I Told You So 621


Remember that I have been telling you that we will soon see poser Christians convert to Islam? Remember that I have been telling how France is in trouble because their upper class trash have sold them out?

This video convinces me that France is doomed and soon. This is because their leaders have angered everyone and now God.

Over the years I have been telling you about the mess she has made of herself. France invited massive numbers of Muslims into her nation decades ago, who have established Muslim only communities of huge sizes where only Muslims dare to go. She has been aggressively poking the Russian bear. She has devastated a number of African nations, who are now fighting back and joining forces with Russia and China against France. She just appointed her first openly homosexual President in defiance of God and His Laws. Her poser Christian priests have now invited Muslim religious leaders into their church to sing the Muslim song of victory over Christianity.

What? Is the Catholic Church converting to Islam?

BTW, you know that the religious leaders who were involved in that are going to burn in Hell. Don't be surprised if they all end up dead very soon.

I am certain France just crossed God's red line and my question is, how many pieces will she end up in?

Years ago, after significant research, I was convinced that she would eventually end up as four much smaller nations but now, with so many Muslim communities, it is looking like she could end up with even some Muslim city states within her larger cities and end up with a dozen or more small nations.

If God does not judge and punish her soon, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah and I know He is not going to do that.

As God rained fire down on Sodom and Gomorrah, will He soon use Russia to rain fire down on the nation of French Gomorrah?

Keep an eye on this because her leaders are determined to end up in Hell very soon.

If the French people don't stage another Bastille soon, God will.

Then some of you say, "But you are not tolerant of our evil paganism."

You are right because God did not send me to be tolerant of your evil paganism but to warn you about the eternal consequences of your evil paganism. Besides, I don't want to burn in Hell with the evil pagans; they can have my share of Hell.


Remember that I have been telling you that all democracies in history have failed and almost all of the current democracies are failing, especially in the US? Remember that I have been telling you that you should put your faith in God and not in your democracy or republic?

History proves that no government or military is any better than its leaders and, right now, most of our nations have bad leaders.

This video shows just one of many examples of democracies and republics today failing just like in the past because they turned their backs on God and put their faith in something created by imperfect man.

If you put your faith in anything other than God, God will take it away from you by letting the evil people seize it and destroy it.


Remember that I have been telling you that the Nation of Islam run US is in bed with Iran in the war in Israel?

This video is just one more proof that the US and UK are in bed with Iran against Israel.

This is the 26th time that the Houthis have committed the international crime of attacking shipping in international waters and all the US and UK did was shoot down 21 projectiles without taking action against the international criminals to prevent further crimes against ships on the open seas. After all, they wouldn't want to destroy their own terrorists.

Remember that I have been telling you that Afghan Joe and Afghan Austin are trying to cause Israel to lose this war while making it look like they are supporting Israel?

About 2 minutes into this video General Keane tells you that, if the pressure by the US continues, Israel could lose this war and you better bet that Afghan Joe and his bunch know that, therefore, they must be trying to lose this war for Israel and win it for Iran, you know, the pals of the Nation of Islam that Obama is part of.

Him knowing it will lose Israel the war and win it for Iran is just more proof that what I have been telling you is true.

This is really huge. In this video it tells you that Russia and Chechnya are building housing in Russia for the Gaza immigrants to flee to for safety. This will allow the civilians in Gaza to get away from the war to safety, you know, something the Muslim nations condemning Israel should have done, if they really cared about those people.

Gee, Russia cares more about the Muslims than the Muslims do?

This will help Israel continue to wipe out Hamas without the Nation of Islam run US, France, South Africa, and the Muslim nations using those civilians to stop Israel's war against Hamas so Israel will be able to finish Hamas off so Hamas can't finish off Israel.

It completely undermines the plans of the Nation of Islam and Iran for destroying Israel. Keep an eye on that.


Remember that, for years, I have been telling you that China's military is garbage, its weapons are garbage, and their economy couldn't support a war?

Then we recently found out that their nukes have water in them instead of fuel so they are useless proving that it is even worse than I have been telling you.

Then I found this video telling you that it is even worse than that and why.

The idiots have built a military with lousy weapons that is even bigger than their budget can handle so their soldiers have to steal from the budget for food, while the CCP live in luxury, you know, like our greedy upper class trash. They drained that fuel out of the missiles to cook food. They can't even feed their troops in real time, much less in a war.

They don't have food for the troops, they don't have fuel for their weapons, their weapons are lousy and many don't even work, and their economy barely exists. Yep, they are ready for war. /sarc

The only threat they really pose to anyone is to the US with their infiltrated troops. They bluff even worse than the West bluffs everyone else. There are only five militaries that could fight their way out of a sandbox today; Russia, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and Israel. No one else even has a one front military.

If the people governing Taiwan have any common sense, they will soon invade China to free the people. If they coordinate their attack with Vietnam, India, Mongolia, Philippines, Japan, and South Korea along with the starving Chinese troops; easy win. Oh, how I would love to be the military leader of Taiwan right now. We probably wouldn't even have to fire a shot, especially with so many of China's troops in the US.

Then the next day I found this video and the more we learn about the mess the CCP has made in China, the worse it gets. It tells us that China has not been able to pay soldiers and cops salaries for quite some time with some of them not getting paid for months. This has been so bad for so long that the CCP implemented "salary adjustments" starting in 2014, a decade ago, and it has just been getting worse.

I guess my estimates years ago that they wouldn't be able to support a prolonged war were conservative by just a wee bit. This isn't bad, it is terrible for China. Their corruption at the top is even worse than in the West.

Gee, I wonder why they have been stealing the fuel out of their nuke missiles to cook food? /sarc

If I were Taiwan right now, I would be making plans to move to Beijing, China really soon and we better hurry to get to Beijing before the people finished hanging all of the CCP so we could hang a few of them.

As bad as this mess is, do not be surprised to see a citizen rebellion joined by a military coup that will divide up current China into half a dozen nations. I can't see communist China remaining communist much longer.

Good old communism hard at work destroying everything it touches.

China is infiltrating troops into the US because she needs to sack us to pay her bills and there is no way she can face us in open warfare on a battlefield. She has to attack us from within to have a chance to defeat the US even with our upper class trash Royals having sacked our military.


The US election is very obvious. The people running against Trump in the GOP know they cannot beat him. What they are doing is testing the waters to see how they might do in the 2028 presidential election and getting people to know who they are. That is it. It is all show.

I can't believe that so many people cannot figure it out and the media not telling everyone is the media not being honest or they are just super stupid.

If the left doesn't find a way to stop Trump, he will win the primary and election, which is why the left is in a panic and acting so desperate to get rid of Trump. They also know they cannot beat him.

Because of that, there is a high probability that the left will murder him.

I saw that the US and UK staged an attack against the Houthis and was wondering what was going on. Then I found out that the US and UK warned them for hours, most of a day, before they staged their attack, you know, so they could hide and move everything so there wouldn't be much damage.

BTW, you know they had to be planning this attack for at least a week or two with Afghan Joe on another vacation and no one knowing where Afghan Austin was, which should tell you that they are not running this nation. Then, just before the attack, they alerted the Houthis so they could get out of the way.

Now, who do you think planned this fake attack that was just show to make it look like they are helping Israel, when they are not? Just maybe it was coordinated between the Nation of Islam and Iran? You think?

So far I have not found any intel on damage done, which tells me it was probably very little damage done.

Then, the next day, I found this video which tells us that 100 cruise missiles were fired, 60 "targets" were hit, probably sheep out in the desert, but there seems to be no significant damage or they would be bragging about it big time. It is looking like it was all show. It was probably coordinated between the Nation of Islam and Iran as to which targets to fire at and when, with word being passed on to the Houthis in advance.

Then he tells you about other problems around the Western world.


Remember that I have been telling you that the West is stuffing Z Boy's butt on their bus?

The left is now blaming the failure of the war on the rift between Z Boy and his top general but the war was failing before that rift began. It was not the rift that caused the failure of the war, it was the failure of the war that caused that rift.

The Western upper class trash and their puppets blaming Z Boy and his top general for the upper class trash failure is them shifting the blame for their failure to others just like they always do.

The people need to start holding the upper class trash Royals and their puppets accountable for their failures. If the people don't hold them accountable, the upper class trash Royals are just going to keep screwing things up with their great sounding stupid ideas until the people do hold the upper class trash Royals accountable.

I found out that the British Military knows NATO will "probably" have to fight Russia in the next few years. Guess what, so does Russia and she is ramping up for it while NATO keeps giving their weapons and munitions to Ukraine to keep Russia pinned down.

Remember that the US Government was looking to steal $300 billion that they froze belonging to Russia to stuff in their greedy pockets because the only thing that will stop the upper class trash Royal crimes is death? Remember that I also told you that they would steal it by "giving it to Ukraine" but instead by just giving the money to the military industry and sending Ukraine more old, used, junk weapons?

This video tells you at about 3 minutes that is exactly what the criminals did. They made a list of weapons and munitions to sell to Ukraine and then stole the money to pay for it from Russia "to give to Ukraine" but you should know by now that Ukraine will see very little if any of it and he told you that they won't see any of it. It is already heading for the pockets of the greedy upper class trash Royals and their puppets just like I told you.

Hey, they just stole $300 billion from the Russian people. The upper class trash Royals have no shame.

BTW, that $300 billion will be a massive increase in weapons and munitions for Ukraine and that alone may be enough to start a nuke war. Keep an eye on that.

I keep waiting for them to do something like this and then wake up with a nuke cruise missile parked in their bedroom at 2 am. Hey, they will go out with a bang and then they will stop causing trouble for others.

Afghan Joe & Cocaine Hunter (pun intended)

This video shows that they have enough solid evidence to put the entire Biden family in jail for corruption and treason but no charges have been filed because they are all above the law telling me that they are members of the British Royal Family that controls our entire corrupt justice system right now making them above the law just like Royals have been for thousands of years.

When they own your entire deep state, they can get away with any crimes they want including murdering Trump.


They have added 5 new nations to BRICS and they are all Muslim from Africa and the Middle East plus they are all included in the prophecy for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Iran and Ethiopia are the 5 new nations.

Those new nations plus South Africa are all Muslim run so that 6 of the 10 nations are Muslim run. 5 of those 6 are Sunni Muslim with only Iran being Shiite Muslim. That will heavily affect their decision making.

Here is an easy prediction; with those 6 Muslim run nations having 60% of the control of the vote, you watch them bring in more Muslim nations to completely take over control of BRICS. Russia, India, and China have no idea what kind of trouble they got themselves into.

That is interesting and worth keeping an eye on.

Catholic Church

Remember that, in April 2012, the Vatican stated that, if Jesus did not come by December 31 of that year, the church would convert to Islam? Remember that I told you at that time that these radical changes the Pope and Vatican were trying to push on the church would cause a split in the church membership?

Here we are almost 12 years later and the church still has not converted and that is because the Pope and Vatican know they probably won't even get half of their members to convert with them.

The Pope just made a decree in violation of the Bible telling all bishops to bless people living in sin by doing things like being homosexuals but the church leaders in Africa have united to refuse to bless people living in sin.

More and more church leaders are standing up to the Vatican and Pope and refusing to defy the Bible and God's Law. I believe they probably wouldn't even get half of their church members to convert to Islam.

Man plans, God laughs.

I figure that it is only a matter of time until the Catholic Church permanently splits between Christians and Muslims.


In this video Fauci admitted that his statements and recommended actions were not based on science and "just showed up" or was made up.

I told you when it started that he was a fraud and explained the science why what he and others on the left were saying and ordering was wrong. I told you the social distancing didn't work and why, I told you the masks wouldn't work and why, and I told you he was probably on the take from companies making and selling the masks and later from the vaccine companies.

Remember that I told you that I want to see his offshore bank account?

Now the truth is starting to come out and Fauci belongs in prison.

This infuriates me. He destroyed people's lives, businesses, jobs, and killed people with bacterial pneumonia from the masks that didn't work and should be held accountable for it.

Well, at least we know he will eventually burn in Hell to pay for his crimes. I get so sick of these evil people.

The Poor

God has put me in a number of places and positions to learn more so I can teach you more. I have been at the top, where I was told I was one of the 10 best in the world, and trained to work for those at the top and I have been at the bottom and seen how those at the top treat those at bottom. With my M.B.A., I am trained to manage government agencies, major corporations, and nonprofit corporations. I also took a class on managing mom and pop businesses, which is very different from managing major corporations.

God has taught me that you will learn things running with the upper class you won't learn anywhere else and will learn things living in poverty you won't learn anywhere else and God has taught me all of that so I can share it with you. Hey, God prepares His teachers well.

At the bottom, God let the government steal from me so I could see how they steal from the poor to increase their wealth to increase their luxury at the expense of the poor, who they are supposed to be taking care of, which, at the very least is dereliction of duty but is really grand theft. They have to be particularly disgusting to steal from the poor and all of the upper class trash Royals and most government agencies do steal from the poor because they are easy prey. The poor don't know law and can't defend themselves and my current court battle is me trying to protect the poor from a corrupt government abusing its power to steal from the poor.

You have to understand that the value of money depends on need in relation to access. If you take $100 from a rich person, it is just pocket change; no big deal. If you take $100 from a middle class person, it is significant pocket money. If you take $100 from the poor, they have to do without something they need.

The poor stay poor because the rich keep them poor. The upper class trash are extremely good at doing evil while making it look like they are doing good and they fool most people but not God. God knows their sins and said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

For example, the rich give the poor a break on income taxes to make themselves look kind, caring, and wonderful but place so many other taxes on the people that the poor still end up spending at least half their income on other taxes like sales, land, fuel, and other taxes, keeping them poor and making the rich parasites more wealthy at the expense of the poor. Here in the US, because of our kind, caring upper class trash Royal parasites and their puppets, the poor spend at least 50% of their income on a variety of taxes that find their way into upper class trash Royal pockets. We studied that in business school.

Do you now understand why God restricted our taxes to only one 10% flat income tax, which is much less than what the poor pay today and one reason why I push the idea of a Christian Theocracy to protect the poor?

If you study man's laws and God's Laws, God's Laws were written to protect the middle and lower classes from the abuses by the upper class trash Royals and their puppets, which is why the upper class trash Royals and their puppets hate God, God's Laws, the Bible, and Christians and reject them for paganism, which doesn't protect anyone but the rich.

Here in the US, which used to be the greatest nation in history, until the upper class trash Royals fixed that, the government agencies that are supposed to help the poor have developed a little racket. They will deny you help based on some little made up crap rule and give you a few months to appeal. When you mail in the appeal, they will throw it in the trash and send you a letter telling you they are waiting for your appeal and, when you call them, usually not on a toll free number, they will say they never got your appeal, you know, it was the terrible Postal System not getting it to them. They will keep playing that game with you until your time for appeal runs out and then you will never get that help. You are screwed for life.

I find it strange that the government never gets our mail but, in the last 25 years, I have not had one time the US Postal System has not gotten me one monthly utility bill or bills from the government.

That is 1,250+ bills the US Postal Service has successfully delivered to me in 25 years but they can't deliver one appeal to the government? Really?

It is very clear that what they do is, when they get your appeal, they throw it in the trash and just claim they didn't get it. "Why, the US Postal Service is so terrible at doing its job, but not them."

With my training, it is obvious that they have meetings on how to steal more from more people faster so they can launder that tax money into their greedy pockets as increased wages, perks, benefits, and bonuses, so they can have more wealth for more luxury at the expense of the poor instead of doing their job of taking care of the poor.

Why, they really care about the poor, don't they?

I have watched these evil people who are tasked with caring for the poor get worse about preying on the poor with time. They have no mercy and will get no mercy on Judgment Day.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

Jesus told us that the poor are special to Him to warn us not to prey on the poor.

You know those evil people are going to burn in Hell. God will have no mercy on them on Judgment Day regardless of how many times they went to church and paid tithes. They only care about themselves and their bank accounts and God has made it clear He does not want to spend eternity with such heartless criminals.

For them to not go to Hell, just like everyone else, they MUST repent or turn away from their sins and accept Jesus as savior. They cannot continue in their sins, especially against Jesus' poor, and accept Jesus as their savior.

The irony is that those evil, greedy people who prey on the poor will spend eternity in absolute poverty with the exact opposite of luxury because there won't be one penny in all of Hell and it is going to be just a wee bit uncomfortable. They will be the poorest people in history and forever, while their victims get to enjoy "what God has prepared for us that has never entered into the heart of man" and will be the most wealthy people in history forever.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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