I Told You So 628


Remember that I have told you that there is a lot of archaeological evidence proving the Bible and God?

This very brief video tells about one such piece of evidence out of many from when the Israelites were still wandering in the Sinai Desert 3,400+ years ago.

We are in trouble, people. Ron Wyatt said that Moses crossed the Gulf of Aqaba, God said Moses crossed the Red Sea, and a lot of Christians and their preachers believe Ron Wyatt over God, you know, God is the liar, not Ron.

Ron Wyatt said that Noah's Ark is in some rolling hills miles from Mt. Ararat, God said that He deposited Noah's Ark on Mt Ararat with Turkey knowing where Mt. Ararat and the Ark are, and requiring permits to visit it, with tour guides living near it, and a lot of Christians and their preachers believe Ron Wyatt over God, you know, God is the liar, not Ron.

Ron Wyatt made millions of dollars selling books and videos calling God a liar and a lot of Christians believe Ron Wyatt that God is a liar.

Gee, I wonder why we are being punished by God for calling Him a liar and believing a greedy human over God?

You better get right with God and soon because you are going to need God soon. Ron Wyatt and all of his money ain't going to save your butt.

What do the pagans believe?

The more spectacular, fantastic, and out of touch with reality, the more likely they are to believe it. If it is spacy aliens and chips under the skin, that is better than what God said. They have been watching too much Hollywood and not reading enough Bible.

This video has a couple of scientists explaining how evolutionists are changing the definitions of words to make their ideas or theories more believable.

Why do they do this?

Because their theories keep being proved wrong so they are changing the definitions of those words to make it more difficult to prove their theories wrong. If their theories were correct, they would not have to change the definitions of the words.

I have been watching evolutionary theories fail for more than half a century and quite often, they fail big time.

I realized this morning that, with that absolute proof that T-Rex existed with humans God told me about, the lying evolutionists will just claim that it really means that humans have been around for 65 million years. But the sane, rational, intelligent people, who don't hate God, will realize it proves conclusively that evolution didn't happen.

You watch, the God haters will make false claims about the find so they can keep hating God.

Climate Crap

For more than half a century, the solar and wind energy industries have been struggling to make it big.

The upper class trash Royals and their puppets have used fear mongering to scare people into paying tens of billions of their tax dollars to make the Royals tens of billions of dollars by forcing solar and wind energy on the people and now the people are realizing why the wind and solar energy industries were struggling. It was because they don't work that well, they cause quite a bit of damage, they wear out within just a few years, they are too expensive, and their stuff can't be recycled. Eyes are opening.

Like everything else the left has done, this is backfiring and will destroy the solar and wind industries. It is already starting to happen because the people are already turning against it.

But, hey, the upper class trash will just move onto their next con to make tens of billions in your tax money. Don't be surprised to find out they have already been planning the next con. They never quit. Any time the upper class trash and their academe come out fear mongering, you better grab your wallet and run.


Remember that I began telling you years ago that the EU would blow itself apart and, therefore, could not possibly be the one world government during the Tribulation?

This video shows that is happening RIGHT NOW! The people have had enough of the insanity of the upper class trash Royals and their puppets and are in rebellion against the jerks.

If I were Putin, I would start smuggling weapons and munitions into the EU for the people to use in this rebellion to take their nations back from the insane Royals. Hey, maybe even throw in a few guillotines for good measure and Bastille II.

The lie the Royals have been telling about them being the one world government during the Tribulation since they faked converting to Christianity in 312 AD is imploding but they refuse to quit.

Something I have never seen any preacher teach about is that, if the Royals really did convert to Christianity and have been Christians since, they would not have wanted to be the very evil one world government during the Tribulation. Only pagans, who hate God, would want to be that government, not Christians. The very fact that the Euro-American Royals have wanted to be that government to rule the world since 312 AD and are still trying to set up that global dictatorship with their WEF should tell you that they never were true Christians.

Get it straight that the EU and its Royals are not going to be the one world government they want to be and neither will the US Royals because they are all failing. Them ruling the world during the Tribulation NEVER fit with the details for those prophecies but they are so power mad and insane they can never accept that. Always pay attention to the prophecy details.

What happened was that, in 312 AD, the power mad whackos convinced each other in their Royal echo chamber that the one world government just had to be them so they are absolutely convinced they will be that government regardless of what happens so they never quit but, if you are objective and pay attention to the details, you will realize they are absolutely wrong.

That insane, psychopathic belief has distracted them from the reality that they have been living with the real one world government and church, Islam, for 1,400 years and still don't know it. "Why, no, it can't be them, it has to be us because we are just so wonderful and magnificent." They will never even consider it.

Shia Islam is that one world government and church but God has been keeping them from conquering the world until the near future, when they will conquer the world and I have proved that to you again and again since 9/11.

You have to understand that, contrary to what most people believe, Iran is NOT the most powerful Shia Muslim state in the world, the Nation of Islam is and that will probably be the Iron mixed with the clay.

This video shows that the state turned on and attack the protestors with water, which angered the protestors. That kind of arrogant behavior and treatment of the people without even listening to their problems is what causes rebellions like Bastille and could cause at least some of the Royals and their puppets to end up dead.

If I were Putin, my FSB would be smuggling guns and munitions into those angry protestors right now and organizing them for a rebellion to take out as many Royals as they could and not just the puppets the Royals are using as a front to hide behind, you know, make that little Royal racket fail too.

She was right in that video about that being what happens when the leaders get too arrogant to listen to the people.

And God said, "Pride goes before the fall."

The Royals always screw everything up until the people get fed up and start taking off Royal heads. The idiot, inbred Royals never learn and they never quit. The Royals have been causing this insanity for more than 3,500 years.

Don't be surprised if more nations leave the EU soon. She told you that the big four; France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, are having riots right now. If just one or two of those leave the EU, it will quickly fall apart. It almost fell apart when the UK left but Germany and France picked up the slack.

Note that the riot in Belgium was not against the government of Belgium but the government for the EU.

I just found out that they have even branded Queen Ursula as "Frau Genocide" because of her incessant support for the Ukrainian War destroying the Ukrainians. I wonder if she ever said, "Let them eat cake."

Nation of Islam

The Nation of Islam knows that the people in this video will gladly believe that Israel nuked Chicago, when they are told so by the deep state and Obama. Remember that many of them already believe that Israel, not Al Quaeda, caused 9/11 so they will eagerly believe it when they are told Israel nuked Chicago.

They are the people who will gladly sweep through Israel to murder every man, woman, and child to give Islam complete control of Israel and the Temple Mount.

Note that the video tells you there were protests like that in 50 US cities at the same time. That is probably at least a few hundred thousand protestors.

I have realized that, after Obama and the Nation of Islam take over, what will have to happen is that we will have to very quickly form a parallel government using retired people who are patriotic. That will include the Military, FBI, DOJ, CIA, and others.

I keep seeing that we have a lot of retired people who are against what our current government is doing. We will need to bring those people out of retirement to quickly build a good government.

Also, our cops are going to have to learn to fight to survive. They have been trained to fight without hurting the bad guys and that crap needs to stop.

Remember that I have been telling you that enemy troops are being infiltrated into the US?

At about 6 minutes into this video he tells you that "they are already organized when they come in" and he believes they are gang members, which some are, but some are clearly military from those nations and they may even be working with gang members from those nations.

Then the former FBI agent said that over 65% of the illegal aliens are military age men. This is a serious breach of national security and a federal crime.


Z Boy just said that Ukraine has 600,000 troops on the front line. The only way Ukraine could have that many troops committed is with most of those troops being NATO.

Yet, Russia is still taking significant ground every day.

If that is true, then you can bet that Putin is going to draw this war out longer to deplete the NATO troops in Ukraine to further weaken NATO and make it easier to invade Europe and North America, especially since it will take some time to train up his African forces.

Do I believe that is true?

I believe the upper class trash Royals and their puppets are stupid enough to do that.

Keep an eye on this and we will find out if it is true.

Drone Warfare

I keep watching the drone warfare taking place and it blows my mind that no one is using common sense along with technology.

I could easily design a defense system to where I could see their drones coming before they got within 20 miles of me, probably more, put a variety of defenses in the air and very few, if any of them would get close to me and that would be using 1973 Wild Weasel technology. I wouldn't even use radar.

With the right weapons, they would be incredibly easy kills. I know that technology and how it works in combat.

As soon as that baby launched, I would know where it was, its altitude, its speed, and its direction of flight and I would easily be able to hunt it down and kill it WITHOUT it even knowing I am there.

To me, the technology, strategies, and tactics seem very obvious but no one else is getting it.


Remember that I told you that Afghan Joe won't attack Iran because Iran is the proxy for the Nation of Islam and Afghan Joe is a stooge for the Nation of Islam?

Here we are 5 days after Iran's proxies murdered 3 US soldiers in Jordan and still nothing but flying some B-52s over some terrorist bases. They are still "planning" an attack to learn them; read, negotiating which empty warehouses to hit.

What do the media and people think, that all of those officers over there managing those soldiers are just sitting around on their butts watching cartoons?

Those officers and their staffs watch everything in their command every minute of every day and know where all of the targets are, from the least significant to the most significant and could easily put such a retaliatory strike together within hours.

The only possible reason for them to not have done anything but fly some Buffs over some terrorist bases to "scare them" in 5 days is because the Nation of Islam is working out targets with Iran that will appease the ignorant idiots in this nation, while causing Iran the least harm.

If they really wanted to "punish" Iran, it would have happened 4.5 days ago and it would have hurt them worse than they hurt us.

Spain has gone on the attack against Israel because of Gaza.

Why? Remember that I told you that most of the people in the southern third to half of Spain are Muslims?

The Muslims are giving him crap and he has to appease the Muslims or they will cause a lot of trouble for Spain. What he doesn't realize that it is not if but when will the Muslims try to retake control of Spain and he would be better off preparing for that than appeasing the Muslims.

Here is an easy prediction. Do not be surprised to see the same kind of attack against non Muslims in Spain that Muslims staged against Israel on October 7 of last year. Keep an eye on that. Spain could easily and quickly end up being broken down into 4 or 5 nations.

By Spain giving into the Muslims, he is just encouraging them to grab for more power and it is only a matter of time until they grab for all of the power.

This is at least 6 days after the 3 US soldiers were killed and the Houthis and other terrorists continue with their previous actions and have accelerated those actions.


Because the US has not hit anything of any real value to the terrorists that could slow or stop their attacks and the US is not going to do that to her proxies.

The Pentagon is now telling us that they are attacking in retaliation for killing the 3 US soldiers and they have attacked more than 85 targets but I am going to be skeptical until I see results.

This video tells you some about that and both the former CIA operative and military general tell you they are also skeptical and waiting for results.

The Pentagon gave a list of targets such as "drone storage facilities" and "munitions storage facilities", which, after 7 days of potential negotiations between Iran and the Nation of Islam could be just empty buildings. It is like one of them said, "they have had 7 days to prepare" and Afghan Joe has had 7 days to plan this attack out with people from Iran.

Before this, we have been watching Afghan Joe and Afghan Austin hit nothing but empty buildings a number of times and they still have not killed one proxy fighter.

Then the general tells us that we are already seeing results in that the Iranian proxies have escalated their attacks telling me that we probably didn't hit anything worth talking about and definitely not anything that would slow down or stop the proxies from attacking.

Then the one guy tells you that we only had 48 hours for a credible attack and, after the 48 hours, the attack would not be credible. He also tells you that we did a "massive attack" against the Houthis and then things got worse.

None of the 3 of them are convinced that the attack was meaningful.

What it looks like to me is that Afghan Joe and company are trying to impress people with a large number of worthless targets that will have no meaning. Hey, so they blew up 85 empty buildings, outhouses, and goat herds.

Then the general tells you that it was Obama who started weakening the US Military and created this mess just like I have been telling you. The deep state that Obama put into power is what is causing our mess and needs to be replaced just like I have been telling you.

They really told it like it is and I have been warning you about.

The big problem is that they still don't get it that this is about the Nation of Islam AND Iran and not just stupid, bumbling Afghan Joe and Afghan Austin. They don't realize that we are in the closing moments of a soft insurrection by Louis Farrakhan, Mahdi Obama, and the Nation of Islam and Afghan Joe is just the front man, fall guy, or stooge.

None of them have an understanding of Islam like I have taught you, which explains everything. It is like their eyes are closed to the one most important thing, what these Muslims believe, which explains why they are doing what they are doing.

Just wait and we will see.

Modern Medicine

Remember what I taught you about doctors getting kickbacks from drug companies for prescriptions?

This video is by a professional nurse teaching you how to make decisions in relation to what doctors tell you.


Because increasing numbers of doctors are now more concerned about making more money from "treating you" than about curing or helping you. During the recent Fakedemic, I pointed some of that out to you. For example, hospitals made $3,000 more per infected patient by not quarantining their COVID wards to increase the potential for you getting infected than by using a quarantine system to protect you. So what if it meant some of you would die from the infection, all they cared about was making more money by you getting infected.

I hope that video helps some of you.

World Dictatorship

Remember that I told you that, if the upper class trash Royals and their puppets do get their global dictatorship, they will just turn on each other and use you as cannon fodder to fight their wars because greedy and power mad people can never get enough wealth and power?

This video shows that the war in Sudan is a fantastic example of it because those two generals fighting each other for control of Sudan worked together to stage their insurrection of the Sudanese government and, just as soon as they had put the Sudanese government to bed, they turned on each other and have been fighting each other for control and power.

The upper class trash have been doing that for thousands of years so this is nothing new.

You can bet that, within the WEF, there are dozens of lunatic factions that will turn on each other to fight to be the rulers and to oppress the others. You can bet that these crazy and power mad people have regular meetings about what to do next and when to make their insane moves.

And God said, "There is nothing new under the sun."

You better pay attention because, if God doesn't soon stop the top lunatics in this world, that will soon be the world and you will be drafted at gun point to die fighting their wars against each other. They never learn and they never quit.


Remember that I have been telling you for decades that the people who don't want to believe in God do so because they hate God's Laws and don't want to have to live by God's Laws because they love their sins?

This video does a good job of explaining what these God haters don't and refuse to try to understand and he tells you that they don't want to believe in God because we humans are sinful and they don't want to live by God's Laws just like I have been telling you.

Then he tells you that there is no way that matter could have produced DNA because matter has never produced any information and can't.

If you study molecular biology, especially in relation to DNA, it is far beyond being too complex for it to possibly happen by accident and coincidence. That is much more impossible than what science considers impossible, which is why the greatest number of scientists who convert to Christianity because of science are biologists. They learn there ain't no way that is happening by accident.

The ones who continue to believe in evolution either believe there has to be a superior intelligence that caused evolution to happen but not God because they don't want to live by God's Laws or they just ignore the obvious fact that someone had to cause our existence to happen, you know, just like blundering through science.

The same thing is true in nuclear physics, there is no way our very complex cosmos just accidentally came into existence because the laws and everything are just too complex.

Our existence being caused by accident and coincidence is a fanatical religion of fools. If they have a Ph.D., they are just well educated fools.

At the end, he tells you that they don't believe in God because they don't want to believe in God, which makes their beliefs a fanatical religion based on personal desires and not objective science. That means that even evolutionists who studied science are not true scientists because they are fanatical religious leaders who believe what they want to believe instead of what science tells them to believe.

Because of science, I became convinced more than half a century ago that God MUST exist. There is just no other way we could exist without God because our existence REQUIRES extreme intelligence, far greater intelligence than we humans or any spacy aliens could possibly have.

2024 Election

Here is an easy prediction. If we do have a 2024 election, don't be surprised to see Commierat upper class trash pay Nikki Haley to run as an independent candidate to take enough votes from Trump to get Afghan Joe reelected. You better bet that the Commierats are going to do everything they can to keep Trump from stopping their global dictatorship. Keep an eye on that.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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