I Told You So 635


Remember that I have been telling you that Putin is going to take all of Ukraine and invade Europe and North America to stop the insanity of our upper class trash, while everyone else was saying that Putin wouldn't even take all of Ukraine?

This video shows that Putin has given an order for Russia to finish taking all of Ukraine within 3 weeks beginning yesterday, February 22. I am seeing reports that Ukraine is almost out of ammunition.

I have been telling you that Putin knows he has to take all of Ukraine and how he is going to do it while everyone else has been telling you that he would not.

I am seeing increasing numbers of times in which Ukraine is using "delaying forces" or a "rear guard" to hold off Russia troops until most of their forces pull back and then they fight a retreating battle to their new position just giving up ground.

I have also been telling you based on his actions and options that he is going to attack and invade the West to kill off the upper class trash and their puppets to stop the war against Russia, while everyone else has been telling you that he wouldn't do it. I have also been telling you that he is arming and training up his new Pan African force to invade Europe from the South and maybe be involved in the internal attack against the US on a smaller scale.

Do you believe me yet?

After they invade, conquer, and sack Europe, you watch most of the European nations breakup into two or more smaller nations each.

For example, I expect the UK to break up into at least four parts with the Common Wealth dissolving. Northern Ireland will return to being part of Ireland and Scotland and Wales will separate from England.

I expect Spain to breakup into 4 nations, France to breakup into at least 3 or 4 nations, Belgium will breakup into at least 2 nations, and there is no telling how many nations Germany will breakup into.

You can also bet that the African nations are going to want to take as many as possible of the Euro-American upper class trash Royals and their puppets as slaves in African as payback. They are just a little angry.

This video shows that, under the control of the left, the US is not even a dependable ally. They just give old junk weapons to Ukraine to launder your tax dollars into their greedy pockets and, when those weapons break down and they will say, tough, and the US won't help maintain them.

The criminals are giving the US a really bad name and reputation as an ally. That is one more way in which the left is destroying the US.

Do you want to see just how insanely stupid the upper class trash Royals and their puppets are and that they will NEVER quit?

This video tells you that Afghan Joe is going to place 500 sanctions against Russia. "Why, we will learn them!"

They have already placed more than 30 sanctions against Russia that have all failed and backfired, causing Russia to prosper and the Western economies to fail but dey will makes dese 500 sanctions woiks, dey will, dey will, dey will. Dey just needs to do more ub dem.

Do you believe me yet that the lunatics never learn and they never quit because, to learn, they would have to admit they failed and they can never do that.

These idiot Western upper class trash Royals and their puppets are so simple minded and stupid they cannot figure out that all they will do is drive other nations away from the West to Russia and the rest of BRICS. The arrogant fools are economically isolating themselves from the rest of the world and this will probably economically finish off the West with more than 500 sanctions.

The morons just economically destroyed Rome II and the only ones who won't be destroyed will be those who leave the Western market and move to the Russian/BRICS market or the rest of the world.

Does your brain hurt yet as much as my brain hurts?

BTW, Putin stated that, "Nearly all nuclear forces of Russia are modernized", meaning that almost all of his 5,000+ nukes are mounted on projectiles and ready to use (better than 95%) while the US only has 1,500 mounted and ready to use.

Do you believe me yet that Putin is ramping up for war with the West? Do you believe me yet that he is preparing for a surprise preemptive nuclear attack? Now, where did I put my lead lined underwear?


Remember that I told you that dictators always go to war to steal money from other nations and to distract their people from their economic problems so I expect China to also do that?

This video shows they are doing that because there is no way China can fund this quickly ramping up military when she was not even effectively funding her smaller peace time military.

Remember that I told you that China has about 10 million former military and she is now recalling them to fight. Right now China is laying off people across the nation to force them into the military. She will probably bring her military up to somewhere between 13 million and 20 million to take on all enemies. She is desperate.

That might be enough to take Taiwan without the aid of allies but it will not be enough to fight everyone she will have to fight.

Besides, most of her weapons still suck.


Remember that I have been telling you that the US and UK are only pretending to help Israel while working against her?

The UK is now threatening to "limit weapons sales to Israel" if Israel doesn't stop winning her war against the murdering terrorists. I guess that means UK is being embarrassed by Israel winning when the UK and US are losing the war in Ukraine.

So, while losing the war in Ukraine, the UK is now telling Israel how to fight and lose the war in Israel.

Maybe the UK should pay more attention to trying to win the war in Ukraine and let Israel manager her own war?

Israel attacked Rafah with bombs and missiles and, contrary to their threats, Egypt did not attack or engage Israel in combat. It was all talk and no walk.

People, Israel has crushed Egypt three times with Egypt having allies fighting with her against Israel all 3 times. Egypt is in no hurry to be crushed by Israel a fourth time. Egypt has learned to bluff from the West and it still doesn't work with Israel.

Egypt and Jordan are just holding forces to keep anyone from Israel escaping being butchered by the northern invaders.

Do you believe me yet that, after God destroys the northern forces in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, the Egyptian and Jordanian forces will suddenly find themselves alone facing Israel again, who has crushed them every time, the Egyptian and Jordanian forces will panic and flee, permitting Israel to take whatever land God wants her to take from the Euphrates River to the Nile River, to the Arabian Sea/Indian Ocean to fulfill the prophecy in Daniel where the two separated feet represent the Tribulation one world government and church separated by Israel?

Keep an eye on it.


It looks like the UK is leaving the failing US and getting back together with the failing EU because the UK is signing new deals with the EU.

Keep an eye on that.

Human Race

Remember that I taught you years ago that there is only one race, the human race? Remember that I taught you that we are all the same color because all melanin is brown so we are just different shades of brown?

This video teaches you the same thing in a slightly different teaching technique. He tells you that we are all the same race, the human race, and we are all the some color, brown, just different shades of brown.

He tells you why it was alright for us to inbreed or intermarry up to a point and that is when God gave us the Law to make us stop inbreeding so much and why. It is a good video.

Note that it was Darwin that gave the upper class trash Royals the idea of murdering off most of the people on the planet when he said that the "more savage races" will eventually be exterminated. The upper class trash Royals are racists, believe they are superior to everyone else because of their white skin color, and think they should murder all non whites to "improve mankind". Good old fanatical paganism, hard at work murdering other people for whatever reasons they want.

He really covers the subject very well and shows the damage the fanatical pagan religion of evolution has caused. To those who don't believe in God, one human race, and that we all evolved, it is OK to murder off everyone who is in anyway different from you.

The West

This video shows that you cannot trust the West. They have been making the sucker and fool, Z Boy, all kinds of promises they continue not keeping and he just keeps being played along by them.

No one should trust these criminals.


Remember that I told you years ago that the lefty media who tell the lies they are told and paid to tell will eventually go broke?

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

In this video they tell you about one of those media I have been waiting to go broke and they just did. Note how he told you about all of those lying lefty big shot media have laid off thousands of journalists because God is opening eyes to the truth so that more and more people quit using those media, causing them to go broke and the lying journalists are left without jobs.

You will soon see more of them go broke.

I used to wonder what we would do with such criminals, after we won the war to regain control of our nation, whether we would take them over to start telling the truth or shut them down. It looks like they are shutting themselves down by lying to everyone.

New York

Remember that I told you about the dream God gave me about the lefties being beaten back to a small part of the Northeast US by the soon coming war?

In that dream we actually escorted lefty traitor units like Antifa and BLM through the US to that part of the US for them to quit fighting. It was an easy way to end the war.

I just realized that, what God is doing with letting New York confiscate Trump's empire, is God is chasing all of the good rich people and businesses out of that area for fear of them being next and they are starting to flee, which is why their lying commie traitor governor had to make a public speech to put those rich people and businesses at ease but the smart ones didn't fall for it.

They are getting the taste of real communism. The upper class trash thought they would be in control of the politicians in their new dictatorship but are now finding out that the dictators will do all of the controlling and even the richest will be on the receiving end.

God is doing what the military calls prepping the battlefield or making the area ready for the lefty commie traitors to flee to in order to survive with no access to real wealth and power. That also explained to me that the city I saw in that dream was really New York City, which will be their new capital city, that peninsula I saw in the dream is on the southern tip of New Jersey, and it is going to happen soon.

You definitely better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load because the lefty brains or fecal matter is increasingly hitting ye ole fan. This is not going to be pleasant but we, as a nation, turned out backs on God and must now pay the price. Just be glad it will end better for us than it did for Sodom and Gomorrah.

A lot of people are going to die soon because of our inbred, greedy, power mad, lunatic upper class trash Royals and their puppets. They are getting desperate and desperate people do desperate things.

That is why China is now ramping up for war, after everything else has failed. If they don't go to war, everything will fail and they will lose it all anyway and war gives them the hope of sacking enough from other countries to save their corrupt government.

India, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, and others realize this, which is why they are also ramping up for war. The good ole upper class trash; screwing up everything and murdering people by the billions.

Every day we get one day closer.

But, hey, these wars are going to open a lot of eyes as to how evil the upper class trash are and what their real plans are so the rest of the people can make an informed decision between good and evil.

Chemical Industry

Mark sent me a link to this video (thanks, Mark) which rants about the things I have been warning you about for years. He confirms most of what I have been telling you because of recent research.

He even mentions the chemical industry working with doctors to promote the use of treatments that don't do any good and cause people harm, while making the industry and doctors a lot of money.

I told you before what he just told you about, "They knew about this for some time", and I showed that they knew the side effects of the COVID vaccine in the mid to late 90s.

Do you believe me yet that one of the most corrupt industries on this planet is the chemical industry?

I told you decades ago about the horrible mess the chemical industry has made that is easily 20 to more than 30 times more deadly than the mess that caused the Black Plague 700 years ago and has made those chemical companies at least hundreds of billions of dollars, if not trillions of dollars.

If you go back and look at the map of the people who have been infected in the US by Yersinia Pestis in my "I Told You So 631" essay, it shows that my estimates were very, very conservative because that bacterium is far more spread out than I had told you plus there are now many more infections than there were 20+ years ago telling me God is getting ready to cause that pandemic.

That bacterium could get into any medium to large city pandemic rat population within one day and be a global pandemic within a few weeks.

I told you that the infection could easily make it to my town of Alamogordo because I knew it was within about 150 miles of me 20+ years ago and that map shows there were 4 recent infections in the mountains east of me and within 15 to 20 miles of Alamogordo. One infected flea could get in someone's pant leg, drop off in town, infect our local rodent population, and half or more of this town of 30,000+ could be dead within months.

Remember that some time ago I got so sick and tired of these evil and corrupt people here preying on the poor and I prayed that God would send the Plague to kill enough of our upper class trash and their puppets and only them to protect these poor people?

It is now almost here. It came down here just like I told you years ago it would happen.

Remember that I told you that La Luz, 7 miles north of Alamogordo, is one of the five most holy sites for the occult, witchcraft, and Satan worship in the US and that our city government is run by those members of the occult?

I know that people have moved here to be part of that occult organization. You couldn't be more evil than most of this city's politicians and bureaucrats.

Guess where they go to have their night time rituals, orgies, and sacrifices to Satan and his demons several times every month?

That is right, they regularly go up into those now Yersinia Pestis infected mountains, where they spend long hours at night sacrificing animals and possibly humans, having naked orgies on blankets, and all kinds of fun occult stuff exposing themselves to the bacterium. If the person or animal they sacrifice and always drink its blood, which they always do, has Yersinia Pestis, then they get it and, if they drink infected blood and then breath, they will suck that bacterium right out of their mouths into their lungs and they will have Pneumonic Plague, every one of them.

It isn't if but when are they going to get that Plague infection?

If their infection turns into the Pneumonic Plague by getting into their lungs and is spread directly human-to-human with a 100% mortality rate and they have one of their all night orgies, it could easily wipe them all out within days without killing anyone else. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Keep an eye on that because that would be God saving our little town from the destruction they are causing here because of their greed. It would definitely protect the poor people from them.

After I wrote that, I had to leave my puter for a few minutes to take care of something else and realized a few interesting things. Today is Saturday, February 24, which means they can sleep in tomorrow; we are having a full moon right now, which is when Satanists and witches love to have their mountain rituals to sacrifice to Satan, possibly drinking infected blood, and have dope induced orgies, crawling around butt naked on blankets on the ground, exposing themselves to Yersinia Pestis, we are having incredibly unusual warm weather that would be perfect for such rituals, and most of them could be dead by Monday. It can happen that fast and that easy any time they do their satanic stuff in the mountains, you know, when God decides.

With all of that, God is telling me it is going to happen soon.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

They won't be the only ones to pay for their crimes. Those rich people who have made a fortune causing this deadly mess to make money with their chemical companies will also pay.

Remember that I told you more than a decade ago that the communities Orkin Pest Control said have the largest rodent populations are the rich communities near the big cities those rich chemical industry people live in, you know, the upper class trash?

Yep, the pandemic they are in the process of causing will be terrible in those communities and most of them will die so they better enjoy the wealth they made by causing that pandemic because they won't have one penny in Hell/Lake of Fire forever. Part of their punishment will be that they will be the poorest people in the history of mankind forever.

FYI, the nutshell version for the way those Yersinia Pestis pandemics usually start is that the infection gets into the rodent population by infected fleas and it travels throughout most of the rodent population pretty quickly. As long as the rodents are alive to provide food for the fleas, the fleas feed mostly on the rodents and rarely bite humans but Yersinia Pestis kills infected rodents in about two weeks so the fleas no longer have that food supply so they turn to the next most available food supply called humans and that is when the disease goes pandemic within the human population.

So these rich people in those rich neighborhoods hardly ever get bit because the fleas have plenty of much easier and more available food until the rodents die and then those rich people start getting bit and infected. They don't even know they have a big flea population until they are the food.

That map tells me it is not if but when we will have another Yersinia Pestis pandemic and God decides that. It will start by being spread to humans by fleas called the Bubonic Plague, with a mortality rate of 90% because it takes two weeks to kill humans and then it will start getting into the lungs of humans called the Pneumonic Plague and is spread human-to-human with a 100% mortality rate because it only takes 24 to 36 hours to kill you after you are infected by the Pneumonic Plague so that, by the time you know you are sick, it is too late to treat you.

Keep an eye on that.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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