I Told You So 64

I know that I have told you that the stupid people are in control and they keep proving it every day. Today I read that Ben Bernanke stated he is "inflating" our economy back to health. Wahahahahahaha! By this he means he is using inflation to drive out economy back to health and he is causing this inflation by printing hundreds of billions of extra dollars to purchase our government's debt, AKA hiding our debt in a devaluing dollar. Doing this won't cause that debt to go away, hiding our debt in the dollar will destroy the dollar.

Would some one please explain to me how it is even possible to inflate your economy back to health? I dare you to even try.

Remember that these are the intellectually superior upper class natural elite liberal socialist trash who got the right degrees from the right universities and profess they should be micro managing our lives, you know, the lives of us inferior people. Please also remember that cream isn't the only thing that floats.

Economics 101 teaches that, when you cause your currency to decline in value, it will require more of that currency to purchase desired and required items. For example, with the US dollar declining, it now costs us more than $1,500 US dollars to purchase an ounce of gold, more than $3 to purchase a gallon of gasoline, more than $3 to purchase a gallon of milk, and so forth. Therefore, the declining dollar means that you have to pay more dollars to get the things you need and will have fewer dollars to spend on things you want causing you to cut back on spending resulting in businesses not selling as much and having to lay off employees resulting in higher unemployment worsening our depression.

Just exactly how is inflating our economy by deflating our currency going to increase the health of our economy?

Then these same geniuses, AKA "experts", are "surprised" when unemployment and the economy continue to worsen. The Wal Mart CEO just stated that people are running out of money and Wal Mart sales are dropping off. Gee, I wonder why when their money will buy less because it is worth less. We are having to pay more and more for everything but our incomes are not also increasing. Basic math would tell me that we are going to run out of money when this happens and sales will drop off for just about everything including essentials because people will conserve more even on essentials. Everyone loses when the economy inflates, especially as bad as it is currently inflating to "pay off" the commie debt.

Maybe now you will believe me when I say that the liberal upper class trash has invented infinite stupidity because their stupidity is never ending. Everything these fools do, causes everything to get worse. Quit voting for them!!!! They ARE the stupid people!!!!

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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