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US Military

I just saw a news item that caused me to realize something.

Why are they now promoting so many women into command and control positions within the Military?

Because most women are lefties and will support putting Mahdi Obama back in control of the US with a Muslim Caliphate or dictatorship to take an army to invade and destroy Israel. You can bet the lefties in the upper levels of the military screened those women and found they are lefties before giving them the promotions and positions.

That is the same reason why they are promoting so many "woke", transgenders, and other ultra lefties to top positions; they will also support putting Mahdi Obama into absolute control. They are taking control of the US Military one command and control position at a time.

That also tells me where they are getting or have gotten the nukes for this operation, from the US Military.

It is called infiltration and a soft insurgency or coup and is treason.

BTW, I can tell we are preparing for a war because there are regular bomb explosions about 20 to 30 miles from me on the White Sands Missile Range bomb range. This started a few months ago and I am not sure whether it is for Ukraine or Israel or both.

Every time we go to war and/or they are testing a new weapon, we get those explosions here.

You should have heard the explosions when they were testing the MOAB bunker buster bombs after 9/11. It sounded like a stampede by thousands of super giant buffalo several hundred feet tall coming towards me from 30 miles away, when the shock wave hit, it shook the crap out of my trailer, then I could hear the stampede moving away to the east until it hit and bounced back off the mountains about 5 miles east of me, shook the crap out of my trailer again, then I could hear it going all of the way, 40 miles across the basin, and bouncing back off of those mountains before it would finally die off. It was impressive.

BTW, Afghan Austin is not going to allow the 8,600 troops he kicked out of the US Military for not getting the vaccine, back into the US Military. After all, he cannot be sending troops who think for themselves to invade Israel and butcher every man, woman, and child. He can only send troops who will obey any and all orders to do anything to anyone.

I believe that is God getting those troops out of the US Military and into our militias to fight this coming war within the US. We are going to need them really soon.

I also find it interesting that, with "Iran" causing all of this trouble for Israel, everyone suddenly went from calling the Muslim holy month Ramadan to calling it Ramzan, which is the Persian or Iranian pronunciation.

Gee, you don't think that is because they are the proxies for the Nation of Islam and both of them are Shia Islam, do you?

Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Mahdi Obama

I had to think a while before using this video about Mahdi Obama because he left out one very key fact; that Mahdi Obama is the front man for the Nation of Islam but he did provide evidence for that so I decided to use it.

In it, he stated that Afghan Joe is Mahdi Obama's front man, which is obvious. He did tell you that, because of that, Mahdi Obama is responsible for the border crisis, the crime epidemic, and responsible for socialist medical "Obama Care" that the medical industry still has not recovered from.

Then he tells you that Mahdi Obama "remanufactured the entire Middle East", was the most anti Israeli president in history, he stabbed our Sunni allies in the back just like I told you, then he promoted Iran and Shia Islam because he and the Nation of Islam are both Shia Islam and remember that Farrakhan began visiting the Shia Muslims in Iran more than half a century ago (gee, what a magic coincidence), he used to spend entire days at Farrakhan's home without the Secret Service, when he was president, he bombed Libya, destroying it, he tried to destroy Syria and created ISIS in Syria, though Hanson got the Ukraine thing wrong because it was Obama that started that mess against the will of Russia, which pulled Russia into Ukraine.

I find it amazing that he knew enough about Obama but didn't connect the dots with Obama, Farrakhan, and the Nation of Islam in relation to Iran and what is going on now, which is critical to understand what is going on now with Israel, especially with what Afghan Joe is doing.

Do you understand why I find it so frustrating that people like Hanson, who know so much, miss so many very important things that prevent them from getting the entire picture?

It is like they are afraid to say the "Nation of Islam" for fear of getting snuffed.

I guess God doesn't show them those things like He does me so they won't be able to prevent things that are going to happen because they have too much influence?

Continental Drying

Remember that I told you about my continental drying hypothesis a couple of decades ago?

One of the reasons for me developing that hypothesis is that they have found a number of caves with ancient cave art from thousands of years ago that are now 100+ feet underwater that had to be above water when that cave art was made.

Now, where did all of that extra water come from?

It came from the continents, which is why we have deserts today. The continents are clearly drying faster than the weather is putting water on them. The water is draining and evaporating off and ending up in the oceans faster than it is being returned by the weather. That is the only possibility.


You want proof that there are a lot of Royals today?

Just study archaeology and see all of the expensive burials, usually with a lot of gold in the grave, over the last 3,500 years, who were ALL Royals that you never heard of. The truth is that you never heard of more than just a few of the Royals in history. They were only known locally or by the Royal people who kept track of all of the Royals.

After a bunch of them lost their heads at Bastille a few hundred years ago, they have kept a low profile calling themselves "commoners" to fool you into believing they are not Royals to keep their heads. Today, almost all of the rich are Royals and I have only been able to point out a few.

Just pay attention to the archaeology with so many graves with so much gold and other expensive items in them. Those people were not peasants; they were wealthy Royals.

They have always been at least 1% to 3% of the population and 1% of 8 billion people is 80 million Royals. Some are good, many are bad.

History teaches that it normally takes the bad pagan Royals or the upper class trash Royals about 150 to 200 years to take over and destroy a nation because of their insane greed.

The Founding Fathers knew this and did such a good job of setting up a Christian Republic that it has taking the upper class trash Royals about 250 years to finally destroy this nation, longer than most.

Just like always, when the upper class trash Royals and their puppets take over and destroy a nation, they cause massive numbers of deaths, poverty, oppression, slavery, destruction, and chaos. The US dying is going to make the worst times in history look like a picnic.

And God said, "There is nothing new under the sun."

Can you begin to imagine the horrible and indescribable suffering they would cause as immortal beings in eternal Paradise? Do you better understand why God will be justified in imprisoning them forever in the Lake of Fire to protect you in Paradise?

There cannot be a Paradise with those evil people in it. They would quickly turn it into Hell on Earth for everyone.

If you want to see the damage our upper class trash Royals and their puppets have done to the US because of their insane greed, just watch this video because it shows you how much they have destroyed the greatest nation in history because of their greed in just half a century.

Do you still think this nation isn't dead and just has not finished kicking yet? Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash Royals and their puppets cause better than 90% of our problems and they have for thousands of years?

Most people don't realize how much damage has been done to this nation because they didn't see this nation before the Royals began their insanity to destroy this nation. They just are not old enough to know. 60 years ago, this was a really great nation. Not perfect, just great.

They have destroyed almost everything in this nation and are working to finish it off as quickly as possible. Whether you like it or not, you are going to have to build a new nation and anything else is unrealistic.

You can thank the upper class trash Royals, their puppets, and their insane greed for that.


Remember that I have been telling you that it is only a matter of time until the people of Ukraine turn on the government and fight back?

The first 4 minutes in this video shows them doing that, when a group of locals attacked a couple of government men with axes, who were trying to "mobilize" or draft locals to fight in the war. It is very clear that the locals had pre planned that attack.

It is happening right now and it is now, when are they and the troops going to march on Kiev and take back control of Ukraine, probably with Putin's help?

More and more people are rebelling against the upper class trash Royals all over this world, whether or not those angry people know they are Royals. It isn't just what they call themselves but also what they do to the people that matters.

The people have clearly had enough and this will eventually go global and bring the Royals down again.

The Royals are so arrogant, think they are smarter than they are, and that you are dumber than you are so that they believe that, if they hide they are Royals, they will be able to do the same things to the people and get away with it.

Do you believe me yet that the Royals are not smarter than you?

This video shows that the West just keeps ticking off Putin and his people more and more. The Russians will only get so angry and they will strike to stop the West's insanity. They will not tolerate this insanity forever.

Hey, the Royals believe that they are ordained to be jerks and butt holes by their god, Satan.

When Medvedev said that Russia has "no more red lines for France," that means that President Moron just crossed the last red line for France. The reason he said that is because President Moron said there are no more red lines or limits for Russia as a declaration of war against Russia.

Russia is about to go to war against France and the West right now, knowing that, if they go to war against France, they will have to also go to war against the rest of the West. That also tells me that they feel they have ramped up enough and we have destroyed our militaries enough that they are ready to wage war against the West now.

Then Medvedev said, "Everything is legal if done to an enemy," you know, like nuke them. Ouch! The more I sat and looked at that, I realized, they are so angry, they are about to go to war.

"Hey, keep poking that bear until it bites."

Right now I am wondering, "Is President Moron going to end up dead or a slave in Africa?"

You have to know that Putin and Medvedev would love to sell him to Africa as a slave. I bet they could get a pretty penny for selling President Moron as a slave.

Then I found this video telling me that the US CIA/Nation of Islam is planning a major terrorist attack at some large gathering in Moscow to cause harm to civilians, you know, like the Nation of Islam's Hamas and Hezbollah would do.

Do you believe me yet that they will never quit? Gee, I wonder how far we can push Putin before he nukes our evil butts? And how do they know so much about when and which targets those "extremists" are going to stage a terrorist attack against? You don't think they are helping plan the terrorist attack, do you? What? The US is planning an attack against citizens they care so much about, you know, like they care about the citizens in Gaza but not Ukraine?

This is just too obvious. They insult our intelligence with this crap. Note that Moscow said these hostile actions against Russia are being committed with US funded NGOs. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Will the FSB figure out soon enough what is planned to stop it to protect their people?

Then it showed that Russia knows which 3 NGOs they are. They know.

To poke the bear more, NATO is now moving Patriot SAMs near the Russian border in Lithuania, which, strategically, doesn't make sense.

They are only putting the Patriot Air Defense System in Lithuania and not all along the Russian border in other nations?

They said they want to bring them closer to Russia, you know, to bluff and threaten Russia into submission.

I think they should bring them back into the US to protect the US because we are going to need them soon.

The Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 can't happen soon enough to keep our butts from being nuked by Russia.

Extinction Moment

Remember that I told you that, based on my observations, it looks like our gene pool will not last another 100 to 200 years and we humans will probably go extinct, if God does not return sooner and heal our DNA?

Guess what, they have found that our DNA is degrading causing a decrease in fertility but, because their math is wrongly based on millions of years instead of 6,000 years, they are predicting it will happen in millions of years.

Hey, if you start with faulty assumptions, you get wrong results.

Their bad math is saying it took millions of years for our DNA to degrade this much so it will take millions of years more for it to degrade enough for extinction but, if it only took 6,000 years to degrade that much, with most of that happening in the last 4,000 years, it will only take 100 to 200 years or less to degrade the rest of the way towards extinction.

Your lies always come back to haunt you.

The proof that their math is wrong is the rapidly increasing rate of infertility we are seeing on this planet right now. If it were going to take millions more years, it would not be increasing so fast now and remember that my estimates are always very conservative so it will probably happen much sooner than 100 years.

Jesus is going to have to return in the next decade to heal the Earth, the sun, the remaining two galaxies, and our DNA or there won't be any life left anywhere.

Since I first studied biology in 1968 I have been watching numerous species of plants and animals going extinct every year for no obvious reason. That means the DNA is going bad in everything right now, not millions of years from now.

BTW, them admitting our DNA is degrading towards extinction proves that evolution cannot happen because for evolution to happen, our DNA must be getting better, not worse. Oops!


Remember that I told you that everyone in Asia is ramping up and preparing for a war with China?

This video shows that India just deployed another 10,000 troops to their border with China.

And the media think this will just be a war between China and Taiwan? Really? What are they smoking?

Don't forget that India is also doing military training exercises with Japan with other nations also doing training exercises together at the same time. People, if any of those nations were planning to fight China alone, they would not be training together to fight China.

At the very least, this will force China to deploy more troops to that area to be tied down just in case Indian decides to attack. That will tie down even more troops that China will not be able to use to invade Taiwan.

Then she tells you how they have both been building up troops in that area.

Just Checking

I just did a little research and learned something interesting.

First, China's strongest enemies (not including the US) have a total of a little over 5 million troops ready for combat.

Second, China has about 2.5 million troops but just called up 10 million more veterans with two years service back to service, which will give her 12.5 million troops or just about enough to handle a war with most of her potential enemies, with her doing the invading, except her weapons really suck and those enemies all have world class weapons plus China has quite a few of her troops stationed outside of the China combat area.

That tells me that, with China being so financially desperate, she is believing she can win that iffy war, especially if she takes out the US from within first, to sack those nations to pay her bills so she is ramping up for war and so are those other nations.

Hey, if China attacks, just parachute a hundred million rifles with billions of rounds of ammo to the people of China and watch them revolt.

We are about to have a four front war (Russia, Israel, China, and inside the US) with a less than one front military and that isn't good so you better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load because that dance is about to begin. It is going to take God to save our butts because of the mess our arrogant, stupid, greedy, insane, upper class trash Royals and their puppets have created. Hey, they have thousands of years of practice at being nuts.


I was watching this video and realized something I had not thought about before. It turns out that all of these transgender people are using expensive drugs to change their biology along with surgeries and those drugs are causing medical problems like cancer. Hey, the lunatic lefties are killing each other off for money. See, God is helping us already.

How long have they known about this?

Gee, you don't think the corrupt chemical companies, who are making a fortune from those chemicals, are bribing shrinks, college professors, MDs, politicians, the media, and others to encourage the transgender thing so they can make a fortune selling those drugs to people, do you?

Knowing what I have learned about the chemical companies over the last third of a century, I would say it is probably the main cause for this transgender fad and now we are finding out that those chemicals are causing medical problems and killing people.

Hey, the chemical companies couldn't make enough money selling dope to athletes to cheat to win so let's start a transgender fad to make more money selling drugs to people that will affect their DNA to cause hormone changes.

Every time I find out about another racket by the chemical companies to make more money at your expense, it convinces me that everyone working in management, marketing, and research plus the owners for those chemical companies from the mid to upper levels, will definitely burn in Hell for their crimes against you.

Tim doesn't even realize that the chemical companies are making a lot of money from such things and, therefore, just might use their marketing people to find ways to subtly encourage people to do those things requiring the use of those chemicals, which, of course, they would do.

This is disgusting. Anything for money regardless of who it hurts or kills.

Blue Cities

Remember that I told you a few decades ago that most people go into government, especially politics because they are too stupid to earn half as much money legally?

The big blue cities are all collapsing because of the idiot lefty policies or great sounding stupid ideas.

What, you mean our stoned, idiot lefty college professors were wrong again or still?

This video shows you how the left is massively destroying Denver, Colorado. They are bankrupting the city for their lefty agenda and opening more than a few eyes.

Every major city the left is in charge of is dying because of their great sounding stupid ideas but they never learn and they never quit.

And you think democracy is better than a Christian theocracy even when so many stupid people vote for so many other stupid people? So, how is that democracy thingy doing in the hands of arrogant fool pagans? It is destroying the US, isn't it?

NO government can be any better than the people running it and, when you have corrupt fools running your government, it is a bad government.


Remember that I told you that France is dead as a nation because she has made it a constitutional right for mothers to murder their unborn babies?

They are now pushing for the EU to make it a constitutional right in every European nation.

First, I expect at least a few nations to leave the EU over that.

Second, France is really going to pay for this and may end up being a dozen or more nations with some city states.

Third, every European nation who accepts this as law, will certainly also end up just as dead as a nation.

It is very likely that this is God's red line that will finish off Europe or at least most European nations. Most of those nations are almost dead now anyway.


The West, especially the US, UK, and France, started terrorist organizations inside African nations, you know, the way they started Al Quaeda and ISIS, to give them an excuse to send in troops to occupy and control those African nations, one of which is Burkina Faso. They never even diminished the terrorist attacks or decreased the land the terrorists controlled for decades.

What they did do was control the African nations' governments so the West's upper class trash owned big businesses could sack those nations the way they have sacked every other nation, including their own.

Now that the Western militaries and the Western upper class trash have been driven out of those nations, Russia has moved troops into those nations, trained and armed those nations' troops, and Burkina Faso is doing what the US, UK, and French troops couldn't do, by destroying and putting on the run those terrorist organizations, especially since they got Russia's attack choppers. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Do you believe me yet that you are living the fall of Rome II because of the greed of the upper class trash Royals and their puppets?

Except by subversion, they can't even stand up to African nations any more.


Remember that I have been warning you that Afghan Joe is pretending to be helping Israel, while working to keep her from finishing off Hamas?

You better keep an eye on this because the left is calling for the US to "colonize Gaza", you know, seize control of Gaza from Israel to protect the Hamas terrorists from being completely wiped out by Israel to protect Israeli citizens.

Of course, they will use the lie that it is to protect the citizens from Israel but they will quickly rebuild Hamas to keep using Hamas to murder Israeli citizens and destroy Israel.

Afghan Joe announced that they will build a "temporary pier" to receive "large shipments" of food, water, and medicine to get their foot in the door.

Then the EU is going to "help" with the Gaza aid, of which they are getting more into Gaza already than the aid people can distribute. It is a con to begin gaining control of Gaza to save Hamas.

This tells me that both the US and Europe are working together against Israel to save Hamas and destroy Israel.

I expect Israel to just say, "No, this is our war".

Keep an eye on it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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