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The big question right now is just how bad will it have to get before people turn back to God?

In the news today I read that US women are selling their hair, breast milk, and ovary eggs to make ends meet. You don't get much more desperate than that and things are not going to get better any time soon in spite of what the lying experts are telling you. Does that really sound like a recovering economy to you?

I also read that the ATF (Alcohol, Tabacco, and Firearms) is threatening whistle blowers with death by firing squad to keep their own people from turning the ATF leaders in for corruption. You know they are very corrupt to openly threaten their own employees with death for exposing the corruption. This means they are openly committing the crime of threatening potential witnesses with death for what? The crimes they are covering up have to be much worse than the crimes they are committing to cover up their other crimes.

Ann Coulter has finally publically stated what I have been telling you for years, that the Republicans who claim to be moderates are liberal infiltrators. She is the first and others will follow. Gee, they are finally starting to figure out what I have been saying for years. Like I have told you before, you get tomorrow's news here today.

Out of the first 9 million visitors to the Obamacare site, only 36 thousand have purchased insurance. Better than 99% are not buying the Obamacare insurance. They are also reporting a massive decline in visits to the Obamacare site since it was first opened two weeks ago. Are the people boycotting Obamacare in mass? It sure looks like it. Revolution?

I saw pictures of the police attacking US veterans in Washington D.C. who were trying to get the WWII veteran's memorial open for the WWII vets. Obama's gestapo cops appear to be behaving just like Hitler's Gestapo did. These jerks are turning their weapons on US citizens because the great US dictator said to. Keep an eye on this.

I see a huge amount of anger building in this country very quickly because of Obama's and the lefties' mischief. It looks like the people are about to explode all over this corrupt government, especially with the biker's, trucker's, and veterans' protests. It is so bad that any small catalyst will start the shooting and revolution.

Obama has just eased export restrictions for US military goods making it easier for our enemies (read Muslim terrorists) to get our weapons while still working to take weapons from the American people. At the same time, Obama has refused to sell any more weapons to Egypt forcing Egypt to turn to Russia for weapons which will probably cause the US to lose Egypt as an ally. Other countries have lost faith in the US as an ally and are turning to Russia and China. One example of this is that Russia is now working on selling weapons to Latin American countries. Our former allies buying their weapons from Russia and China will turn those allies from the US and cause the US economy to suffer even more.

So, just how much worse will it have to get before the people turn to God for help? God said that, if you call on His name, He will hear you, come, and save you. What are you waiting for, America?

You have two choices, Obama and his corrupt friends (liberals and Muslims) setting up their oppressive and cruel dictatorship or God.

It should be very obvious that it is time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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