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Heads Up

Here is something to keep an eye on.

Did you know that the Democratic National Convention for 2024 will be held in Chicago from August 19 (Monday) to 22?

They will bring Democrats from all over the nation. Keep an eye on that.

Also, in doing research for the potential date for Mahdi Obama nuking Chicago so I can give you a heads up, I have learned some interesting things. I have learned that over just the last few years, they have had a number of fund raisers with billionaires in Chicago that you never hear about in the media. They keep those fund raisers really quite so you don't know how much those billionaires own our corrupt politicians and it is surprisingly common with the Democrats in Chicago.

Someone nuking Chicago to take out 200+ billionaires, who own this nation by owning our corrupt politicians, would leave a power vacuum to quickly fill and take control of the US.

When I was studying to be a stock broker in the late 1980s, they told me there are only 300 families that controlled this world and those families don't all have equal power. If they take out the most powerful of those family leaders with the rest knowing they either submit or die, guess who will own the world. You don't have to kill that many of the right people to seize control of the planet and Obama, Putin, and most others at the top know it and they know who to kill.

If Putin or Obama nuke the most powerful leaders of those 300 families, the bull crap stops for at least a while, though Mahdi Obama will quickly start his own bull crap.


Decades ago God gave me a dream about me using a Hallberg-Rassy sailboat to save the lives of at least 12 to 15 people, including a couple of Children with their mothers. There were two mothers with one child each getting on the boat, about 6 to 8 others already on the boat, and me and one other in rear guard about to get on the boat behind the women. I didn't remember until recently that one of the people already on the boat at the helm was a professional captain I had hired to have the boat ready for that mission. That is why God gives us dreams like this, so we can prepare for those things.

At that time, the largest boat HR had was a 62 foot boat so I figured it would be that boat but they don't even have that boat any more. The 62 would have been a little crowded but would work and I knew we would have to be at sea for about one or two months and would have to ration food and water.

Based on the dream, I worked on custom designs for maximizing occupancy, storage, electronic warfare, ECM, weapons systems like designing my own drones and guns for self defense, and other things of a military nature more than 20 years ago.

The boat was pretty good for military design because the fiberglass hull has almost no radar return but the aluminum mast would provide some radar return.

Almost a decade later, they dropped the 62 and came out with a 64 but US maritime law required (may have changed since) that a sailboat of 64 feet or longer be classified a ship and must have at least a professional licensed captain on board for sailing operations. I didn't want to have a crewed boat because there would be more people to take up more space, food, and water, so I just figured I would get a used 62, customize it, and use it. The 64 would only be 2 feet longer with not that much more space below for crew and storage or on deck for weapons systems.

I just found out that they just came out with a 69 foot yacht and, for some reason; I just remembered that the dream had a professional captain on board as we were boarding in the dream. I don't know why I didn't remember that before.

The 69 also has a fiberglass mast that will provide almost no radar return so it will be a complete stealth boat, which I will need to go undetected for evasion. The boat is significantly larger, will hold more passengers, food, and supplies, and will be faster (hull length determines "maximum hull speed" with a longer hull length having greater hull speed - probably about 3 to 5 knots faster, which adds up; I also designed a custom keel that will increase the speed even more). The longer and wider deck will provide more room for weapons and electronics devices for defense.

For example, their sonar will be able to detect the sound of the boat moving through the water and you just mask that sound by making it sound like it is a whale and you can use the whale sounds to ping your sonar, you know, when whales put out their sounds to locate other whales. Those sounds will echo off of objects like submarines and reefs.

You should see the EW and ECM systems I designed for that boat. I just realized that would make a great book or movie.

Whatever it will be, it will have to be at least slightly customized because even the larger boats are only designed to handle about 8 to 10 passengers in more comfort so it would have to be modified for more sleeping and storage spaces to save more people.

The new thing about larger HR boats is that they have a small garage in the stern for the "dinghy" (that is why the 64 would actually have less internal space than the 62) that, on the 69, you could use a larger SEAL river boat that can carry about 12 to 15 people and/or more cargo for transportation on and off of the sailboat.

We will see what God gives me. They may come out with a 150 billion foot boat next year that we can just point to where we are going and walk there.

God also showed me that I will use a customized C-130 to transport the people to the boat because the enemy will shoot down the C-130, if I try to get through their naval invasion force with it. I have to use the stealth boat to quietly sneak through their little war.

God also showed me that we will use a big mansion for the base of operation for the sailboat and, before I get on the sailboat, I will activate an explosive under the building with a remote detonation device to blow the building to pieces, when the invading troops go onto the balconies to fire on us.

God showed me some other interesting things to do too. BTW, the weapon I carried from the plane to the house and to the boat was a belt fed M240 or modern version of the M60 I was trained to use during Nam. It was an interesting and informative dream. Don't be surprised if my ship's captain will be a Navy SEAL. That would be perfect.

That would definitely make a great movie and I bet all of you would want to see that one. The dream showed the basics from when we will take off in the C-130, get to the boat, get through enemy naval forces, and get to a safe rescue point. Myself, my right hand man, and that ship's captain will be tasked with saving about a dozen other people including two women with children at the beginning of the Tribulation. That is why I have been concerned about getting the HR sailboat and the 69 will probably be perfect.

What timing, huh?

They came out with that just before the Tribulation begins. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

And I can't even tell you what I will have to do with the castle at the beginning of the Tribulation God told me to build because that is classified. Yep, things are going to get very interesting very soon.


Remember that I told you that Israel pulling entire divisions of troops out of Gaza is NOT because they have lost control in Gaza but because they have Gaza under control and are 1) cleaning up the West Bank to remove that threat and 2) preparing to invade Lebanon to take out Hezbollah.

This video shows that is what they are doing. They are now saying that Israel is ready to invade Lebanon and they just recently held a practice in the area for invading Lebanon.

Afghan Joe has publically admitted that the US attacks have not stopped the Houthi attacks on ships, probably because he isn't taking out anything worth the money and effort being used. Hey, he can't actually destroy the Nation of Islam proxies.


Remember that I have been telling you that NATO has troops in Ukraine fighting Russia directly?

This video tells you that France has a bunch of their troops fighting in Ukraine against Russia, Russia has killed a bunch of them and President Moron doesn't care that he is slaughtering his own French people in Ukraine as "foreign fighters".

Do you believe me yet that Russia knows she must kill the French upper class trash Royals and their puppets to stop this insanity? Do you believe me yet that these Western elites are brutal, cruel savages only pretending to be civilized? Do you believe me yet that they don't care about anyone or anything but themselves and their bank accounts; not even their own people?

They clearly don't even care about their own people, much less the civilians in Gaza. They are satanic liars and frauds. It sounds like it is time for Bastille II and for more French Royals and their puppets to lose their heads because the French elites still don't care about their own people. They are slaughtering their own people in a lost war to make more money.

But it gets better because, if the French people don't have enough spine to deal with their evil rulers, the Russians and Africans will.


Burkina Faso is trying to build stronger in a number of ways to secure their freedom from France and other EU countries.

This video shows that they are improving their military, agriculture, and industry to grow their nation and protect it.

Their leader is making some very good moves, unlike the West.

Burkina Faso just arrested 4 French people for spying and Mali just arrested some French supported rebels.

Is France involved in espionage and terrorist attacks against these nations?

Of course they are, their upper class trash Royals are losing massive amounts of money because of those coups and they want to get back control of those nations to continue stealing from them. They never quit.

Do you believe me yet that Africa will go into France from the South when Putin goes into Poland and Germany?

The best justice would be to see President Moron and his upper class trash pals as slaves in Africa.

Upper Class Trash Royals

Remember that I have been telling you for decades that better than 90% of our problems are caused by the upper class trash Royals?

This video shows you that is true, how deceptive and out of touch with reality they are, and how they keep causing our problems with their crusades that make them so much more money, especially in tax payer money. They are the very last people who should be running this planet and they keep proving that themselves by causing so many problems but they own the corrupt political decision makers.

The upper class trash Royals see Trump as a threat to them, you know, to their glorious bank accounts. They deserve to be killed or enslaved by Russia, Africa, and/or Mahdi Obama. They have earned it because of the crimes they have and still are committing against the people.


This video shows the US is ramping up for war with China in a big way, deploying our best to the area.

If she were to use just a few of those weapons against the Houthis, the Houthis would cease to exist, much less launch missiles against cargo ships.

Gee, I wonder why she is not destroying the Houthis? Is it because they are Afghan Joe's proxy army?

Note that the speeds, altitudes, and other intel they give you are not the true maximums. Those true maximums are classified and higher than they tell you.

Note the variety of complementary weapons and that they are NOT just sending one or two super duper "game changer" weapons that will conquer the galaxy they way they do in Ukraine. That is because they are not sending weapons to win the war in Ukraine but to wear Russia down to make Russia vulnerable to attack by the West, while making a lot of money selling old, worn out, junk at inflated prices to Ukraine. Pay attention to the differences because that tells you a lot.


Remember that I have been telling you that Ukraine is getting closer to a complete route?

Pay attention to what he says in the first of this video because that tells me that NATO is positioning 90,000 troops at the border of Ukraine because they know that the Ukrainian forces are about to route and those troops will be sent in to fight Russia to stop the route.

This is going to be a direct and open intervention by NATO against Russia. They just won't quit.

Then he goes on to show you that Russia is beginning to break through Ukrainian lines. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Gee, who would have guessed that our top lunatics are about to turn this into WWIII? Gee, I wonder if the reason why the US is stopping giving weapons to Ukraine is because the US is going to need those weapons to use against Russia soon?

The upper class trash Royals and their evil puppets don't care if you all get murdered off in a nuke war as long as they get their global dictatorship; they plan to murder you all off anyway.

You watch and, when Russia knows the West is about to escalate to WWIII, Russia will stage a surprise preemptive nuclear attack on the West to stop WWIII.

Remember that about one year ago, Russia and China launched a bunch of satellites, which would have included their own version of GPS, killer satellites, spy satellites, ECM satellites, and others?

Then, a few weeks ago, Russia did an experiment that shut down Western spy satellites and planes, GPS, and other systems, while staging a really big missile, drone, and fighter attack against Ukraine so that Ukraine couldn't see the weapons coming and it worked very well.

I just found out that Russia experimentally shut down the GPS in Finland, Poland, and Lithuania for a few hours. She is clearly testing systems for invading Europe and the US and it is interesting that she tested her equipment on Finland and Poland because those countries may be her point of entry into Europe.

I am watching to see if Russia stages the same type of tests in the UK, Alaska, the US Southwest, East Coast and the West Coast. Those tests will probably take place soon.

You have to understand that, if they shut down our GPS and they have their own GPS to guide their smart weapons to targets, we won't have our GPS to guide our weapons, especially our nukes, to the targets and, if they shut down our spy satellites and planes like they did in Ukraine, we won't be able to see their weapons coming to stop them. It will be a quick, one sided war.

I was taught by SAC that the first 30 minutes of a nuke war with the Soviet Union would be an electronic war that will determine who will win that war. That is how important today's EW and ECM are. They will win or lose the war.

BTW, Russia's GPS is called GLONASS, China's is Beidou, and Europe uses Galileo. From what I read, the jamming was probably being caused by some of those ECM satellites Russia and China launched last year because of the area that jamming covered. There are a number of ways they can do that.

The important thing here is that Russia is testing ECM technologies against us for a reason and knows about the different systems and their strengths and weaknesses in relation to which are used by different weapons.

Do you believe me that you BETTER pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load?

I really wish God would intervene soon but I know He has His reasons.


This is just too good because they just keep proving me right. LOL

Do I do my homework well or what?

Remember that I told you more than 20 years ago that the reason why the Shiite Muslims, you know, Iran and the Nation of Islam, which are both Shiite, believe that, for anyone to prove they are the Mahdi or Muslim messiah, who will lead the Muslims to conquer the world so their god, Allah, will come, make them all immortal, and set up paradise for them forever, to be able to prove he is the Mahdi, he MUST stand on the Jerusalem Temple Mount and order all Muslims to murder all non Muslims, which requires they destroy Israel first, which is what the Muslim Israel hatred is all about? Remember that I told you that Farrakhan and Obama both believe Obama is the Muslim Mahdi?

Gee, I wonder if that would be sufficient motivation for Farrakhan, Obama, and the Nation of Islam to finance and use Iran as their proxy to destroy Israel so Mahdi Obama can stand on the Temple Mount and give that command so they can rule the world? Gee, I wonder if that would be enough motivation for the Nation of Islam to nuke Chicago to seize control of the US so Mahdi Obama can lead a Nation of Islam Army, trained by the US Military, to invade and destroy Israel?

Remember that I told you decades ago that, in the Military, they teach you to learn what your enemies believe because what they believe, determines how they will think, which determines what they will do?

They want to destroy Israel because they believe that Israel is in the way of their end time prophecies being fulfilled.

I just found this video telling you much of what I have been telling you for more than 20 years because they just figured it out. Well, they got part of it right, anyway. Give them another 20 years to get the rest of it right, you know, figure out it is the Nation of Islam and Obama and not just Iran.

Do you get the picture yet? Do you believe me yet?

The thing is that the Nation of Islam and Iran both believe it is their end times and it is time for the Mahdi to be able to prove he is the Mahdi so they believe they must destroy Israel RIGHT NOW at all costs. Just like I have been telling you, they are not going to quit until they cause the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Even AFTER the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, the Muslims will regroup, reorganize, and cause the events for the Tribulation, where they will become the one world government and one world church to fulfill those prophecies that I told you they will fulfill decades ago. Go back and read it all.

Do you understand why I KNOW those prophecies are right now starting to happen?

I believe God and what He has shown me over the last 75 years. It couldn't get much more clear than that.

It is going to happen the way I told you it will happen because God said so.


Remember that I have been telling you that the academe are a very big part of our problems because they dream up the stupidity that our leaders force on us?

This video tells you about some of that. These lefty academe forbid their students from questioning what they teach the students and will even flunk those students who do think for themselves. I have seen it happen.

Because of that, too many of the students just blindly believe what they are taught by these lefty academe living out of touch with reality in their white palaces smoking their dope. That is the big reason why our lefty leaders are failing at everything they do, they are completely out of touch with reality.

Always remember that better than 90% of the college professors become college professors because they are not smart enough to get a job and make it in the real world. The reason why they forbid their students to questioning what they teach is because they know their bull crap won't stand up to questioning. It will quickly fall apart, which would be very embarrassing in their classes.

Iran Nukes

Remember that I told you that Iran is the only nation to try for more than 6 years to build nukes and, after more than 40 years of them working with nuclear engineers from nations that have nukes like Pakistan, China, and North Korea, and her having quite a few satellites in low to mid orbit, she just launched one to high orbit, she has missiles that will reach Europe, she has built a variety of sophisticated weapons, Germany built her a plant that can refine nuke dirt to weapons grade more than a quarter of a century ago, and you still think she does not have any nukes?

Does that make sense to anyone?

This video tells you that Afghan Joe is upset because Iran just launched a satellite into high orbit, when she has missiles that can reach Europe and put satellites into lower to mid orbit, which is high enough to get nukes anywhere on the planet? Really?

Afghan Joe is just putting on a show. She has an arsenal of nukes and he knows it and is covering for Iran.


For years I have been listening to and reading about people asking whether the incredible stone work they find everywhere was done using lost tools and knowledge. They don't know of any civilization within the last 4,400 years, you know, since the Flood, that knew how to build those things.

Who had the knowledge and where did it go?

The lefty pagan academe, who hate God and the Bible, will remained confused until Judgment Day, when they will be made fools of because the obvious answer is in the Bible.

The Bible tells us that God gave certain individuals the knowledge for working with metals, stones, and wood. This would have been much more advanced knowledge than we have today.

Over about 1,600 years, those people turned from God and began worshipping false pagan gods and using that God given knowledge to make temples, statues, and other things used in worshipping those false pagan gods, insulting the one true God, who gave them that knowledge.

God decided to destroy those people and their civilization with a global flood, saving only 8 people, who did not have the knowledge to do those things, therefore, that knowledge was lost by the Flood, when those who had it died in the Flood. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

See how easy that was to figure out by not hating God and not calling Him a liar?

God told you who had the knowledge, that He gave them that knowledge, and it was lost in the Flood but they arrogantly don't want to listen to God because dey noze better dan God.

I have just found out that there are other Christian archaeologists like me who are studying the ancient stuff based on that knowledge having been lost in the Flood. It feels good to find out that I am not the only one who knows the truth.

One thing I have been wondering about is a dream God gave me about 67 years ago at about 8 years of age about a family of four fleeing their farm, which had just been overrun by a lava flow from a nearby volcano at the beginning of the Flood and them going to a city to the north of their farm that was on the west side of a big hill and due west of the volcano north of Grants, New Mexico.

They got inside that round city, went to a laundry mat on the south side of the town and even with the center of the city, when a massive mud slide rushed down over them and the rest of the city, knocking a T-Rex down on top of the laundry mat they were in and covering up everyone and everything inside that city to preserve it all for some day in the future. It was God creating a pre Flood time capsule.

Just stop and think about it; if you have studied the Bible and got to know God, you KNOW that he would create a pre Flood time capsule for the end times to prove pagans wrong. Man plans, God laughs.

What will we find in that city, when it is excavated?

Obviously, we will find that T-Rex on top of that building roof with those people in it disproving the lefty academe lies about tens of thousands and millions and billions of years. Evolution is a dead man walking.

Just think about what we will find in those many yards and homes in that city along with those people who got quickly covered up. We are going to find people's pets who we are told lived millions of years before man. We are going to find plants that "became extinct millions of years before man" in their yards and homes. We are going to find that fantastic wood, metal, and stone work telling us who the people were that did that incredible work and what happened to that knowledge. We are going to find their vehicles, their tools, and written documentation about their lives and possibly even telling us how to do that great wood, metal, and stone work because we know they had writing back then. We have found it in some of those sites. Don't be surprised to find the world's oldest library there with books, maps, and stuff.

It is going to be the single greatest and most important archaeological find in history and it will permanently rewrite history to be the truth. There will be no more academic guessing everything wrong.

Now that will be interesting and I know approximately where it is. Someday, we are going to uncover an almost complete pre Flood city with everything in it frozen in time at that precise moment. It has been sitting there waiting for us untouched for 4,400 years.

An easy way to find it would be to travel north where that north/south road was checking in arroyos to find that road cut through by the arroyo and then go straight north until you are west of Mt. Taylor (the volcano), start digging, and you will find that ancient stone gate and entrance to that city. Every evolutionist will suddenly look like a fool, especially with that T-Rex (you know, Timothy Rex) lying on top of a roof with dead people inside the building and God will laugh and laugh and laugh.

Does anyone know any Christian archaeologists who want to make the greatest find in history that will absolutely prove the Bible to be true?

I am too sick to go find it myself and it is time for it to be found but I can show you where it is on a map.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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