I Told You So 636

Nikki Haley

I am amazed that no one seems to be able to figure out the obvious reason why Nikki is still "running for president".

It should be very obvious that she is being paid a lot of money, probably millions, to endure the humiliation of being crushed again and again in the elections against Trump in an effort to destroy Trump and it is failing as all lefty plans do fail because man plans, God laughs.

I would not be surprised to see her run in the presidential election as an independent traitor in hopes of taking enough votes from Trump to cause him to lose. She is being paid a lot of money to play what we used to call a "spoiler".

Keep an eye on that.

BTW, in the recent Michigan primary most Commierats voted uncommitted against Afghan Joe. You know they will kill him and Kruella now and very soon, you know, with a terrorist attack during Ramadan.


The Ukrainian troops are falling back more and more with Russia taking more and more ground like I told you would happen. They have lost too many troops "taking ground" to Russian troops and now don't have enough troops to even hold a line against the Russians just like I told you would happen.

The Ukrainian front line is collapsing and the Ukrainian forces are getting closer to a full blown route.

The Russians are saying that Ukraine has had more than 440,000 troops killed in this war and Z Boy is claiming they only lost a little over 31,000. The obvious fact is that, if Z Boy were right, Ukraine would not be having its current troop shortage crisis, where they are trying to pass a bill to start drafting women because they are running out of men.

Right now French President Moron is talking about sending French troops into Ukraine to fight Russia and Germany and Poland are saying they won't. Germany and Poland know better but the French elites are still believing that the US can save their stupid butts, when their plans fail, which we can't. The US Military umbrella is dead and some have not yet realized it.

Do you understand why Putin is training up a Pan African military to invade, conquer, and sack France?

Now the lefty upper class trash Royals and their puppets are in a panic because they can't let Russia win in Ukraine. Why, it is beneath them to lose and the people would question everything else they have tried and failed at, realizing how stupid and incompetent the upper class trash Royals and their puppets are.

Do you believe me yet that they are inbred insane?

Remember that I told you that Russia would keep pushing against the Ukrainian forces they drove out of Avdiivka to keep pushing them back until the Ukrainian forces, panic and run?

The first few minutes of this video show you that it is working because Russia has pushed those forces back to where the Ukrainians don't have any trenches to fight from and hold a line, which will make it even easier to drive the Ukrainians back.

What the Ukrainians are doing is having their rear guard try to slow the Russians enough so their people can build the fortifications they need to hold the Russians off but they don't seem to be succeeding.

It is not if but when the Ukrainian forces will realize they cannot hold the Russians any more, panic, and route for Poland.

At the end of the video he tells you that there are a number of nations with idiot leaders who are ready to send their NATO forces into Ukraine. This should tell you that the upper class trash Royals are extremely desperate and willing to murder off millions of you to destroy Russia so they can set up their global dictatorship over what will be left of you. It should tell you they are failing and losing but never quit until they die, which is why Putin is going to be forced to attack Europe and North American and is right now ramping up to do it.

I told you they will force Putin to attack them, didn't I? Do you believe me yet that they are power mad nuts?

At the end of the video he tells you that the US has said they will not send troops to Ukraine probably because they know they barely have enough troops to try to defend the US from invasion by Russia.

Hey, Russia is already winning WWIII by destroying the Western military might in Ukraine and they are about to get to destroy even more of it and then what will the inbred Western morons defend their nations with, BB guns and water balloons? And you think they are smarter than you because they stole more of your money than you and they can earn?

Besides, with the messes the idiots have made in their own nations, they need a war to distract the people from those messes. I get the feeling that God is using Hell/the Lake of Fire as a mental institution for all of these upper class trash lunatics.

In this video he confirms that the Ukrainian forces do not have enough time to build fortifications so the Russians are quickly overwhelming and capturing the Ukrainian forces and taking more land. The Russians can only capture so many more fleeing troops and the remaining Ukrainian forces will panic and route as fast as they can for Poland. Right now, the route is accelerating pretty quickly.

That video shows that Russia is now on the offensive all along the battle line. They are crushing Ukraine.

Remember that I have been telling you that NATO has troops fighting in Ukraine against Russia?

This video confirms it. They are pretending to be mercenaries. Many of them are operating rocket launchers and air defense systems.

Remember that I have been telling you that the Ukrainian soldiers are not getting enough time in training to operate those and other weapons systems?

That is because the Ukrainian troops are not operating those weapons, NATO troops, who are already trained in the use of those weapons, are operating them like I told you had to be the case.

Then they show French President Moron saying they will do whatever they need to make sure Russia doesn't win this war, you know, like I have been telling you that they cannot quit and the only thing that will stop them is death and Putin knows it. Putin already confirmed that he has a kill list with these monsters on it.

Do you get the picture yet? Do you understand why Putin is ramping up for a surprise preemptive nuclear attack?

They are not leaving him a choice because of their insane obsession. They really are raving mad.

Pay attention and you will see that some of them like President Moron are so stupid they are doing the following. They are all standing around bluffing other nations with their fake magnificent military might and many of them have started believing EACH OTHER's lies about how powerful their armies are so they are thinking, "Everyone else is saying we can conquer the galaxy so it must be true." They are listening to each other's lies and convincing each other that their lies are true, while no one else outside of Europe is believing those lies.

They are like a bully who can't fight worth crap and goes around bluffing everyone to scare them into not fighting the bully, he begins to believe his own bluffing, and he picks a fight with the best fighter in town. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Putin has warned that such actions will mean WWIII but the arrogant fools won't listen. They still think Putin is bluffing because they are bluffing.

Then I found this video of Italy refusing to go to war with Russia. They know better and don't want to be invaded and sacked by Russia and Africa.

This war is tearing the EU and NATO to pieces with more nations rebelling about the EU and NATO.

So far, Hungary, Germany, Poland, and Italy along with a few others are refusing to go to war against Russia. That may save their butts but Germany and Poland keep sending lots of weapons to Ukraine, which will probably get them invaded and conquered. There are about 4 or 5 nations that will probably get a pass on Russia's invasion. Keep an eye on that.

The 46 nations that already have troops in Ukraine are probably on Russia's hit list.

I think President Moron, Queen Ursula, King Chuck, Afghan Joe, and his Lord Stoltenberg are going to make great slaves in Africa, along with quite a few others.

Do you believe me yet that they are having an international stupid contest and it is very close?


Today I drove to town to buy food and on the way back God made very clear why I notice things the other people who think they are intelligent don't notice, even most conservatives.

It is a combination of three things that are intelligence, knowledge, and God's revelations to me, all of which are gifts from God to make me capable of doing this work.

The first is intelligence, which is a gift from God and I have to keep reminding myself that almost all of the politicians, bureaucrats, media, rich inbred Royals, academe with degrees in the soft sciences, and others running and ruining our governments only have average IQs, some with only low average. It doesn't take much intelligence to screw everything up and lie about it.

If they had been geniuses, their school counselors are trained to send them into math, engineering, and science, which, just to pass freshman and sophomore courses, require you to be a genius. I told you before that the soft sciences only require an average IQ to get even a Ph.D. That is why 90% of the college students go into the soft sciences, they can't pass any hard science courses.

The fact that I passed junior and senior level hard science courses means I am in the top 5% to 10% of the people in the world intelligence wise, which means I am automatically more likely to see and understand things most of the alleged experts are not going to see and understand, especially lefties.

Then, when you include the fact that UNM said I am a two percenter or in the top 2% of the people in the world intelligence wise, it makes it even easier and more likely that I will see and understand things better than 98% of the people in the world. What looks obvious and simple to me is not obvious and simple to most of the world.

Then you add in knowledge, with me having studied so much about so many different things, me having been on the planet longer than most of them so I have had more time to learn, and having spent my life working in the real world in touch with reality and I will be even more likely to see and understand those things because I recognize them or can easily figure them out.

Then you add in God revealing things to me so I can teach them He doesn't reveal to others and things most people won't see or understand become very obvious to me.

Then you have to remember that a lot of people don't want to know the truth.

Basically, God did all of these things to me so I can see and understand things very few people, especially most people providing most people with information or running things, can see and understand in part so I can explain those things to you to help you. It is just part of the job God prepared me to do.

I am going to see and understand things that even most conservatives won't see and understand because God didn't give them those "gifts". So it isn't my fault; God did it to me. It is God's fault.

Does that make me better than you?

No, just different. I am still human and fully capable of doing stupid stuff but less likely. Many of you have things you can do that I can't do. We just got different gifts and I use mine to help you better understand things.

It just means that I can see, understand, and explain things very few people can.

One thing I may have forgotten to tell you is that, with humans, man plans, God laughs. You need to know that for thousands of years, when Satan and his demons plan, God laughs too. Satan and his demons have been planning and trying to beat God for thousands of years and they have failed every time.

Hey, where do you think the pagans get their marching orders that keep failing?

And, by the strangest magic coincidence, Satan and his demons have been trying to beat God, they always fail, they never learn, and they never quit, which is why they will also be put into eternal damnation to protect you forever. That is where the pagans learn to never learn and never quit. Their gods taught them how to do it.


Remember that I have told you that all governments, even democracies, fail because of the corruption of the people running them and that no government or military can be any better than the people running them?

This brief video gives you some good examples confirming what I have been teaching you. Every government in the history of this planet and, right now, the greatest governments in history are failing because of the greedy, power mad people running them.

The only government that won't fail will be the eternal government God sets up in Paradise because He will have tested everyone He appoints to their positions forever and He will be the head of state forever.

Carbon Tax

The great sounding carbon tax is just another way for the upper class trash Royals and their puppets to steal more money from more people faster. The Royals have been using taxes to steal from and impoverish the rest of the people for thousands of yours. Of course, to keep their evil heads on their shoulders, they always make up great sounding excuses for making you pay more to them in taxes. "Hey, we are going to save the planet from an imaginary evil, now give me your money."

The only thing they ever save is their own back accounts. That is part of how they became the richest people in the world. They either steal from you with taxes or by the sword and that is the only way they get and stay rich.

It is not because they have more intelligence than you but that they have fewer morals, values, and ethics than you so they will find a way to steal from you.


Remember that I have been telling you that the UN and other Western international organizations will soon implode and either cease to exist or become meaningless?

This video shows India calling the UN ineffective and outdated. This is one more assault against these organizations, with increasing numbers saying they should be abandoned.

It is all coming together and happening right now.


I just saw a headline that said "they planned it all" and I had told you previously that they began planning this biological warfare they call "gain of function" as a deception in the 1990s. It is nice to see that someone else has figured it out.

They began planning this biological warfare against you when Billy Boy Clinton was president, you know, a good buddy of Louis Farrakhan.

I have been telling you that Farrakhan began building the Nation of Islam and planning this before the 1960s because Islam REQUIRES the Muslims to conquer the world to set up a Muslim global dictatorship or Caliphate so their god, Allah, will come, make them all immortal, and set up paradise on Earth. I told you the many steps they have made in getting here, including infiltrating the US Government to create the "Deep State" to take control of the most important parts of our government.

They have been planning and ramping up to do this for at least two thirds of a century and they are trying to finish it off right now.

You can bet they will stage more biological warfare attacks against you and kill millions more people to get their dictatorship. It isn't if, it is when. They do not care who or how many they have to murder to get what they want.

Illegal Alien Prepaid Debit Cards

Why is the government really going to give the illegal aliens prepaid debit cards?

That is easy. It is just another way of laundering more of your tax money into the upper class trash Royal and their puppets pockets.

Those illegal aliens are going to buy things from the upper class trash you would not buy, they will pay all kinds of taxes like sales taxes, gas taxes, and other taxes to put more money in the upper class trash pockets.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil" and this is some more that evil of stealing more from you faster. Just follow the money trail.

Do you believe me yet that they can't steal enough from enough people fast enough?

In this video she shows you the corruption in that program. It is just another upper class trash racket to launder more of your money into their pockets.

It is not because they care about the people because the only thing these monsters care about is themselves and their bank accounts. Them caring about the people is just the cover for their crime.


Remember that I have been warning you that the Nation of Islam, Iran, and the other Muslims are planning to escalate this war during Ramadan between March 10 and April 9?

This video tells you that they are planning to start a "second phase" of the war during Ramadan, you know, escalate it up to the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Who would have guessed? Do you believe me yet?

They just keep proving God, scripture, and me right.

Remember all of the other magic coincidences. There are 5 Mondays with none of them being a US holiday. There is no snow on the ground in Chicago right now because of an unusually warm winter. The DNC, Mahdi Obama, and Billy Boy Clinton are going to hold a very major fund raiser for Afghan Joe in March and April. They need to get rid of Afghan Joe and Kruella very soon. And now we find out that I was right about them planning to accelerate this war during their most holy murder month, Ramadan.

They have been planning this for more than a decade.

This is interesting. I just found out that Afghan Joe is pulling the US Navy out of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and away from Israel in MARCH so it cannot provide any assistance to Israel. There won't be a carrier, its task force, or a Marine assault ship in the East Mediterranean Sea. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Is he also going to pull the US ground forces out in March? Gee, there sure is a lot going on in March concerning Israel, don't you think?

Keep an eye on that.


Remember that I have been telling you that the elites are inbred crazy and stupid?

Nikki lost an election to "No One" and Afghan Joe just lost an election to "Uncommitted" and they are both still running.

Go ahead, convince me they are not inbred crazy and stupid. If you know anyone who votes for either of them, sell them a bridge.

You want to see just how insane and stupid lefties are?

Watch this video because they are too stupid to even realize that humans and animals have different physiologies and that even men and women are biologically different and have to be treated that way.

Their teachers, academe, media, and others have literally driven them insane. They are irrational and completely out of touch with reality. These people are scary crazy and are the lunatics who keep voting for their insane leaders. Just when you think the lunatics can't get any crazier, they do.

I think that all of their lefty teachers, academe, media, and others who have driven these people nuts belong in prison for life for their crimes against humanity and because they are a threat to the sanity of other people.

Yep, the lefties are definitely having an international crazy and stupid contest and it is getting really scary.


Remember that I warned you years ago that China is making buds with Pacific Island nations closer and closer to the US for strategic reasons?

This video shows that she just made a very big move against the US.

In the video she tells you that Kiribati (formerly the Christmas Islands) is very close to Hawaii but it is worse than that. There are a number of US Islands between Kiribati and Hawaii that have almost no to no inhabitants that China could quickly take and use for military reasons to give her a better chance of taking Hawaii and attacking the US. This includes Palmyra Atoll with its only occasionally used US Naval facilities and an air field, Johnson Atoll that was a Naval base with an airfield and could be quickly returned to being one, and the Howland, Jarvis, American Samoa, and Baker islands with one of them formerly having a runway.

Years ago I told you that those and other US Pacific Islands like Wake, Midway, and Kure should be remilitarized to provide better defense against China. We don't have much time left to do that. This is very important.


Remember that I told you years ago about Transnistria, which is between Moldova and Ukraine and almost completely populated by Russians? Remember that I told you that Russia would take Odessa so Russia would have direct access to Transnistria? Remember that I told you that Russia keeps 1,500 armed and trained troops in there to protect those Russians from both Ukraine and Moldova?

This video tells us at the beginning that pro Western Moldova is suddenly up to no good and trying to seize complete control of Transnistria and the Russian people.

You can bet this is a move encouraged by the West to cause trouble for Putin but I think that, if it is not diplomatically and quickly resolved, you just might want to watch out for Putin quickly taking Odessa to quickly move more troops into Transnistria to protect those Russians and possibly even nuking the West. The West, out of desperation, has talked the idiots running Moldova into being pulled into the war with Russia.

I think Moldova is playing with fire and the West gave them the matches to play with. The crazy Western leaders are determined to get their butts nuked. This is not going to end well and you can bet it is one of Putin's red lines you do not want to cross.

It looks like Russia isn't about to take just Ukraine but also Moldova because the idiots have probably been bribed to pick a fight with Russia.

Keep an eye on this further insanity.

You can bet those leaders are now also on Putin's kill list.

Then he showed you that Russia would take the exact area I told you he would take years ago to protect the people in Transnistria. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Putin will make that area part of Transnistria and under Russian control. He also told you that Russia probably already has plans for protecting Transnistria.

Do you believe me yet that the insane Western upper class trash Royals NEVER QUIT?

"Hey, we gotta keep poking that bear to scare it off."

Then he showed you that the Russians have broken though the last of the defenses west of Avdiivka and the Ukrainians don't have any fortifications to fight from and hold Russia from advancing. This means that Russia has broken though the last defenses in that area like I told you would happen, are now moving behind the troops in the rest of the battle line, and could easily panic and route all of them by advancing just a little bit more.

He tells you there would be nothing to stop the Russian troops until they reach that next big city with no guarantees that will stop them either. They are very close to the route I have been warning you about. Any day, the Ukrainians could panic and run for Poland. The situation is that bad for them because, if Russia gets far enough past the battle lines, he can circle behind the rest of the Ukrainian troops and cut off the rest of the Ukrainian military from reinforcement, resupply, and retreat. They will be forced to surrender or die.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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