I Told You So 61

So you think the US Government isn't broke yet? Last month, of the more than one trillion dollars spent by the US Treasury, approximately 75% of it was spent paying off previously run up debt which had come due. Only about 25% of what we spent last month went for the current national budget. Every month it will get worse because they had to sell more debt than was paid off to cover paying off the debt which had come due plus interest and additional expenses. Within the next year, that debt plus interest will come due and we will go further into debt to pay it off. We are spending more on our debt than we are on running our bloated government because the politicians just couldn't wait for tax revenues to spend on their pet projects and got us into the worst debt in history.

Our total net revenues for the month of March was a little over 128 billion dollars, our debt payment was over 750 billion dollars, and we spent more than one trillion dollars in just one month. I don't care how you work the math on that, if you spend over one trillion dollars and only bring in 128 billion dollars, you are broke. That is like you spending 10,000 a month and only making 1.28 thousand dollars a month. Oops, light bulb time.

This country is dead, it just hasn't finished kicking yet and you can thank our irresponsible and corrupt politicians and bureaucrats for it.

On another note, I told you that these "civilian revolutions" in Muslim countries were really being staged by Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Al Quaeda to seize control of those countries' armies and use them against Israel in a War. They have not even had the elections in Egypt yet and the people in charge and running for elections are making moves to work with Iran and declaring they will go to war with Israel if she continues to defend herself against the attacks from Hamas. Gee, I wonder if that is why Obama and the Commiecrats worked so hard to get those previous rulers overthrown?

Also, could it be that one reason Obama is getting us tied down in more wars in more countries is so we won't be able to come to the aid of Israel when those countries decide to attack her?

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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I Told You So 62