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Sailboat Cruisers

I have been watching and, in some places, the shore people are turning against sailboat cruisers.

This video shows that the City of Miami is waging war against the sailboat cruisers and their reasons are mostly unfounded. The vast majority of the boaters are not doing what the mayor claims. They are just quietly staying to themselves and bothering no one.

He probably doesn't like the fact that they don't have to pay land and other taxes the shore people have to pay so he wants to chase them off and maybe back to shore, where they will have to pay those taxes.

I can't stand politicians who dream up a cause without knowing the truth about that cause.


Remember that I have been telling you that it is only a matter of time until the Ukrainian lines collapse?

This video shows that they are beginning to collapse now. From what he says, they are falling back almost everywhere.

You have to understand human behavior and survival. When troops start falling back, every time they fall back it gets easier and faster because they begin losing confidence in their ability to hold a line, their moral drops, and they don't want to be left behind so they move out more easily and quickly.

It is already starting to turn into a full route and, with Ukraine continuing to lose troops and weapons and running out of munitions, the route will quickly pickup speed and intensity.

Remember that I have been telling you that the West refuses to stop poking the Russian bear and, sooner or later, that bear will bite back?

This video shows that the West/NATO is probably arrogantly crossing one of those red lines that could cause nukes to fly from Russia in a surprise preemptive nuclear strike against the West. They are arrogant and crazy.

You better bet that Z Boy will use those F-16s outside of Ukraine and inside of Russia in hopes of drawing the West into a direct war against Russia. I expect Putin to stage a surprise preemptive nuclear strike before that happens and immediately invade Europe and North America with their allies.

Keep an eye on it.

I think that a big part of the problem is that they are putting out lies and misinformation to get the people to support the war so they can make more and more and more money laundering your tax dollars into their greedy pockets and they are stupid enough that they have begun to believe their own lies.

Do you believe me yet that these idiots are the greatest threat to everyone on this planet? Do you believe me yet that greed destroys common sense and makes them fools?


I regularly have trouble dealing with me seeing and understanding things that no one else sees everything I see and they don't understand everything I understand, even experts. It blows my mind because, to me, those things are so obvious and my observations keep being proved right again and again. I have 635 "I Told You So" essays with from half a dozen to more than a dozen articles in each confirming what I taught or predicted and many of my other essays include such articles also. I could easily make more of my essays "I Told You So" essays.

It really amazes me that no one else sees all of that but I also remind myself that most of the experts today were not around to see things developing two thirds of a century ago like the Nation of Islam or they didn't pay attention. They just don't know about those things so they keep guessing wrong.

I have to keep reminding myself that God shows me those things and they may not be listening to God and prefer to listen to their own thoughts and the thoughts of other humans, which are all too often wrong.

The best example is what the lefties believe, especially the upper class trash Royals with their puppets and them having intelligence services like the CIA and MI6. They believe the stupidest stuff, can't get anything right and refuse to learn about the truth because they prefer to believe their own lies than the truth. The Bible tells us that God has given them over to reprobate minds, which are obviously incredibly stupid and arrogant.

I thank God for showing me so much and me being able to share it with you. It is just so strange that I see, understand, and teach so much that no one else knows half of it, though I am glad to see increasing numbers learning more but with quite a ways still to go.

I don't think it is because I am the smartest person in the galaxy but that God is using me to teach you those things so He has to teach me so I can teach you. He keeps saying, "Hey, stupid, how about this?"

Also, I hate being right about this bad crap all of the time but I know it is good that I am so I can warn you, especially with things getting much worse right now.

Another great example is Putin. I saw the West start the mess in Ukraine 2014 under Obama with them saying Putin wouldn't dare try to stop them and he did. Then they said he would not dare to invade Ukraine and in 2022 he did. They have not been right once about any of this but just keep charging right along like a brain dead bull.

What the arrogant fools didn't understand was that him not invading until 2022 was not because he was afraid of the West, like the Western upper class trash Royals arrogantly WANT to believe, but was because he brilliantly spent 8 years ramping up for the war he knew he would have to fight but was hoping he didn't, which is why he only initially invaded with 90,000 troops, hoping the West would back down, but they didn't so he backed off causing the moron West to believe they defeated him without there being a decisive battle.

"Why, he ran, after crushing us all the way to Kiev, so he gots tuh be defeated, even without a decisive battle." Go ahead, show me the very bloody, decisive battle that turned Putin back.

No, he wasn't defeated and was only making a strategic retreat to fight a different war the way a good commander in chief would have done and the idiots running the West can't understand. Those arrogant, simple minded fools believe that "gaining ground is winning and losing ground is losing." History proves that sometimes you give up ground to win the war the way MacArthur did in the Philippines at the start of WWII. Oops!

The clowns still have not figured out that it was at that point that Putin realized he was going to have to invade Europe and North America to kill off the upper class trash Royals and their puppets to stop their insanity and he has been fighting that war by depleting the NATO forces, while ramping up his forces for a safer and easier invasion and the idiot West still has not figured it out.

The inbred idiots think that Putin was buying weapons from other nations like Iran, China, and North Korea because he was running out of weapons and on the verge of defeat because they were too stupid to realize that Putin was using the weapons other nations were selling him so he could stockpile his own weapons for the coming invasion.

Putin accelerating his gains in Ukraine tells me that Putin knows he has depleted the NATO forces enough to make them easy pickings by letting the moron, inbred, greedy, upper class trash deplete their militaries to make more money. Now they have the money but don't have the militaries to stop Putin and Putin knows it.

I find it amazing that those arrogant fools still think that Putin was barely hanging on and afraid to really fight the West, while Putin was sucker punching the fools to destroy their militaries and make the West easy prey. Some of them are finally waking up and realizing a little of what I told you several years ago and it terrifies them.

Some have finally begun to realize that Putin can sweep through Poland and Germany into France just like I told you years ago. None of them have figured out that Putin is arming and training his Pan African force to invade Europe from the South when he invades Europe from the east and north and those Africans are really chomping at the bit for payback for what the Europeans have done to Africa for hundreds of years, which is why I keep wondering which African nations will those upper class trash Royals and their puppets be slaves in.

It blows me away that the great, mighty, brilliant, superior, arrogant upper class trash Royals didn't see any of this stuff until now when they are finally seeing only a little of it and I saw and predicted it all years ago. Hey, they live in their own and very different upper class trash Royal bubble world echo chamber and I live in reality. We are just going to see different things and things differently, with their great sounding stupid ideas failing again and again and my predictions succeeding again and again.

Their stupidity is so stunning that, with me being 75 and severely ill, I will probably be stunned at their stupidity for the rest of my life. Whatever they are smoking, don't you smoke it. It obviously does a lot of brain damage.

Post Flood Analysis

I was just watching a brief video and realized that I had not told you my post Flood analysis to explain what happened and it is a real eye opener that explains quite a bit of what we see today. The evolutionists denying the Flood cannot explain the things I am going to show you and I have seen them admitting they can't explain those things.

Hey, if you use bad intel, you can't get good answers.

When I studied geology in college, they told us that the planet's surface was once 20% smaller than it is today and there was 20% less water on the surface. That increase in size was mostly the formation of the new big ditch towards the end of the Flood we call the Atlantic Basin.

Guess where all of that extra water covering the mountains went at the end of the Flood?

To better understand this, you have to realize that God created Earth with one solid crust and not with the different plates we have today. Today's plates were formed at the end of the Flood when the one solid plate finally fractured to relieve pressure. There was just one ocean that became today's Pacific Ocean and one continent that broke up into all of the continents we have today with the biggest fracture becoming the Atlantic Ocean.

Now, geology shows that the draining of the water off the continents was relatively fast and dynamic or it would not have caused the erosion it did. This requires that the formation of the Atlantic Ocean only really began with the parts of the continent moving away from each other in the last few months of the Flood and the Bible confirms this.

Also the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean confirms this because, as the continents moved away more quickly, the magma welded into the floor more horizontally and less vertically but, as the movement slowed, the welding built up more vertically and less horizontally.

If you study the geology of the Atlantic Ocean floor, it is deeper and more horizontal closer to the continents and, as you move closer to the center of the Atlantic it becomes more vertical and higher built up because the horizontal movement of the continents away from each other slowed as they got further from each other and the pressure between them was dissipated, causing the magma to build up more vertically.

Remember that I told you in my Flood essay in 1999 that a meteor storm caused by the planet between Mars and Jupiter blowing up hit mostly on both sides to today's Atlantic Ocean in today's North America and Europe and showed the NASA map as evidence, causing the fracture in the Earths solid crust that eventually became today's Atlantic Ocean. The crust was still one solid sphere with a fracture in it for most of the Flood, until just before the waters began to drain and diminish on the surface of the Earth, which was the last few months of the flood.

That fracture freed up the Biblical "fountains of the deep" that began jetting up into the upper atmosphere and caused massive erosion of the sides of the continent, which caused the resultant flooding to spread soil across the Earth, forming today's soil strata to form and trapping plants and animals, creating the fossils we see all within the first few months of the Flood.

As the Flood waters built up on the planet, the weight of the water over those jets coming from the "fountains of the deep" in conjunction with the decreasing force of that water as the pressure was dissipated into the atmosphere, decreased their vertical actions until they were being held down so that magma could begin forming an ocean floor.

If you study mechanical engineering, you learn that a stressed flat surface that is two different thicknesses will most likely break at the bottom edge of the thicker part of that surface, you know, right where the continents separate from the Pacific sea floor today.

At the very first of the flood, there was huge pressure by the "fountains of the deep" that was partly dissipated by the erosion on the continents on both sides of the fracture but that pressure began to stress and weaken where the continent joined the ocean flood all around the continent. The crust didn't break at that point forming the "Ring of Fire" fracture around the Pacific Ocean today until there was enough water weight on the continents and the subterranean water pressure had decreased enough to not blow the smaller continents of North and South American into space.

Just a few months before the end of the Flood and the waters began to "recede" that point broke all around the continent forming the ring of fire fracture and the new continents were lifted up onto the Ocean floor bed and began to move away from each other so that the Atlantic floor began to weld with the rising magma and that hypothesis is supported by the structure of the Atlantic floor and the erosion on the continents.

Now, how did the Flood effect post Flood weather?

During the Flood, it started with the entire planet being covered by rain clouds, which reflected most of the light back out into space so it could not reach the surface of the earth, be absorbed, and turn into heat so that the planet very quickly began to cool.

By the time it quit raining, the planet was covered by water, which also reflects most sunlight back into space but still absorbed enough to heat the water enough in conjunction with the heat that was brought up from below the crust by the fountains of the deep waters to prevent the freezing of the water, even though the planet was covered by water for about one year.

As the waters began receding and exposing the wet ground so the sunlight could begin heating and drying that soil, the evaporating waters began forming clouds and cooling the earth surface, which began causing rain and, in the colder north and southern regions along with the now high mountains, snow and glaciers.

That cooling effect formed our ice age, which caused the people to move to the warmer climate of Ur and Babylon, where the new civilization formed and began to grow. That ice age in conjunction with the water still retained by the soil kept enough water on the continents so that the ocean levels dropped enough for people and animals to migrate from Asia to the Americas by way of Alaska.

The sea ports archaeologists have found 300 to 400 feet beneath today's ocean and sea waters tell us that the water at that time was down by at about 300 to 400 feet from where it is today. The warming of the planet melting those early glaciers and the continental drying I explained in my hypothesis about "Global Warming" that I later changed to "Continental Drying" because of the fraudulent global warming con of the upper class trash to scare everyone, caused the ocean depths to increase over the last 4,400 years to what it is today, eventually covering that land bridge between Asia and North America.

In studying geology, meteorology, and other sciences like astrophysics, I have realized that our planet and sun are still feeling the effects of all of that damage and are quickly approaching them blowing themselves apart, which is predicted in the last 7 events of the Tribulation in the Bible.

Apparently the rest of the galaxy was also damaged, which will cause the destruction of most of the galaxy as is predicted by the "stars being rolled up like a scroll" as it flies apart as predicted by physicists in 1998 but it will happen much sooner than they think.

The Flood did not fix the damage caused by the wrath of God and it has been continuing to get worse towards eventual destruction, which is why the scriptures tell us that, if Jesus were to delay His coming, there were be no "flesh" or life left; everything would finish flying apart.

You just might want to get right with God really soon. We really need a Christian global revival very soon.

I just keep waiting and looking forward to the new and better planet God is going to provide us with following Judgment Day. That will be so wonderful. Just remember that we humans cannot even begin to imagine what God is preparing for us on that day. Dream your best dream and it will pale by what God gives us.

All I want is a little cabin in the woods near a small steam and pond where I can grow my food, enjoy God's wonderful plants and animals, visit with fellow Christians, and spend time with God, whenever He has time for me.

I do not want or need big castles, mansions, or palaces with streets of gold and pearly gates and absolutely have no desire to rule over even just one other person. I would rather enjoy their company than get a power rush by oppressing their butts. They are people like me and I should treat them the way I want to be treated.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

If I were king, I would have weekly poor man's dinners to invite the peasants and their families to come dine with me. We could also have a fun softball game.

I have spent most of my life helping other people, which is what this blog is about. I could not stand the thought that I had caused someone to have a worse life so I could have more wealth and power. That requires a special kind of evil. I write this blog in hopes that I can help a bunch of you have a much better eternity. I look forward to being able to visit with all of the good people on a regular basis forever without having to worry about the bad people causing harm to anyone forever.

Yersinia Pestis

What amazes me is that the Spanish brought the Plague to Nuevo Mexico in the 1500s, when they colonized this area, with them infecting the Santa Fe and Albuquerque areas. I talked to a forest ranger in Tijeras, east of Albuquerque, about 1998 and he told me it was spread out in the forest to about 30 miles southeast of Albuquerque or about 150+ miles north of Alamogordo. When I studied it in 1999, there were no infections south of that area in New Mexico.

It was in 2000 that the first case of Hanta virus was reported to have moved to the Sacramento Mountains from Santa Fe so I knew the Black Plague could also move there from Northern New Mexico though it had stayed north for 500 years.

Then I said that prayer a few years ago and it is now here in the mountains where the Satanists, witches, and other members of the occult worship, who run this city. In a dream a few decades ago, God showed me this city would be red, when this war will soon start, but it is now blue. That is a few magic coincidences.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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