I Told You So 67

Today I read an article by John Stossel about the education scam I first informed you about with my very first article on this blog in March 2000. Interestingly, they have not only finally figured out what I taught you about more than 11 years ago, they are also writing books about the education scam. The article had some interesting facts and other information showing that the education scam has gotten even worse.

John's article was about success not even requiring a degree like the liberals and universities have been teaching with their normal scare tactics. He started off by listing successful people, Michael Dell, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Mark Cuban, as all being college drop outs. Then he listed other successful people, Richard Branson, Simon Cowell, and Peter Jennings, as never having gone to college at all. He then quoted Richard Vedder, author of "Going Broke by Degree: Why College Costs Too Much" as saying that the successful people who went to college would have been successful even without a degree because they are brighter and smarter.

I would debate that last statement because I learned a long time ago that the best advantage a college education at one of the more prestigious universities provides is contacts in the upper class "good-old-boy" system, without which, some of those people wouldn't be successful or at least quite as successful. Again and again over the years I have heard top businessmen say,"It isn't what you know but who you know." I have found that to be very true. Many people are successful, especially the corrupt people, not because they are intelligent or know anything of importance but because they get into the good-old-boy system and ride the other crooks' coat tails to the top. You can see this with our politicians and bureaucrats. Most of them are very stupid people who have gotten to the top by getting involved with the corrupt good-old-boy system and for no other reason. As I have told you before, they are the shit that floats to the top.

Then he showed evidence of what I told you before about how there are a lot of unsuccessful people with college degrees. He quoted Vedder as saying that, "There are 80,000 bartenders in the United States with bachelor's degrees," and that 17 percent of baggage porters and bellhops have a college degree, 15 percent of taxi and limo drivers have college degrees.

I want to add to that that many of the people in the call service centers in the US have one or more college degrees. After completing my MBA, I worked in a call center for about 7 months because I couldn't get a job with my masters degree, I was informed that it was estimated that better than 80% of the people in that call center had one or more degrees and I knew one man who had two P.Hd.'s, was making $7.50 per hour and was glad to have it. There are also increasing numbers of people cooking and serving food in fast food restaurants who have college degrees. I recently read that there are so many people with a bachelors of business administration degrees that a BBA will only get you a shift management position at places like Wal Mart.

Do you really want to spend tens of thousands of dollars and four or more years of your life to get one of those jobs when all you have to do is work there and work your way up through the system?

It is the old supply and demand thing, just like anything else. When the supply of people with college degrees exceeds the demand, the college degrees become worthless. I told you more than 10 years ago that, as far as we can predict into the future, we will never need for more than 20% of our workforce to have college degrees and we easily have more than 30 percent of our workforce with college degrees meaning that increasing numbers of college degrees are worthless and wasted time and money. It is my opinion that some one should file a class action law suit against our colleges and universities for lying to people to scare them into getting worthless college degrees so the universities can steal those people's money. Increasing numbers of people are never achieving a return on their investment with a college degree, especially not when they never get a job with that degree.

Finally, John went on to show that a lot of the time, students are not even getting a good quality education, even from some of the "best" universities. John quoted Vedder as saying, '"There's a lot of bad information out there," Vedder replied. "We don't know . . . if (students) learned anything" during their college years.' Next John went on to state that the literacy rate among college graduates is lower than it was 15 to 20 years ago.

The literacy rate? My question is this, "if you get a college degree, shouldn't you at least be literate?" I mean, come on, you get a four year college degree and you are illiterate, you can't read, you can't write? If there is even a literacy rate for college graduates, then just what are those college professors doing for those six digit salaries? They definitely are not teaching or there wouldn't be any illiterate graduates. How can you get a four year college degree and not be literate? Daddy must be very rich and I bet most of them go into politics....or maybe they become college professors?

John finished his article by saying, "We need people to wake up." That is what my blog is about, waking people up to the truth, only I am way ahead of the curve. This site is where you get tomorrow's news today.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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