I Told You So 70

I told you that Obama and the Commiecrats are using this "Occupy Wall Street" the same way Lenin used street riots to seize control of Russian and set up Lenin's communist dictatorship. Today I found out that the OWS was planned and is being staged and funded by the ACORN liberal action organization now acting as the "New York Communities for Change" organization. All they did was change their name when they were exposed for all the criminal activities they did as ACORN.

Now that they have been exposed, ACORN is scrambling for damage control, shredding documents, firing people, adding cameras to spy on their employees to make sure they don't release any more information, and telling their employees to say the leak was made by "disgruntled employees". They are trying to cover up the fact that these professional protesters are being employed by ACORN up to their usual mischief.

I have also been telling you that Obama has been using smoke and mirrors to cover up the true unemployment rate. Today it was made known that the number of US government union employees has increased by 12% during this depression. There has also been a 14.8% increase in executive branch employees.

In other words, Ocommie has been hiding unemployed people by hiring them to US government jobs being paid for by your tax dollars while you have been losing your jobs and even working fewer hours and getting less pay. OK, they are actually being paid by our increasing national debt or US IOU's and the money Ocommie is taking from the US military. If you were to count these people as unemployed, even the fake unemployment would be well over 10% and the real unemployment would be well in excess of 25% which would mean we are in a super depression. You know, like I told you.

Also, today the unionized Federal employees, you know, those people hired by Ocommie, joined the ACORN professional protestors in the increasingly violent street protests which have been working to shut down our commerce and increase unemployment, with Ocommie's support, of course. So all these new US government employees are now sitting in parks "protesting" your jobs on your dime.

Could it be that what Ocommie has been secretly hiring into the Federal Government are his Citizen Security Forces (CSF - read red shirts, Gestapo, SS, Brown Shirts)? Hey, if it looks like a fish, swims like a fish, and smells like a fish, it isn't a duck.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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