Who Are They?

Who are these arrogant, self righteous, communist traitors who have destroyed the Republic of the United States of America?

You can tell who people are and better understand them by their hero's and role models. When I was kid, we looked up to the Sheriffs and US Marshals who fought the bad guys to protect the good people settling the West. The police and soldiers who fought and died to protect us were our hero's. We all knew that the outlaws, bandits, Vikings, and pirates were murdering, thieving, raping, enslaving scum. We had no doubt who the good guys and the bad guys were and appreciated the good guys protecting us. They fought the bad guys so we didn't have to.

Today's progressives worship the bad guys because the progressives are also the bad guys. Birds of the feather type thing. They worship the Vikings as great warriors when, in fact, almost all of the raids those "great warriors" went on were against unprotected villages and unarmed farmers, herders, and craftsmen who were struggling to make a living. Those great Viking warriors ruthlessly murdered, raped, robbed, and enslaved those hard working people so the Vikings could increase their personal wealth so those Vikings didn't have to work for a living. Sound familiar?

The pirates these animals gloriously love and worship raided unarmed or only lightly armed commercial ships transporting goods and people to other countries. The pirates ruthlessly attacked, murdered, raped, robbed, enslaved, and stole those commercial ships to increase their own wealth so the pirates didn't have to work for a living. Sound familiar?

Outlaws and bandits of the West raided unarmed villages and towns robbing their banks and stealing the people's money so those lazy outlaws didn't have to work for a living. Sound familiar?

The progressives justify the actions of their hero outlaws saying the outlaws were only taking the money from the evil, rich bankers. The truth is that almost all of the money in those small western town banks belonged to hard working people. When that money was stolen by the outlaws, it broke those hard working people and their towns causing huge financial distress for everyone in those towns all so the lazy outlaws didn't have to work for a living.

Then there is another lie promoted by the media and Hollywood. They always show everyone in town walking around with the finest Colt 45 revolvers strapped to their hips. That way the progressives can blame the gun for the mischief of their beloved hero outlaws.

My grandfather was one of the last sheriffs of the old west. He rode a horse and did pack a Colt 45 revolver on his right hip to protect the good guys from the bad guys. He told me a number of times that the old west wasn't anything like what they show on TV or in the movies. He said that less than 10% of the people in the west, even up until the 1920s, even had a hand gun of any type. He said that most of the people who had guns, had really old rifles and shotguns, often out dated single shot. He said there were still people into the 1920s whose only weapon was an old musket left over and passed down from the US Civil War more than 60 years earlier.

He told me that, when those outlaws hit those small farm and ranch towns, most people had to either run home, run to their store, or run to the buckboard wagon they had come into town on to get their outdated guns to fight the outlaws trying to steal the people's life savings. He told me the reason why so many outlaws got away with so much crime was because those old West towns were such easy targets because no one had the guns required to defend themselves.

You see, contrary to what they show on TV and in the movies, hand guns were very expensive and the hard working people were very poor. In those days, a good hand gun like the Colt 45 cost six months pay, a box of bullets cost three months pay, and a good holster cost another three months pay for most hard working people. For most of those hard working people, it would have cost them a full year's income to be able to walk around town with a good six shooter on their hips.

Basically, the people were unarmed and easy prey and the outlaws were bullies who stole from the hard working people so those ruthless outlaws didn't have to work for a living and could hang out in brothels getting drunk.

You see, all of the progressive heros were lazy bullies who stole from hard working people so those lazy bullies didn't have to work for a living. You are now finding out that the progressives are lazy bullies who abuse the power of government to steal from hard working people so the progressives don't have to work for a living and can just party, screw, and get drunk/stoned, you know, just like their bully heros.

This all explains why the progressive/liberals/commies/NAZIs/socialist hate the law and the military. It is the job of the law and military to protect us from bullies who want to steal what we have so the billies don't have to work for a living and can lay around screwing and getting stoned/drunk. Once you understand all of that, then you understand the left. They are the bad guys and bullies and they are the problem. Instead of using swords, guns, and ships to steal from hard working people so they don't have to work for a living, the progressives abuse the power of the government to steal from hard working people so the progressives don't have to work for a living.

And since they are now in control of our government, it should be obvious that it is time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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