I Told You So 620


As Israel is finishing off Hamas in Gaza and winding the operation down, Iran's proxies have escalated the fighting in both the West Bank and Lebanon causing Israel to increase raids and attacks in both areas along with the Houthis and Iran increasing attacks against ships in both the Arabian and Indian oceans.

What Iran is doing is ramping up the attacks by Iran's proxies to increase the fighting to encourage other Muslim nations and their allies to join the fight. They are hoping they can gain any kind of upper hand over Israel to show some kind of weakness or something they can claim is a weakness with their propaganda to get others to join the fight.

I am keeping an eye on Germany selling Saudi Arabia Eurofighter jets. You should too.

Will they be used in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39?

Afghan Joe

This is a really great video by Mark Levin because he tells in considerable detail how evil Afghan Joe is and has been for decades. Everyone should see this video because Mark Levin is the best at providing quality and honest intel plus he pulls no punches. He tells it like it is.

In it, he also exposes some of the evil of the Commierat Party going back about 100 years to Wilson.

In it he tells you that Afghan Joe never condemned Commierat Al Capone Sharpton for hating Hebrews but he doesn't tell you everything because there is too much Commierat evil to tell and he didn't tell you that poser Christian Al Capone Sharpton is good buds with Muslim Farrakhan and Muslims hate true Christians and Hebrews.

Even after Mahdi Obama was president, Farrakhan, Al Capone Sharpton, Jesse James Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, and Mahdi Obama all regularly ran around and hung out together. They are best buds.

Then he began to expose the "Obama/Biden" administration. They were kind of fascist, huh?

Then Mark Levin tells you how Afghan Joe and the Commierats are working to completely undermine the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, you know, like Nazis and Muslims would do in order to destroy the US.

He tells you how Afghan Joe and the Commierats are trying to completely undermine the US Government and Supreme Court so the Commierats can seize complete control of the US to set up their pagan, God hating, dictatorship to have absolute control forever.

He tells you that what happened to Greece and Rome is happening in the US and we oppose it, you know, like I have been telling you that you are living the fall of Rome II.

What Mark didn't tell you and I clearly remember was that Commierats LBJ and McNamara were the first to keep a war going to keep making more blood money from it with the Vietnam War. LBJ increased his personal wealth in blood money by more than 10 times just from that war. When General Westmoreland was put in charge of that war, he started trying to win the war so LBJ fired him and replaced him with a general who would just drag it out so LBJ could keep making more blood money, you know, money is more important than people.

Then Nixon got into office and started Operation Linebacker in December 1972 that beat the North up so bad they were forced to sign the Paris Peace Accords in February of 1973, just a few months later. After that the Commierat Party did about the same thing to Nixon they did with Trump by trying to bring charges against him until they finally trapped him and forced him to resign to keep from being impeached and have charges brought against him with the Commierats in control of both the House and Senate (Commierats plus RINOs).

Why, how dare he bring peace in Vietnam by defeating North Vietnam and kill their cash cow they were making millions of dollars in blood money from? And the Commierats care about you people? Really?

Then the Commierats replaced Nixon with RINO Ford, passed a bill forbidding the US Military from coming to the aid of South Vietnam in the event the North attacked again and even made it a crime for the US forces to try to defend themselves when attacked by the North with RINO Ford signing it into law and, as soon as that bill became law, the North attacked, causing the US military to stage a panicked withdrawal from South Vietnam just like Afghanistan (wow, Afghan Joe and the Commierats had prior experience?), betraying our ally, our troops, our people, and our nation just like in Afghanistan with Afghan Joe being one of the lead Commierats in getting that bill passed. I clearly remember watching him give speeches about the bill and why it was good and then watching the chaos that followed. It was the same kind of mess Afghan Joe and his Afghan buddies caused in Afghanistan.

Afghan Joe and all of those people who were involved in that should have been tried for treason.

Then, of course, the lying lefty media began saying that the US lost that war and they are still telling the same lie to cover up for the Commierat Party sabotaging that war and giving South Vietnam to North Vietnam. It wasn't the US Military that lost that war, it was the Commierat Party.

Mahdi Obama is getting more involved in Afghan Joe's election and is pushing Afghan Joe to be more "aggressive" in his campaign. I guess he doesn't want to lose his puppet. I am watching to see if Mahdi Obama will stage a campaign fund raiser as a formal ball in the top of the Sears Tower on a Monday that is not a holiday but is a normal work day during work hours. Keep an eye on that.

Then I found this video about Afghan Austin and it was worse than I had heard before.

The chain of command was broken, there was no accountability, and, most importantly, she says at the end of the video that Afghan Joe has not had a meeting with his military leaders since October 2, which is 5 days before the disaster began in Israel, to discuss their strategy in dealing with the Israeli War and the war is now 3 months old. They should have had the first of many meetings as soon as they found out about the attack. Let that sink in.

This tells me that someone other than Afghan Joe and Afghan Austin is in charge of managing this war with Afghan Joe's administration just being puppets following orders on what to say and do.

Gee, You don't think it is the leaders for the Nation of Islam's US trained military working with Iran, do you?

Something is going on here that is being hidden from us and the most probable thing is Mahdi Obama and the Nation of Islam are running that show with Iran as their proxy just like I have been telling you. Remember that the Nation of Islam had all of their top people trained up by the US Government and Military over the last 50+ years so they should be capable of doing what the Pentagon can do.

This is really critical and is evidence of what I have been warning you about.

BTW, Afghan Austin is sixth in line for the President of the US, if anything happens to Afghan Joe and if the other few ahead of him in line get taken out, he could declare martial law, suspend the US Constitution, Congress, and the Supreme Court and then appoint Mahdi Obama into some capacity to lead an invasion of Israel.

Gee, I wonder why Mahdi Obama's puppet, Afghan Joe, didn't fire Afghan Austin's butt?

I told you that Mahdi Obama having his man in control of the Pentagon could provide Mahdi Obama with the ability to take over control of the US. All Mahdi Obama needs to do is take out everyone ahead of Afghan Austin plus most of those ahead of Afghan Austin are also Mahdi Obama's puppets.

Of course the GOP is taking advantage of this to demand Afghan Austin resign. Unless the Nation of Islam can replace Afghan Austin with another member of the Nation of Islam, Mahdi Obama and the Nation of Islam will be upset about that. Keep an eye on this.

Everything the left has done and is trying is failing and Mahdi Obama and the Nation of Islam are losing their top people and control at a critical moment but they still have enough control to continue with their insanity. You know they are getting desperate and will do desperate things because Afghan Joe is just Mahdi Obama's proxy president.

Man plans, God laughs.

Everyone is throwing a fit about this but no need to worry because the Nation of Islam knew where he was. They had him covered so why tell anyone else? /sarc

BTW, Afghan Austin is still in the hospital so he is not recovered yet and I am wondering why he is still in the hospital and how long will he remain there? Also, who is doing his job now?


Remember that I have been telling you that China cannot fight a sustained war for a number of reasons? Remember that I have been telling you that Taiwan could defeat China in a war?

This video tells you it is much worse than even I thought because the corruption in the Chinese military is so bad that, right now, her nuke missiles are filled with water instead of fuel so they would be useless in a battle or war. She also pointed out that the lids for many of the silos will not open so those nukes are not going anywhere.

The only nuke threats to the US are Russia and the Nation of Islam.

Except for the troops China and others have infiltrated into the US, China is not even a moderate threat to the US and could never defeat Taiwan, especially with how lousy the rest of her weapons are. The two greatest threats China poses to the US are that China owns Afghan Joe and China has massive numbers of troop infiltrated into the US to attack from within.

Taiwan is a diversion to keep us from knowing that.

Do you believe me yet that the greatest threat to the US is our own lefties destroying our nation from within?

The US hating, greedy, power mad, lefty upper class trash Royals, their puppets, their academe, and their media are the greatest threat to the US right now and they are right now mostly in control and trying to make it complete and permanent. They are staging a slow or soft insurrection and they are trying to speed it up before they lose the control they have.


Everyone knew this thing about banning Trump from the ballot in blue states would backfire on the stupid lefties but the lefties are too greedy, power mad, inbred, arrogant, desperate, and just plain stupid to be able to tell when their great sounding ideas are stupid. Hey, if they thunk it up while smoking dope, it gots tuh work.

This video tells you it is happening right now. The conservatives are fighting back. They are finally getting their act together to stop the evil lefty plans and games.

Keep an eye on this.

Remember that I have been telling you that Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, and the rest of that bunch are not running this nation?

I need to point out that someone, probably the CIA, White House, the military, or just a jerk hacker, has hacked my computer and they are insanely playing nasty little games with me because they hate me telling the truth and do not want you to hear the truth. They are trying to destroy my blog by doing what they did to me below, called sabotage. They need mental help. While I am still writing the essay in Word, they will cut and paste a URL to a different video than what I posted so that video gets put into the blog. I could not find the video I originally wanted for the comments below so I decided to leave it to show you what the criminal is doing to me. I didn't even watch that video so I could not have put it there. That person is evil and sick. One reason I left it, is because, if you see what the video is in relation to, you know what they were trying to cover up and you should be asking why were they trying to cover that up?

Maybe it is someone from the Nation of Islam and them hacking it verifies that what I am telling you is the truth and they don't want you to know it?

She proves that in this video about Afghan Austin and Afghan Joe.

You know who is running this nation because I have been proving it to you.

Do you get the picture yet?

People, she proves that this nation doesn't miss any of the lefty puppets at the top and it keeps running. They could all vaporize any time and we wouldn't miss them. The nation would probably be better off without them.

With the rant in this video he gives some very good intel you need to keep in mind.

Do you believe me yet that them having more money than you does not mean they are more intelligent than you?

Remember that I have been telling you for more than a decade that it is the Euro-American Royal Family or upper class trash Royals that are in control of the West, including the US, and that it is the British Royal Family that is establishing final control over the US? Remember that I have told you that the British Royal Family has been trying to regain control of the US and the rest of their empire plus the rest of the world because they are insane?

Gee, what a magic coincidence that I found this site that tells you the same thing in greater detail.

Who would have figured?

They tell you what I already knew that it was the British Royals who set up the corrupt international banking empire or system in the 19th and early 20th Centuries that we use today.

They tell you that "Today, that private oligarchical system has near dictatorial control over the monetary and financial policies of almost every nation of the planet, as the fate of hundreds of millions of human beings is decided by the controllers of the Bank of England, the European Central Bank, the U.S. Federal Reserve, and similar institutions. The City of London also created, in the 1960s and 70s the 'offshore banking system,' imperial financial centers outside the control of sovereign nations, which today bankroll most of the world's business in narcotics, illicit arms sales and human trafficking." Those very wealthy "oligarchs", you know, the upper class trash Royals.

Remember that I told you that it is the upper class trash Royals making money from the drug trafficking, human smuggling, and other crimes, using gangs are their front organizations to commit those crimes?

They tell you that "In the 19th century the British Empire created global narcotics trafficking." They also tell you "Unlike the American Republic, the British financial/economic system was never about human advancement or scientific and technological progress; it was a system of looting, exploitation, financial gain, and dominance by a monied oligarchy." Notice that the Royals replaced the term monarchy with oligarchy, you know, changed the words to fool the peasants.

Do you believe me yet? Do you get the picture?

The British Royals have majority control of their former empire, including ye ole American Colonies and the rest of the Royals, and are using us as a front or proxy to set up their global dictatorship to rule the world because they are inbred nuts. As that site says, "to subvert America into becoming the enforcer of British imperial designs," you know, make the US their proxy just like I told you.

They are telling you the same things I have been telling you for more than a decade but in more detail with dates. That site is a very big eye opener.

Remember that I told you that almost all of the rich and powerful people in the Colonies were British Royals that were in 3 groups?

There were the Tories who wanted to remain under the rule of the British Monarchy, the Founding Fathers, who wanted freedom and independence from the British Monarchy, and another group of British Royals who wanted freedom from the British Monarchy but only if they got to keep their slaves.

After the Founding Fathers and the third party got their freedom from the British Monarchy, the Founding Fathers and their descendents started working to do away with slavery so the third party or Democrats tried to secede from the Union with the help and encouragement of the British Royals in England, which caused the US Civil War. You know, ye ole divide and conquer thingy.

Remember that Britain had already recently lost two wars against the Colonies in the late 1700s, the Revolutionary War, and the War of 1812 so they didn't want to directly intervene but were willing to support the Confederacy to destroy the US and get her colonies back.

After these Democrat Royals lost the US Civil War, they began working with the British Royals in England to take over and destroy the US from within, which was interrupted by WWI and WWII. Following WWII, all of those Euro-American Royals, especially the British Royals, started working to take over the US and the rest of the world and I told you they formed their first organization to set up their global dictatorship in 1947 and are trying to finalize their global dictatorship along with their dictatorship of the US right now.

Do you believe me yet that all of those very wealthy "oligarchs" are Royals hiding behind the term oligarch so you won't know they are monarchs?

They kind of sort of don't want to lose their heads in Bastille II but refuse to quit with their insanity. When they are talking about the oligarchs, they are talking about the Royals just like I have been telling you for years.

At that site, they really document the Royal insanity well.

In this video he stresses why the British murdered those US presidents. He tells you what I have told you that Trump is at risk of being murdered and I am surprised he has not already been murdered.

Listen, JFK, Nixon, Reagan, and Trump all tried to stop the insanity of the British Royals and you see what those British Royals did to all of them.

The Royals have been screwing things up for everyone else and even each other for more than 3,500 years because of their insane obsessions with wealth and power at your expense and they persist with this today. They will never quit until they die.

Do you believe Jesus when He said, "It would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man (Royal) to get into Heaven."? Do you understand why? Do you believe me yet that the Royals ARE the problem?

He tells you that the British started smuggling drugs on a massive scale into the US in 1965 but he didn't tell you that it was the members of the British Royals in England and the US and, just like I told you, our upper class trash Royals are making a fortune from those drugs, from human trafficking and other smuggling into the US just like they are making a fortune bringing in illegal aliens to the US today all while pretending to care about the people they plan to depopulate. It is just like I have been telling you for more than a decade.

It is the upper class trash Royals getting filthy rich at your expense and destroying your nations so they can set up their global dictatorship to take everything you have (you will own nothing), have absolute control over everyone, and murder off billions of you to better control you. They are inbred nuts.

I have been watching this evil crap and studying it in history for almost two thirds of a century. It is sickening.

Just think that, by the grace of God, none of these bad Royals, who have chosen evil and eternal damnation, will be in Paradise to cause harm to others ever again because Jesus said so. That will be wonderful. I will thank and praise God for protecting us from them forever.

Wait until you hear on Judgment Day just how horribly evil they really are.


Now, after all of that confirmation of almost everything I have been teaching you for decades, there is something else you need to keep an eye on that is happening right now.

1,400 years ago, the Muslims rose up and began trying to conquer and rule the planet because their Royals are just as inbred nuts as the rest of the Royals in the world. The division between the Sunni and Shiite Muslims kept interfering in their efforts to conquer the world so their conquests kept falling short.

A few hundred years ago the European Royals conquered and subjugated the Muslim Royals and the rest of the Royals in the world.

Today, the descendents of those conquered Royals are rebelling to seize control of the planet and the Muslim Royals are doing the best job.

Now, do you really think the greedy, power mad, raving lunatic Muslim Royals like in the Nation of Islam and Mahdi Obama are going to submit to continuing or returning to being ruled over by the greedy, power mad, raving lunatic Western Royals?

No, of course not. Farrakhan, Mahdi Obama, and the Nation of Islam will not go peacefully into the night being ruled by the UK British Royal Family, especially with them knowing the UK British Royal Family is racist and plans to murder off all blacks and other non Europeans. No, the Nation of Islam and Mahdi Obama want to do the murdering and not being murdered.

So, how do you quickly and effectively grab control so you will do the murdering and not end up being murdered?

You stage a Royal formal ball somewhere and invite all of the people who can stop you and nuke the joint, which will scare the living crap out of the rest of the Royals. Those top level people being nuked and it being blamed on Israel, will cause the rest to fall in behind you and support you to invade Israel and punish them, you know, just like God told me they will do so THEY can rule the world and not the UK British Royal Family.

It is all coming together just like God told me and I told you and every day we get one day closer.

Keep an eye on that.


Remember that I have been telling you that Z Boy is getting his butt shoved under ye ole bus and could end up dead soon?

In the first few minutes of this video a top level Ukrainian official said that "currently Zelensky is a political corps." I could not have put it better. If Z Boy had an IQ, he would resign and go enjoy his numerous mansions and other toys before he leaves them to his wife and her next husband.

But, just like all other greedy and power mad upper class trash people and their puppets, he has no common sense and can't quit to cut his losses. The only thing that will stop him will be his death. He is just as crazy as the rest.

This video shows that Z Boy is running out of weapons because the Western upper class trash Royals promised they would stand by him until the end but they didn't say the end of what.

Oh, maybe they meant the end of Ukraine and Z Boy?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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