I Told You So 62

For some time, I have been telling you that the liberal pagan holy god, democracy, has failed....again, as it did in Greece and Rome. The reason for this is the the corrupt, criminal liberals and Muslims have gotten controlling democracy and using it to seize control of countries down to such a science that they can now very quickly and easily use democracy to seize control of any country while preaching their false god's wonderful blessings of freedom and peace, neither of which happens under their oppressive rule via their god, democracy.

Not only is the proof for this all around you throughout the West but also throughout the communist countries which practice their controlled version of democracy to appease and control the people but now Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Al Quaeda are using it, with a little help from the liberals, I might add, to seize control of more countries like Egypt and turn those countries into their oppressive "democratic" dictatorships.

It should be blatantly obvious that it was not the false liberal pagan god, democracy, which made the US the greatest country in the history of the world, especially when you already had so many failed third world democracies all around you for more than 100 years. It was Yahweh, the God of the Bible, Jews, Christians, and all existence, who made the US the greatest country in the history of the world and that was in spite of considerable corruption within the country for at least the last 150+ years. If you objectively study history, you will find this is very true.

The only reason we were more successful than any other country, even all other democracies, was because we were more Christian and followed God more closely than any other country. In studying history, you will also find that when we got too far away from God and the country became too corrupt, we paid for it just like every other country in the world has been paying for it for centuries. The US was not "the great experiment in democracy" as we have been told by the lying liberal pagans but the great experiment in Christianity and a country walking closer to God than any country since ancient Israel.

Did we get it perfect? No, and neither did the Jews, we just did a better job of walking with God than anyone else since ancient Israel and, now that we have strayed from God, we are paying the same price Israel has paid for thousands of years. You will notice in studying the scriptures that every time the people of Israel strayed from God, they paid the same price we are paying and every time they repented and returned to God, things got much better because of God and they didn't even have the pagan god, democracy.

So, what is the answer for our problems? A new political system such as Libertarianism? A new politically active party such as the Tea Party? New laws and lower taxes to get rid of our rapidly increasing debt? New man made morals as the liberals tried a few years back because they realized their "secular" (pagan) morals were not working? Any of man's new and great sounding answers?

No, the answer is revival back to God, asking Him to clean up our man made mess for us and by guiding us. We need to acknowledge our crimes against God and His Laws, repent of those crimes, and return to obeying His Laws and following His lead. God only gives His wisdom or common sense to those who seek Him and not to people who seek false pagan gods such as democracy, Libertarianism, Marxism, political parties, morals and laws, knowledge, academia, education, wealth or money, power, psychology, or anything else man can dream up because man's dreams and ideas are flawed and only God knows the heart of man. We need God's wisdom and guidance and not the wisdom and guidance of man. Man's wisdom and guidance has failed us every time but God's will not fail us ever.

Until this country turns from the pagan (read secular) ways of man back to the superior ways of God, everything will continue to get worse. Until there is a repentance and revival back to God, everything will keep getting worse even though, at some times they will only seem to get better.

A good example here is that some of the politicians who got elected this last time around because of the Tea Party movement are now rejecting those Tea Party ideas and methods and doing business as usual with the liberal pagans. Gee, I guess that false pagan god didn't work too well, did it?

It is long past time to acknowledge our crimes against God, repent of those crimes, and turn back to God. I believe there is still time within which God will come to our rescue but that time grows shorter every day. In the scriptures, we are taught that, if we call on the name of God, He will hear us, come, and save us but, as long as we continue to call on the names of these false pagan gods of democracy, Libertarianism, Marxism, and such, these false gods won't do a thing for us and neither will Yahweh. We have to turn to and ask God to help us before He will save us from ourselves and our foolishness. It is time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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