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After I uploaded the last essay, I realized two things.

First, I would not be surprised to find out that the chemical companies are putting something in our food to cause people to gain weight so they can sell those people something to lose weight.

This would not be the first time they did something like that.

Keep an eye on that.

The best way to manage your weight is to moderate your diet in relation to your exercise. If you exercise less, you eat less. If you exercise more, you eat more.

Second, the Bible makes it clear that, after the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, Israel will take all of the way to the Euphrates River.

Then I realized that the ports purchased by the UAE and Turkey are in the Nile River Delta, which means they are within the confines of the Nile River and is that why Israel will have to take all of the way to the Nile River to take control of those ports to stop Muslim military actions against Israel?

Keep an eye on that.

Fani Willis

Remember that I told you that judges and DAs are not above the law but some think they are?

It turns out that DA Fani Willis is now facing up to 22 criminal charges for abusing the power of her position for political discrimination against Trump and judge Engoron is also under investigation for abusing the power of the bench for political discrimination reasons.

They should both be removed from their jobs, be disbarred for life, be prosecuted, go to prison, and never be allowed to be involved in law or government activities or jobs again because they abused the power of law and government.

Keep an eye on that.


This video provides some very interesting intel. The media are making this UN resolution sound like a rock solid order or command but the wording is much more open ended in that, if Israel and Hamas can negotiate an agreement, then they have to quit shooting, but, if they can't negotiate a deal, they don't have to quit shooting.

Also, the media are making it sound like the cease fire is supposed to be sustained but it is ONLY for the rest of Ramadan or until April 9.

I have been watching and it appears that Israel has only been conducting minor missions during Ramadan to not give the Muslims more reasons to gang up on Israel during Ramadan. I expect Israel to not start their Rafah operation until AFTER Ramadan so the UN resolution does not affect the Rafah operation.

This tells me that the Israeli leaders understand much more about Islam than most people but are not saying the truth to keep the left from attacking them for revealing the truth the way the left would do.

The Israelis are trying their best to keep this war from escalating but the Muslims are trying everything they can think of to escalate it so they can justify invading and destroying Israel.

The person in the video said he did not understand when Ramadan actually begins and ends and asked if someone could explain it. The following explanation was provided in the comments but most people did not understand it: "Ramadan starts and ends according to the moon cycle, and the moon needs to be visible to call it. If it's cloudy, the date can move."

To understand that, you have to remember what I taught you about Allah being the moon god of Sabianism and the crescent moon being the symbol for Allah in Islam. Allah is still quietly considered to be the moon god or the moon in Islam and the moon has to be visible for them to get permission from the moon or Allah.

Do you get the picture?

The Muslims know Allah is the moon or moon god but don't want you to know it.

And God said, "The truth will be made known." That is why God has me here teaching you, to make the truth known.

After that, the narrator let me know that he really doesn't understand what Afghan Joe is doing and why, you know, working for the Nation of Islam. He really believes that Afghan Joe is working against Israel while only pretending to be helping Israel. I have not seen anyone else who understands what seems so obvious to me and explains things most other people don't understand.

Even India is beginning to turn against Israel because of the psychological warfare against Israel by the US.

I keep praying for everyone but also keep reminding myself that it won't be long until all of the bad people causing these problems will be burning in Hell where they will never again be able to cause harm to anyone.

This very brief video shows Netanyahu flat telling you that the international pressure against Israel to stop her from finishing destroying Hamas will not stop Israel from destroying Hamas to protect her people.

Illegal Migrants

This video is about them flying the migrants into the US and he tells you that the commies are doing this to count them in the census and for them to vote in the 2024 election but it is very likely that everyone or at least most of those migrants are soldiers or terrorists from those nations the lefties do not want border patrol to know about so they smuggle them to the interior.

A force of 320,000 soldiers is a good size army to have spread around inside your borders. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that many of them are officers to organize and command their armies. Those people are getting a special treatment for a reason.

Then they started talking about the Commierats voting for that bill with the election coming up, which tells me that they may not be planning on having an election but plan to use soldiers smuggled into the nation to stage a coup or insurrection from within, you know, fighting for and with the lefties.

Keep an eye on that.


This video provides very important information, showing that people are being turned against Israel in the US. The poll shows that 55% disapprove of Israel's military actions, only 36% approve, among Commierats, only 18% approve and, among Republicans, only 64% approved.

The US propaganda and show Afghan Joe, Stinkin' Blinken, and others are putting on are changing people's minds the way the left wants to change their minds. Their psychological warfare against Israel is working.

This is telling me that, if the Pentagon blames Israel for nuking Chicago, the people will support Mahdi Obama in seizing control of the US and leading a Nation of Islam Army to invade and destroy Israel, you know, "make them pay".

Just do the math, if 55% already disapprove and our government blames Israel for such a terrorist attack against the US, you can bet that at least 65% to 75% will turn on Israel and support Mahdi Obama. The left is betting on that.

You BETTER pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load.

This video tells us some important things concerning the US dollar.

First, the only reason they are even considering returning to the gold standard is because more and more other nations are moving to get off the US dollar dependency that has existed for more than half a century.

Without the US dollar being the main currency for the rest of the world, the value of the dollar is going to decline and eventually go bust, forcing the US to rebuild its currency. If they go back on the gold standard, it will prevent that decline and the dollar going bust.

Second, the idea of taking the US dollar off the gold standard is now failing so it is another great sounding stupid idea by our academe that is failing and they don't want to admit that.

Remember that I have been warning you that our military has been greatly diminished by the upper class trash and their puppets sacking our military? Remember that I have been telling you that we no longer have a one front military so we can't even fight Russia OR China, much less both at the same time?

One of our problems is that many fewer people want to join and serve under Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, and Stinkin' Blinken so we are having a severe recruitment problem. I don't blame the people.

This video provides very good detail about the weaknesses of the US Military. Note that he does his strategic analysis in relation to China and not Russia, which is the greater military threat and we still fall short.

He made it very clear in technical terms that we don't have a one front Army and he stated they have given up on building it up to requirements and are just accepting it.

Then he tells you that the US Air Force is also not ready for combat with China. The reason why our pilots are not getting the training they need is because it is short on money for parts, fuel, training munitions, and such.

Then he details why the Navy is not ready either, again, a lack of weapons, munitions, and manpower. He also points out that we don't have the ability to sustain operations logistically on the other side of the Pacific Ocean or to provide things like weapons, munitions, parts, fuel, food, and such.

He does tell us that the Marines are prepared to "defend the first and second island chains", which tells me they have done what I said they needed to do by remilitarizing the US Pacific islands to provide a projected line of defense for the US or a military buffer zone.

Then he tells us that even our nuke capabilities are outdated and need to be brought up to date.

Then he explains it would take decades to undo the damage our upper class trash Royals and their puppets have done to our military over decades and Russia and China are NOT going to wait decades for us to rebuild our military.

He tells you most of what I have been telling you. We are screwed because of the greed of our upper class trash Royals and their puppets sacking our military budgets with their military industry instead of using it to maintain our military readiness. It is called treason.

Do you believe me yet that you should pray that we still have our black closet and it will be good enough to save our butts because our military can't?

After it warms up, I am going to start watching the stars at night in hopes of seeing star ships to let me know that we still have a black closet.

Concerning Ukraine, he told you what he has been told to tell you because I can't imagine he doesn't know better. The reason he told you the truth about the US Military is to scare you into supporting a larger military budget to rebuild our military. Unfortunately, I am convinced the upper class trash would stick too much of that increase in their greedy pockets to do the job right.

Then he told you that Europe is not maintaining their military either but not how bad. The best they can do is be cannon fodder to slow Russia down for us.

He does tell you that Afghan Joe and company are "subverting the government in Jerusalem and supporting virtually unlimited access to resources for the government in Tehran," just like I have been telling you but he said it nicer.

Then he uses technical speech to tell you that I have been warning you about, which is that our top officers have not been promoted based on "meritocracy" or ability but based on what I call "butt kissing", which basically includes people being promoted because of their political biases and because they are lefties/Nation of Islam members and it has ruined our military.

You don't let subversive traitors get promoted to the top of your military or you lose everything.

Do you believe me yet?

I have been warning you about this for more than a decade. That is the best video I have seen on this.

I told you so, I told you so, I told you so big time!

This video proves almost everything I have been telling you about the upper class, including Mahdi Obama, working to destroy the US and how much damage they have done over the years. It tells you that Afghanistan was about Mahdi Obama's puppet, Afghan Joe, giving our weapons technology to our enemies. She points out one thing after another I have been telling you about plus quite a bit because she has current inside sources I don't have.

She shows you that the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America is dead and just has not finished kicking yet and it doesn't have many more kicks left.

You BETTER, you BETTER, you BETTER pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load because ye ole fecal matter is all over ye ole fan right now.

Do you believe me yet that this is being lead by Mahdi Obama and the Nation of Islam? I have another question for you; who gave China the technology and training to do all of this hacking?

They didn't dream this up themselves; it came from the West. When they started hacking our systems, they were light years behind us in technology and they could suddenly do something only we could do? Really? Who made so much critical technology vulnerable to hacking?

It shouldn't be; there should be safeguards in place to protect that technology from hacking.

Gee, you don't think it is the greedy, power mad, insane globalist Royals, do you?

People, they started terrorist organizations under Billy Boy Clinton and more under Mahdi Obama and now they are using them against you. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Note that she isn't old enough to have been around long enough to know that this really began before Mahdi Obama, much less before Billy Boy Clinton and the lefties are using that to get by most informed people knowing what is really going on. That is why God has me here writing for you at 75 years of age. I have lived through and watched all of this crap develop and am trained to know what I see.

Thanks for the video, Mark.

The biggest problem I see is that no one else telling you about this, including her, her sources, Macgregor, and Ritter, has been around long enough to see or be trained in all of the dots I have seen so they can't possibly know the entire big picture. They can only see part of it.

I guess you can say they are significantly dot deficient.

I saw Louis Farrakhan walking around with all of the top Commierats being their pal in the 1960s. I saw him working with the top black gangs in the US who are all members of the Nation of Islam. I saw him building his shadow government and military and infiltrating Nation of Islam people into our government and military creating our deep state. I saw him and his people making regular trips to Iran to hang out with the leaders in Shiite Islam. I saw Commierat Jimmuh Carhtuh and pal of Farrakhan, by the greatest magic coincidence, depose our ally, the Shaw of Iran, and put Farrakhan's Shiite Muslim buddies in his place and THAT is one of the most critical dots in modern history, so don't forget it, ever, BUT I have not seen anyone else who has that dot. I saw RINO Bush I be the first to start talking about a "New World Order" under one government, to be run by the upper class trash, while he started destroying the really great Reagan military. I saw the CIA under Billy Boy Clinton create Al Quaeda with its main headquarters in Iran, where Big Al was still living the last time I got intel on him. I saw Farrakhan visit Billy Boy Clinton in the White House, while they were holding the impeachment trials in Congress for Billy Boy and it was made open knowledge that he asked Billy Boy whether the Nation of Islam should stage a coup to keep Billy Boy in office and Billy Boy told him to hold off. I saw RINO Bush II conquer Afghanistan and Iraq and then start preparing to invade Iran to shut that all down, when the left stopped him dead in his tracks for "nation building", which didn't leave him enough military to invade Iran, while I was studying Islam. I saw Mahdi Obama before he ever got elected president hanging around with and praising Farrakhan as his "role model", with Farrakhan calling Mahdi Obama "the Messiah" or the Mahdi of Islam, knew he grew up going to and being brainwashed in a Muslim school or madrasa in Indonesia and knew he lied about being a Christian and that he is really a devout Shiite Muslim. I saw Mahdi Obama use the CIA to create ISIS, him fund Iran and "negotiating" with Iran, while Farrakhan continued to visit with those Shiite Muslim leaders, watched Mahdi Obama commit his many acts of treason for Islam, watched him start funding the rebuilding of Ancient Babylon so he could be recognized as the Mahdi of Islam, watched them start preparing to build Mystery Babylon with the British Royal Family, the Vatican, and China buying large units of land where they were planning to build Mystery Babylon, watched them dredge a shipping lane for today's huge cargo and tanker ships in the Euphrates River up to where they plan to build Mystery Babylon, watched the Vatican say they were going to convert to Islam with the Pope and other top officials in the Catholic Church negotiating with the Shiite Muslims in Iraq, watched them finish surveying Ancient Babylon so they could begin building Mystery Babylon, watched China buy the oil rights to the largest oil field in Iraq near where they are going to build Mystery Babylon, and have watched all of this continue with Afghan Joe and his acts of treason, and that is just the nutshell version.

Lara Logan, Macgregor, and Ritter or anyone else I have seen don't have even half those dots, much less the many more I have seen because they are not old enough to have half of those dots. They cannot see the whole picture that I see and the picture they see is really bad but it is worse than they think it is.

Do you believe me yet that we are all swimming in deep doodoo? Is that enough dots for you to believe me?

I have plenty more.

Then I found this video detailing the destruction of our judicial system, which is critical because our judicial system is your last line of defense in protecting and enforcing your constitutional rights against the government. If the judicial system is destroyed, then there won't be anyone to enforce the US Constitution and we won't have a Constitutional Republic. At that time, this nation will become the next communist dictatorship.


Remember that I have been telling you that a number of nations around China have signed mutual defense treaties with each other in the event that China attacks one of them?

In this video he tells you about some of those treaties between Vietnam and other nations. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Then he tells you how China is using propaganda, lies, and deceptions to placate the other nations but that is clearly not working the way China wants it to work or those other nations would not be signing mutual defense treaties with each other against China.


Remember that I have been telling you that Russia is about to finish the war in Ukraine?

This video so that Russia is not planning to mobilize more troops to win the war in Ukraine because they don't need to. They can win the war with the troops they currently have mobilized so they can save those other troops for the next war.

I am seeing that they are now saying that the US, UK, and NATO all had a part in this terrorist attack in Moscow and may have done it to get Moscow to over react to justify intervention by NATO. Keep an eye on this.

Magic Exercise Pill

This is a warning. The corrupt, greedy, lying chemical industry is working on a magic "exercise pill" that will magically rebuild your body the way exercise does.

"Why, you don't have to exercise, all you have to do is take our magic exercise pill to make us billions of dollars and you too can have magnificent, healthy bodies. You will be the envy of all of your friends."

That is scientifically impossible because the body rebuilds from exercise based on DNA structure and function so they will have to alter your DNA structure and function so it is very probable that magic exercise pill will cause cancer and other medical problems but the chemical companies won't care as long as they make their billions of dollars murdering you.

But, you just know the stupid people will rush right out and buy that pill by the truck load because dey seen it on teebee so it gots tuh be true and the chemical companies know it. The chemical companies know they will create an insane pill fad that will make them all billionaires so they can resign with their billions, while you sue their bankrupt businesses.

Hey, it is one way to depopulate the planet and increase the planet IQ at the same time. I guess there is a silver lining to every cloud.

I have studied and seen so much I can see this one coming from several galaxies away. I am so sick of the insane greed of the upper class trash and their puppets. I so look forward to Paradise with these insane monsters burning in Hell and, every day, I look forward to it more.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil." He didn't lie.

The chemical companies know there are a lot of stupid, lazy people out there who would rather take a magic pill than exercise and they plan to prey on those people to get more wealthy.

If you are stupid enough to take that magic exercise pill, you deserve what you get. You have been warned.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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