I Told You So 615

Chinese Weapons

Remember that I have been telling you that China's weapons are ineffective garbage?

This video shows you how terribly bad their GPS system it. It is really, really bad and flawed in many ways AND that is what guides their missiles to their targets.

You have to understand why this is bad for China. Their plan is to destroy the US GPS satellites so the US weapons can't hit China and have their own GPS satellites for navigation and weapons guidance but theirs don't work. They fired some missiles in the Taiwan area that went wild and ended up in the Sea of Japan, way off target.

Hey, we will all be missing each other but we won't because we have at least a plan B for that strategy, probably more. We won't be missing.

I don't care how fast your hypersonic missiles are, if they can't hit the desired target, they will just miss faster.

If it were not for their troops infiltrated into the US by the millions, I would not be concerned about China. Those infiltrated troops are China's most serious threat to the US and China knows it.

I don't know how good of fighters they are because I almost never see them doing anything but marching for Xi so, maybe, if we start playing their Chinese marching music, they will all get up and start marching.

I firmly believe that China persists in threatening to invade Taiwan to distract from her current invasion of the US because, if she takes out the US, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan will be significantly isolated and more likely to just surrender to China, though, I still think they will fight.


Remember that I have been telling you that the UN and other international organizations like it will soon implode?

This video shows just how horribly biased the UN has become towards Muslims and their terrorists and against anyone else. He really chews them out. This Israeli War is making that bias very obvious and turning people against the US so nations will start dumping it.

Dumb Bombs

Remember I told you that the left's bull crap about "dumb bombs" was a lie?

They are still used accurately and the accuracy is based on the accuracy of the EW on the planes for timing the release of the weapons to hit the target and he tells you the same thing I told you in this video.

Afghan Joe is lying to you about dumb bombs.

With good EW, and Israel has the best, you can do what we called "sticking it in their pocket" or accurately hitting the target.

The pilots practice hitting their targets because it doesn't do any good to miss and then the pilots would have to risk their lives to try to take out the same target again. When they are shooting at you, that is a big motivation to hit that baby the first time. You don't want to go back for the same target.


This video gives good intel concerning the war in Israel. First, she tells you that Israel is now expecting to finish in Gaza by mid to late January, in the next 3 to 5 weeks, which explains the escalations by Iran, Hezbollah, and the Houthis to try to draw more nations into a commitment to invade Israel.

Iran is getting just a wee bit desperate because her plans are failing but, hey, what do you expect for the Nation of Islam proxy after everything else they have done has failed?

Man plans, God laughs.

Then she explains that the Hezbollah partial pull out of troops from the Israeli border could mean any number of things including a con to set up a surprise attack.

She then explains the requirements for Israel to not go into Lebanon to stop the attacks by Hezbollah.

BTW, with Israel so clearly winning, remember who told you Israel would lose or is still losing so you don't let them fool you again.

The Houthis are now claiming to have launched a drone attack on the Eilat Port in southern Israel, which has had a decrease in business of 85% since the attacks started.

This is just more proof that Israel will have to take Yemen to clear the Houthis out and stop their attacks on her shipping just like I told she would have to years ago to fulfill the prophecy in Daniel. The Muslims just won't quit.

Note that the Red Sea is the only place I have seen any military actions by the US to help Israel.

Afghan Joe has desperately contacted Qatar to try and get help at imposing another cease fire on Israel to save their Hamas butchers from being wiped out by Israel. Oh, but this time it is for a PERMANENT TRUCE or surrender to Hamas, not a cease fire. He is desperately trying to save the last of his Hamas terrorists and their leaders.

If they all get killed off, who will want to start another war with Israel for the Nation of Islam and Iran, you know, another suicide mission? People, does that look like Afghan Joe is helping Hamas or Israel? Now, if Hamas gets wiped out, what other Muslim nations will want to go to war with Israel unless the US leads the invasion?

The Nation of Islam's war and show are not working very well.

Remember that I have been telling you that Hezbollah has been attacking Israel to 1) draw troops and weapons away from being used in Gaza to destroy Hamas and 2) to draw more nations into the war to invade Israel?

This video tells us that, in spite of Hezbollah withdrawing some troops from the Israeli border, she is accelerating her attacks against Israel and Israel is returning fire.

I only watched the first 4 minutes of that telling about Hezbollah increasing its attacks against Israel. Once they get past the news I have to move on to researching more news.

BTW, I just found out that the terrorists' great sounding stupid idea of tunnel warfare is backfiring so bad the terrorists are fleeing the tunnels in Gaza for high rise buildings and being finished off there.

Man plans, God laughs.

I am hearing more and more that, as the fighting winds down in Gaza, Israel is ramping up for war in Lebanon against Hezbollah and Hezbollah is increasing its attacks on Israel, which will just cause Israel to respond more.

Then they are also increasing their attacks out of Syria against Israel, which will cause Israel to even more quickly turn her war efforts to the north.


This is really big. This video tells you that the EU has written a proposal that will soon be voted on that says that refugees in the EU who do not belong in the EU are to be deported.

WHAT? I thought all refugees were angels welcomed into the EU? Are they finding out the truth about all of those Muslims migrating into the EU?

You have to understand the strategic situation. ALL of the European nations have devastated their militaries because of the greed of the upper class trash Royals so they virtually have nothing to fight with.

Russia alone would just sweep through Europe, especially after a surprise preemptive nuke attack.

Then they have hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees from Africa and the Middle East who have already been causing most of their nations' problems.

Then you add in the armies of those angry African nations who are being armed and trained by Russia attacking into Southern Europe.

There is no way Europe can survive that and you can bet that almost all of the upper class trash and their puppets will be either killed or enslaved. It is their turn to be conquered the way they conquered others for more than 1,000 years.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

Do you believe me yet that you are living the fall of Rome II?

They are talking about President Moron of France. France has had problems with large neighborhoods of tens to hundreds of thousands of Muslim migrants within their larger cities over more than a decade. They have rioted quite a few times and, if they riot during an invasion by their fellow countrymen from Africa, France probably won't be able to win that war, forget about after having been nuked by Russia and Russia quickly moving towards France from the east. President Moron is waking up to reality and getting a wee bit desperate and scared but not scared enough to quit trying to steal from those African nations.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

What they end up showing you is that the EU is a mess and so are a number of its nations. This will cause increasing numbers of nations to leave the EU to survive. The upper class trash always screw up everything they touch.


Now that they are free from the oppressive imperialism of Europe, especially France, they are finding out more of what France and the other nations did to the African nations and it ain't good and they ain't too happy about it.

This video tells you that they now know that France was organizing and financing terrorist attacks in Mali to give France a reason to have her troops in Mali to control the nation. Oops!

It also tells you that Mali asked the UN to investigate but it did nothing because they are also owned by Europe.

Most of that video is about exposing France for aiding terrorists to con the people and the UN not stopping it.

Do you believe me yet that the UN is destroying itself by destroying its own credibility? Do you believe me yet that they are really angry at Europe, especially France? Do you believe me yet that those angry nations will help Russia invade Europe and then sack it?


Remember that I have been telling you that Iran is just a proxy for the Nation of Islam, which currently controls the US Government too?

In this video Walid Phares tells you that "someone in Washington is whispering in Iran's ear", you know, giving them instructions and orders just like I have been telling you. He is telling you that someone in Washington is telling them that we will strike back but won't do much damage.

You have to understand that Walid used to be a Muslim terrorist, converted to Christianity several decades ago, and he knows how those organizations work. He has inside knowledge and knows "who is whispering in whose ears".

In other words, it is all show just like I have been telling you. The attacks are orchestrated to make people believe we are fighting each other when we are not. It is just a show to fool the people.

Also, I am convinced that, based on Afghan Joe's and Afghan Austin's actions and Israel's Mossad intelligence, Israel knows that it is the Nation of Islam controlling the US and Iran and managing this war. Israel's words and actions are telling me she knows, is playing along with them, doing what she knows is best, and using the Nation of Islam's own games against her. She is outsmarting them, which will soon cause them to become very desperate.

Man plans, God laughs.

Then I found this very interesting video tells you at about 50 seconds into it that the "slow down in peace negotiations were because of secret talks" Afghan Joe was having with Iran.

Gee, I wonder who in Washington was whispering in Iran's ear? Now, with Afghan Joe being Mahdi Obama's puppet and Mahdi Obama being one of the top dudes in the Nation of Islam, you don't think Iran has been and still is working with the Nation of Islam, do you? Is it obvious enough yet?

Note that Afghan Joe was having these secret talks while Iran was "attacking US bases in Iraq and Syria".

Gee, were they planning those out too just like I told you? Do you believe me yet? So, how do you like being played for suckers and fools by Afghan Joe, Mahdi Obama, the Nation of Islam, and Iran?

And God said, "The truth will be made known."

Then I found out that, on January 4th, Iran is meeting with Erdogan of Turkey and you know Iran is going to try to talk Turkey into making a military commitment to invade Israel, you know, like Algeria did. Hey, getting those ducks all in a row, baby.


Remember that I have been telling you for decades about the upper class trash Royals laundering massive amounts of money from our government into their greedy pockets.

They are saying that Rand Paul has released a "shocking report" that has found hundreds of billions of dollars in waste in the US Government just like I have been telling you for decades. Surprise, surprise, surprise!!!

The ugly truth is that, if you dug really deep, you could probably find at least one or two trillion more in waste. Now, if you follow that money right into their pockets, you will find out who the upper class trash and their puppets are.

If you follow that money, you will find a number of things. First, you will find a very corrupt US Government that research showed decades ago we could easily fire at least 75% of it, starting at the top, and it would function better.

Second, you will find a very corrupt upper class system for just putting money in their evil pockets to make them more wealth and give them more power and control with your tax dollars.

Third, you will find funding for the Nation of Islam shadow government. I already told you that it was revealed decades ago that Farrakhan was using things like money from the government paid to land owners/farmers to not grow certain crops to fund him and his nation of Islam. There are plenty of other such government projects and money funding that shadow government plus they have infiltrated and taken deep state control of our government.

Your tax dollars are funding most of the Nation of Islam and its insurrection of your government so you are paying them to take over and destroy your government.

Fourth, it will be very difficult to find but I told you decades ago that the good guys in the US Military have a very sophisticated money laundering system to fund their military shadow government to protect us from complete control by the Nation of Islam because they knew what was being planned and prepared for it. When the time comes, they will make their move but they have to wait until the Nation of Islam shows its entire hand, which they are doing right now.

That is one heck of a mess, isn't it? And you wonder why we are spending $3 trillion dollars a year?

I have realized that the strategy for bringing in more and more illegal aliens is to try to overwhelm the US citizens in a fight for control of the nation.

You BETTER pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load.


Remember that I have been telling you that, after Russia has destroyed enough of Ukraine's soldiers, weapons, and munitions, Ukraine won't even be able to hold ground?

This video shows that is happening right now. He tells you that Ukraine is rapidly losing ground all along the front line and in at least one area is already routing by running away, leaving behind munitions, and leaving behind vehicles.

When that routing spreads far enough, it will turn into a panicked chaos and foot race for Poland.

Keep an eye on it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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