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I told you that our government, including our military has been infiltrated by the liberal commie traitors or Luciferians. I have also being seeing signs that there are plenty of good guys still in those government agencies. These traitors are making it very clear the traitors fear the good guys in these agencies for when the traitors try to seize control of the US Government to set up their global communist dictatorship.

The traitors are also very clearly working to drive out the good guys from these government agencies, especially the military, and replace those good guys with their own infiltrated traitors. This is why you are seeing the increasing oppression of Christians in the military to drive the Christians and other good people out of the military, openly cutting back on military spending to decrease the size and effectiveness of the military (we are now below a one front military), passing laws making it legal for people such as homosexuals to be in the military so they can legally infiltrate increasing numbers of liberal commie traitors into the military, and will soon decrease the military standards to infiltrate increasing numbers of liberal female traitors into combat positions. The traitors are doing their best to take over and neutralize all the different government agencies which could oppose the coming dictatorship.

In studying history, I have learned very well to know my enemy, know who my friends are and what to expect from my enemy and friends. That is intelligent military logic which all good soldiers practice. Therefore, when I see such things destroying our military, the CIA, the FBI, and other government agencies, I hate it and watch it carefully.

But do such things scare me?

No, my faith is in God to take care of things. The pagans refuse to accept that they are dealing with a being who is far more powerful than all of them and their gods combined so they can believe they can win an impossible fight. That is a large part of what evolution is all about. That is also a large part of what all this propaganda, brainwashing, and coercing people into joining in on their side, believing that, if they get enough people fighting against God, they can defeat God. If the God hating pagans were to accept that Yahweh spoke this planet, everything on this planet, and the entire cosmos into existence, then they would also have to deal with the fact that they are waging war against a being who could easily speak this planet and everything and everyone on it into instant oblivion.

It should only be common sense that a being who can speak this entire cosmos into existence can easily defeat the combined efforts of every military on this planet in just a few words, even if that military included all 7.5 billion people. A great example is Noah's Flood in which everyone on earth except for Noah and his seven family members turned against God and God destroyed them all by speaking Noah's Flood into occurring. The same being could just as easily defeat today's modern militaries with just a few words. That is why the pagans also deny Noah's Flood having happened. I fear and respect God, not man.

My faith is in God to save our butts from our own foolishness, not for the military, militia, CIA, FBI, or any one else to save us. If all else fails, there is still God the evil pagans will have to deal with.

My concern in watching what is going on is to know my enemies and my allies, who they are, what they are doing, what to expect from them and to be prepared to fight them, but more importantly, to watch God working through and against them telling me what God is doing, will do, and how soon it is going to happen. Remember that man plans, God laughs.

In my dreams, God has provided me with some information about what His plans are and I keep watch on everything to watch for the timing of what God is doing and to be prepared. God teaches us to do this and be prepared to do what God wants us to do remembering that we must do our best and God will do the rest.

The basic information which God has provided me includes that Obama will nuke Chicago so he can declare martial law to set up his US dictatorship and invade Israel to prove to the Muslims that he is the Mahdi so the Muslims will follow him as there global Muslim leader to conquer the world. There will be something which will initially cause the good guys to hesitate in fighting against Obama's dictatorship but I have not been told what it will be. It could simply be the shock and confusion created by Obama nuking Chicago, Obama may also nuke our state capitals, the media's lies to cover up that Obama did it causing uncertainty, that the Muslims have hidden secret WMDs in other large cities to hold the good guys hostage, or any number of things but no one will act against Obama before he and his forces leave the US to invade Israel.

After Obama leaves the US and possibly after God kills him and almost all of his forces in Syria and Lebanon, there will be a civil war in the US. The good guys, probably including the US military or most of it and citizen militias will quickly and easily start wining this bloody war. At that point the pagans will turn lose their evil witches to use their supernatural powers to defeat the good guys and the good guys will take a terrible beating. You are about to find out first hand and the hard way that practitioners of black magic really do have very effective supernatural powers through Satan and his demons which kill. At that point, if the good guys call on God to save them, God will send his army of secret prophets to use their God given supernatural powers to destroy the witches and win the war. Then the prophets will build a new nation which will be better than the US ever was at its best.

The prophets will set up a Christian theocracy as the government, with the prophets as the leaders of that government, with Christian non crony capitalism as its economy, and the economy will grow extremely fast and strong. The economy will grow faster and stronger than any economy in history and then we will use that economy to begin colonizing planets in other star systems in the Milky Way Galaxy and then in the M31 Galaxy or the Galaxy the pagans call Andromeda which is the nearest large spiral galaxy to the Milky Way Galaxy. It will be a few years after the colonizing of other planets by the new Christian nation when the Tribulation will begin, starting with the Christians remaining on earth being raptured by God.

The only information God has provided me with concerning the size of this new Christian theocracy is that it will include everything in the US west and south of Maryland and the District of Columbia and that our nation will extend as far south as the southern tip of the South American nation, Chili. I don't know if the Christian nation will include only some or all of the nations currently in Central and South America, if it will include any of the US states north of Maryland, if it will include any or all of Canada, if it will include the Caribbean, and it may also include at least Polynesia and maybe parts of the South Pacific. I do know it will be a very large nation encompassing approximately 1/3 of the planet's surface with a mostly Christian population (there are currently 2.6 billion professed Christians in the world and this new Christian nation will provide protection for at least most of them), most of the US states will secede from the Union leaving only Maryland and Delaware plus any states to the north of them that remain in the union as the new United States of America, and that the remaining US will be very small running from Washington DC to the Atlantic (which is why it will include at least Delaware) and may not include any or all of the states to the north.

What will we call it? Stick around, we will both find out. :-)

That is the nutshell of what I know God has said will happen between now and the coming Tribulation, which will begin in 2025. Remember that we are to do our best and God will do the rest. :-) Be prepared.

BTW, interestingly, I thought I would share with you that God has shown me that the new Christian nation will have a domed city or colony at the north pole of our moon which will be destroyed by Islam at Mid Tribulation in a surprise attack, after they have conquered the rest of earth. There will be a real space war or "Star Wars" during the last half or 3.5 years of the Tribulation. Believe me, if you are still around fighting on the good guy side, you will refer to the Muslims as the Klingons. :-)

It is always a good time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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