I Told You So 616


Remember that I told you that Russia was waiting to stage her offensive until Ukraine had fewer weapons and troops to cause casualties to Russian forces? Remember that I told you that, when Ukraine had too few troops and weapons left to hold ground, Russia would begin her offensive in earnest?

Ukraine obviously reached point days ago and this video shows that Russia has started the artillery preparations for a troop offensive. Pay attention to all of the military targets Russia hit with more than 100 missiles and drones.

He points out that Russia first staged a smaller attack to expose the location for Ukrainian air defenses and then started the main attack with more than 100 missiles and drones attacking those air defenses and many other targets. Russia attacked targets all over Ukraine.

I think it is pretty safe to say that Russia's offensive has begun, especially with the ground so muddy that the retreating Ukrainian troops will have to leave their vehicles and munitions behind to quickly get away.

At this point, you need to keep an eye out for the Ukrainian troops to route and race for the Polish border. Most likely Russia is going to try to stampede the Ukrainian forces into a full scale route to Poland to decrease Russian losses and the remaining fighting time to victory. If they get scared enough, they will run.

When they do route, watch the Russian forces in Western Belarus attack to the south to cut off the Ukrainian forces escape into Poland and Poland's invasion to grab Ukrainian land.

Notice that he told you that the Russian Navy did not participate in this attack and is waiting for their turn in a soon coming phase. This part of the war will be fought in phases ramping up to a full scale war.

One thing you must remember at this point is all of the media and others that were telling you how Ukraine was crushing the Russian troops and killing 1,000+ troops, dozens of tanks, and dozens of artillery in from an hour to a day. NEVER believe ANYTHING those media ever say again because they completely destroyed their credibility with their lies. They are liars and are probably paid by the upper class trash to lie.

This brief video shows some of the more heavily attacked major cities and the types of targets they hit such as training bases, NATO/mercenary base, air defenses, air bases, and a lot of warehouses that were for weapons and munitions storage or holding areas. They took out a lot of very important military targets.

This video shows some very interesting things. First, it shows a disabled man forced into service and they didn't even give him a weapon because they are short on weapons so they told him he would have to get a weapon in combat, you know, when someone else dies and doesn't need their weapon.

Then he showed you some of Russia's improved ECM to protect their weapons from NATO drones like I told you Russia has very good ECM now.

Then he showed you that type of killer drone for killing drones that I designed and tried to get the US to start using during the invasion of Iraq but the military industry wouldn't develop it because they wouldn't make as much money per kill because bullets cost the military much less than missiles. The Russians call it the "shotgun" drone because it uses bullets to kill other drones like I proposed instead of million dollar missiles.

This is horrible because it means that the Russians are using a type of drone I designed more than a decade ago to hunt and kill NATO drones like I proposed doing to enemy drones more than a decade ago. That makes my brain hurt.

Well, at least my drone was much more sophisticated because it was designed to not only hunt and kill other drones but to also attack ground targets up to at least moderately armored vehicles, and troops inside buildings plus it was designed to use ECM to find and kill targets plus infrared technology to hunt at night and find hotter weapons like artillery barrels plus it used stealth technology.

All their little drone does is use regular vision and shotgun shells to hunt drones. That is a step in the right direction.

Hey, US Military, are you ready to build my drone yet!?!?

Remember that I have been warning you that the upper class trash Royals and their puppets have been underestimating Russia's military might because they have promoted butt kissers who keep telling the Royals what they want to hear?

This video tells you that Germany has finally figured out the obvious that they have been underestimating Russia's military capabilities.

Gee, who would have guessed?

Hey, at least the arrogant over educated fools figured it out before they got nuked and not after.

This video shows that Russia has been upgrading her weapons and saving her best for last. Before this missile attack, Russia staged another missile attack to locate all of Ukraine's air defense systems like SAMs. Now she is using these missiles to destroy those and other targets. After she destroys all of the SAMs, she can attack everything with anything she wants.

Russia's offensive is now well under way.

Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39

Remember that the Bible says one of the invading forces during the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 will be Persia?

This video shows about 3 minutes into it that the former parts of the Persian Empire, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, are now under the control of Iran, which used to be the ruling country for the Persian Empire. They are now behaving as one nation or empire with vassal rulers in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. Gee, what a magic coincidence.


India is ramping up its own independent force concerning the Red Sea terrorist attacks as shown in this video. She originally had one war ship before the Houthis started attacking ships and now has 5 ships plus an anti-submarine aircraft, the P-81, which is a big four engine cargo plane with EW on it for monitoring ships and planes in the area.

The lie that the US is protecting or aiding Israel, while working against Iran is a big con or sucker punch they are using to convince people that the US is protecting Israel and they have a lot of people in the US convinced and believing the first part of the lie.

If they were really protecting Israel, they would be destroying the Iranian soldiers they are calling proxies but they are actually working to protect them.

One example is the Houthis. By just shooting down missiles and drones instead of taking out Houthis troops, weapons and munitions, they are making it look like they are helping Israel while making an excuse to not really help Israel by taking out the Houthis' ability to attack Israel and ships, which is what really helping Israel requires. They are using that illusion to protect the Houthis.

The US is not really attacking the Houthis, they are just shooting down the missiles and drones they paid Iran to provide.

Another example is the US only providing certain weapons and munitions to Israel while trying to stop Israel from destroying Hamas to protect Hamas and just making it look like they are helping Israel. Listen, if they stop Israel from using the weapons and munitions they are providing Israel with to destroy Hamas, then it doesn't do any good for Israel to get those weapons and munitions.

Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, Obama, and the Nation of Islam have the people believing the first half of the lie, which is that they are helping Israel, when they are really protecting Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis.

When they nuke Chicago to seize control of the US, they will use people believing the first half of the lie to get people to believe the rest of the lie, that it was Israel who betrayed the US, after the "US was helping Israel", and nuked Chicago to turn more of the people against Israel and to justify them invading and destroying Israel.

Talk about a con. This video shows that Afghan Joe and company are trying to convince you even more that they are supporting Israel by bypassing Congress to send Israel weapons, while trying to stop Israel from using those weapons to wipe out Hamas. They are getting really slick to sucker punch you and be able to completely convince you that Israel nuked Chicago.

Burkina Faso

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash Royals have gotten wealthy over the last 3,500 plus years by stealing from hard working people?

This video shows that they still are and this is only one of many examples. He tells you in that video a number of ways the European Royals have been sacking the people of Burkina Faso and leaving them impoverished, while making themselves the richest people in the world.

This is why Jesus said that it will be easier for a camel to pass through an eye of a needled than for a rich/Royal to get into Heaven. They have been the most savage criminals in history, murdering and robbing the working people for thousands of years.

They do not have more money than you because they have more intelligence than you. They have more money than you because they have fewer morals, values, and ethics than you; they are willing to lie and murder to take what you have. They are easily the worst criminals in history. All they know how to do is steal from you.

He points out to you that the Royals didn't stop using slavery but changed how they were making it work.

The Royals started doing this hundreds of years ago by developing three different types of non ownership slavery called the surf, peasantry, and peonage systems, where they used various methods to control the people while still working them for subsistence or survival pay. What they have done with this form of non ownership slavery is they control the economy and culture to force you to work for subsistence pay, while they get rich.

They are doing something similar in the US by changing the name of slavery to human trafficking. They have not quit and only death can cause them to quit.

The people know it, are very angry about it, and you think they won't sack Europe, if given a chance?

You would.

He tells you that the most dominant company stealing gold from Burkina Faso, its economy, and its people is from the UK, you know, the British Royals.

Remember that these African nations are now able to break free because the greedy upper class trash sacked their own militaries to fill their own greedy pockets so that now those Royals don't have powerful enough militaries to oppress the African nations.

I told you this would happen years ago because it always happens in history because the upper class trash Royals always get more and more greedy until they start stealing from their own militaries, making themselves vulnerable to being conquered, sacked, and taken away as slaves. They have not learned in thousands of years.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

It would not surprise me if Africa ends up with most of the upper class trash Royals from the West as slaves in Africa. If you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.

What Traore is doing to help his nation will cost the greedy European upper class trash Royals billions of dollars and he can do it because those same Royals sacked their militaries, Russia is helping him build his military, and Russia is now his ally.

The Royals are going to lose much more than the billions of dollars they stole from their militaries.

Greed is a sin that causes people to cause harm to other people to increase their own wealth.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."


Remember that I have been telling you that this election is going to be super rigged? Remember that I have been telling you that I am surprised Trump is still alive?

In this video he also tells you that he thought they would just kill Trump. If they feel it is necessary, they will kill him.

Then he shows you that the left, including RINOs, are super rigging this election to keep him off the ballot at any cost. I don't know who God will use to clean up this mess, Trump or someone else, but I just don't want it to be me unless God tells me to and then I will do my best.

Do you still believe that the Constitutional Republic of the US is still alive?

They are RIGHT NOW finishing setting up their dictatorship.

And you think these savages won't nuke Chicago to finish setting up their dictatorship? Do you believe me yet that only God can save our buts from these traitors now?

You BETTER pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load. Satan's spawn are not leaving you any choice.


Remember that I warned you years ago that our businesses, especially the industrial businesses making things, taking their businesses to other nations to increase their profits is a threat to US national security?

This video tells you that they have finally figured it out. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

If you have to depend on your industries in other countries to get things of a strategic nature, especially for military use, your military is vulnerable for any number of reasons. Such industries should have never been permitted to leave our nation at all because our national security is more important than their wealth. We are going to pay for their greed.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

Remember that I told you that the left is destroying the US Military so it cannot stop them from setting up their global dictatorship?

This video shows you that they have been using psychological warfare against the people to destroy the military capabilities. They are destroying the US Military in every way possible.

He tells you that, this year, the US Military will be decreased to where it will only have 450,000 fighting troops. Israel has more troops than that in a nation of only 9 million people and Obama's Nation of Islam has millions of troops with many of them also in the US Military.

Do you get the picture? Out of that 450,000 US fighting troops, how many are actually Nation of Islam troops infiltrated into the US Military? Do you believe me yet that you are going to need God fighting for you to win this war?

The simple minded idiots don't want to have the US Military in their way but are too stupid to realize they then won't have the US Military to protect them from the people who will conquer, sack, and enslave them for their wealth. They will pay for this treason.

God said, "Be not deceived because your sins will find you out."

Remember that I have been warning you about the left waging biological warfare against you?

This video shows that they are not just using the illegal aliens to bring in soldiers to help fight against you but they are also using them to bring in diseases to kill many of you so they will have fewer of you to fight.

It turns out that the illegal aliens are part of their biological warfare against you.

Remember that I have been warning you that they have used the lies by the chemical companies to get you to get rid of free roaming feral cats by falsely saying they devastate ecosystems to drive up the rodent population so they can use such diseases as Yersinia Pestis to murder off a bunch of you without you realizing they are murdering you. Most people will just blame the rodents.

You better keep an eye on that because this nation is primed for Yersinia Pestis to cause a much worse disaster than it did 700 years ago and I have explained that to you years ago.

Upper Class Trash Royals

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash Royals are liars and frauds who only care about themselves and their bank accounts, while pretending to care about everything else?

This video gives you an example of their lies, fraud, and hypocrisy. I have been watching these evil monsters for more than half a century and they just keep getting worse. The more crimes they get away with, the more crimes they commit.

It is like God taught me, their insane greed and lust for power cause better than 90% of our problems and they have taken it to where only God can stop them from destroying this world and you. It is because of these lying, inbred lunatics that you better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load. They are easily the worst criminals in history because they are right now committing global genocide of more than 7.5 billion people to set up their global dictatorship. You just know that Satan is so proud of these evil things.

The only thing that will stop these and other monsters like them is death and, when they are burning in Hell, the planet will be a much better place. That is why I am so very much looking forward to the Millennial Reign of Jesus, when all of those things will be burning in Hell, where they can never again cause harm to anyone. The world will be so wonderful without them and that is why there won't be any crime or wars for 1,000 years.

You watch, after God kills off most of them during the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, things will get much better until they regroup as the Muslim Caliphate and prove me right by starting over by militarily conquering the world to set up their Tribulation one world government dictatorship. They always regroup, reorganize, and start over so that only death can stop them because dead monsters cannot regroup, reorganize, and start over again.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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