I Told You So 623


Remember that I have been telling you that, to stop the Western insanity by the Royals, Russia MUST invade, conquer, and kill off the Western Royals in Europe and the US because the Royals are leaving Russia no choice?

This video tells you the arrogant morons have figured out that, by waging war against Russia with the proxy Ukraine, they have started a war with Russia that will not end with Ukraine, especially since they refuse to quit waging war against Russia.

Gee, who would have figured?

And yet the idiots continue to poke the bear, only now it is to keep Russia pinned down in Ukraine so the West can rebuild the militaries they sacked for their own greed, while continuing to sack their militaries by sending more weapons to Ukraine to keep Russia pinned down.

I guess their bluffing didn't work?

What the arrogant fools don't get is that Putin is not just going to send in his troops and tanks to get blown up. He is going to stage a surprise preemptive nuclear strike to take out the most important targets including the upper class trash Royals and their puppet politicians and bureaucrats and their ability to retaliate. If you pay attention, you can easily see that is exactly what Putin is ramping up for and those jerks are going to die; either that or be sold to Africa as slaves.

Hey, at least the rich, arrogant fools will go out in flaming glory and the world will definitely be a better place after they are burning in Hell.

Note that they tell you that Russia is about to cause the Ukraine/NATO forces in Ukraine to "retreat" or route BY June 2024, you know, like I have been telling you Russia will soon route the Ukraine/NATO forces.

The trouble is that Putin is not going to waste his time and troops taking the Suwalki Gap the idiots keep harping about. He is going to sweep through Poland and Germany into France right after nuking them, the UK, and the US.

It kills me that their plans are to stage 300,000 NATO troops in Eastern Europe on the Russian border to stop 1.3 million Russia troops AFTER their nations being nuke. Yeah, that will work well.

I feel sorry for you Europeans because your idiot leaders are about to get a bunch of your butts killed.


Remember that I have told you to keep an eye on the younger Royals dumping the older Royals or shoving their royal butts on ye ole Royal bus?

In watching the Royals with the younger Royals making the older Royals abdicate, what it looks like is the older Royals and their great sounding stupid plans dreamed up by their dope smoking academe out of touch with reality in their white palaces are all failing and the arrogant and impatient younger Royals are saying, "Get out of our way and we will learn you how to do it right, you know, the way our dope smoking academe out of touch with reality in their white palaces told us to do it."

When the impatient younger Royals take over, they will be much more aggressive and violent so that many more people will die faster so it is going to get much worse but they will fail too and you can bet that Putin has their names on his kill list.

The Royals are even getting rid of old people like John Kerry. You watch, all of the old lefties like Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, Schumer, and others, who are failing, are history and will be replaced by much more aggressive and violent younger Royals. They are already getting rid of losers like Queen Pelosi and Soros.

The younger Royals are disappointed, impatient, desperate, and determined to get their global dictatorship with them ruling and the older ones who have failed, are getting what they deserve, you know, stuffed under their own bus, where they have stuffed so many others before them. Hey, they will be in good company.


Remember that I have been telling you that the Muslim nations want to invade and destroy Israel but, combined, they don't have enough spine to stage that attack without either Russia or the US leading it?

Turkey is "proposing" a military alliance between Turkey, Russia, Iran, Iraq, and Syria for starters, you know, trying to get Russia to lead the invasion into Israel because Turkey knows better than to lead an attack into Israel. Erdogan kind of sort of doesn't want to get dead.

Erdogan is using the Kurds as an excuse to form the alliance but you know he will quickly change it over to invading Israel, whom Erdogan passionately hates and has been calling for decades for the other Muslim nations to join Turkey in destroying Israel.

Mean while, Hamas has moved their cowardly top leaders "to safe nations" so Israel can't take them out, you know, where they will feel safe, get over confident, let their guard down, and get dead. The cowards are "fleeing to safe countries", while their troops and people die because of their leaders' great sounding stupid ideas.

Gee, not scared are they? What, they don't want to earn guaranteed salvation like their troops are told? Do you believe me yet that the Muslims are afraid of Israel or is it God they are afraid of?

Do you see why and how God is going to draw all of these evil cowards out of their hiding places into Damascus to invade Israel for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and kill them?

God is showing with His actions that He has had just about enough and time is running out.

Hezbollah just keeps escalating their attacks against Israel, which is causing Israel to also escalate her attacks against Hezbollah. Israel is going to have to go into Lebanon again because she didn't finish the job last time.

Israel is also refusing to permit the Gazans to return to their homes until the hostages are released. That should put international pressure on Hamas to release the hostages but the Jew haters will turn it back around on Israel so they can keep preaching that they should destroy Israel.

Of course, Afghan Joe is throwing a fit but Netanyahu is sticking to his guns like he should.

Israel needs to learn from this and stockpile its own weapons and munitions so it doesn't have to depend on the US or anyone else during a war. They should only depend on themselves and God.

2024 Election

I keep seeing everyone trying to figure out what the left is going to do this election because they all know that Afghan Joe CANNOT beat Trump in the election and they don't have ANYONE ELSE who can beat Trump. Trump is riding a massive super tsunami into office and NO ONE on the left can beat him because their idiot policies they all want and have been promoting have failed terribly so no one wants anyone who has helped promote those failed policies because they refuse to quit promoting those failed policies.

That is why the left snuck in GOP RINO, Nikki Haley, to try to beat Trump as a slight of hand but even she is failing and may be their next to last hope.

So, what are the Commierats going to do, just take a loss to Trump that will set back their already failing efforts to set up their global dictatorship by decades or even half a century and put many of the Deep State traitors out of the government and in jail?

No, they won't quit and you should know that by now; they just get more desperate and do more desperate things. They MUST have their global dictatorship as soon as possible, even if it means murdering people. Hey, they have already told you that they plan to murder 7.5 billion people.

Even if they murder Trump, they will probably end up with DeSantis, which would be almost as bad for their evil aspirations. The left has shot themselves in the foot with their great sounding stupid ideas failing everywhere.

The only person, who will set up their global dictatorship, that all of the left and even many moderates will support is still Mahdi Obama but to get him in power they will have to create a really terrible red flag event that will murder a lot of people, including Afghan Joe, Kruella, and others and scare the crap out of enough other people to get them to support having Mahdi Obama as their glorious savior. It would have to be something like nuking Chicago and blaming Israel just like God told me 16 years ago they will do. Every day we get one day closer.

That is their only hope and you better bet that people who are planning on murdering off 7.5+ billion people globally will do it just like God said they will. That is the only thing the left has that might work. If you don't believe me, stick around because the left just ran out of time, they have to do something really desperate and I believe God.

Then, the next morning after I wrote that, God woke me during our normal morning prayer and discussion time, when I would rather be sleeping, you know, between midnight and 4 am, to remind me of something and better explain it to me. This morning it was between 2 and 3 am and I realized shortly after 3 am that, if I didn't get up and write about it, I was not going to get back to sleep until I did, so I write.

Remember that, when I told you about the prophecy of Obama nuking Chicago, that I assumed that Obama nuking Chicago to set up his permanent dictatorship over the US would happen while he was president and later told you my assumption was wrong?

God reminded me that Obama and the Nation of Islam did try to nuke the US but God stopped them because 1) it wasn't time and 2) the US had not quite become Sodom and Gomorrah II yet so it wasn't yet time to punish us for our sins. God saved our butts because man plans, God laughs.

You have to understand that God didn't punish Sodom and Gomorrah 16 years earlier because it wasn't time to punish them yet. God punishes you when He knows it is time to punish you. The Bible tells us that "God is patient and long suffering".

If you go back and check during his presidency, I wrote about a news item God had not completely explained to me yet and He reminded me about it and finished explaining it this morning.

Remember that the US Pentagon, which was not completely under the control of the Nation of Islam yet, stopped "someone" from using two nukes to stage a terrorist attack inside the US?

Note that the US Pentagon didn't arrest anyone but they got both nukes. The reason for them not arresting anyone was because the someone with the nukes was President Obama and the Nation of Islam. Remember that there never was a trial or any publicity concerning that someone only because it was the President.

The Pentagon didn't release all of the important intel about that someone being Obama and the Nation of Islam trying to establish Obama as the Muslim dictator of the US the way God told me they would because Obama was too popular and the lefty upper class trash had complete control of the most used media at that time (we didn't have the conservative media as well developed as we have today) so the Pentagon didn't want to open that can of worms yet. They just let it go and kept an eye on Obama and the Nation of Islam to protect you.

What they did tell us was that they stopped a group from staging a nuclear terrorist attack inside the US with 2 small nukes, one of the nukes was a small mini nuke of only 1K throw weight, they detonated that nuke off the coast of either North or South Carolina under water, they didn't give us the intel about the throw weight or what they did with the second nuke, and our lefty media let everyone quickly forget about that near miss. So much else has gone on since then that I even forgot about it until this morning.

For those of you who think that Obama and the Nation of Islam wouldn't dare try to nuke the US, they already tried once but God stopped them using the US Pentagon and remember that Satan's spawn never quit. They always regroup, reorganize, and keep trying. They really want to nuke the US because of their egos because that will make them the greatest Muslim terrorists in history.

Since Obama left office in January 2017, this nation has gotten at least 100 to maybe 1,000 times worse, more immoral, and further from God and all you have to do is think about how pagan the US was then as compared to today. There was no woke, transgender, openly brainwashing even our youngest children to be pagan, or any of the other satanic crap that really jumped out of the closet into our laps since Afghan Joe stole the presidency in 2020. Parts of this nation are a satanic mess right now and are easily modern Sodom and Gomorrah.

Today, the blue parts of the US have become Sodom and Gomorrah II and it is time for God to punish those parts, you know, like super blue Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Denver, Santa Fe, Washington DC, and other very blue places. God has had enough.

God will punish different blue zones in different ways. God let me know that Chicago will get nuked but the greater LA area will be mostly destroyed by a super earthquake storm with many of the lefty pagans going to die in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. Others will be punished in other ways.

This time, because more of us have turned our backs on God and are much more openly satanic or pagan, God is not going to stop the Nation of Islam and Obama from succeeding at nuking the US, you know, like super duper blue Chicago, that God has been getting most of His people out of for a few years.

Remember how God caused Lot and his family to flee Sodom and Gomorrah so God could punish Sodom and Gomorrah?

Right now, God is causing many other "Lots" to flee the blue cities and states with their families so God can punish those blue zones. Yesterday I heard the news refer to it as "a stampede out of the blue areas to the red areas".

If you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present. Lot is fleeing again and don't look back to lust after the sins you are leaving the way Lot's wife did. That won't end well for you either.

Obama and the Nation of Islam tried before and God stopped them but, this time, God is not going to stop them because of our sins. A big hint for that is that Afghan Joe promoted Obama's Afghan Austin to being in charge of the Pentagon and he promoted his Nation of Islam pals to key positions in the Pentagon but they don't control all of it, just enough of the right positions to stop the Pentagon from stopping them this time.

This time, instead of trying to keep Obama as the leader of our nation, they will be returning Obama to being the leader and Muslim dictator of our nation and God is going to use that to punish the blue zones of this nation for their sins.

Also note that God is causing many of the foreign soldiers infiltrating across our borders to attack the US from within to go to those blue cities God is about to judge to protect your butts. God is fighting for His good people in this nation. Man plans, God laughs.

You BETTER pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load because the fecal matter is starting to hit ye ole fan by the ship loads.

You have been warned. Now, as soon as I upload this essay, I can go back to bed and sleep. Have a good day and may God bless you.


Remember that I told you that the new Ukrainian troops that are suddenly going on the offensive that Z Boy didn't know about are really NATO troops?

The UK just announced that they just finished training up another 60,000 "Ukrainian" troops Z Boy also didn't know about, which is why he started drafting women, you know, more NATO troops.

They tell you about that in this video and then they tell you that the same German leaders who guessed wrong about everything else know how Russia is going to invade Poland and Germany. They never quit and they never learn.

The idiot Western leaders like in Germany and the UK are so focused on Russia invading the Baltic States instead of them (wishful thinking) that they can't see that, what Russia wants is to stop the Western insanity, for which, Russia will need to quickly conquer the UK, Germany, and France in Europe.

The Baltic States don't mean anything to Putin. He isn't going to waste time or troops to conquer them to stop the UK, France, and Germany.

He also tells you that Poland has given permission for Germany to base troops in Poland by the Russian border.

Gee, I wonder why?

Gee, you don't think the morons are scared, do you? Maybe they shouldn't have poked the bear?

Then he tells you that the West has been and still is bluffing Russia just like I have been telling you and Russia isn't falling for it. I think they really do think that 300,000 NATO troops on the Russian border is going to scare Russia. Russia knows what is going on, what the West can and cannot do, and how to deal with it. The Russians are not stupid like the West thinks they are. It is the Western leaders who have proved they are stupid.

Unfortunately, after that, he went off into speculations that I disagree with.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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