed too many people with their great sounding stupid ideas.

But the Bible tells us that this stupidity is not going to stop because the stupid Israeli leaders will sign a peace treaty with the Muslims leaders (including the Antichrist) at the beginning of the Tribulation to keep Israel out of the fight until the Muslim nations have conquered the rest of the world, leaving Israel all alone against Islam so Israel will be forced to abdicate to Islam at mid Tribulation.


Because most of the Israeli leaders are too stupid and lazy to study Islam to learn what they believe to learn how they think to learn what they will do so the arrogant fools will just sign the treaty and blindly believe the great sounding lies of the Muslims until it is too late. They will do something that stupid even after they defeat Islam in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, knowing the Muslims want revenge.

First the US and France banned Israelis from entering the US and France and now Belgium has joined in doing the same. This is clearly to keep Israelis from escaping being murdered by fleeing to those nations when their nation is invaded.

Keep an eye on this because you know more nations will do this.

Do you believe me yet that the stupid people are running this planet? Do they even have an IQ between them all? Hey, what do you expect from reprobate minds, intelligence?

Saudi Arabia has told the US to "use restraint in dealing with the Houthis", which tells me that Saudi Arabia is now fully in bed with Iran and the Nation of Islam so that the Houthis are no longer his enemies and Israel is.

I told you that he climbed in bed with Iran against Israel.

That is why Afghan Joe is not attacking the Houthis and Iran for their acts of war against anyone they want.


Remember that I have been telling you that China is financially and economically dying?

This video shows that she is now violently imploding and couldn't support a sustained war but such problems almost always cause lunatic dictators to go to war to save their rule by sacking other nations to pay their bills.

If they were not a bunch of brain dead communists, they would open up their economy to free market capitalism so the people would start investing that money in businesses for the local economies they are sending out of country to keep their insane government from stealing it. That would easily save their economy within months but then their insane, brainwashed commie leaders wouldn't have control over everything to keep screwing things up the way they are brainwashed communists to believe they should do because dey is smarty pants and have been brainwashed to know what is best for ebry one even though it has never worked.

For China to turn around on its own and start really growing, the CCP has to cease to exist and be replaced with a group of free market capitalists.

If Taiwan were to take control of China right now, the people would embrace the government and new economy passionately. That could save the Chinese economy really fast.

The West

Remember that I told you that the nations like in Africa the West imperialized and sacked would start wanting reparations from those Western nations that became wealthy sacking the imperialized nations?

Barbados in the Caribbean is now demanding that the UK pay $4.9 trillion in damages to their nation for reparations for slavery. Multiply that reparation times 100. It has already started because the rest of the nations realize the West is no longer militarily super strong because their greedy upper class trash Royals sacked their own militaries for more money to launder into their greedy pockets just like I told you would happen. With the third world nations now taking back control of their resources the West has been stealing, the Western nations are about to become even weaker.

This is only the beginning and you watch the African nations go ape over this, especially with the support of Russia, China, and India, with the latter two having also been sacked by the West. When Russia goes into Europe, Africa will definitely be there with her.

If they don't get some kind of significant reparations, they will eventually go to war to sack the Western nations to get reparations anyway they can.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out," and "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." It just got real.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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