Printing Money

A few years ago, the brilliant, all knowing, all wise, highly educated, grossly over paid upper class trash liberals started printing huge amounts of money (hundreds of billions of dollars per year) they could use to pay for their spending and debt. They like to simplistically believe that just printing more money means they will have more wealth to spend. They simply create money out of thin air and then pay for their spending programs with this new money. History teaches us that, because of supply and demand, the value of the currency decreases faster than the amount of the currency being printed so that they actually end up with less wealth. In other words, the more money they spend, the less valuable the money becomes so they have to print even more money to pay for the same goods the next time further decreasing the value of the money. Oops! This is like the proverbial dog chasing its tail.

I told you before that this would have dire consequences and it is doing so at this time. Every time this has been tried, it has failed with the country's currency becoming worthless such as with the French Frank, Italian Iyra, Mexican Peso, and others. Yet the liberals insist on forcing this on us with their insane attitude that they "will make it work this time."

Einstein said, "To do the same thing again and again expecting different results is insanity." Basically, the liberals are nuts but we already knew that.

I have noticed over about the last 8 to 9 months that the prices of goods seem to have increased at about 30% to 40%, especially for food products. In some parts of this country, it has probably increased even more. That is like adding a sales tax of 30% to 40% and decreases your purchasing power. The more you have to spend to get one item, the less you will have to spend for other items. Yes, printing money is just a slick way of taxing you without you knowing about it. This has to be the single largest tax which has ever been placed on the American people and it will hurt the middle and lower classes more than the upper class, especially for food items.

The people it is hurting the most are the people who are on Welfare, Social Security, and other pensions with fixed incomes and the poor. Food is being taken out of many of these people's mouths, especially children. It is like the dream I had about a year ago when God showed me that the cost of goods would increase rapidly causing people on food stamps to not even be able to buy enough food for one meal. That dream or prophesy is now happening.

This is going to force a lot of these people to give up on these socialist programs and their retirement pensions because these programs and pensions simply will not provide enough money to live on and go back to looking for work just to buy food at a time when there are very few jobs. You will see an increase in black market activity where people will work on the barter system or for money under the table just to get by while taking what little money they are getting from anywhere. If they don't, they won't survive.

Another thing this spiraling inflation is doing is cutting back on spending for a lot of goods which are not deemed necessary by most people. This is cutting into the revenues for those businesses and causing increasing numbers of these businesses to lay off people to keep from going broke. Some of these businesses will still go broke laying off all of their employees. This spiraling inflation is only going to cause this economy to get much worse much faster.

This spiraling inflation driving up the cost of goods is increasing poverty nationally and it will continue to get worse until they stop printing money but the idiots up stairs have absolutely no intention of stopping the money presses. They have turned on the presses and left the room. And it gets worse.

Obama's Big Con

Well, the latest con. Remember that Obama had over 600 billion US dollars left over from the stimulus money which he wasn't doing anything with? I found out after my last post this last November that he was going to use it to create a bunch of short term temporary jobs this spring and summer to cause his fake unemployment rate go down even more so it would make it look like he was doing something about unemployment. The problem is that, after he runs out of that left over stimulus money shortly after this November's election, all of those temp jobs will go away and unemployment will go through the roof. 600 billion of your dollars for smoke and mirrors!

They already started quietly spending that money at the end of last year and have managed to drive the fake unemployment rate down from a little over 9% to a little over 8%. It is really starting to look good for Ocommie getting reelected this fall!

Buuuuut, remember the last two times the commie's tried this (when they hired the census takers in 2009 and a lot of campaign people before the last mid term elections in 2010) that it back fired on them? Never fear my good friends, one thing you can bet on is that, no matter how many times or how bad a liberal idea fails, they will always try it again thinking, this time they will make it work. Guess what, it is going to fail again for the same reasons plus a few more.

First, the current fake unemployment rate is counting much less than 50% of the true unemployed population, probably less than 1/3. When people find out that there are a lot of new jobs available, there will be a national stampede of people wanting to get one of those few jobs. There will be far fewer jobs than there are true unemployed people. Just like the last two times, all those people looking for work will drive up the fake unemployment rate by causing them to be counted again. Oops!

Second, a lot of the people who do get those jobs are people who are not currently being counted as unemployed because they belong to certain groups of unemployed people such as the long term unemployed which means them getting jobs won't decrease the fake unemployment rate so that fake unemployment rate won't go down as much as the commie's think it will. Oops!

Then there is this spiraling inflation (I bet you thought I was never going to tie the two together). Remember all those people who are going to lose their jobs because increasing numbers of people won't be able to purchase the goods produced by their companies? Yeah, they are going to increasingly show up on Obama's fake unemployment rate also. And it gets worse.

One thing which has been keeping the spiraling inflation from getting much worse has been the increasing number of unemployed people who have less money to spend and have, therefore, been steadily decreasing demand for goods. If you understand anything about supply and demand, you should realize that this has been artificially slowing the rate of inflation. In other words, the rate of inflation would have been much worse if the economy had not already been imploding.

With Obama creating new temp jobs with that left over stimulus money to get his fake unemployment rate down while printing all that money, the inflation rate will blow up in his face...and our's also. You see, there will now be more people with more money increasing the demand for goods while the dollar is rapidly becoming less valuable which will drive the prices higher even faster.

This will cause several things to happen. First, all those people on fixed and low incomes whom I just told you will have to start looking for jobs, they will have to start looking for those jobs even sooner and even more of them will be required to find jobs because the prices for goods will increase much faster. All those millions of people Obama put on Welfare and quit counting them are going to come back to haunt him driving his fake unemployment rate even higher and doing it faster. Oops! I told you they shouldn't quit counting all those people and that those people not being counted would eventually come back to haunt them. Obama has set a record of putting 46 million people on Welfare who won't be able to live from such an increasingly meager income.

A second thing the increasing rate of spiraling inflation will cause is that it will more quickly decrease the purchasing power for everyone, even the people finding those new temp jobs, decreasing the purchasing of goods other than those deemed necessary for subsistence putting even more people out of work and causing the economy to implode even faster, causing more people to lose their jobs increasing Ocommie's fake unemployment rate even more. Oops!

One way increasing numbers of businesses are trying to handle the decreasing demand for their products without going out of business is to lay off current employees and hiring their replacements at a lower wage rate. This is only decreasing the national average purchasing power and driving our economy down even faster. The thing is that you can't blame these businesses for using this strategy because they are just trying to survive while not having to lay off even more people.

Obama Game Time!

Since these things are happening and there isn't anyone smart enough to stop them from getting worse, I figure we might as well make the best of this and play the Obama Economic Game (invented by me, of course). Besides, a little smile will make the medicine go down easier. :-) So here goes!

You have seen how well I do at accurately predicting things so I am going to give you a chance to see how well you can do by asking you some "fun" questions.

Question 1: When do you think the fake unemployment rate will jump back up....again? March, April, May, June, July....?

Question 2: How high do you think the fake unemployment rate will jump back up before they find another group of people to stop counting (such as all of them) to artificially drive the fake unemployment rate back down again? Over 9%, over 10%, over 11%,...over 50%?

Question 3: How long do you think it will take for all this stupidity to finish off the economy? 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months....?

1 out of 3 is fair, 2 out of 3 is good, and 3 out of 3, you're a prophet, baby! :-) Now that we have had some fun, back to the serious stuff. :-P phbt!!!!

This mess is so terrible that I don't know of any human or group of humans on this planet who can clean it up, definitely not with a democracy with all the senseless compromises they have to make. It is going to take a dictator or monarch who cares about the people and will make the right and tough decisions without compromise to get this mess cleaned up quickly and get the job done right. When I think about just how horribly bad this is going to get, if God doesn't intervene, it is mind boggling. If I were not a born again Christian with faith in God that He will eventually save at least some of our butts with me knowing how horrible this devouring brute beast is which is storming our way, I would be terrified. Only God can save our butts now.

One thing you can bet on is that the corrupt people making this mess worse won't fix the mess; we have to get rid of these corrupt people and put others in their place who are not corrupt. The bad guys must go, THEY ARE THE PROBLEM!

I have become convinced that the upper class trash is intentionally doing this to destroy all of our countries and force us into their one world government without any national borders so they can have control over the entire planet. One proof of that is that almost all currencies are decreasing in value at the same rate showing that all the countries are printing the same relative amounts of money at the same time and this cannot be by accident. Only God can save us from these power mad monsters.

Regardless of what the reasons are for their bad behavior, God is the only solution to this problem. I have learned that God will not save those who do not think they need to be saved or do not want to be saved. For us to be saved by God, we must recognize that we can't fix this mess ourselves because the corrupt people are too good at stopping our efforts and then turn to God telling him in prayer that we need and want Him to fix the problem. So, we must....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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