I Told You So 75

Almost five years ago I warned you about what Obama said he was going to do prior to Obama being elected and he is doing it right now. Remember that, before Obama was elected, Obama said he was going to do everything FDR did? Remember that I told you right after Obama was elected that FDR defaulted on federal government bonds? I believe it was on Treasury bonds. Remember that I also told you that FDR confiscated gold, after FDR defaulted on those bonds?

Let's look at what is going on now. Obama has shut down the government and is doing his best to make life unnecessarily miserable for everyone possible and threatening to default on government debt while trying to make it look like it is the Republican's fault. So what is Obama's game plan?

Obama is shutting down the government, making it look like it is the Republican's fault, so he can use the shutdown as an excuse to default on government debt, which will cause an economic crisis. Obama will then use the economic crisis he created as an excuse to declare a national emergency and martial law, of course, blaming it all on the Republicans. Once Obama has declared martial law and set himself up as supreme dictator, "because of the Republicans", he will confiscate all gold in the US, the way FDR did, and sell everyone in the US Obama deems is in debt to the US government to China as per the agreement Obama signed with China in 2008, based on Obama's definition of being in debt to the US government, of course, "because of the Republicans".

Well, at least that is Obama's plan for right now, just like I told you Obama would try to do years ago, but remember that man plans, God laughs.

With such evil people destroying our nation, it is always a good idea to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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