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Remember that I have been teaching you about how bad it is going to get in the US before it can get better?

I am seeing more people like this video who have figured out most of what is going on and they know like I know that it is going to get much worse before it gets better.

You BETTER pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load because the fecal matter is already hitting the fan.

People are finally getting very concerned and many are getting scared.

Remember that I told you about the mega rich spending tens to hundreds of millions on underground nuke bunker mansions to survive the mess they caused?

I am seeing increasing numbers of less wealthy rich people building "floating mansions" or super yachts to get away from the big cities they screwed up and even away from the US to survive the nuke war. They don't get it, if the US goes down and they are in most other nations, those people in those other nations, who have been oppressed by our rich, will turn on them and kill them very quickly.

They are releasing very little information about Afghan Austin being in the hospital. They just released that he was in the ICU or intensive care unit for several days and is "on the mend."

That tells me that something pretty significant and life threatening happened, possibly a heart attack or stroke, especially with him being overweight.

They try to downplay it by saying it was caused by elective surgery but ICU is not elective surgery and you only go there if it is life threatening.

Keep an eye on this because he may be replaced soon.

Then, the next day after writing that, I found the following information on CenturyLink by AP:

"WASHINGTON (AP) - Senior Biden administration leaders, top Pentagon officials and members of Congress were unaware for days that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin had been hospitalized since Monday, U.S. officials said Saturday, as questions swirled about his condition and the secrecy surrounding it.

The Pentagon did not inform the White House National Security Council or top adviser Jake Sullivan of Austin's hospitalization at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, until Thursday, according to two administration officials. The officials were not authorized to speak publicly about the matter and spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity.

The Pentagon's failure to disclose Austin's hospitalization for days reflects a stunning lack of transparency about his illness, how serious it was and when he may be released. Such secrecy, at a time when the United States is juggling myriad national security crises, runs counter to normal practice with the president and other senior U.S. officials and Cabinet members."

Remember that Afghan Austin is Obama's man.

People, that is an extreme breach of national security, criminal negligence, and possible treason. Those people involved in that should be removed from office, investigated, and prosecuted as per the USMCJ (US Military Code of Justice). The criminals involved didn't even inform the other top Pentagon officials, which has to be one of the worst breaches of national security in history.

Gee, you don't think members of the Nation of Islam were covering for their other member of the Nation of Islam in the event he died so they could stage an insurrection, do you? Do you believe me yet that the Nation of Islam infiltrated a number of members of the Nation of Islam to the top levels in the Pentagon? Is it getting obvious yet?

Then, to cover for the other officers, Afghan Austin took credit for the delay in telling the rest of the Pentagon and others.

Hey, he wouldn't want all of those other infiltrated officers to get kicked out, would he?

People, that infiltration is treason, insurrection, a military coup in progress, and shows just how many people the Nation of Islam has infiltrated into the US Military and Pentagon. I WARNED you about this. I saw this coming because God warned me and I told you about it.

Do you get the picture yet?

And God said, "The truth will be made known."

It is interesting the intel you get from dreams and visions by God. God showed me that, after Obama nukes Chicago, the nation will be divided between blue and red zones and them being in a Mexican standoff.

The only way for that to happen is if the left fails at disarming the American people so they can secure their red zones. The evil tyrants are not going to get your guns so hang in there with that fight because you are going to win it.

Also, Obama being able to seize power means he will have to have control of the US Pentagon at the top, which he clearly does.

It also shows there are still good troops and officers within the US Military just like God told me and I told you years ago, which is why they hid Afghan Austin's illness from those other officers.

Question: With Epstein facing criminal charges and about to expose all of those rich upper class people for sex crimes with minors, do you still believe he killed himself? If so, what kind of bridges do you like to buy?

The Flood

Remember that I told you quite a bit about the dynamics of the Flood when I first started this blog almost 25 years ago (Nov 1999)?

This video teaches you those dynamics and some I didn't teach you about in as much detail.

I used science to figure out most of those dynamics 25 years ago that he is teaching you now.

Note that he reminds you that God judged the world and caused the flood because "every thought of man was evil continually", you know, just like most of us, especially the lefty pagans, are today, which is why we are being judged today. Hint, hint.

Note that he didn't tell you about the meteor shower that caused the Earth's crust to fracture that caused the flood like I did in Nov 1999 because they have probably not figured that out yet.

Hey, has God taught me a thing or two or what?

This video provides more absolute proof that the pagan archaeologists are lying with their extreme ages. There is no way those fossils are millions of years old, the pagans know it, they keep making up lies to keep their fairy tales alive, so they don't have to admit that God is real, He lives, He exists so they don't have to live by God's Laws. That is what it is really all about. Pagan archaeology is a hate crime against God.


Remember that I told you that the lefty pagans are trying to legalize post birth abortion so they can openly have child human sacrifices to their pagan gods?

Then I found this video about the Satanic Abortion Clinic based out of Salem, Massachusetts that is providing online abortions for citizens living in New Mexico.

Remember that I told you that La Luz, New Mexico, just 7 miles north of Alamogordo, where I live, is one of the 5 most holy sites in the US for witchcraft, black magic, and Satan worship?

What I am wondering right now is how they are working these abortions into religious rituals as human sacrifices to Satan because you know they are?

BTW, I don't know if I told you but years ago God showed me I am going to have to fight some witches with them using the powers of Satan and his demons and me using the power of God. They are going to try to murder me and you can bet I want to get that over with.

People, pagan cults around the world have been using child sacrifice to their gods for thousands of years, Christianity forced those horrid practices to go underground (they never completely stopped and are still going on even in the US right now) and they are trying to bring that practice back to being legal so they can openly and publically murder children to their gods. I have been watching pagan cults, especially Satanism and witchcraft, work on this for decades.

The only way to stop these monsters is with a Christian Theocracy that forbids ANY pagan religions and practices and requires everyone to abide by God's Laws to protect everyone from everyone else, which is why I have been pushing the idea of a Christian Theocracy for decades to protect you and your children because they want to murder your children today but will want to murder you tomorrow.

It is like I have been telling you, Satan's pagans never quit and keep playing games until they get the evil they want and then just want more evil. That is because Satan is not going to stop until he has been cast into the Lake of Fire forever.

He also points out how these Satanists are using the freedom of religion to force other satanic goals on the people of the US, which you know will bring heavy judgment by God. I keep warning you because God tells me to and the pagans keep doing it.

A thought here is that they are claiming they have a religious right to murder their own unborn babies and then they will claim they have a religious right to murder their born babies and then they will claim they have a religious right to murder anyone they want or whoever is a member of another religion like Christianity and you will end up dead on some satanic alter somewhere because they won't quit.

That is an easy prediction because I have watched the lefty pagans eat away at getting whatever they want one tiny nibble at a time for more than half a century, you know, for things like socialism/communism, homosexuality, and other things.

Do you see where your tolerance of their pagan cults is going to take us?

That is why God told you to not be tolerant of pagan religions but we didn't listen because we thought we were smarter than God.

That is a very important and good video.


Remember that more than a decade ago I told you we will have to eventually create another independent Internet to get away from the corruption, controls, and abuses by the lefties running the Internet and we should name it "I2"?

I just found this video telling you that BRICS is doing just that. Hey, God did tell me more than half a century ago that I am not the only person who can think and this is not the first time someone else recently came up with something I proposed more than a decade ago.

Remember my hunter and killer drone Russia just started making a less advanced design of?

Well, it will be interesting to see what comes from this and we can name ours I3.


Remember that I told you that they are using NATO troops to fight Russia in Ukraine?

In the beginning of this video he tells you about how Russia killed a bunch of soldiers, he listed about 4 NATO nations those troops were from, and covered up for them being NATO by calling them "volunteers", wink, wink. They are fighting a war against Russia but not admitting it in hopes that Russia won't attack their nations because their NATO troops are attacking Russia and Russians.

The Western leaders think they are smarter than they are and that the Russians are so stupid they can't figure out something so obvious. That is arrogance and is getting their NATO forces killed off and their weapons destroyed in Ukraine so it will be easier for Russia to invade their nations.

Remember that I told you that Ukraine was so low on troops they couldn't even hold ground against Russia and suddenly they were staging attacks against Russia telling me they were using NATO troops for the attacks. They just proved it.

Then he told you that Russia also destroyed a few headquarters with officers from the UK and Poland, with a total of 55 officers, you know, NATO officers.

They never stop with their insanity and that is going to force Putin to attack Europe and the US.

One thing I just realized is that, in spite of the fact that Iran is Russia's ally, when Iran and the Nation of Islam from the US move their troops into Syria and Lebanon to invade Israel, further proof that Russia will not be the Gog and Magog invading Israel for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 but Turkey will be, is that Russia is not going to send troops to fight with American troops with the US waging war against Russia. That would be suicide and very stupid. The US troops under the Nation of Islam will keep Russia out of that fight.

That also confirms what I said that, after Erdogan and his troops are destroyed in that battle so that Turkey will not have a government or much of an army, Russia will invade what is left of Turkey before someone else can to make sure Russia will still be able to use the Bosporus Strait to freely move between the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea and to return the former Christian cathedrals in Istanbul (Constantinople) turned into Muslims mosques back to the Christian Orthodox Church from which they were taken by the Muslims.

That action plus Israel taking the land I told you about will fulfill the prophecy in Daniel about the one world government or Muslim Caliphate being physically divided into 2 parts.

It is all coming together just like God told me and I told thee.

In the very first of this video he tells you that the US will not be sending more Patriot missiles to Ukraine and a number of NATO nations are delaying sending their F-16s to Ukraine.

Is this because they are afraid they will need those weapons to defend against a Russian invasion soon?

Keep an eye on it.

Then he tells you that Ukraine had to withdraw about 10,000 troops from the Russian border because of their troop shortage, which weakens their defense in stopping a Russian invasion in those areas.

I guess they didn't send in enough NATO volunteers?

Note that in the first minute of this video he shows that Ukraine has developed a predictable pattern of attack that Russia was able to effectively counter the attack. Ukraine/NATO has become too predictable and easy to counter.

That video also provides more evidence of Russia fighting NATO forces, you know, UK and Polish "volunteers", that are providing more resistance to Russia, while suffering heavy losses.

Remember that it was just a few days ago that Ukrainian forces couldn't even hold ground against Russia and now they are counter attacking again?

Gee, what a magic coincidence. But Ukraine/NATO is still losing ground in a number of places.

So, how depleted will European forces become before Russia and Africa invade Europe?

Then I found this video in which he tells you that Ukraine is going to implement their "total adult mobilization law", which means they are going to round up all adults and send them to die fighting Russia, completely wiping out all adults in Ukraine in one massive genocide and then probably sell the children off as sex slaves to put more money in their greedy pockets.

That barbaric, savage treatment of people means all of the upper class trash Royals and their puppets involved in this brutal genocide deserve to die horrible deaths and burn in Hell really soon.

Do you believe me yet that they are raving mad lunatics and human demons?

You better know that every nation that supports this horrid, barbaric act will be severely punished by God.

Do you understand why NATO has troops fighting in Ukraine?

Ukraine is almost out of humans. Think about that and then that the brutally savage Royals still won't quit. The only thing that will stop those monsters is death.

Hey, all of you Europeans, especially from the UK and Poland, your men are being slaughtered in Ukraine right now because of your insane upper class trash Royals and their puppets and soon it will be you because they are too insane to quit.

Do you better understand why Russia has not accelerated winning the war in Ukraine and invaded Europe and the US yet? Why waste the troops doing that when you can just hold ground and slaughter all of those US and European troops in Ukraine with fewer losses? Are Russia, China, Africa, South America, and the others going to have it easy invading the Western nations or what?

Then he tells you that the Ukrainians are digging in for a last stand along a certain river. When Russia fights their way through that line, it will quickly turn into a route because there just won't be anyone but the evil Nazis who round up people and send them to die fighting Russia so it will be the turn for the Nazis but I think a lot of them will run for Poland.

I am wondering if Russia is planning to use that route as cover to invade Poland and Germany and France, you know, just chase them all of the way to Paris?

Keep an eye on that.

I am so very much looking forward to the day after Armageddon when all of these evil things are burning in Hell, where they will never, ever be able to cause harm to anyone forever. That will be a wonderful day. Imagine no crimes and no wars for 1,000 years. That day just can't get here soon enough.


Talk about insulting our intelligence. Afghan Joe is now offering $10 million dollars for information about five small time Muslim financiers of Hamas. That is clearly to distract the stupid people from remembering that it was Mahdi Obama and Afghan Joe who financed Hamas by giving tens of billions of dollars to Iran, who used that money to finance Hamas.

So I posted this message in the comments: "What the heck, I will take the $10 million. Obama and Biden financed Hamas by giving tens of billions of dollars to Iran who financed Hamas. OK, where is the money?"

Insult my intelligence, will they?

I just found out that a Sunni terrorist group in Lebanon just fired missiles into Israel. You have to understand that Hamas, Hezbollah, and Houthis are all Shiite Muslim terrorist groups, who hate Sunni Muslims.

A Sunni terrorist group, who would normally be fighting the Shiite Muslim terrorist groups, taking their side against Israel is very significant. Keep an eye on that.

Afghan Joe is now warning Israel that it won't win in a war against Hezbollah.

Is that because the Nation of Islam will not let Israel destroy another of its terrorist groups? I guess Israel is supposed to just sit there and let Hezbollah launch missiles and drones against her citizens? Is Afghan Joe telling us that he isn't going to help Israel like he said he will?

Once again, the lefties are making it look like Israel is starting a war against their Muslim terrorists when, once again, it is the terrorists that started the war against Israel. The war is already ongoing and Hezbollah refuses to quit their attacks against Israel.

Do you want to guess what Israel is going to do?

I think she will ignore Afghan Joe and go on full attack with Hezbollah to stop the attacks.

Remember that I warned you about Jordan being hostile to Israel in this coming Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39?

This video shows how hostile Jordan is to Israel in demanding Israel stop destroying the Muslim Hamas terrorists right now so they can keep murdering Israelis.


Remember that I told you that Russia is helping build Africa into a group of nations independent from Europe?

Russia just reopened its embassy in Burkina Faso, expanding their ties. This is going to be really important in relation to some things I will be covering soon.

Poser Christians

Remember that I have been warning you about poser Christians that Satan infiltrates into our churches to lead people away from God and salvation through Jesus into eternal damnation?

This video teaches you about some of this. Those preachers he is talking about pick and choose what they WANT to believe out of the Bible and ignore the rest, which is purely satanic and pagan. When you preach evolution, you are preaching paganism, not Judeo-Christianity.

I have proved again and again in this blog that true science proves the Bible and disproves evolution.

Ken tells you that they are adding to the scripture, which is blasphemy because they are saying they know better than God, are elevating themselves above God, and are calling God a liar. They are telling you to not believe the Bible, believe them because they know best, which is purely satanic.

Note that these "Christian" preachers are scientifically ignorant and they are just believing the fanatical pagan religious liars calling themselves scientists. "It is right in line with mainstream science so it gots tuh be right." They don't know squat about science or they would know that you are supposed to question science, which is why their pagan science theories keep changing, proving that they never were fact. He tells you he is "going with the flow", you know, like all pagans do.

He is going with the flow of the majority in spite of the fact that Jesus said the majority will burn in Hell.

Guess where he is leading you?

Then I love how Ken called evolution "man's pagan religion" just like I have been telling you. Then he tells you that "this is a pandemic within the church". We slept while Satan crept.

Do you know why I feel so frustrated so much of the time with so many "Christians" not believing God and teaching others to not believe God? Guess what, if they don't believe God 100%, how can they be saved by faith? Maybe, just maybe God is right and the world is wrong?

Listen, I spent decades objectively studying science and the Bible to see who was right and found out that God is 100% right and the world is 100% wrong. Everyone is going to find that out on Judgment Day and the majority won't like what they learn because they chose eternal damnation. Now, if you follow them, it is going to be a wee bit warm forever.

That x-ee-spirt preacher is showing me his gross scientific ignorance and that he is blindly putting his faith in the fanatical pagan religion of evolution and those pagans, who hate God, God's Laws, and the Bible, and believing whatever they tell him, telling me he is certainly going to burn in Hell. His faith is not in God; his faith is in paganism. "Why, dem pagans said it so it gots tuh be true."

Remember that I warned you that, when Obama imposes Sharia Law on the US, that preacher and others like him will quickly convert to Islam to go with the flow of the majority?

He doesn't believe God; he believes what the majority believe to fit in and virtue signal about being one of the majority. Besides, by pretending to be a Christian preacher, he is making a lot of money lying to people.

Do you better understand why God is judging this mostly pagan nation right now?

It is because of poser Christians like him leading people astray from God. This is no longer a Christian nation, Obama told you that, and Obama will soon prove it, when he imposes Sharia Law on this nation. This is a majority pagan nation and that has to change or it is going to end in complete destruction of our nation and not just partial destruction of our nation.

It is like Ken said that we have to believe God's Word and that is because, if you don't believe God's Word, then you can't believe God's Word about your salvation and you can't be saved except by faith. If you believe man's word, you can't have salvation.

They are not practicing true Christianity, they are practicing true paganism.

Are you going to believe Christian scientists like me and Ken or those pagan religious fanatics pretending to be scientists who have to keep changing their fairy tales because they keep being proved wrong?

If they keep being proved wrong, it keeps being proved that they don't know what they are talking about or are fanatical pagan God hating liars.

That is a great video.


Remember that I have been telling you that you need to pray for your Christian brothers and sisters around the world because many are being persecuted?

This video tells you that it is really bad in Nigeria. They are murdering about one Christian every 2 hours.

We really need to pray for each other because it is not going to get much better until Jesus returns and will get much worse during the Tribulation.

BTW, those who do not want a Christian Theocracy should plan on going to Hell because a Christian Theocracy is exactly what we will get under the Millennial Reign of Jesus and then later in Paradise following Judgment Day. If you don't want a Christian Theocracy, eternal damnation will be the only place for you.

Are you still going to keep rejecting God by rejecting a Christian Theocracy?


Remember that I told you that China's severe economic problems will cause her to go to war to sack other nations to pay her bills?

All of those unemployed Chinese are a large and quick resource for increasing the size of a military. That will make it even more tempting for China to conquer and sack other nations to pay her bills. Hey, so a few hundred million of her troops get killed.

A war right now, could easily cause the Chinese population to plunge by a few hundred million in just a few years.

This video shows that China's hostilities against her neighbors has already started by using a proxy army to grab a city from Myanmar on January 4, 2024.

This isn't something that is going to happen. This is something that has already started happening.

Gee, you don't think China used a proxy army because Iran is getting away with waging war against Israel by using proxy armies, do you?

Lefty Academe

Remember that I have been warning you that our lefty academe are one of our biggest problems?

The first part of this video shows why they are. Those greedy academe sold their souls and our young people to Satan. This is called treason because they sold out the American people to other nations.

Do you believe me yet?

Before you can clean up this mess made by the lefty academe, you must first get rid of those lefty academe.

Do you better understand why our young people are in love with communism, Islam, and paganism? How many of them are quiet members of the Nation of Islam?

Notice that those bribes in violation of US law began in 2014 under Mahdi Obama. Gee, what a magic coincidence. Also note that the top Muslim donors are countries that make up ancient Egypt and Sheba, surrounding Israel to the west, south, and east. Notice that the single largest donor is Qatar, which provides sanctuary for Hamas and other terrorist leaders. Notice that they funded specific schools of academia like government and journalism, two of our biggest problem areas today. Notice that most of this problem began in 2001 so those students are now 41 years old and they are the ones who are destroying our media, businesses, military, and governments with their woke crap.

You wonder why our nation is being punished by God?

Gee, what a bunch of magic coincidences. I wouldn't send a dog to any of those universities.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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