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Spacy Aliens

I have decided that, if I were a spacy alien, I would not stop on Earth. There are too many crazy humans, especially the greedy, power mad upper class trash, lefty college professors, and idiot media.

"But they could conquer us."

Why, when they could mine all the gold, lithium, titanium, and anything else they want on a lot of empty plants where they don't have to fight stupid, greedy, power mad humans?

They could just set up a space station run by robots to do all of the mining for them. All they would have to do is show up with a cargo ship every now and then to pick up a load.

There would be no reason for spacy aliens to stop here.

Good Leaders

In this video the general is the most knowledgeable, sane, and rational person I have seen on a video. I would vote for this general for president because we need more leaders like this guy.

I love how he said that "we are bombing a lot of sand and asphalt" because that is all we did. "But, hey, we blew up sand and asphalt in 85 different places."

You have to kill the leaders who caused the mess so the next leaders, who replace those dead leaders, know that, if they mess with you, they die too. That has a greater tendency to deter bad guys because they don't want to die. They will send their people to die but they don't want to die.

That is why the military says that you have to destroy command, control, and communications. Afghan Joe didn't destroy any of that.

That general really understands how to use deterrence to make bad guys behave.

He makes it clear that there is a difference between being able and being willing to do something. If you are not willing, then being able doesn't mean anything and it just means you are not mentally able to do it.

It should be clear that people like him telling us that Afghan Joe is not doing anything to cause harm to Iran is telling you that there is a reason for it and that reason is because they are buds working together to fool you into believing what they want you to believe because, what you believe determines how you think and how you think determines what you will do. It is called psychological warfare and that is what the Muslims are using Afghan Joe, the lying media, and others to wage against you.

He knows and I know that Afghan Joe is doing NOTHING to deter Iran's aggressions, there is a reason for it, and Afghan Joe just keeps proving me right.

Afghan Joe is over there trying to hinder Israel in fighting to protect her people, while Iran uses her proxies to attack and destroy Israel.

Corrupt Government

This video shows a tiny bit about how corrupt our government is and how they deceive the people into believing lies. She is very good at this.

People, with my M.B.A., I am trained to manage that corruption so I recognize it when I see it. They have entire books written on how to steal more money from you with them paying nothing to almost nothing in taxes and I keep showing that to you.

I can't wait until Judgment Day to see the looks on your faces when God and the angels expose every word and thought of their corruption to you.

And God said, "Everything will be made known."

I have been behind their curtain and it is ugly, very ugly. It is literally Hell on Earth because they all belong in Hell. There is nothing good about that rich garbage and, someday, God is going to take out that garbage.

In this video he shows you how the Commierats are manipulating their own state constitution to force through satanic lefty commie laws forcing their ideas on everyone in the state. They are turning Oregon into another Commiefornia with Commiefornia failing so badly by imposing the same laws on their people. I guess they are determined to turn Oregon into Commie-oregon and a third world state.

This causes me to believe that, when God causes the super earthquake storm in LA to punish the lefty pagans there, that earthquake will be violent enough to make it all of the way up the West Coast by way of the fault lines running from Baja California to Alaska.

I can't see God punishing the lefties in LA and not also punishing the lefties in every big city from San Diego to Seattle for the same crimes. I think the earthquake storm in LA will be part of God devastating the entire "left coast". Eventually, by the end of the Battle of Armageddon, they will all be burning in Hell.

People, get a clue, the Tribulation will be God punishing the very evil pagans of this world and sending them to the eternal damnation they have chosen. That global punishment is not going to be because someone farted and that is exactly what the Tribulation will be, a global punishment of mankind for his sins or crimes against God's Laws just like Noah's Flood was because the pagans never learn.


This is what I have been telling you about. At 3 minutes into this video she gets all flustered and frustrated because "it doesn't make any sense" because she doesn't have the intel I give you about the a real world conspiracy to destroy Israel and why.

Even the expert can't explain why they are doing what they are doing. They need to look behind the curtain and see who is pulling the levers.

Nothing else they can think of explains why Afghan Joe and Iran are doing what they are doing. I see this again and again in these videos with people not understanding and finding it confusing because they do not know what my research and God taught me and I teach you.

They do not realize that Afghan Joe is just the front man with Obama and the Nation of Islam being his puppet masters and that is why the upper class trash use stooge politicians as their fronts to keep you from figuring out what they are doing, why they are doing it, and who is doing it. The Royals are safely hiding behind the proverbial curtain to save their evil butts.

Hey, if it goes really bad for them, Afghan Joe loses his head, not them.

It works because, if the people don't really dig, do their homework, and look in the right places, they won't figure it out. I have been watching their evil crap with God showing me things most of the people don't even notice for 60 years. Most of them are not even 60 years old, much less been where I have been and seen all that I have seen.

It is so frustrating to know what I know, see these people so ignorant about what is going on and confused, and not being able to tell them about it. Almost all of them have so many comments in the video comment sections that they would never see my comments and, if they did, they have been brainwashed to think, "Oh, that is just a conspiracy," and ignore it.

Yes, it is a real world conspiracy because the upper class trash do talk to each other and plan things together or "conspire" to do their evil. It is not a magic coincidence that they are all doing the same things at the same time in the same place together. It is a real world conspiracy against you. Real world conspiracies have been going on for thousands of years because bad people do conspire or work together to do evil to you. That is reality and, if you don't believe me, go study history and see the thousands of conspiracies by the upper class trash against your ancestors over thousands of years.

All I can do is write and teach you, hoping it will help you. I also recently realized that this teaching the truth is a team effort because God doesn't just have me teaching the truth, especially the Gospel, but has other teachers teaching others so that it is the accumulation of all of that teaching that causes people to come together to stop evil.

Yet, it is still frustrating to see these information people confused because they don't know what I am teaching you so they can't understand and can't teach you. It is like God is not opening their eyes so it will happen so they will then come to this blog to get their eyes opened in mass at the right time but, first, those people have to do enough of what is evil so you realize they really are evil.

I keep waiting for Obama to nuke Chicago because I believe that, when that prophecy comes true, this blog will go viral, causing many more people to learn the truth.

People, God telling me and me telling you that Obama is going to nuke Chicago more than 16 years ago and then it happening should tell you that it had to come from God because only He knew they would do it because I am human and can't see 5 minutes into the future unless God shows me. If that now happens with the details I gave you that long ago, it had to come from God. That is how God verifies His prophecies and prophets so always pay attention to the details.

Based on everything I am seeing, it has to happen soon and remember that they got caught with two nukes, while Obama was president but it was quickly covered up by the lefty deep state and media plus they never quit so they will try again. Every day we get one day closer.

Then they started talking about immigration and, if you listen to what they are doing to the people, you know, YOU, it proves to you that the lefties don't care about you and are just using and now throwing you away for the immigrants to use them next. Eyes are opening and, if you keep voting for those lefty jerks and RINOs, you deserve what you get.

We turned our backs on God and He is letting us have what we chose in His place and it is destroying us and our nation.

BTW, if we do have the 2024 election, you just know the immigrants will get to vote and be rewarded for voting. They are probably already being registered to vote.

Then this video tells you what I have been telling you about these "attacks" by Afghan Joe are all just show to appease the US people. They will NOT attack and cause significant damage to Iran or her proxies and Afghan Joe is proving it because they are allies.

Then in this video she tells you about a massive increase in job cuts by major corporations. What they are doing is getting rid of you people, who work for a good wage, so they can hire the illegal immigrants for much less, probably for subsistence wages or barely being able to live, while making up all sorts of great sounding excuses for doing it.

They are so greedy stupid that they don't realize that, if all of their employees are making so much less money to where they can barely live, with the rest of you being unemployed, who is going to buy their products and services? Remember that I told you that greed destroys common sense and makes you a fool?

They are proving they are all fools because they are destroying their customer base to increase their profits, which you have to be super duper stupid to think like that, which is what they are being taught in college today by their lefty college professors.

It should be common sense that, if no one's employees are making enough money or disposable income, no one's employees will be able to buy anyone's products or services. People with reprobate minds make my brain hurt.

Boy, is this great sounding stupid idea going to backfire on the upper class trash Royals massively.

And you think they are smarter than you because they stole more than you or they can earn? Really?

If you think they are smarter than you, you are insulting your own intelligence or are super duper stupid.

She tells you that the morons are doing these massive layoffs because they are expecting a decrease in business activity, you know, that they are going to cause by laying all of those people off.

I taught you decades ago that the upper class trash cause both economic growth and recession because, if they hire more people, then more people have money to spend and the economy grows but, if they fire more people, then fewer people have money to spend and the economy implodes. The upper class trash have intentionally caused every recession and depression in history by laying off more people to implode the economy. Hey, they have never starved during even just one depression.

I keep proving to you that the upper class trash Royals keep causing better than 90% of your problems and have been doing that for more than 3,500 years to control and steal from you, while they live lives of luxury in their palaces at your expense.

I can't stand these people because of the harm they cause you.

Then I found this video in which he tells you that these "attacks" against Iran's proxies, who had 7 days to clear out, is just to pacify you. It is just show and they are putting on a really great looking show that won't achieve a thing.

Once again, the media and their experts show you they do not understand that Iran is trying to get other Muslim countries to join in destroying Israel for religious reasons. They keep trying to figure it out but they don't have the intel they need to figure it out. God showed me that intel and I show it to you.

The expert doesn't realize what Iran and Afghan Joe are really after and trying to do. They just take everything at the face value they are being told, don't question, and don't dig. They know nothing about espionage and gathering intel.

Then I heard some exeespirt say that Afghan Joe gave the terrorists 7 days to get out of Dodge because he didn't want to inflict heavy damage on the terrorists because he didn't want to spread the war, you know, the war they have been waging against you all over the world for decades. They say some of the stupidest stuff trying to justify treason.


Remember that I have been telling you that the British Royals in the UK are running this Western show and the US and others are just proxies for the British Royals?

At the beginning of this video he tells you that the UK is "suggesting" that they all openly send in a NATO unit to fight Russia directly. Basically, the UK is ordering it.

He told you that the West believes that Russia will be militarily fatigued by May 24, 2024 so they will send in a NATO force to destroy weakened Russia and I am wondering where are they getting their intel from. This also confirms that Russia has already been fighting NATO troops for months.

He also tells you that the 90,000 force they are putting together in Poland just outside of the Ukrainian border will be sent to the Dnipro River just like I told you they will and now they are giving you an actual date; May 24, 2024.

That way, if Russia causes a route in the Ukrainian/NATO forces they are fighting, the Russian forces won't beat any of them to the Dnipro River.

Do they really believe that 90,000 NATO troops at the Dnipro River will stop one million Russian soldiers?

What this should tell you is that they never expected Ukraine to win this war, just wear down Russia so NATO could win the war. The monsters sacrificed Ukraine and its people to destroy Russia.

Then I realized why the US Military is now recruiting soldiers from the illegal aliens, you know, to send into Ukraine to fight Russia. This also explains why they made the US Military go woke to chase the US soldiers out of the US Military, you know, they are rebuilding the US Military with illegal aliens the way Rome hired the Goths as mercenaries just before the Goths sacked Rome. They probably won't even pay them as much as they do US soldiers just like Rome did the Goths.

I just saw that the UK is also recruiting illegal aliens into its military and so are some other EU/NATO nations.

The US Military doesn't have a one front military with US citizens but they now have a few million illegal aliens to fill in the ranks for their war to establish their global dictatorship.

Keep in mind that the upper class trash Royals are right now dumping employees from their corporations and now from the Military all to be replaced with illegal aliens, who are not loyal to the US, the Constitution, or its people. They will murder anyone they are told to murder, including you.

It is all starting to come together.

My question right now is, "When will Russia stage a surprise preemptive nuclear attack against the West between now and May 24, 2024?"

You know that Putin and his generals are not just going to sit there and permit the West to destroy Russia to set up their global dictatorship.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash Royals will never quit until they die?

Right now, there are a number of European countries getting ready to start drafting people to die fighting for the Royals against Russia because the Royals wouldn't stop poking the Russian bear.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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