I Told You So 73

Years ago I told you that God had showed me that Billy Boy Clinton was the Antichrist. When Obama got elected, many of you thought I was wrong and that Obama was the Antichrist. Most of you believed in Obama being the Antichrist because Billy Boy was gone from the presidential scene and Obama is so Satanically charismatic and got elected in spite of not being a US citizen while also being a closet Muslim/poser Christian. I can understand how more of you began to believe that Obama is the Antichrist because of his evil dictatorial behavior, especially in openly ignoring the US Constitution to destroy the US, which he has been very successful at. Everything the man has done has been purely Satanic with Obama blatantly behaving like an arrogant, narcissistic dictator. The man is pure evil but he is not the Antichrist. Obama thinks he is but you can think you are a fish all day long and that won't help you breath under water.

Here we are years later with everything imploding around the great Obama, his popularity falling like a Saturn 5 rocket headed in the wrong direction, and all of his evil deeds are coming out of the word work like cockroaches on a rampage. Even his beloved Muslim Brotherhood is threatening to expose him for something really bad. Jesus said you can tell a tree by its fruit and Obama's fruit is rotten to the core and stinks to high heaven but he clearly is not the Antichrist. More people hate Obama than love him and that isn't what the scriptures said about the Antichrist.

Mean while, back at the Clinton ranch, Hillary is growing in popularity in spite of her blatant crimes and treason proving Satan has used his public educational system and the lying liberal media very well to mesmerize enough of the people (probably at least 65%) so they think such a blatantly evil criminal is wonderful and want to vote for her. Yeah, democracy works so well. She will almost certainly get elected, especially with our rigged election system. You can bet that, out of those 7 registered voters in that rural Florida county, all 98+ of them will vote for Hillary. Obama only got 98 votes from the 7 of them, Hillary will probably get even more votes.

Then we have Billy Boy Clinton giving a speech in which he said that he is very happy because he is rich, famous, and has been traveling around the world doing whatever he wants (what no fear of Muslim terrorist while spending most of his time in the land of Islam? He is still very popular even with the Muslims.) and he only has one more thing he wants. He still isn't very intelligent because he can't count too well. He listed two things instead of one saying he wants Hillary to win one term as president in 2016 (you can bet he will be campaigning for her this time) and for him to get a third term as president in 2020. Oops!

He's back, the Son of Satan has returned and is even more popular among the brainwashed minions than ever before. Believe me, after Obama, Billy Boy will be elected by a land slide (those 7 voters in Florida will probably give him 1,000 votes). Every liberal will vote at least a dozen times. The only reason he wants Hillary to get elected is so she can change the law so Billy Boy can be reelected for a third term. Think about it. I told you so.

BTW, did you notice that Billy Boy has had excellent plastic surgery so that his face looks much younger? In his absence from the US political scene, Billy Boy has been preparing for his future presidency. Just keep an eye on him. Billy Boy is the Antichrist, not Obama. Billy Boy will rule the world as the Muslim Mahdi or Biblical Antichrist. Get the picture?

Mean while Obama is watching his chances of being elected to a third term as president go through the toilet like that Saturn 5 rocket. You know that little arrogant, narcissistic dictator is not liking that at all. He is going to have to give up being the center of attention for the entire planet, that luxurious life style he can't afford on his own, and all that power. Don't forget about my dreams about Obama nuking Chicago to declare martial law, set up his US dictatorship and to invade Israel fulfilling the Biblical prophesy of Ezekiel 38 and 39. Those dreams are starting to make sense now, aren't they. As you get closer to the even, prophesy gets clearer.

I also told you that Valerie Jarrett was the acting President of the United States and Obama is just playing president like a spoiled two year old child. You may not have wanted to believe that, especially if you're a libtard. Then we found out that the big cover up concerning Benghazi was actually covering up that the decision for our troops to stand down was made by our president, Valerie Jarrett. They are covering up that she and those with her are committing federal felonies and violating the US Constitution by permitting her to make the presidential decisions on her own because the child, Obama, is irresponsible and never around to make those decisions. Then we find out that, while Osama Bin Laden was being taken down by SEAL Team 6, Obama was up stairs playing 7 games of spades instead of in the operations room making presidential decisions. Gee, I wonder who was actually making those presidential decisions. Not really, you should know by now that those decisions were being made by our president, Val, in violation of the US Constitution and federal law.

BTW, these decisions and refusals to help in any way in the fighting of Muslim terrorists and taking down key Muslim terrorists is further proof that Obama is a conservative, Wahabbi Muslim posing as a Christian. Obama refuses to fight against his own Muslim brothers. That means, especially since he is also not a US citizen, that legally, Obama is an infiltrator and spy for the Muslims. You know, just like I told you years ago.

But then you ask, "But isn't Obama ordering drone strikes against Muslim terrorists?"

Well, we know some one is and, since Obama won't make such decisions against his Muslim brothers like Osama Bin Laden, most likely it is good ole President Val making those decisions, not Obama. The only decision Obama can make is on the golf course (the caddy probably makes most of those), which place to vacation at (Michelle probably makes most of those), or which expensive party to attend (his handlers probably make most of those.) Obama doesn't even make any decisions about what to say in his speeches, all he does is read the teleprompter.

Does Obama make any decisions? Maybe about potty time. Do you believe me now that Obama is acting like a spoiled two year old?

Then we have the matter about my dream concerning God telling me the Tribulation will begin in 2025 and end in 2032 with the return of Jesus at the Battle of Armageddon. I am amazed that none of you Christians did the math on those dates and told me about it. Jesus gave us a pretty significant hint to those dates when He was alive 2,000 years ago. He said that a day with God is like 1,000 years with man and we have known that God is on a 7,000 year program including the millennium, which will last 1,000 years following the Tribulation, the Biblical day of rest. That means that, from the time of His death in 33 AD, it will be 2,000 years until Jesus will return in 2,032, you know, just like in my dream. It turns out that dream fits Biblical prophesy perfectly, doesn't it. Go figure. It is getting closer by the day. :-) I like that.

It is all coming together nicely, isn't it?

If you're a Christian, you are probably thinking about going to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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