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Remember that I told you that, especially with the current failure of the WEF, the Western nations are working to set up another socialist/communist dictatorship in their own nations like Hitler's Socialist Nazi Party?

This video shows that Germany is making those moves right now, they are considering banning the opposition AFD party, they are talking about shutting down opposition information and speech, and other moves towards setting up a dictatorship. Welcome back to Nazi Germany.

I think Germany and much of the rest of Europe are lost and the lefties are making similar moves in the US today.

But, hey, don't worry, our commie leaders are smarter than all of the other commie leaders who have failed so they will make it work. Nah, they are not lunatics, they are just completely raving mad and never learn or quit.

Where art thou, oh Judgment Day? Why doest thou linger?

Wish that thou wouldst come and save our butts from these raving lunatics. Hell is definitely a mental institution for these raving mad lefties.

Note, that as usual with the lefties, they are claiming what is true about them to be true about their opponents to shift the blame to the good guys. The greatest threat to democracy is the left and not the right. They are the ones trying to destroy and take over our nations to use those nations to set up their global dictatorship and that is the real threat to democracy.


In the first part of this video he does a very good job of explaining why so many people cannot see what Christians see but even most Christians can't see most of what I see.

I think that, between God "blinding" most people who reject God by giving them over to reprobate minds and Satan distracting and fooling many Christians, it explains a lot of why most people don't see what I see.

The God hating pagans will believe any fairy tale but not the truth because they don't want to believe the truth because they hate the truth.

Plus God had me be born at the right time to see and learn about many things that most people today have not seen, especially younger people, such as the growing of the Nation of Islam and Afghan Joe and the Commierat Party selling out South Vietnam, our soldiers, and our nation by just giving South Vietnam to communist North Vietnam and falsely claiming our military lost that war. Because of this, most people just don't know those things God has spent my 75 years on this planet showing me.

Many Christians just don't know enough about enough to see through the lies. For example, I wish all of you knew at least part of what I know about science so people like Fauci cannot fool you and you will be able to see through their lies like a clear, clean window.

I see so many good people believing bull crap because they don't know better and me not being able to show them the truth and it is just very frustrating. Therefore, I do my best to teach as many as I can what is true and not true. If all of the good people could see and understand what I see and understand, many of you would throw an international necktie party for the lefty upper class trash and their puppets because you would be able to see how horrible they really are and you definitely would not give them the benefit of the doubt for anything evil they do.

To have to watch them getting away with lying to you about so much that is causing you harm is very frustrating and it angers me. Their insanity breaks my heart. Good people deserve better than those evil things but life is a test.

I think one of the things that has turned many people away from Christianity is the super rich preachers who openly con people to make more money as "preachers". When people see such preachers fooling people with stunts, lies, and deceptions to get more money from those people, it turns them away from what those preachers are pretending to believe in.

Satan has played a lot of games and tricks on people to turn them away from the truth and God is now having to let Satan's people have what they want to show it doesn't work for the people to open people's eyes and turn some of them back to God.

At about 10 minutes into that video the Romanian man tells us that one of the reasons why the Romanians don't believe in atheism is because they were forced by communism to live by it and they saw that it doesn't work, you know, God let them live by it so they would see that it doesn't work like I just told you.

Be careful about believing great sounding stupid ideas by the lefty academe because God may let you live by them to open your eyes.

Remember that I told you that in my first semester in college studying science in 1968 I was elated at what I saw and realized that, if everyone learned and benefited from what I was learning, things would be so much better?

What happened is the lefty academe taught their lefty students to gain control of science by having the government fund all science so that the scientists either said what they were told to say by the lefty politicians and bureaucrats or they didn't get any money to pay their salaries and would have to get a job working at MacDonald's.

The lefty pagans gained control of science so that the scientists were forced to lie or not get paid.

I remember all of the lefty college professors, students, and media making such a big deal that we should bring all scientific research under government funding in the late 1960s so science could learn more to make our lives better. I believed them until I saw what they were really doing and why. It was really about control, power, and brainwashing. They destroyed true science and are now making our lives worse with fake science.

Then I found this video that does an excellent job of explaining why I see things pagans don't see. They are heavily biased against the truth and don't want to see the truth. They only see what their biases permit them to see.

God taught me to question everything just like I teach you to question everything and I quickly saw what he teaches about why pagans believe most of the crap they believe and it is NOT because of the evidence but because of their bias.

For example, he told you that the pagans believe T-Rex was a terrible meat eater from its creation and then shows the teeth of a panda proving the pagans are wrong. I have often used on this site the example of the Australian Fox or Fruit Bat that has teeth very similar to T-Rex but only eats fruit.

The Bible tells us that, when God created the land animals, they all ate plants and not each other. I have told you a number of times that, after the Flood, God changed the DNA of some animals so they ate meat, you know, like us humans. We were vegetarians before the flood just like T-Rex and the rest of them.

BTW, when God took the dragons we now call dinosaurs onto the Ark before the flood, they were probably no bigger than a human so they would take up less room and eat less food because God knew they would be on the Ark for a year, which means they didn't even have to be adults ready to reproduce until a year after they were taken onto the Ark.

Did you know that most animals begin to breed at about 9 months to a year, some later?

When you consider that a T-Rex egg was only the size of a football so young T-Rexes taken onto the Ark could have easily been between the size of a football and a human. It probably took them at least a year to get to be as big as a human.

Wow, they suddenly fit, don't they? And the pagans can't figure that out? Wow, they are smart, aren't they? Do you also understand how humans could have easily hunted them into extinction by raiding nests and hunting the very young, when they would have been easy prey for humans?

The fact that none of the pagans can figure something simple like that out tells me that paganism destroys common sense and, without common sense, you are a fool.

Also, he shows you how obvious it is that pagan science and evolution is not true science but is a biased belief system or fanatical pagan religion like I have been telling you. It is clear that they believe what they want to believe by making up great sounding fairy tales just like all fanatical pagan religions.

He shows that evolution is NOT based on scientific evidence but cultural beliefs and fairy tales that have no scientific basis. Just look at all of the things he pointed out that they believe that are not based on scientific evidence.

Then I found this very good video teaching more about why people, even scientists, believe what they believe. Most of it has nothing to do with science but is perception based.

Something God taught me in archaeology a long time ago, you know, like half a century ago, is that archaeology is the science of finding a little evidence and then guessing what happened and they tend to guess wrong more than they guess right. For more than half a century I have watched their guesses be consistently wrong almost all of the time. The fairy tales have changed a lot in the last half century.

One thing he did not tell you in that video about dating I learned from a number of sources is that corruption plays a big part of dating. What happens is the archaeologist knows that the oldest of a thing that archaeologist found is rated at X years old and, if he gets it dated at X+, he will have found the oldest of that thing ever found and that will cause more people to buy their book and they will make more money so they bribe the dating lab to date it "between X and a desired X+" so they can sell more books and make more money.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil." That is an important reason why things keep getting older and older and older.

I remember them saying the first humans were around about 20 to 40 thousand years ago and then they said humans existed 100 thousand years ago and then 250 thousand years ago. I am waiting for them to find the first trillion year old man to increase book sales. If you give them enough time, greed will get it there.

When you have been around three fourths of a century, you have seen a lot of bull crap and learn to recognize it when you see.

Biblical Archaeology

This is one thing I did a lot of reading and research about for more than half a century. When I was in LA, I got a subscription to a magazine in the 1980s named, "Biblical Archaeology" and they were finding a lot of evidence supporting the Bible.

One important thing I learned is that the Bible often ridicules and points out the humanity of the Royals and upper class but writings in other nations always embellish those upper class leaders with lies and exaggerations but most people are more likely to believe those lies than the truths of the Bible that are more realistic.

Over more than two thirds of a century, I have seen so much evidence in so many ways that the Bible must be true and the God of the Bible must be real.

Did you know that Judeo-Christianity is the only religion that another religion confirms its God must be real, exist, and be true? And did you know that there is only one other religion that the Bible confirms its gods must be real and exist?

In the occult, whether Satan worship or witchcraft, they know that the creator God of the Bible is real but believe their lie that their god, Satan, will eventually defeat and destroy the one true creator God of the Bible and the Bible confirms that their gods, Satan and his demons, are real and exist and that Satan is the father of lies.

No other religion confirms any other religion and its gods, therefore, these are not religions but realities.


I see many propaganda sources telling everyone that Putin is losing in Ukraine but I have a question.

If Putin is losing, why are President Moron and others talking about sending NATO troops into Ukraine to keep Putin from winning? Why is Ukraine drafting old men and young women to fight in that war? They keep proving they are liars, don't they?

Remember that I told you that Putin knows he has to attack Europe and North America to kill the upper class trash and their puppets to stop their insanity?

If I am wrong, why is everyone terrified about Putin might start a nuke war and Putin is warning them that he will?

Just remember what I have taught you about fighting a nuke war and, since it is still on my web site, you can go back and refresh on it.

BTW, I saw one headline that said, "Putin threatens the destruction of civilization", when he is the one willing to stage a nuclear attack to save civilization from the left, who are openly trying to destroy civilization to set up their global dictatorship so "you will own nothing" and they will own everything.

Don't you think the left taking everything you have so you will own nothing will destroy civilization and democracy? Are you going to vote to just give the upper class trash Royals everything you own so they can have more luxury and you will live in absolute poverty? Don't you think the upper class trash Royals murdering or depopulating 7.5 billion people will destroy civilization and democracy?

This video shows that the West is finally admitting that Russia is crushing Ukraine and could own Kiev by this summer.

Hold it, I thought Kiev was conquering the galaxy? You don't think they have been lying to us for two years, do you?

Gee, they just keep proving me right and that they are either super duper stupid and/or liars.

I love how they said, "Ukraine can START losing the war this year." LOL Ukraine started out losing this war.

Remember Russia moving troops up to Kiev before falling back to change plans? What? That was Ukraine winning the war? Gee, I guess they will make up and tell any lie to keep you from finding out they were already lying, won't they?

Let me see, they are only going to START losing the war this year with them having already lost over 440,000 thousand troops, Z Boy has been whining and begging for more weapons and munitions for almost 2 years, they passed a bill to draft old men and young women, and they have been in a panic about winning the war all of this time? Really?

You can't believe a word the left says. If their lips are moving, they are lying.

With all of the lying lefties telling you that Ukraine is winning the war or could win the war, why does the following video tell you that they are suddenly building massive defenses around Kiev and Kharkiv that they would only need in the event that Russia is breaking through the Ukrainian lines?

Oh yeah, they are kicking Russia's butt for sure. /sarc

Why, according to the liars, Ukraine has already conquered Moscow at least 100 times.

Do you believe me yet that you can't believe a word the lefties say?

Then he tells you that the upper class trash Royals and their puppets are openly admitting they are not going to openly send NATO troops to Ukraine to fight Russia because they know they would lose a direct war with Russia and that they have all been bluffing with President Moron being too stupid to realize that everyone else in NATO has been bluffing. Even France has backtracked on openly sending forces to Ukraine.

Did the arrogant fools finally figure out that Putin isn't bluffing about nuking the vastly superior elites? Why, he would actually nuke them? Who would have guessed?

Then note that he told you that Putin said that the West "can expect the fate of Ukraine if they continue their aggressive policy," you know, just like I have been telling you. If they don't quit poking the bear, the bear will bite them.

The arrogant morons need to get a clue that Putin is not going to just let the West destroy Russia so the West can set up a global dictatorship over Russia. Putin will nuke them before he will let them destroy Russia and the West is getting close, which is the only reason why Putin is ramping up his nukes, his military to 1.3 million troops, his weapons and munitions by purchasing and using weapons and munitions from other nations so he can stockpile his own weapons and munitions, and is arming and training up a Pan African Army to invade Europe when he invades Europe, hint, hint.

Do you believe me yet?

Right now I am wondering which is going to happen first; Putin invading Europe and the US or Mahdi Obama invading Israel?

I realize that, if the West follows Mahdi Obama to invade Israel and they get their militaries destroyed and evil upper class trash Royals and their puppets killed in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, so they won't be able to continue to poke ye ole Russian bear and Putin won't have to invade Europe and the US to stop their insanity against Russia. God will stop it for him. Keep an eye on that.

With Ramadan just days away, the West and the Muslims quickly escalating the war in Israel into the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, and Putin holding back, that may very well be what God is doing, you know, saving our butts from being nuked.

You just might want to pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load.

Then I found this video telling us that 68% of the French people disapprove of President Moron's idea about openly sending French troops into Ukraine but he still sticks by his stupid decision, which is probably going to cost him the soon coming election.

It is very likely that his upper class trash Royal owners and puppet masters just used to him to float the idea to test the waters and destroyed President Moron's political career in the process.

Hey, 31% of the people in France are stupid enough they supported his stupid idea. That is what is scary but at least 68% opposed his stupid idea so there is hope for France.

Then I found this brief video showing that Russia is already very close to just blowing right through the Ukrainian Army and turning this war into a full route for Poland. The Ukrainian front lines are literally imploding faster and faster.

If Russia gets them turned and moving away from the Russian forces long enough, the Ukrainian forces won't have time to build a new defense line so they will start moving faster and faster to be able to build a new defense line until they just finally give up, panic, and run for Poland.

That video shows they are very close to that right now. The full route could happen any day now.

Mahdi Obama

I have been seeing more and more of Obama's cabinet being interviewed by the media and wondering why.

Then I just saw an interview with Mahdi Obama's DHS Secretary concerning the migrant crisis.

Note that he did not say that stopping so many illegal aliens from coming into the US was the answer. What he did say was that we need more border patrol agents, we need more judges, and, basically, we need to grow a much bigger government to have more control over everyone.

Gee, you don't think they planned this migrant invasion in part to get you to let them make the government much, much larger to have absolute control over you, do you?

Also, it looks like these Mahdi Obama people are making these public appearances to make it look like we need Mahdi Obama back to solve our problems the left has created to get more people to accept them putting him in to replace Afghan Joe AND Trump. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Keep an eye on this because they are clearly getting ready to make their moves.


Remember that I told you a few decades ago that most of the Chinese businesses are owned by the PLA, which is under the control of the CCP, and it means that their employees for those companies in other nations are soldiers in the PLA?

I told you years ago that China was using this to infiltrate their soldiers into the nations those companies are in, you know, Alaric and his Goths are inside ye ole gate, baby.

China just made it known that those companies are creating their own militias, which is a half truth. They are now confirming what I told you years ago and they have infiltrated at least a few hundred thousand troops into just the US.

Do you believe me yet?

The fecal matter is already assaulting ye ole fan.


I just found out that Iran has given Hezbollah the OK for invading Israel, you know, during Ramadan, just like I told you they were planning. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Can you believe they are going to ramp up this war during Ramadan? Who would have thought?

My question is, "Will they wait until Ramadan begins on March 10 or before that"?

My guess is March 10 will be their official starting date for holy war against Israel. If that is true, then we only have 10 days until they escalate this war by trying to invade Israel.

Keep an eye on that.

Then I found this video with the leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, ordering the Muslims to march on the Temple Mount on March 10 and lay siege to it to break the siege against Hamas in Gaza. Gee, what a magic coincidence that they are ordering all Muslims to wage war against Israel beginning on the first day of Ramadan.

Gee, you don't think this was all planned out from the start, do you? Did you notice that they are ordering their escalation actions to start on the first day of Ramadan?

Do you believe me yet that this is the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39?

So, when during Ramadan do you think Mahdi Obama and the Nation of Islam will make their move?

Every day, we get one day closer.

Then here we are the next day on March 1, nine days before Ramadan even begins and the Muslims are already escalating murdering other people. They just can't murder enough people soon enough.

That tells me that it is going to be indescribably horrible during Ramadan and a lot of people are going to die in the next 40+ days. Don't be surprised to see many of the Muslims who infiltrated into the US and Europe stage terrorist attacks during and even after Ramadan. That is an easy prediction.

It seems that about 100 people being killed while seeking aid at an Egyptian aid station is being blamed on Israel.

What it looks like is most probable to me is that the Muslims, especially Hamas, murdered those people so the Muslims could blame Israel to make her look bad the way they have been falsely accusing Israel of a number of things.

This video shows that a number of Israel's enemies have seized on this crisis that was probably caused by Hamas to gain support against Israel to get all of her enemies to unite to invade Israel and we still have 9 days until Ramadan begins.

You know it is going to keep getting worse until Ramadan begins and then it will get super terrible quickly to turn the world against Israel for protecting her people from a butchering terrorist group that slaughtered more than thousand of her people.

"Why, how dare Israel defend herself against their terrorists?"

Every day it gets much worse and it is only a matter of time until they can justify invading Israel to destroy her for protecting her people from them to the stupid people. That will be the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Watch the nations attacking Israel for this slaughter with no evidence Israel did it and plenty of evidence of Hamas already having committed such slaughters. That will tell you some of the nations that will send troops to invade Israel and cause the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

I had to laugh at China "being shocked at this incident", when they butcher untold numbers of people every year for any number of reasons. "Why, Israel didn't butcher enough people so China is shocked."

Then France, who has helped slaughter hundreds of thousands in Ukraine, thinks the killing of just 100 people "unjustifiable", "Why they should have butchered hundreds of thousands just like US!"

Then the EU Foreign Affairs Chief said it was "Totally unacceptable" because they should have slaughtered hundreds of thousands just like the EU in Ukraine. "Why, you inferior rats!"

Then they pointed out that the Muslim nations of Qatar, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi, and Jordan also joined in the chorus pretending to be more righteous than Israel in spite of the fact that they have all butchered more people for more reasons than Israel.

"Why, how dare you not slaughter as many people as we have all slaughtered, you amateur!"

Then I really lost it when the Houthi terrorist organization said that the "Israeli massacres are fostering terrorism and extremism in the region."

"Yeah, none of these terrorist organizations like the Houthis were murdering people by the thousands in the Middle East before that killing." /sarc

The thing that amazes me the most is that there are people stupid enough to believe this crap by the left and their Muslim pals.

Then I found this video showing what really happened. It looks like the people panicked fighting for food, probably partly caused by Hamas, who has been stealing their food aid. Only 10 were actually shot instead of the more than 100 Israel's enemies are falsely claiming. The 10 that were shot could have been shot by Hamas in the fight for food.

"What, the lefties are lying again, still, and some more?"

Days of Noah

The Bible says that, in the end times, it will be as it was in the days of Noah.

Take a good look around because all of this evil and insanity is what it was like in the days of Noah and it is also what it was like in Sodom and Gomorrah just before God destroyed them and what it was like in Babylon, Northern Israel, Southern Israel, Assyria, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and every nation and empire just before God destroyed them all.

The evil people always take over their nations and cause their destruction just like it is happening today because the evil upper class trash Royals are too greedy, power mad, obsessed with drugs and sex, lying, stealing, and murdering to keep things civil. If it were possible for the people burning in Hell to have a government and culture, this is what their world would look like.

And, if you think it is bad now, wait until the Tribulation when the Bible tells us the evil people will get what they want by setting up their one world government and one world church. It will be much, much worse than even today, which is why God will cause the 21 judgments during the Tribulation to turn some back to Him and kill most of the rest.

Just the global conquest alone will kill at least 3 to 5 billion people, mostly non Muslim adult men because they will enslave the surviving women and children.

If you understand the science behind those judgments and what the human caused events like the conquest of the world mean, you should know that, if they start with 8 billion people, there will probably only be about 500 million to one billion people left by the start of the Battle of Armageddon and almost all of those people will die in that battle with only God's people being left alive so that God will once again wipe out all of the people who chose evil over good.

I don't care what type of government you have, eventually the evil people will lie and bribe their way into control and destroy it. Hey, they are consistent.

And God said, "There is nothing new on the Earth." It has been the same for 6,000 years and will be the same until God says, "Enough," and puts an end to it because the lefty pagans never learn and never quit because they have chosen to be evil forever.

I wonder how many of the rich and famous, who die young, you know, in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, do so because of an STD they got committing adultery? How many of them die from the drug abuse they just had to have?

You can bet they would have all lived longer if they had not hated God and His Laws God gave us to protect us from ourselves and each other but they will never learn and they will never quit.

If it were not for the good people, I would give up on mankind. It is for the good people why I keep writing and praying every day.

BTW, something interesting I learned from history and archaeology is that people tend to think the ancients didn't have porn because they didn't have cameras and the associated technologies for what we call porn but that isn't true. That is what all of those nude and sexy statues were used for; they were the porn for the rich upper class trash Royals.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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