I Told You So 626

The Real World

The problem is that we have too many greedy people who can't think about anything but stealing more and more money so that all they can think about now is stealing everything you have so you "will own nothing"; too many power mad people who can't think about anything but ruling the world and forcing everyone to live their superior way, with you serving them, and too many stupid people trying to prove to everyone they are geniuses and wise by thinking too much and more than they should.

And God said, "Thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves fools" and, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

They really have made themselves fools because everything they have done and are doing has failed or is failing, proving they are fools but they are too arrogant, stupid, ignorant, and in denial about being the fools they are.

"No, no, it isn't my fault, it is someone else's fault that my great sounding stupid ideas failed."

They are absolutely clueless about how stupid they look when everything they do keeps failing.

The fact is that most of these superior smarty pants only have an average IQ at best, think they are smarter than they are, and that you are dumber than you are. They are out of touch with reality and mismanaging reality.

One of the things God is doing is that most of us put too much faith in democracy and our Constitutional Republic and they are failing really bad because they are being run by greedy, power mad idiots and no government can be any better than those running it. We should have put our faith in God and not an organization or institution run by flawed humans.

One thing I have been watching concerning this spacy alien crap is that the Royals will say that they are descendants of spacy aliens so they are different from you lowly Earthlings and better than you and that them coming from space, you know, like gods, makes them gods so you must obey and worship them like gods. Keep an eye on that because they never quit.

Remember that I keep telling you that organizations like the EU are going to fail?

They are failing right now. With farmers and other citizens in more and more nations in Europe protesting against EU rules, that will help push more of those nations out of the EU.

I can't understand the morons running these nations except by remembering they are just puppets doing and saying what their puppet master Royals are paying them to do and say.

They are destroying their own agriculture, economies, and nations because the EU says so, when the EU was originally formed to help them build their economies? Do you believe me yet that they are just idiot puppets?

That is the only reason why they would keep doing what they are told to do with everything they are told to do failing. With the leaders continuing to make things worse for their people and the elections coming up in the not too distant future, that tells me the upper class trash Royals are planning to make their move to set up their dictatorships, at least over their nations, very soon.

For example, French President Moron is poling at 19% with Le Pen's party is poling at 31% and Moron keeps making things worse. I don't think he is planning on having to win another election.

Then I found this video showing that the UN is on its way out too. 9 nations are withholding funding for that part of the UN because the UN got caught with its hand in ye ole terrorist cookie jar.

What? You mean that even the UN is working with Muslim terrorists?

No big surprise because the UN is made up of mostly Muslim nations and other nations who use Muslim terrorists like the US and UK.

The Exodus

I have come to the realization that most people, even Christians, now believe that Moses crossed the Gulf of Aqaba and not the Red Sea so that I keep seeing that all expeditions to study where Moses crossed "the Red Sea" are now going to the Gulf of Aqaba. They have even made fake maps showing that those 3 cities were actually in the Sinai Desert just north of the Gulf of Aqaba as proof for it.


First, to disprove the Bible and, Second, to make it look like Moses was so stupid he didn't even know where the Red Sea is so they shouldn't have to obey a stupid man's laws. Plus, if that story is wrong, then you can't believe any of the stories in the Bible, including Biblical creation and that there is a God, Yahweh. Hey, if they can disprove Biblical creation, then you have to believe their lies about evolution.

End game, Satan. That is their goal; to totally discredit the Bible so no one will believe anything in it. That will work just fine until Judgment Day, when they find themselves standing before God to be judged for their crimes against the Laws in the Bible.

The simple minded idiots cannot figure out that they cannot win that one.

Listen, you should study all of the archaeological proofs they have already found proving the Bible to be true and accurate.

Now, even more than ever, we need someone to go to where Moses actually crossed the Red Sea and find all of those bones, weapons, armor, chariots, helmets, Pharaoh's crown, gold plating for Pharaoh's armor and chariot, and other things you know God has lying there, buried in the soil, waiting for someone to find them.

Hey, maybe Kenneth Copeland would donate some of his $300 million for an archaeological expedition to prove the Bible to be true?

I doubt it. Don't hold your breath waiting for it to happen.

The Left

Remember that I keep telling you that the left is anti-Christian, evil, and satanic?

This video proves that very well. They are the exact opposite in many ways to Christianity.

The left loves to lie and tell you that Jesus was a lefty but then they despise him. That doesn't sound like they really believe Jesus is very lefty. They know He is conservative because He loves and keeps the Law of God.

But, hey, the left lies about everything including God and the Bible.

Why would you believe anything the left says, you know, like Moses crossed the Gulf of Aqaba?


Remember that decades ago I told that a lot of women can't stand cruising on sailboats and often leave their husbands to cruise by themselves, while the wife returns to land or make their husbands return to the land?

Some women do really well at cruising but some really hate it and make life miserable for their husbands and you can tell by looking at their husbands.

They are still doing it today. There is one cruising video that is now a home building video on an island. This video cruising channel is about a family, where the mother has done mostly complaining about sailing and getting sea sick, the rocking of the boat at night, and other things for years, which they don't tell you about in that video.

Of course, in that video they are not going to tell you about the days, weeks, months, and years she spent complaining about their sailing life and its riggers. Every time they went sailing for even just a few days, she would get sea sick and spend days just complaining about being sick, while he had to spend that time sailing the boat by himself with very little rest.

You should watch their prior videos on when they went sailing. She always gets sick very quickly, lies there moping and complaining, and him not being allowed to enjoy the sailing because she was sick.

I keep waiting for her to make him return to a life on land like so many others before her and others continuing to do so today. There are other channels I know the woman will eventually either make her husband move back on land or leave him. You can tell by her constant complaining about everything and the stress on his face.

Most men like the adventure and a tough life but most women want a solid, secure home on land with friends and family. Few women really like the adventure you get with cruising that men love and I see them agreeing to try that adventure making life tough on the men, telling me those women complain about everything.

Here are a few cruising sites where the women really love it: One, two, and three and you can see the difference in both the men and women. If the woman enjoys it, they both enjoy it but, if the woman doesn't enjoy it, neither one of them enjoy it.

US Military

Now the US Navy is not meeting its recruitment goals. More and more people are getting turned off by our corrupt government abusing the US Military to make money at the expense of the troops and the many changes the left is making.

I would not be surprised to find out that family and friends of potential young recruits are telling them to not enlist but go into the local militia to protect their nation instead of being used as cannon fodder to make the upper class trash more wealthy.

I am proud that I served my nation when it was very unpopular to do so during Nam but I would not want to serve this corrupt government today.


Remember that I told you about the BRICS Bank?

She teaches you a little bit about it here in this video concerning a new program to undercut and compete against our corrupt Western banks. They are going to provide better quality loans to poorer nations that will also devalue the US dollar. They are taking advantage of the extreme greed of the Western bankers to undercut them to take business away from them to help less developed nations.

This will draw more nations to join BRICS and help shutdown the West's globalism.

Keep an eye on this.


Iran finally killed 3 US troops but it was with an attack inside Jordan.

Was it a mistake or to set up an excuse to withdraw US troops from the entire area, you know, "to keep the war from spreading"?

This video tells you what Afghan Joe should do but we get to sit and wait to see what he will do.

Will he just blow up some more rocket launchers?

Keep an eye on this.


The more the West tries to regain control of the African nations that have broken away from the West's rule and oppression, the more angry the African nations are getting. If the West persists, you can bet that Africa will invade our nations, especially Europe, with the others and you need to keep in mind that African illegal aliens are already infiltrating our nations causing me to wonder whether they have already planned to do so.

Then I found this video telling me that Burkina Faso is really ramping up for war and it also tells you that about a dozen other nations are following suit. They got a few weapons from the US and France but they are getting most of their weapons from Turkey, Bulgaria, and Russia and have been using them quite effectively against Muslim terrorists.

One thing this shows is that Turkey's military industry is making big sales to Africa because of Western embargoes on Turkey has made it possible for Africa to stand up to the West and now Russia is also making sales to Africa.

He tells you how big Turkey's arms industry has grown because of the Western embargoes this century and it is growing really fast, especially with Turkey selling arms to Africa and they are arming Africa to the teeth plus a lot of Africans are now living in Europe to attack from within AND the European upper class trash Royals have been decreasing their own militaries by sacking them to increase their own wealth.

Turkey has armed 28 African nations with their drones.

The Western upper class trash Royals just can't do anything that works. I am convinced that the European leaders are so arrogant they have become terminally stupid. They keep trying to boss everyone around and no one pays attention to them anymore because everyone has learned the European leaders are all bluff. Even their own people are rebelling against the arrogant fools and they don't get it.

I am even more convinced that, if the West keeps trying to regain control over the African nations they have lost control over, those African nations will invade Europe with Russia. You can bet that those African nations see the West, like France, trying to regain control of their nations to resume sacking them as an act of war. You would, if they did it to your nation.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

Then he tells you that Russia is going to be building a nuclear power plant in Burkina Faso, which will require that the power plant will have to have another plant to refine nuke dirt to make the nuke rods for the power plant, which can also be used to make weapons grade nuke dirt for nuke weapons.

Remember that Putin sent tactical nukes into Belarus at the start of the Ukrainian War and then again last year.

How long will it take for Burkina Faso to develop tactical nukes?

Only two nations in Europe have tactical nukes; the UK (200) and France (300).

Constitutional Republic

With the US Supreme Court just deciding in favor of Afghan Joe cutting the barbed wire Texas is putting up to stop illegal aliens in defiance of the US Constitution and Congress trying to pass a bill to eliminate militias in defiance of the US Constitution, you just might want to keep a really close eye on the US Supreme Court and Congress because too many of them might be owned by Obama and the Nation of Islam/upper class trash just waiting to abuse their powers to put and keep their butts in power. I think we are being betrayed.

Remember that NO government can be any better than the people running it and we have terribly bad people running our government right now, therefore, until those bad people get removed, our government cannot be a good government.

This is how you do espionage. You noticed something like this and then keep an eye on it because it is an indicator that they will probably do other bad things later.

For those of you who are still worshiping and putting your faith in your Constitutional Republic instead of in God; it ain't no constitutional republic if the lefties are rigging the elections. Your votes have to count for it to be a Constitutional Republic. It has already failed.

People, things have gotten so bad in this nation that, if something does not happen soon to turn things around, the US Military is SUPPOSED to step in to fix this mess. They SWORE an oath to uphold and defend the US Constitution against BOTH external and internal threats and the lefty upper class trash Royals and their puppets are right now the single greatest threat to the security of this nation and the US Constitution in the history of this nation. We are about to find out if those military officers will keep their word or did they lie to us.

I want to know where their red line is.


Remember that I have been warning you that Afghan Joe is faking helping Israel while working to stop Israel from destroying Hamas?

I read that he is now going to decrease munitions being supplied to Israel to decrease or stop Israel's military actions to destroy Hamas.

Don't be surprised when he completely stops those military munitions and that will be the Nation of Islam using Afghan Joe to make it look like Israel nuking Chicago to kill Afghan Joe was Israel betraying the US because Afghan Joe stopped supporting Israel.

Their marketing people really love to drag things out like that to make stories so you will be more likely to believe it. They are already focusing their marketing on, "The war is spreading, the war is spreading!" Forget that they got some of our soldiers killed.

Terrorists are now attacking Israel from Gaza, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, and Iraq; all supported by Iran and the Nation of Islam and Afghan Joe, Mahdi Obama's puppet, who is a member of the Nation of Islam, just cut back on US munitions going to Israel.

BTW, I have not seen Jordan say a word about Iranian terrorists attacking US troops at a base inside of Jordan. That is a violation of Jordanian territory and an act of war against Jordan unless Jordan was complicit in that attack.


When they start telling you about the state of the economy, don't pay attention to the unemployment rate because that is a con because, if you are unemployed and your unemployment insurance runs out, usually at about 6 months to a year, they stop counting you as unemployed so the number of "unemployed people" decreases even though the number of actual unemployed people may have increased.

Pay attention to the number of jobs in the US because that tells you how many people are working full time. When that goes down, you economy is in trouble and, when it goes up, your economy is improving.

I don't know how many times I have seen them use that unemployment con to fool people into believing the economy went up when it really went down. What it may mean is that the economy is so bad that the unemployment insurance is running out before people can find jobs.

Eyes Open

Keep an eye on this. We know that thousands of people from around the world visit this site (my blog) every month; Google censored this site a few years ago for a couple of weeks until some of you complained about it; so you just know they are still reading what I post.

It looks like and I am watching that, when I post stuff, within a few days or weeks, they make small changes in what they are doing concerning those things, which would be normal to throw you off. It may just be a coincidence because others notice and say something about it but it seems to be happening more often, which could also mean eyes are opening more.

I am only human so some of you may notice some things I don't see so let me know about it. Thanks.

BTW, when you see stuff like idiots throwing soup on famous art like the Mona Lisa, it makes me wonder, "Did their security not see them going into the museum with the soup?" It kind of makes me think the people running the museum helped stage the event because of their agenda.

Think about it. They make it all of the way to a famous piece of art with their soup and the media just happen to be there to take pictures. Gee, what a magic coincidence. I am sorry but you are going to have to buy that bridge because I am not buying it.

People, if you took a soda in there to drink while looking at the art, their security would stop you.

I would not be surprised to find out that the "famous art" was just a double or fake they exhibit to protect the real art, which is probably most of what you will actually see in those museums for insurance reasons. I seriously doubt they hang the real stuff on the walls because of the higher insurance rates.


Oh, wow, did I get this one right or what?

Remember that I told you about 2 years ago that, as Russia was preparing to finish off Ukraine, she would attack south into Ukraine from Belarus to cut off Ukraine from the NATO nations and keep the Ukrainian Army from escaping into Poland to do terrorist attacks against Russia and also help fight against Russia's invasion of Europe?

In the first few minutes of this video he tells you that Putin is having Belarus attack south into Ukraine and forget the mumbo-jumbo his gives, it is for the reasons I told you. That tells me that Putin is getting ready to finish off Ukraine and Europe is next. Putin is about to make his move.

Remember that Putin sent tactical nukes into Belarus at the start of the Ukrainian War and then again last year?

I told you that I studied Putin for decades before this war started.

This video shows you that the lunatics running the West, especially the EU, are just driving Hungary and now maybe Romania into the Russian fold. The arrogant fools don't get it that bullying those nations is going to drive them into an alliance with Russia, especially since Europe doesn't have the military power it had in 1990 because of the greed of their upper class trash Royals.

At the beginning of the video he even told you that both Hungary and Romania, who share borders with Ukraine, have promised to be buds with Russia to "get back some turf they lost to Ukraine" when the Soviet Union fell. In other words, when troops go into Ukraine from the north, their troops will go into Ukraine from the south in an encirclement pincer move or, as the Russians would say, "Putting the lid on the Russian cauldron".

You just know that NATO is going to crap their britches, especially since both of those nations are NATO and EU nations.

So I am wonder, "In which African nations are President Moron, Queen Ursula, Der Fuhrer Stoltenberg, King Chuck, and President Scholz ("I see nothing") going to be slaves?"

They just keep proving what God showed me and I showed thee to be right.

Note that, at the end of that video, he tells you that they are now saying the drone attack that killed US troops didn't happen in Jordan but happened in Syria to take pressure off of Jordan because that would have been an act of war against Jordan, who would have been forced to retaliate or take heat from the US for permitting it on Jordan's turf.

He tells you that Jordan said they don't have a base in that region in spite of the fact that it was news a few months ago that the US sent troops to that region inside Jordan.

Then Syria told their story shifting all of the blame on the US.

Then he told you that Iran sent more satellites into orbit confirming what I have been telling you about Iran having satellites and you don't think they also have nukes? Really?

Then he gives you a rundown on US soldiers in that area, which was pretty good. This guy has his sources and does his homework well.

Concerning the US going to war with Iran, the US lefty media are already doing the fear mongering about not causing the war in Gaza to spread throughout the region so He will probably use that as an excuse to pull troops out of at least Syria and Iraq but probably other nations too. Don't want to spread that war.

He tells you that he doesn't think the US is going to go to war with Iran just like I have been telling you. Iran is CLEARLY the proxy for the Nation of Islam run US so they are not going to wage war against their own proxy and the US media are already making excuses for us not to. At the most, Afghan Joe will just blow up some more used missile launchers and maybe kill a 12 year old goat herder the way Billy Boy Clinton did to punish Al Quaeda, whom his CIA formed.

Gee, what a magic coincidence that every Commierat President since Jimmuh Carhtuh formed and used Muslim terrorists in the Middle East to do their dirty work for them. Let's see, Jimmuh gave the rule of Iran to the Shiite Muslims now running it so they could be used as a proxy to create and finance terrorist units in the Middle East; Billy Boy formed Al Quaeda in Afghanistan, Mahdi Obama formed ISIS in Syria and funded billions of dollars to Iran, and now Afghan Joe armed the Taliban, gave tens of billions of dollars to Iran, and is working with Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis, and others to destroy Israel.

You don't think the Commierats hate God, the Bible, and God's people, do you? Is it getting obvious that they have been planning and building to destroy Israel since before Jimmuh?

Nah, that is just a bunch of magic coincidences and my imagination, which keep being proved true.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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