I Told You So 65

Guess what? You got it, more surprised experts and they really took their time at finding out....again. I told you more than a year ago that the housing market was about to implode again and even worse than it did the first time. I also told you last fall that the implosion was already well under way.

Well, to their absolute amazement, they just realized that it is "Now official" that the housing market has "double dipped". That is just a smoke and mirrors way of saying, "you're screwed" if you own a home with a mortgage because the home industry is imploding. We're talking black hole time.

These experts are now confessing that this "double dip" has dropped housing prices below the March 2009 record low, in other words, it is worse than when the bubble first burst, you know, just like I told you would happen. Gee, who would have figured that was going to happen? Definitely not the experts. They are all surprised but I bet you are not surprised, unless, of course, you didn't believe me. :-) Then you are going to be surprised.

BTW, in extremely socialist Europe, whose socialist laws our idiot commie's keep replicating, as of the end of 2010, their housing market had already imploded to the point that their prices had dropped by more than 33%. Ouch!!! Who would have figured? And get it straight that, they are in worse trouble than we are because their socialist structure is more advanced and impossible to reverse than our socialism. They may never recover from their beloved communism. Can we say Dark Ages II? The only reason Europe took so long to implode is because the US commie's have been propping up Europe's long ago failed socialist countries so the US commie's could sell Marxism to the American people. Now that the US is broke and will soon have to quit propping up Europe and other socialist countries, because we can't even prop ourselves any more, they are going to see utter economic devastation. They are swimming in something very deep and it isn't water. It is the same stuff that also floats, you know, commie brown cream.

My next prediction is this is going to get much worse before it gets better because the banks can't play the games they did last time to temporarily stall the market crash because they are not being subsidized with a trillion dollars in government money. The commie's also broke our government. Get it straight, the false socialist housing market created by the Commiecrats under Billy Boy Clinton MUST correct itself completely AND the socialist laws and programs which created this false market and caused this crisis must be repealed before this thing can correct itself. This thing isn't going to magically go away because of commie wishful thinking or commie fairy dust. The market has to be allowed to naturally clean itself up from the mess the commie's have created with their infinite stupidity.

Oh yeah, and by the way, according to the experts, the economy is still recovering. :-P phbt! Is that beyond brain dead stupid or what? We have not had one month in the last three years in which the number of people finding jobs have even equaled the number of people losing their jobs but unemployment is magically going down (those good old commie fairies are hard at work), the housing market is imploding to the surprise of the experts, the price of gas is going through the roof, the price of food is going through the roof because of agrifuel and the commie government printing billions of dollars to pay for all of their government spending and debt, the people are running out of money and are cutting back on their spending, and our economy is recovering? (Excuse me while I get up off the floor and stop laughing.) Just how stupid do you have to be to be an expert? Just how stupid are all these college professors giving out the "right degrees" at the "right universities" that they keep teaching these "experts" all this stupidity? (BTW, this all goes back to the idiot universities hiring liberal commie college professors to brain wash Americans into believing Marxism. Garbage in, garbage out.)

Oh yeah, because of the commie continuing "alternative fuel" insanity, you can expect the price of electricity to soon go through the roof. This stupidity began back in the 1970's when the simple minded commie college professors realized one day that the price of diesel fuel was less than the price of gasoline at about the same time as the Muslim imposed gas crisis. In their simple minded brilliance, the intellectually superior liberal commie college professors said that, if we would convert our cars to diesel, it would cost us much less to drive our cars because diesel was less expensive than gasoline. The intellectually inferior truck drivers quickly responded, "No, it will just drive up the price of diesel fuel because of supply and demand." Well, the intellectually superior commie's ignored the warnings of the intellectually inferior truck drivers and started converting cars to diesel.

Guess what? You got it, the price of diesel went up and the price of gas didn't go down. Then those same stupid liberal commie college professors dreamed up the "alternative fuels" concept. In other words, they didn't learn a thing form their diesel mistake. After a few decades, they finally got their agrifuel crap off the ground with me warning you it would drive up the price of food. Well, we are now watching the price of food go through the roof just like I told you it would. As a matter of fact, I just read a report that Hillary Clinton has stated that the increasing shortage and prices of food are reaching a global crisis level. They say that 44 million people have been pushed into poverty since last June because of rising food prices but the stupid liberals want to keep running their cars on food. :-P phbt And the intellectually superior liberal commie's still don't get it. They are now pushing electric cars as part of their alternative fuel program. Is there even one functioning brain cell on the left?

Their stupid alternative fuels program has failed both times they have tried it but they're faithfully soldiering on with the already failed program determined to destroy every part of our market and economy when we have more than enough fossil fuels they won't let us drill or mine....because of ecology. On top of all this, they have two insane, great sounding, simple minded programs which are about to collide head on in the worst brain dead accident in history. Because of one of their other failed stupid programs, conservationism and ecology, the EPA will be shutting down most of the current gas and coal burning electric power plants in the next five years (which constitutes most of our power plants) with no plans to replace almost all of those plants, greatly decreasing supply while also increasing the demand for electricity with their alternative fuels program via electric cars. :-P phbt!

DUCK!!! This is going to really hurt when those two failed commie programs collide. You probably won't be able to afford to run your refrigerator but don't worry, because you won't be able to afford to buy food to put in it anyway. :-P phbt!

My alternative fuel program is to develop a car which will run on stupidity and use liberal brains for fuel because liberals have invented infinite stupidity. Then we will never run short of fuel and the idiot liberals will finally do something good for the world. :-P phbt! How can things possibly get better as long as liberals keep thinking?

But don't worry, you can bet on one thing, the commie's are consistently wrong and stupid. You can bet they will find a great sounding, simple minded way to screw things up even worse. Which should tell you what? It is time to.....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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